Nick and Claire’s First Meeting

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She had been invited to a party. One of her friends had told her he was having a house party with both his housemates. She had met the two boys earlier that year and had become quite good friends with one of them. Both worked as maintenance crew in the evenings for the school and they had been spending their spare time over at the dorm she worked at, keeping her company. She had accepted the request even though she knew that the inviter wanted to go out on a date with her. Of course, she was not interested but thought — “why not, it’s a party.” So she got dressed up, black heals, skinny jeans, and a black top that enhanced her cleavage and made her look nice. She had always been an attractive woman but for some reason never thought so.

One of the housemates came to pick her up at her dorm. Nick. He was the better looking of the three and she had always had a small crush on him. When she got in the car she saw him glance down her shirt and smiled inwardly. He had noticed.

“- So, how was your evening?” he asked her,

“- Fine, work, the usual…”

“- I bet you got hit on a lot tonight…”

“- Why do you say that?” she answered giving him a side glance.

“- You look very hot… I mean very pretty tonight” he added hastily. He had no desire for her to know that by just looking at her, the bulge in his pants had swollen considerably.

“- Oh, thank you” she blushed and looked out of the window.

He had had a girlfriend the previous year but had recently broken it off. She hadn’t imagined him thinking of her in that way; but his constant glances down her low cut shirt and the small bulge she could see forming in his jeans confirmed her hopes. He thought she was attractive.

He hadn’t been able to resist the urge to look at her beautiful cleavage. Her dressing style had always been a little revealing on top, but for some odd reason she always wore pants. He had actually never seen her legs. Her breasts looked like they did not need the tight fitting bra she was wearing; its only function was to enhance her already great looking breasts. The bulge in his pants kept on growing and he told himself he needed to stop thinking about those two beautiful mounds of flesh. He was so close to her he could have raised an arm and cupped one of them. In that instance he longed to be able to simply stop the car, get out, grab her out of the seat and cup those two precious delights while kissing her frantically. But those were fantasies and he knew he couldn’t. She was interested in his friend Peter. It was so wrong to make a move while his housemate could have her. It was such a waste though.

When they arrived at the house, she went into her social mode — shy. She met about 6 new people and in the 10 next minutes couldn’t remember their names anymore. They would say — “hey I’m …” , and she would answer — “I’m Claire, nice to meet you.” Then she’d blank out. Peter came straight at her with a bottle of girly drink. Nick was still standing next to her. He was taller than her even with her heals on. She looked up at him and their eyes met. Both stared into each other’s eyes then looked away quickly. What were they thinking? She walked around and saw Josh, the third housemate. He was bigger, extremely tall and reminded her of a human bear. She jumped into his arms and gave him a great hug, laughing at his attempt to run away from her in fake disgust. From the other side of the room she could see both Nick and Peter’s eyes on her, both observing her. The feeling was a little overwhelming so she started talking to Josh while sipping on her mango kiwi liquor. Tasty, she thought. As a 19 year old she hadn’t had many drinks and this party seemed like a good place to drink safely.

“- Careful with that little girl, you wouldn’t want to end up doing something foolish and delightful” hissed Nick while brushing past her.

She turned around suddenly wanting to confront him but lost her footing and stumbled only to be saved by Peter. His hands unmistakably found their way, one under her buttocks, the other grazing her breast. He whispered

“- Careful now, you wouldn’t want me to have to save you next time you fall… Or would you?”

His creeper tone just didn’t do it for her so she swiftly got up and walked ka├žak iddaa to the kitchen without even turning around. Nick was there.

“- So, I’m guessing you… wouldn’t want him to help you out next time?”

“- Fuck no! That was just disturbingly inappropriate! His hands were all over me, gross!”

He looked at her jokingly and sighed lightly in her ear,

“- No luck then, knowing how clumsy you are I was planning on staying around and rescuing you myself next time.”

He smiled a devilish smile and before she even had time to reconsider, he was gone, talking to friends.

Liquor and beer were flowing and the party had started some card games. Of course they were all drinking games, but it made it all the more fun. She was sitting next to her friend Josh, the other maintenance guy. And Peter, the “I want a date with you” guy was on her left. Nick was sitting across from her. Other people were gathered around and it seemed like they had all decided they were going to make her drink, while she had decided to make Nick drink. So after some time, 3 different games, laughter and embarrassing pictures, she stood up to get a bottle of sweet girly liquor from the fridge. She was bending over, looking for it when Nick came into the kitchen. She grabbed it, turned around, closed the fridge door, rested her back on it and took a swig of the drink.

He glared at her and said something like

— “Can I get a drink too?” She answered no, playfully and looked into his dark brown eyes.

She felt the tension again. It had been there all night and she wondered if he had noticed she had been making him drink more than any other person at the party. He took a very relaxed pose and said

— “So, seems like Peter likes you… Planning on a date sometime soon?”… She was in shock. She didn’t know anyone else knew about this and least of all Nick. So she answered

— “No, there’s a problem with that plan”. He looked at her quizzically and she continued in a small shy voice

— “I don’t like Peter, I like you…”

And there it was again, the tension… it seemed like her heart beat was way faster than it should have, she felt one of his hands lightly caress her thigh while the other went to place its self next to her head. Then in one vivid moment both bodies collided, their mouths found each other and their lips couldn’t get enough. Their tongues were rubbing against each other, feeling the moisture of the other, their lips were parted, and both soft mouths crashed into each other aching for this passionate kiss they both had wanted without knowing.

But then they came back to reality. Both separated as fast as they came together. They could not be doing this; they could not be seen together like this. Both laughed awkwardly and walked back to the table where the card games were being played. Claire sat back down between Peter and Josh while Nick went back to sit across. She couldn’t stop looking at him. She crossed her legs thinking that her wetness might show through her pants. The friends sitting at the table hadn’t noticed their absence. All of them were arguing about what music they should listen too. While people were drunkenly disagreeing, Nick slyly extended his leg under the table and touched Claire’s. She jumped, yelped and stood up pretty suddenly. Everyone stopped talking, then as if in slow motion she could see all of them. One by one they turned towards her, Peter with a scary concerned and worried look, Josh simply looking stunned and confused, the others had a look that seemed to say “So who exactly is this crazy girl?”. The only one with a smirk on his face was Nick. He smiled at her, liked his lips smoothly and said,

-“Claire, don’t scare all of us like that, what’s the matter?”

He saw her eyes flashing at him, like she was trying to send knives from them. He laughed at himself. How she was easy to scare, like a little girl. She amused him, and that was something. He had met plenty of beautiful girls, but this one; she was smart, opinionated and fun. She smoothly answered nothing was the matter, then said,

-“Who’s up for more games!”

Everyone jumped up; the guys went to get more beer while the girls organized the table again.

Claire was sitting in her chair, still ka├žak bahis looking a little dazed and confused. She looked beautiful. He longed to kiss her again, feel her smooth lips, and her tongue rubbing on his. Just the thought of her excited him. Taking advantage of the confusion he reorganized some of the chairs and sat next to her. He had decided he would engage a conversation.

-” So. Claire, what frightened you so much?” he said while putting his hand on her thigh and

looking deep into her green blue eyes. She looked stunned again so he squeezed her thigh, and ran his fingers up her leg. Her look changed from surprised to wooed. She took a deep breath and said

-“Oh, I don’t know, maybe I was daydreaming and a sudden feeling of ecstasy washed over

me.” Her tone was playful and again, he could feel his entire body wanted her.

She knew what games he was playing and she wanted them. Her pussy was so wet; she knew she would be able to take his entire dick in one thrust. And god how she wanted it. She slowly touched his hand, then caressed his arm to land her fingers and the palm of her hand right on his crotch. She could feel him, his hard cock, and the heat coming from it. Her breathing got harsh and she looked at him with a pleading look. She could feel the heat of his hand on her leg, he had placed it about midway between her knee and her pussy. She longed to feel it between her legs, she wanted him to slip his fingers into her and to feel how much she burned for him.

At that moment a girl friend asked Nick if she could use his restroom for a moment. He agreed. Both looked at each other. She could still feel the fire burning in her stomach and lower. Her panties were soaked, the kiss earlier had been enough to arouse her to the point of no return and she wanted more of it, more of everything, more of Nick. He could read it in her eyes, he was feeling it too. He got up and pulled her up. He put his hand on her ass and led her to the room. They closed the door and looked at each other. The girl came out and glanced at them, then said — “Claire you don’t look too good, you should lay down a bit” Nick then told her that she actually didn’t feel well and that he would take care of her.

The moment she closed the door he looked straight into her eyes and she melted. He got close to her, pinned her between his hot muscular body and the edge of the bed. She did not know where to put herself, this man’s skin was dark, she imagined his muscles under his t-shirt, his gaze was undressing her and all she could think of was when he would take her clothes off. Right when she thought that she looked him strait in the eyes and he understood. He grabbed both her thighs and pulled her up to him, both her legs were around him and she could feel his hard cock. The fire inside of her roared and she knew she wanted him. He threw her on his bed, and climbed over her. She could feel the warmth of his body and all of it was radiating from his dick. She spread her legs so he could fit between; he put one of his hands on her breast and started to kiss her. She hadn’t even realized but in no time her shoes were off and his hand was under her shirt. His big hands were toying with her nipples, making them hard and making her shudder. He kissed her neck, slid his tongue to the base of it, a light moan slipped out of her mouth. Her eyes were closed but she could feel everything he was doing to her: his left hand on her breast, squeezing and toying, his right hand between her legs, feeling her jeans slowly getting moist, his mouth sucking on her neck, making her moan softly but uncontrollably. She was in heaven.

He felt her nipples harden, he knew she liked it; soft but uncontrollable moans were escaping her parted lips. Her breasts were like two small pieces of perfect; they both were big but felt like they should spend the rest of time in his hands. His other hand was placed between her legs and he could feel the heat coming from her pussy. He could almost feel her wetness and he was dying to plunge his fingers into her. He popped open the button and pulled the zipper down, she moved her hips towards his hand asking for more. She was not only asking, she was begging. His dick got instantly harder; he was even surprised it could. This illegal bahis girl was like fire and he needed her bad. His hand laid itself on her stomach and slowly migrated downwards. Her moaning got louder and he knew she wanted it. He finally reached her lips and there it was. Her pussy was just waiting for him, it was so wet and hot, his dick was about to burst. He felt a tug on his jeans and let her do it. She freed his hard dick, gasped, but did not hesitate. She started stroking it and god it felt good. His hand was still in her pants but the angle was wrong so he slid them off of her beautiful legs. He took the panties with the jeans and revealed her beautifully moist swollen lips.

His fingers plunged into her and her moan sounded louder than ever. She was tight, almost as tight as a virgin and he could but only imagine how she felt wrapped around his swollen penis. With his fingers in her the only thing he could think about was her tight pussy around his big dick and with her hands tightening around it he just couldn’t take it anymore. He looked at her, her lips parted, her breathing was slow and her eyes were moist, she said — “please…” So he took off his pants, she pulled his shirt off and opened her legs, wanting his dick in her so bad. He put his hard dick on her dripping lips. He could feel her wetness on the head of his hard cock, he pushed in a little and her lips parted for his big member. He felt her gorged lips surrounding him and the warmth took over. He pushed harder and felt his tip entering her, she moaned hard and asked for more. He was scared to hurt her but she was just so wet, she was dripping onto him and he wasn’t even entirely in her.

He pushed harder and her hips lifted to meet him, he could feel her warmth welcoming his huge dick and her pussy unfolding for him. He felt a burst of wetness and that was it, he pulled out, she pleaded for him to go back in, so he thrusted in, as far as he could, and the shock was like nothing he had felt. An extreme pleasure starting at the tip of his cock that spread everywhere into his body, filling him completely; he couldn’t stop anymore. She cried out, overwhelmed by pleasure, the pleasure of having all of him in her had been so much she hadn’t been able to stop it. With every thrust she cried, with every thrust he was overwhelmed by her tight delicious pussy. He would pull out and thrust into her, feeling her as tight as ever, her pussy contracting around his cock giving him the urge to go faster. Her eyes were tearing up with pleasure and she said — “more, please, please, please” and he thrusted his swollen cock into her, faster and faster, he knew she was wanting it like that and he wanted to please her.

She could feel his huge dick inside of her and she wanted it more, she couldn’t have enough. She felt him hit that spot, that one spot, and a shiver ran through her entire body she moaned, closed her eyes and cried — “fuck me, please, it’s coming, I’m coming!” He heard her begging and just thrusted until he felt his body tense up. He held on to that feeling, all of his muscles contracting one after another, screaming out in pleaser — “YES” she thrusted her hips towards him, and a huge shudder passed both bodies. He felt her soaked pussy against him and all of his muscles seized up, he thrusted hard, one last time, as hard and deep as he could while she was grabbing his back saying — “Yes” over and over again. That one last plunge released all the tension, his cock swelled up and over and over and over again he filled her with his delicious semen. She felt him swell and it came to her, he was thrusting while filling her and she yelled out in utter ecstasy.

Nick fell on her smoothly, feeling her beautiful breast squeeze under his exhausted body, her legs wrapped around him trying to keep him inside of her. He rested on her and she could feel him, his masculine body letting go, all of his muscles were slowly calming down and she could feel his panting gradually turning into slow breathing. She enveloped him with both her arms while he laid his exhausted body on her.

Both rested there, Nick over her, both sweaty, both exhausted by their delicious forbidden act. It had been so good they never wanted to get up. She was full of him and he still felt her wet pussy around him. Both knew they would have to get dressed and return to the party, the music was still playing, loud, they looked at each other, kissed a delicious calm and rested kiss, and smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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