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Night Next Door Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: Cumming Home

This is a follow on to the story ‘Night Next Door’ in the Erotic Couplings’ section.


Anne couldn’t believe what she had just seen. She had arrived home from work and gone into the spare room to grab a DVD. She glanced out the window and saw a sight that was now burned into her memory. In her best friend Michelle’s house across the street Michelle was sprawled on the bed with a cock deep inside her. Not just any cock, but the cock of Anne’s teenage son Eoin. All Anne had been able to do was watch. She stood behind the curtain with her eyes fixed on the sight of her son plunging in and out of her best friend. Anne was absolutely shocked. She was shocked by what she was seeing, but also by what she was feeling. Her heart was beating and she could feel herself getting wet. She knew it was wrong, but she was enjoying watching. She felt guilty and dirty, she had never imagined her own son in a sexual way but seeing him here like this awoke something inside her.

Eoin’s dad was a heavy drinker and their marriage had been pretty much over for years. They barely spoke and hadn’t had sex in more than a year. Her husband had never been able to satisfy her anyway so Anne didn’t miss fucking him, but she missed being fucked. Now, here she was watching another man she lived with, in the throes of passion. Her hand drifted towards her wet pussy. She chided herself and stopped briefly. Just as she was allowing her hand to wonder again she saw Michelle’s back arch as she came. Seconds later, Eoin stopped thrusting as he came himself. Anne stood there, soaking, not sure if this was really happening. She regained her senses just in time to see her son glance out the window. Instinctively she pulled back, relinquishing her grip of the curtain. She wondered had he seen her? She hoped not and crawled to the door in case he was still looking. She sat in the kitchen with a million things running through her head. She was angry at Eoin, she was angry at Michelle. At the same time she was angry at herself the most. How could she have enjoyed that? Her husband headed for the back door grunting that he would be gone for the weekend. Anne didn’t even notice, she wouldn’t have said anything even if she had. Her mind wandered back to what she had seen. She got up and decided to do some chores to take her mind off it.

** **

After spending an hour talking and assuring Michelle it wouldn’t get weird, and assuring her it would happen again if I got my way, I got dressed and headed home. Mom’s car was in the driveway and dad’s was gone. He was probably gone on business again. I didn’t mind since we never really had much to talk about anyway. Plus, mom was generally happier when he wasn’t around. I walked in the front door and mom was folding laundry watching the TV.

“Hey mom.” I said trying to sound casual.

“Oh…hi honey. How was Michelle? I mean how was she feeling?” Mom stammered, seeming a little uneasy. I guessed maybe she had a fight with dad before he left or something.

“She’s ok. A little upset about the whole anniversary thing but I think she got over it.”

“Oh, ok. I think I’ll just head to bed.” She said as she folded the last item and picked up the basket.

She hurried out of the room and up the stairs. I wondered what was up with her, but guessed it was the stress of working late. I sat on the couch and flicked on the TV. I was still in dream land after what had happened with Michelle and I kept playing things over in my head. I wasn’t sure if Michelle would think it was weird after sleeping on it but hoped we could do it again. After about an hour I decided to go to bed. I went upstairs and headed for my room. Mom’s light was still on which was a little strange. I thought about checking if she was ok but decided to leave it and went to bed.

** **

Anne heard his footsteps as he approached her door, paused briefly, and continued on to his room. She had been lying in bed for more than an hour hoping to fall asleep and forget about what she was feeling. No luck. She had flicked back on her light and thought about going and confronting Eoin when she heard him coming up the stairs. Since he had gone to bed she decided to leave it until the morning. She desperately wanted to sleep but her mind was racing again and the more she thought about it, she noticed herself getting wet again. Her pussy was desperate for attention. Anne wanted to resist but couldn’t. She hopped out of bed and got on her knees. She reached under the bed and slid out the box that contained her constant companion during the last few years of her rocky marriage. She pulled the dildo out of the box and rubbed it with her hand, before lubricating it with her mouth. It was an 8 inch dildo and although that was nearly 3 inches bigger than her husband’s cock, it couldn’t compare to the real thing.

She lay back on the bed and pulled her nightie up above her waist. She gently slid the pink head into her pussy and began to pump it in and out. After about 5 minutes Anne began to relax and then to her shock her subconscious Selimiye Escort thoughts took over. Suddenly she was visualising her son again, only this time he was fucking her. Anne was taken by surprise; she couldn’t believe she was having these thoughts. They were doing the trick though as she started to fuck herself with her dildo faster. She closed her eyes, losing herself in thoughts of her son fucking her wet pussy and within minutes she came. She was satisfied and disgusted at the same time. These thoughts were torture and she knew she had to confront her son about what she had seen to put her mind at rest. After another restless hour she knew she had no chance of getting to sleep. She got out of the bed and threw on her robe. She opened her door and headed down the hall. She hoped Eoin was still watching TV or surfing the web. She knocked on the door. No reply. She opened the door and stepped inside. Eoin was asleep. She moved to his bed and sat on the edge. She shook his shoulder gently to wake him. Then she stopped.

** **

I felt something touching my shoulder and woke up. I didn’t want to be awake. I had been dreaming of my encounter with Michelle again so I kept my eyes closed and tried to drift back to sleep. I had a strange feeling that I wasn’t alone. I opened my eyes a tiny bit and saw someone sitting on the bed. Luckily she was close enough for me to see it was my mom. I guessed she wanted to talk about whatever her and dad had fought about so I closed my eyes again and hoped she would leave. She didn’t make any effort to get up but didn’t try to wake me again either. After about 30 seconds she whispered my name. Wondering what she was doing I said nothing, wanting to see what exactly she was up to. Another minute passed. She whispered again.

“Eoin? Eoin are you awake?”

I said nothing again. After all, it there was a fire or some kind of emergency she wouldn’t just whisper my name. More time passed. I was properly awake now with no chance of returning to my dream. My cock was fully erect and I was probably going to have to jack off before sleeping as soon as mom left. Finally she got up. She took a step towards the door and paused. I opened my eyes to a squint again and saw her with her fingers on her lower lip, as if she wasn’t sure what to do. She stepped back next to the bed and grabbed the corner of my sheets. Now I was really wondering what she was doing. She slowly lifted the sheets and folded them back to the other side of the bed. I felt the cool air on my exposed legs, and was suddenly very aware of my erection again. It must have been bulging in my boxer shorts. Even though it was still dark, there is no way mom could have not noticed. Then it happened. My own mother sat on the edge of the bed and felt my cock. Yes it was through boxers but she felt it. I froze, not sure whether I should pretend to wake up now or keep up my act. It would have helped if I had a clue what was going on. Where did this come from?

For a few years now I had fantasies about fucking my mom, I’m sure most boys do, but I had never imagined it as anything more than a farfetched fantasy and certainly hadn’t ever seen anything to suggest my mother had them feelings too. She was a pretty average 44 year old woman. If anything she was a little bit overweight but that resulted in a plump ass and a huge pair of DD boobs. She had long black hair and sparkling green eyes. Her hand was just resting on my cock. She started to slowly massage it through the material. Such was the shock of the whole thing I felt as though it might be enough to make me cum. I didn’t want her to know I was awake but I didn’t want to embarrass myself either, so I coughed. My mom nearly fell off the bed. She got up and stood still, silent. She crept slowly to the door and closed it quietly behind her. I lay in bed for about 10 minutes wondering what the hell had just happened. Eventually I crept out of my room and looked for signs of light from mom’s room. There was none so I went back in to my room. My mom touched my cock? Could she possibly want to have sex me? What was already an incredible day had somehow gotten better. I began to stroke my cock thinking of my mom touching me. Before long I was coming all over the towel I kept beside my bed. I crawled back in to bed and went to sleep happy.

** **

Anne sat at her desk staring at the clock. It was 4.30 and she couldn’t wait to get out of the office. She hadn’t got a thing done all day. She was absolutely exhausted. She hadn’t got a wink of sleep last night. Masturbating didn’t help and her plan to discuss what she had seen with Eoin went horribly wrong. How could she have been so stupid? She had actually touched her sons cock! What if he had woken up? She had agonised over her predicament all day. She knew it was disgusting to have sexual thoughts about her son, but since seeing him screwing Michelle yesterday she had thought about nothing else. She was lusting after her own son and she hated herself for it. The clock hit 5 and the drive home was a blur. She walked in the Escort Selimiye front door and went to the kitchen for a glass of water.

She saw that her son was in the garden mowing the lawn. It was warm outside and Eoin had his top off. Anne stood at the sink admiring his muscular body. After a minute she turned away and left the room. She was doing it again. She headed upstairs not sure what she was going to do or what she could say to her son. She passed his room. The door was open and his laptop was on the bed turned on. Anne stopped and peered inside. She went in to turn it off to save the battery. She looked at the screen and couldn’t believe what she saw. An internet site was open, it was a site called .com. There was a story on the page. Anne read the first few lines. Her heart nearly jumped into her mouth. It was a story from a teenage boy about a sexual encounter he had with his mom. Anne clicked the backup button on the laptop and was taken to her son’s profile page. She clicked the favourite’s button. She read the titles of the stories saved under favourites. Her heart raced even quicker. It seemed they were nearly all mother son stories. Anne was shocked. If she had seen these 24 hours earlier she would have been appalled. But a lot had changed in that 24 hours. Now this page told her that her son had the same feelings that she did.

Anne couldn’t believe it. She had tried to oppress her feelings all day, mainly by telling herself that her son would be sickened by what she was thinking. By what she did last night. Now she was staring at evidence that he might not. That in fact he felt exactly the same way. Anne was worried by this development. Her lust had snowballed over the last day to the point where she desperately wanted her son, no matter how wrong it was. She knew making a move would have massive repercussions though. It would be a life changing action, one that would forever change her relationship with her son, possibly for the worst. Now that she believed he was also interested in her, the voices in her head were screaming that it was much less of a risk. Could she really do this? She wandered towards her bedroom to shower, unsure of what to do. Could she really have sex with her son? If she didn’t how long would she have to put up with this lust, this all encompassing desire burning through her body? Anne undressed and stepped into the shower, hoping that the water would clear her mind and help her to make a decision.

** **

I was coming in from mowing the lawn when I saw mom’s car in the driveway. She was home. I hurried into the house, wondering if my mom had found the little hint I left her. I had opened a mom/son incest story on my laptop and left it on before I went outside. There was no sign of my mom downstairs so I hurried upstairs. I went into my room and found my .com profile page open. She had seen it! And then she had checked my favourites and found many more similar stories. Now she knew that I had sexual feelings towards her. She seemed reluctant the night before and I hoped this might give her more confidence. I had even considered making a move myself and blaming it on her actions last night if she resisted, but this was the best plan I could come up with and now I hoped it would work. I headed back downstairs, hearing my mother’s shower running as I passed her room. I went downstairs and had something to eat before going back upstairs for a shower of my own.

Afterwards I came out and headed for my room with a towel tied loosely around my waist. If I saw my mom I would be easily able to untie it and make it look like an accident. No luck, she must have been downstairs. I threw on some clothes and flipped open my laptop. I spent a couple of hours working on an assignment for college before looking for new mom/son stories on .com. I loved these stories, but the fact that the possibility of being involved in such a relationship myself had moved from wild fantasy to actual possibility made them even hotter. I read a few and eventually decided to head downstairs. Mom was sitting on the couch in the living room, staring at the TV not looking as though she was actually paying attention. She snapped back to life as I walked into the room, looking at me with an even more nervous and confused expression as yesterday.

“Hi…sweetie. Are you, eh, going out tonight or something?” She asked, looking at the TV to avoid making eye contact.

“Nope, think I’ll just stay in. I have something I need to do…for college.” I said, pausing long enough to see a look of fear and excitement in her eyes.

“Oh…ok. Well…let me know if you need anything. You know, to eat…food.” She stuttered.

“Everything ok mom? You’ve been acting kind of strange since yesterday.” I asked.

“No. No, I’m fine. I’ve just had a lot on my mind, that’s all.”

“Anything you want to talk about?” I said, sitting down on the couch alongside her.

“No! I mean…no, I don’t want to bother you with my problems.” She answered, more nervous with me alongside her now. All we had Selimiye Escort Bayan done was had a brief, idle conversation and yet I swore that if anyone would have walked in they would have sensed the sexual tension a mile away. I decided to see how she would react to a little contact.

“I’m sure you’ll figure it out anyway.” I said in a cheery and breezy voice, planting my hand on her thigh and squeezing it. To my surprise she nearly jumped off the couch at the touch. She calmed herself, probably realising how suspicious a reaction it was to a seemingly innocent gesture.

“Sorry hon. Ya, you’re right, I’ll figure out a way to get over my problem. I’m just worried it might be very hard.” She said calmly. I was taken by surprise. Was that a double entendre? Was she now also testing the waters, wondering if I might take a hint?

“I’m sure you can handle it mom.” I said, wondering how far she was going to go with this.

“It’s not so much something I don’t think I could handle, it’s more what would happen if I handled it the way I want that worries me.”

“Maybe, you’re worrying too much. Maybe you should do what you think best and worry about the rest later,” I reasoned. By now we were on dangerous ground, being far less subtle. I got up to go to my mom. It was just as well I was facing away from her for what she said next, it prevented her from seeing my jaw hit the floor.

“Maybe you’re right. I wouldn’t mind a woman’s opinion though; maybe I’ll give Michelle a call.”

I couldn’t believe it. It all hit me like a bolt of lightning. The reason she was acting strange since yesterday. The reason this sexual attraction seemed so sudden. She saw us. She saw Michelle and I yesterday. Of course. I even remembered noticing the open curtains afterwards and the quick flick of the curtains over here. It was all so obvious. I kept walking, scared to turn and look at my mother.

** **

Anne sat quietly, listening to her son trudge up the stairs. Her heart was beating loud again. For the first time since yesterday now though the queasy feeling in her stomach was replaced by a more satisfied one. She had all but told Eoin about what she saw yesterday and they had both been close to admitting their darkest desires. Anne also felt a bit stupid. The laptop, the open webpage. A coincidence? Of course not. Her awkwardness and lust had been as obvious as it felt and he had noticed. The story was a hint. It was almost a dare. At least now she knew, and she knew that he knew how she felt. She still found it all a bit strange. It was hard to believe she was seriously considering doing this. This was probably the biggest decision she had faced in her life. After 2 full days of torture she was now sure. She was going to fuck her son.

Coming to terms with wanting it was one thing, but Anne didn’t know how to go about it. Yes, she was sure Eoin was as aware of the situation as her. More importantly she was sure he was as willing. Nevertheless it was unlikely to be like a movie, where she would walk into his room, their eyes would meet saying all that needed to be said and it would just happen. She ran over scenarios in her head. Share a few drinks? Try to “accidentally” walk in on him naked? Plan for him to see her naked? She wasn’t sure what approach to take. All she knew was she didn’t want to discuss it too much. Talk opened the door to second thoughts. It allowed for reasoning, logic, and other such things which all screamed that this was wrong. That this was a mistake. Having failed to suppress it though, the loudest voice was the one screaming for attention. The one which told her those years of sexual disappointment and neglect entitled her to this…even if it was with her own son. By then she knew what she was going to do.

** **

I lay in bed as he heard my mother brush her teeth and then heard her mattress springs as she crawled into bed. My heart sank. I was sure the momentum from earlier would lead to something. Maybe not the result I wanted but closure at least. I waited for her to come to my room. Now she was gone to bed. I didn’t want to wait another day but really didn’t want to make the first move either. I just hoped she wasn’t waiting for me to. I waited about 10 minutes and heard nothing. I crawled out of bed and grabbed the nearest towel. I began stroking my cock. Thinking of Michelle, thinking of my own mother, thinking of them both. It wasn’t long before I was cumming hard in the towel again. It was a minor relief but a necessary one. I got back into bed and just lay there thinking.

About an hour and a half had passed before I eventually started to drift off to sleep. Then, all of a sudden, I was wide awake again. I heard a door down the hall. It creaked open slowly. The floorboards creaked too. Slow, careful footsteps. Everything seemed so much louder. The footsteps, my breathing, my heartbeat. They stopped at the door. I heard the handle being opened. I lay down, pretending to sleep, a feeling of déjà vu from last night creeping over me. The door opened in slow motion. I was lying on my back and didn’t dare turn my head. The door closed slowly again. I heard long deep breaths as she crept towards my bed. My eyes were opened ever so slightly again, just like last night. I could just about make out my mother. She stood at the edge of the bed. I saw her untie her robe and let it fall to the floor.

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