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New Year, Old Friends

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Sandra picked up Kelly at eight on New Year’s Eve. It had been the fourth time they hung out during their holiday break from college. The two had been linked at the hip during high school but going to two separate colleges made that impossible. The time they spent together reminded them of how close their friendship was and how much they enjoyed each other’s company. The “best friends forever” talk back in high school was goofy for sure, but this break perhaps gave it some merit. The two picked up right where they left off.

They arrived at Steve’s parents and quickly began getting reacquainted with classmates they hadn’t associated with since graduation. Steve had been the most popular kid in their class and his parties were classics to remember. This one was no less. The large house out in the woods made it possible to boom the music and the pool and wooded area out back gave party-goers plenty of places to hide out should the cops bust the party. No matter; the place was secluded and the party exclusive enough that the cops probably had not been tipped to it. They had enough going on that night anyway.

Kelly whispered into Sandra’s ear, “Girl, there are some hot guys at this party. Don’t be afraid to leave me here if I give you the signal.”

Sandra, always the more innocent of the two, said, “Signal? What signal? Don’t leave me Kelly,” she said. Kelly was already moving into the crowded area that was serving as a dance floor.

No sooner than Kelly moved away, Sandra noticed him. Sandra and Jordan Cavanaugh had dated for two years but had broken up before the summer after graduating. It was largely amicable, as they both understood that they’d go to separate universities and start dating others. They patted each other on the back and counted it as a mature decision, though they both knew it was a painful one. They had discussed it throughout the last quarter of school.

A month prior to the end of school, Sandra went further with Jordan than with any other guy. After prom, everyone was at the after-prom party right at this location. Many of her girlfriends had planned to lose their virginity that day, but she told everyone that she would hold out. Except Kelly. She had confided that she certainly felt the pressure to “give it up” to Jordan, who had subtly let it be known that he wanted to lose his own virginity that night. For two years, he’d been a perfect gentlemen while the two tried to suppress their young passions only succumbing a few times to the occasional handjob.

Two weeks prior to prom, Sandra had let Jordan slip his hands into her panties while at a drive-in theater. She planned on stopping him after he copped his feel; the fact was she wanted it too, but had set that as a limit. Her plan failed, though, when the sexually inexperienced Jordan rubbed her clit along the way. The sudden jump it elicited caught Sandra off-guard and before she knew it, Jordan was slamming his fingers into her virgin pussy (her hymen had been busted years earlier during an accident on a bike; but that’s a completely different story). The feeling was incredible and Sandra was amazed at how wet her pussy got. Even so, that was as far as she’d let it go. And she did a few more times before prom.

Kelly understood Sandra better than most, so she was not surprised about all of Sandra’s “saving herself” talk, though Kelly had long since let those type of sentiments go for herself. She listened to Sandra whine about her predicament as a good friend should and then offered a solution. “Give him a blowjob.” Sandra was stunned by the suggestion, but after the initial, “that’s gross” and “I’d never do that” blubbering, Sandra listened to her friend. They laughed as Kelly showed Sandra how to give one on a banana and then stole a video out of her father’s so-called hidden stash of porno movies and used it to instruct Sandra on the proper form.

That prom night, amid the sounds of Cheryl Richardson having her cherry popped in the next room, Sandra kneeled between Jordan’s outstretched legs as they lay on Steve’s parents’ bed and took Jordan into her mouth for the first time. To this day, Sandra remembered how surprised she was that it didn’t taste as bad as she imagined it would. Jordan, always the complete gentleman, warned her that he was cumming and only a little got on the shirt she had changed into after the dance. Sandra was surprised that she still held out and maintained her virginity into college, though in the weeks after prom, she got very good at giving Jordan head. She gladly shared the details with Kelly, and confided in her the conflicted feelings she held about not going “all the way” with her first love Jordan.

It all seemed silly now, but seeing Jordan after two years brought it all back to Sandra. It seemed even sillier in light of the fact that she went to university and lost her virginity at the end of her freshman year to her current boyfriend George. She had planned to spend at least urla escort part of the holidays with George and his family a couple of states away, but her parents made it abundantly clear that they did not approve of her doing so. Sandra, not one to rock the boat with her parents footing the bill for college and, well, not one to disobey her parents for the most part anyway, stayed home. The unfortunate consequence for her was she had to entertain herself by keeping company with Kelly and sometimes babysitting her bratty younger brother. At night she filled the void that she’d become comfortable with George and his cock filling, quietly bringing herself off with her hand.

Tonight, she was really looking forward to advancing their normally mundane sex life (mundane because of her timidity mostly) into something more exciting. She really didn’t know how, but she was open to trying new things. She was twenty years old now, no longer a virgin, taking birth control pills she got at student health services, and with a guy she was pretty comfortable with opening up to. Instead, she was stuck four states away in her hometown. The distance between them didn’t suppress the way she felt. She’d been horny all day, though she wouldn’t dare tell Kelly, who would make it her objective to get Sandra laid, which Sandra knew was not in the cards.

Kelly was well on her way though. Sandra awoke from her contemplation and found Kelly dancing in a corner in dim light. Sandra marveled at how little Kelly cared about what others thought of her promiscuity. In a way, she admired her for it. Kelly was busy riding a guy’s thigh as he rested his hands beneath the short skirt she wore. It was easy to tell by the occasional flip of the skirt that she was wearing a thong. The guy towered over her 5’4 inch frame and it was apparent he worked out a lot, especially beside Kelly’s petite torso. Sandra smiled in disbelief at her friend.

Her mood changed quickly though when the humongous guy got a call on his cell. It wasn’t that he moved away from Kelly—that had little effect on Sandra. It was the sudden fit of jealousy that started when she saw Jordan, her longtime high school boyfriend and first love come up behind her. It took all of a couple seconds before Sandra downed two shots of tequila to calm her nerves. A couple of minutes later, as the alcohol quickly seeped into her system, she tried to calm herself down, reasoning that Jordan and Kelly were two adults free to do whatever they wanted. “Besides, I have George,” she thought. She was doing a horrible job convincing herself to calm down, though, and she found herself getting more and more angry, mostly at her supposed best friend Kelly. She also felt terribly alone as she realized that she’d been here for a couple of hours and she hadn’t really linked up with any old friends really and she was one of the few girls without a guy hanging all over her.

“What the hell is she thinking,” she whispered to herself. Weren’t there rules against this? “She’s my best friend,” she argued with the part of herself that was trying to stay calm and mature about all of this. She finally returned to survey the scene and watched as Kelly had turned into the aggressor and was now nibbling on Jordan’s neck half a foot higher than her. Sandra noted that he’d added a few inches of height and he was even hotter than she’d left him after high school. His muscular form had only gotten more so playing college baseball. She tried not to care, but her jealousy was now at a fevered pitch.

She took the bottle of Patron and filled another shot glass. She downed it in a quick jerk and resolved that there was no way Kelly was going to take “her man” without a figurative fight. Everyone watched her with surprised looks on her face as she clumsily stumbled into the dim dance area and began moving her hips, gripped tightly in denim by her low-cut jeans. Her 34 C breasts jiggled as she lazily swayed to the dirty rap song that boomed in the room. Slowly but surely, she was losing herself in the song and had to remind herself that Jordan was what she wanted.

She zeroed in on Jordan and Kelly who were now locked in an erotic embrace. Kelly was facing him and was kissing his chest, which she exposed by unbuttoning the top buttons of his loose button-up shirt. He was lost in the moment and enjoying what Kelly was doing until he was startled by another set of hands running up his ripped stomach muscles. “Remember me Jordan,” Sandra tiptoed and whispered in his ear.

“Wow! I can’t believe you’re here,” Jordan exclaimed as he turned and gave her a bear hug. The music continued though and despite wanting to talk to Sandra, Kelly came up behind him and began running her hands over his chiseled chest, trying to reacquire the attention she had lost. The fact was, Kelly was now the jealous one and couldn’t believe that Sandra would interrupt their vibe. Kelly was sure that she was going kemalpaşa escort to finally ride Jordan’s cock, which she had heard from some girls she knew at the college Jordan attended was very large. She knew he and Sandra had dated years ago, but that was just it. Sandra was just being a bitch.

The interruption though was successful. Jordan pushed away Kelly’s hands and invited them both to a quieter room where they could all talk and get reacquainted. The three grabbed drinks and moved to a very familiar room: Steve’s parents’ room. Kelly sat at a chair dejectedly watching as Sandra and Jordan exchanged smiles and stories, catching up on two years of purposefully isolating themselves from the other. Kelly decided right then and there that she would beat out Sandra tonight in getting Jordan, no matter what it took. Best friends, sure, but trying to steal Jordan from her was just low. Unbeknownst to her, Sandra was thinking the same thing.

The time had gotten away from them all, but suddenly, Sandra’s cell phone made it clear. 11:58; two minutes from the New Year turning. Sandra looked and saw that it was George. She felt guilty, but she really didn’t want to answer the call. Her better nature forced her to do so though. She excused herself and walked into the master bedroom’s connected bathroom and answered her cell. “Hello,” she said, trying to hide the alcohol-induced buzz she was feeling.

“Hey baby! I know that it’s about to turn 12:00 there and I wanted to call and wish you a Happy New Year….,” he started to blab on about the lame party he was at. Sandra was more interested in the situation that was developing in the room she was looking into. Jordan sat at the edge of the bed as Kelly marched over to the light and turned it off. It left the room barely lit by the light shining through the window. She then walked over to Jordan, straddled one of his thighs and said loud enough for Sandra to hear her, “Happy New Year Jordan,” and then began to kiss him deeply. Sandra’s jealousy was starting to bubble over when she saw Jordan’s large hands begin to rub the back of Kelly thighs. It didn’t help when Kelly looked back at Sarah and smiled in triumph.

“Are you there Sandra,” Sandra heard on the phone she had to her ear.

She answered, “Uh, yeah. I’m sorry, there’s just some stuff going on here. Happy New Year to you too baby.”

“Okay, well it sounds like you need to go,” he said, obviously perturbed by her apparent lack of interest in his phone call. Sandra knew she had better start showing interest so as to not piss him off. He was, after all, her boyfriend.

“No, no, no. I’m sorry. I’m so glad you called. Really,” she said, but was now newly distracted. Kelly had pushed Jordan back onto the bed and was now kissing his exposed lower abdomen. Sandra didn’t know if she was doing it on purpose, but Kelly had turned her ass toward her and had pulled up her skirt as if to remind Sandra how far she intended to take this. Sandra knew that she was wearing only a thong, but actually seeing the material, or lack thereof, covering her ass took her aback.

It was Sandra’s turn to blab on about nonsense. In her head, though, she only wanted to regain ground she had lost to Kelly. She kept the phone to her ear and walked out into the bedroom. “Tell me about your parents. Did they give you a hard time about going out tonight,” she asked, really inviting George to take over the talking for awhile as she rejoined the action. She walked out to the other two now lost in their foreplay each participating in silence minus an occasional attempt to catch their breath. George had somehow turned into an afterthought for Sandra; all that was important was getting Jordan before Kelly. “Uh huh,” she acknowledged him every once in awhile just to keep him talking.

Sandra couldn’t believe the gall of her friend, who was now unabashedly taunting her. Kelly looked up from licking and kissing Jordan’s bare lower stomach and smiled as she began unbuckling the belt on his slacks. A sense of urgency entered Sandra’s psyche and in a panic, she climbed onto the bed beside Jordan who was busy enjoying the attention he was receiving. Sandra didn’t necessarily know what she was going to do at that point as she sat on the bed to Jordan’s left, kneeling and looking down upon Kelly slowly kissing the front of Jordan’s slacks. Jordan began answering the question when he leaned over and began tugging on the bottom of Sandra’s t-shirt. Sandra didn’t object and opened her mouth slightly, then bit her lower lip as her eyes rolled backward. “Mmm hmm,” she mumbled to George on the phone, though she was now not listening to a word he was saying

“Are you there Sandra? Sandra,” George asked. His questions finally became urgent enough to get her attention. George then asked, “What the fuck is going on?”

Sandra, recognizing George’s suspicion, emphatically answered, “Nothing,” menderes escort just as Jordan’s long hand began an ascent under her t-shirt towards her breasts. She knew she had to let him go, but couldn’t while he was angry and suspicious. “I’m sorry. I’m just tired and want to go home.” Just then, Jordan’s hand began to cup her right breast over her bra. Sandra wanted nothing less than to rip her own clothes off at that point.

Kelly didn’t like that Jordan’s attention had been averted, so she decided to up the ante. She undid Jordan’s slacks and began nibbling the underside of his swollen cock, now peeking its head over the top of his underwear’s waistband. The move certainly got Jordan’s attention. He pulled his hand from under Sandra’s t-shirt and used them both to begin pushing his pants and underwear down his legs. The move exposed his cock fully.

Sandra was just two years removed from having last seen Jordan’s cock, but tonight, it seemed bigger than ever. For a second, she considered whether it was because she had been dealing with George’s substantially smaller member. George. She really needed to let him go now. “Anyway, I have to make sure Kelly gets home, so I have to pull her away from a guy she’s trying to have sex with.” Kelly looked up at her, taking a pause from admiring Jordan’s tool. Sandra then looked her in the eye, smiled, and said, “She’s kind of a slut.” Kelly pursed her lips in anger and gave Sandra her middle finger. Sandra returned to the phone call. “In fact, you better let me go so I can rescue her from herself.”

Kelly couldn’t believe her friend was trying to undercut her like that. She decided that she would take what was hers. She grabbed the base of Jordan’s swollen cock and held it straight up. She began a long, slow lick up its underside and then flicked its head over and over again.

Sandra wanted to get off the phone. More realistically, she wanted to throw it against the wall, but George kept talking. He sighed and blathered on about Sandra being such a good friend and to be safe, et cetera, et cetera. “I love you and can’t wait to see you again,” he said. Sandra was hardly listening but knew she had to finish the phone call convincingly before devouring Jordan’s dick before Kelly did. It was too late though. Kelly’s warm wet mouth opened wide and slid over the hood of Jordan’s large cock head.

Sandra gulped and said, “Okay George. I love you too. Call you tomorrow. Bye!” She heard him begin another round of “I love you’s” when she hit end on the cell phone and threw it to the side. She knew it would piss him off and leave him steaming mad, but she’d explain it away tomorrow. Right then, she was more interested in joining in on the action.

She leaned forward and began a slow descent of kisses that began at the top of Jordan’s chiseled abdominal muscles. She kept her eyes open for the first opportunity to join in on the blowjob Kelly was expertly administering to Jordan. Meanwhile, Jordan began rubbing his free hand between the hot crotch of Sandra’s jeans as she bent over onto her knees and elbows beside him. He looked down and took in the site of two women administering him pleasure: Kelly sucking the head of his thick cock while Sandra licked and kissed his stomach. “This is amazing,” he thought to himself. He then wondered, since he’d gotten this far, whether he wanted to push things and attempt to get the two to “dyke out” as many of his friends called it. He was content at the moment, but the closer their heads got, the more he wanted to push them together.

Sandra saw her opportunity and took it. As Kelly removed her mouth from Jordan’s cock to begin licking his balls, Sandra took a deep breath and swallowed as much as she could of it. The groan from Jordan made her feel a bit triumphant when she and Kelly’s eyes met. Kelly pulled back and watched Sandra, hardly believing the one largely believed more innocent of the two had jumped ahead of her. She was about to say something, but Jordan’s hand gripped a handful of her brown hair and pulled her mouth back onto his balls, reminding her of what her original intentions were.

Jordan could hardly believe his luck. He’d gotten a blowjob from Sandra before. Hell, it was in that very room. But even that had an innocent air to it, spurred by puppy love and an innocent desire to see how far they could push their physical attraction without actually performing intercourse. And Kelly. She was the school’s tease—a hottie that countless guys had touched and prodded, but few had fucked. She was always inviting, but always off-limits with him dating Sandra. Now, he miraculously had them both. He leaned to the side and watched Kelly’s brown hair and Sandra’s blonde intermingle as they both kissed, licked and sucked his wet swollen cock. Happy New Year indeed.

Jordan sat up slightly and pulled his shirt completely off. He decided to pull himself further up toward the head of the bed. As he did, he kicked off his shoes, socks and slacks, leaving him completely naked on the bed, inviting the ladies to continue their work. Like moths competing for the attention of the light, they both moved quickly to reattach their mouths to his cock. Sandra quickly returned to his shaft, pushing her mouth further down its length.

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