New Neighbours! Pt. 03 – Analisa

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Analisa was having difficulty processing what had happened yesterday afternoon. She had been tossing and turning for most of the night trying to figure out how everything had happened so fast. When she awoke, two things were very clear to her: she felt very fucking horny and she couldn’t stop thinking about the awesome tonguing and fucking she had received from her new neighbour.

Glancing at the time, nine o’clock, she realized she must have finally fallen into a deep sleep after all the restlessness. There was a note from Rod on the bedside table.

“Hey Sleeping Beauty, I called out for you. Spoke to Jean and told her about the sprained ankle. Rest up and try not to get too bored lounging around all day!”

“Oh, fuck!”, she suddenly remembered twisting her ankle because they actually ran away from the neighbors’ house when the wife suddenly appeared. She looked down at her foot and saw the ankle brace that Rod had insisted she put on as soon as they got back to the house.

“Why the hell did we run? She didn’t seem pissed off or scary! Now I’m going to be stuck at home because of my dumb right ankle. Oh, well! At least I can have some ‘me’ time,” she rationalized to herself.

After limping to the bathroom Analisa flopped back into bed then leant over the bedside table and rummaged through her undies drawer searching for her rabbit vibrator. She tried to keep it out of sight because Rod seemed jealous of its unfailing ability to make her cum very hard and relentlessly.

She laid back down, threw off the bed covers then parted her legs as she positioned the vibrator within striking distance of her tingling pussy. She took a deep breath and pressed the on button… nothing!

” Oh, crap! You’ve got to be kidding me. Not now, I need you!”, she shouted at her favorite, usually reliable, sex toy.

After more desperate searching through all of her drawers Analisa was getting used to the idea of having to manage without her trusty rabbit when she recalled that her neighbor had mentioned that he, and his wife, worked at a BDSM place.

“Surely they must use tons of batteries!” she pondered, “John has been leaving just after Rod in the mornings, which is a good thing because if I knocked on the door and he opened it I would be a total gibbering wreck. So, if the wife’s at home that would be a lot less awkward: not really you idiot! Oh, crap just get on with it and maybe throw in an apology or two. OK, it might also be a good idea to have some clothes on when I meet her this time.”

Analisa quickly fixed her face and hair, threw on some denim shorts, t-shirt and flip flops then launched herself purposefully through the front door, expecting to be back in ten minutes tops, even with a limp.

She knocked on the door and waited, hoping the wife was still home.

“I can scarcely believe I’m so desperate to frig my brains out that I’m about to ask my new neighbor for some batteries for my vibrator. Especially after I just fucked her husband, on her rug, in her bedroom. Oh, God! I hope she doesn’t have a gun.”

The front door swung open to reveal John’s wife in an imposing business suit, looking as if she was about to go into a meeting.

“Oh, speak of the devil! It’s the whore from next door looking for some more… but I’m afraid John’s already left for work for the day.”

Analisa’s eyes opened wide, suddenly feeling her heart beating in her chest as she stared back blankly at her neighbor, unable to form any words, no longer sure why she was even standing there.

Then she noticed a slight relaxation of the wife’s searching, expectant expression followed by an outburst of laughter as she stepped through the doorway with her arms raised for an embrace.

“Aw, sorry sweetheart, I was just teasing you. Come here and let me give you a hug. I’m Roxanne, John was very excited to meet you and your hubby and told me all about your visit yesterday.”

With a huge and audible sigh of relief Analisa gratefully hopped forward into a tight and lingering embrace as they reveled in each others beaming smiles. Analisa felt relieved and excited to get to know her very fit and attractive other new neighbour.

“What happened to your leg sweetheart? Come on in and take the weight off and tell me all about it.”

Roxanne took her by the hand and led her to a leather sofa in the lounge, helped her sit then sat down beside her.

“Well, I’m guessing you called out today so, we can have some girlie time while I look after you. Now, do tell me what made you hobble across the yard to call on me sweetie.”

“Aw, thank you Roxanne, that’s so kind of you. I wasn’t sure what you would think of me… us, after we ran away when you came home. I, for one, am so glad you’re so cool about us getting naked with your hubby… he really is a very persuasive guy.”

“Oh, don’t be silly, John loves to play with other couples, we both do. Sadly, I had to work the holiday otherwise I might have been joining you. You’re a very attractive young yalova escort couple and very sexy I hear!”

Roxanne placed the palm of her hand on Analisa’s thigh and gave a little squeeze, literally pressing home her point.

Analisa enjoyed the warmth of her touch and was impressed by the beautifully manicured and polished nails resting on her upper, and ever so slightly, inner thigh. She felt her pussy tingle and remembered the reason for her visit. As she gazed down at the unmoving hand on her thigh she noticed her nipples tenting the far too sheer fabric of her T-shirt. Glancing at Roxanne, their eyes met, then she watched breathlessly as Roxanne very purposefully shifted her gaze, lingering on her stiffening nipples followed by her crotch. She was wishing she had chosen something more modest than the clearly revealing outfit she had thrown on in such a hurry. She let out an embarrassed giggle: she had noticed other women checking her out before but nothing as intense as this blatant and thorough eye balling.

Noticing Roxanne’s business jacket again she blurted out, “I hope I’m not stopping you from working: I mean you look like you are dressed for a business meeting.”

“I do have a visitor calling round to see me later but for now I’m all yours sweetie. I’m sorry for staring but that T-shirt of yours is very revealing and you really do have such beautiful breasts: your nipples are such a tell tale,” Roxanne beamed at her again.

Analisa felt a firmer squeeze of her thigh and the finger tips moving slightly further up the inside of her thigh.

“Oh, thanks!” she said, immediately feeling like an inarticulate teenager, “to be honest, I woke up very horny this morning after your whirlwind of a husband struck yesterday.”

She pointed at her nipples with a smirk, trying, unconvincingly, to explain why they were suddenly as hard as bullets.

“What I really came for was a battery for my rabbit. When we got home after meeting your husband we jumped on the internet and googled ‘bdsm’ and we both got so turned on that we fucked another two times but that was last night and now I need to… you know… oh, god, I’m sorry I should go home.”

“Oh, you poor baby! Don’t worry so, I told you I was going to look after you.”

Roxanne slid her hand up her thigh resting it on the crotch of her denim shorts then leaned over and gave her a very long, deep, tender, thrilling French kiss. The hand migrated slowly and smoothly beneath her T- shirt to her breast and kneaded her gently. Analisa found her soft, gentle and assured touches unusually stimulating and was enjoying this erotic encounter with a female far more than she could ever have imagined.

Roxanne suddenly stood up and told Analisa to take her clothes off as she removed her own jacket and unbuttoned her blouse. Analisa instantly complied and was exhilarated to watch Roxanne as a leather corset was revealed beneath the blouse that promoted her very full breasts in a spectacular fashion. She was totally captivated, and wet, watching this beautiful vision stripping before her. She watched intently as Roxanne removed a necklace of ludicrously large beads from around her neck then sat back down beside her.

Roxanne pushed her thighs apart, proffered up two fingers to her gaping mouth, nibbled her ear lobe and neck then whispered, “I’m going to frig that sweet, horny pussy real good for you sweetie.”

Analisa took the two fingers into her mouth and sucked them as if she were sucking Rod’s cock. Roxanne withdrew her slobbery fingers and guided them expertly between the already moist pussy lips, penetrating her just a few knuckles deep. Analisa gasped and moaned in rapid succession. She couldn’t resist popping Roxanne’s already bulging breasts out of the corset and grasping each in turn. Roxanne responded by plunging her fingers full depth into a very wet, tenting pussy then felt for the g-spot to massage it with her finger tips. She stroked and prodded, all the while watching and listening intently to gauge Analisa’s response until the moans became louder, wilder and more urgent as her sweet spot was revealed and Roxanne had total control over her writhing body and imminent orgasm.

“Oh, fuck! Oh, fuck! What the fuck are you doing to me? Fuck me hard, fuck me, fuck me…”

Roxanne decided to allow her this urgent consummation of her first bisexual encounter and started to frig her tight, juicy hole as hard and fast as her fingers would go. When she knew that Analisa was about to blow she paused and took the “necklace” of Ben Wa balls and swiftly slid them inside the very well frigged pussy. She then switched her attentions to the hard little clitty and within less than a minute her newest convert was contorted in a violent climax that ran and ran and ran…

When Analisa opened her eyes Roxanne said, “so many orgasms, now just one more little surprise for you my darling,” as she yanked the balls from her sopping wet pussy and instantly triggered another orgasm.

– – – – – yalova escort bayan – – – – – – – – –

Analisa awoke to the sound of muffled voices, women chatting, maybe in another room. She was covered in a soft warm blanket and her sprained ankle was nestled in a cushion on the coffee table in front of her. On the table she saw a glass of water, a muffin and a note.

She peeked under the blanket and saw that she was naked, remembering that she had rapidly jettisoned her clothes, she knew not where, when Roxanne had told her to. She recalled the overwhelming frigging and orgasms that ensued with a feeling of sublime joy. She let out a yawn then her face contorted into a huge grin as she sleepily took in the scene of her first real bisexual experience.

Her half glazed eyes came to rest on the note once more and she decided to rouse herself to see what was written on it.

‘Wow, what a cum machine you are: I think you wore yourself out with so many orgasms! Eat and drink then come and find us. Clothing optional! R x’

“Clothing optional? What is this crazy woman up to now?”

Puzzled but intrigued Analisa wolfed down the water and muffin then stood, draped the blanket around her shoulders then headed off in the direction of the voices. After a few steps towards an oak door, that had been left ajar, she could make out Roxanne’s voice and that of another younger female. Roxanne sounded very stern, so she hesitated and peeked around the door, not sure if she ought to interrupt their business meeting.

She was surprised by what she saw: the back of a girl, in a rather inappropriate school uniform, being told off by Roxanne. The girl stepped forward out of view and then she heard some slaps and some screaming! Analisa instantly decided she had to intervene to rescue the girl from this child abuse and rushed into the room to find the school girl over Roxanne’s knee being spanked.

Analisa demanded, “What the hell is going on here? Who is this child?”

They both raised their heads in unison and began to giggle.

“Relax Wonder Woman, in your blanket cape, this is Maria a thirty year old perpetual school girl who is always so very naughty,” Roxanne reassured her, still grinning at her dramatic entry.

“You arrived just in time, I think I sprained my wrist earlier,” she winked, “so, I need you to take over.”

“But I can’t… I have never… ,” Analisa mumbled.

“Just drop the caped crusader thing, now you are Mistress Too. Maria stand up and say hello to your new Mistress.”

Maria immediately obeyed jumping to her feet, pulling her red silky panties up from around her ankles and then pirouetting on the spot, making her grey, above the knee, pleated skirt fly out.

“I am very pleased to meet you Mistress Too. Please help Mistress discipline me. I need your guidance so badly.”

Following her greeting, she roughly adjusted the tie that emerged very loosely from the collar of her white cotton blouse, clasped her hands in front of her and dropped her gaze to the toes of her black patent leather shoes.

Analisa was taken by the ‘girl’s’ charm and paused to study her. The schoolgirl look was completed with a pair of knee length, woolly, maroon socks and a red bra that was clearly visible through the flimsy blouse. Maria, if that was her actual name, was petite, with very cute shoulder length, black hair in tight ringlets and beautiful coffee toned skin.

“So, this woman is Roxanne’s what do you call them: submissive?”

Roxanne motioned to her to sit in the stand chair where she had just been sitting, no doubt to continue with the spanking.

“Well, Maria has, more or less, just pleaded with me to do this to her so, what the hell,” Analisa justified to herself as she dropped the blanket and moved across the room to occupy the seat.

As she sat, Roxanne, stepped behind her then reached over and guided Analisa’s right leg over the other. Then she beckoned Maria who quickly maneuvered herself into position, over the knee, with her tip toes barely touching the floor.

“Lift the skirt and pull her panties down. Slap each buttock in turn with an open, flat hand: gently to begin with at a steady cadence and rhythm. Ignore any screams, just continue. If she rubs her bottom or wriggles too much, pin her arms behind her back. Try to determine what she has done and punish her with the appropriate weight, speed and number of spanks… now, commence!”

“Wow, this is so weird. I can’t believe I am about to spank a complete stranger,” Analisa thought, “I don’t know what the fuck Rod would say if he could see the three of us right now. Well, the pervert would definitely take his cock out and whack off at the sight of all this pussy: so, no harm done. Spank away!”

Analisa lifted the skirt and folded it neatly in the small of her back, well clear of her buttocks. Next she hooked both of her thumbs into the waist of Maria’s panties and pulled them down below her knees.

“Oh my god! What a beautiful plump, escort yalova round ass,” she thought to herself, “it’s so meaty and smooth. So vulnerable and all mine to command!”

She put her left hand around Maria’s slender waist, to steady her, then landed the first blow, gently on the right buttock then on the left enjoying the way her soft buttocks yielded to her hand and the sound of the slaps. She loved how the shockwave from the slap, the skin on skin, the wriggling, writhing and tensing of muscles translated into a sensual cocktail of delights for her own body.

“Mistress said you have been very naughty. Tell me everything,” she said forcefully, following up with two more hard spanks, “right now!”

Maria’s lower body tensed like a board for a few seconds and Analisa loved how her butt cheeks squeezed together.

Analisa looked to Roxanne to check she was doing this right and got a nod and a smile back. She was wearing the same suit skirt and just the corset on top but her juicy breasts were tucked inside again, billowing out over the top. They looked totally delicious and she remembered how good they had felt. What an incredible woman living right next door: what other joys did the future hold?

Marie regained her composure and began speaking in her girlie voice, “I went to my boyfriend’s house when his parents were out for the evening and there were four of his friends waiting outside. He said he wanted to fuck me in front of them all while they jerked off and then all of them wanted to cum all over me. So, I said yes but when my boyfriend came really quick the biggest boy stood up and said he would show him how to do it right and I said OK because he had the biggest dick of all of them, almost as big as the Master’s, but I told him he had to borrow a condom from my boyfriend. So, my boyfriend just said whatever and that’s how I got the biggest cock in the room and he made me cum. After he showed them all how to fuck me right he pulled out of me, took his condom off and told them all to cum on my tits with him. Oh, Mistress, there was so much cum.”

Analisa made a mental note to discover who the Master was, “could it be John?”

“Oh, dear! Maria there was so much that you did wrong that I am just going to spank you until I have finished explaining how you should have acted.”

Analisa was strangely turned on by Maria’s tale, wondering what it must be like to be the focus of so much sexual energy. By the end of the very naughty tale she realized that her hand had been stroking and kneading Maria’s sexy ass all along and had delved into her tempting butt crack and revealed her tiny rosebud of an asshole. Never having seen one before she had briefly pondered how Rod managed to fit his thick cock into her own.

She began spanking again, beating out a steady rhythm and alternating butt cheeks and enjoying once more all the motion transmitted through to her own body. She was also very much aware that her nipples were hard again and her very well serviced pussy was getting wetter with every slap, yet again.

She was babbling on about all of Maria’s misdemeanors in order to prolong the spanking, noticing the round bottom was getting redder and redder. When she glanced at Roxanne, for direction, she approached Maria’s bottom end and paused between her flailing legs.

“Oh, yes! You have done a masterly job trying to knock some sense into her wicked brain. Lovely color.”

She took a step forward between Maria’s thighs pushing them apart. Reaching down with one hand she ran three fingers along Maria’s pussy lips scooping up a copious amount of frothing pussy juice then held it up for Analisa to examine.

“Oh, my goodness! She was getting wet as well throughout all that spanking,” Analisa responded, proud and excited that she had been able to arouse them both and maybe another.

” ‘getting wet as well’ uh, Mistress Too? Don’t worry Maria is responsible for any messes she makes and she will be taking care of that ‘as well’,” Roxanne grinned, “As you can see Maria’s more than ready for her next level of discipline: positive reinforcement of all the good work you just did.”

Roxanne moved her hands to the waist of her skirt then slid the material, split in the middle, towards either side along the belt.

Analisa watched with delight as Roxanne revealed the upper extents of her black, silk stockinged legs, complete with garter belt, black, embroidered, silk thong and a very large black dildo, The long, slim, nobly dildo was attached to another belt with buckles around her hips.

“Oh, my! That’s one very long sexy dildo. I want to use that on her ass.”

“Strapon sweetie, and she’s not ready and neither are you. Now why don’t you go sit back in your happy place and put two of the cushions on the floor for Maria to kneel on. Maria stand up and strip naked, let Mistress Too see all of your body.

Analisa was thrilled at the thought of having her pussy eaten for the second time in just over twenty-four hours, in fact for only the second time in her life. She waddled as fast as she could back to the sofa in the living room, threw two cushions on the floor and flopped back down on the sofa with her legs spread blatantly and expectantly.

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