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New Neighbor Pt. 02

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Everyone in the story is at least 18 years old, and the story is entirely fictional. Any similarities to real people or events are purely coincidental. This story follows the relationship between John and Laura first introduced in “New neighbors Pt. 01′ in which they meet. Constructive comments are welcomed.

John woke up before Laura, but he didn’t want to get out of bed. Since meeting Laura two days ago, and having sex all yesterday afternoon and evening, his life had changed. At least, he hoped it had. He loved having her in bed with him when he woke up. She was so beautiful laying there with her breasts uncovered, no make-up with messed up hair. He watched her breathing as she slept. He felt so lucky to have met her.

As he watched her, she opened her eyes and said, “How long have you been awake? Were you watching me sleep?”

He snuggled up against her firm body, kissed her, and said, “Good morning. I’ve been awake for a few minutes. Yes, I was watching you sleep. You’re beautiful when you sleep.”

Bo, realizing that someone was finally awake, leaped on the bed, licking and stepping on both of them.

“He just wants breakfast,” John said, continuing to kiss Laura, running his hand down her back. Bo sat at the end of the bed and started whining and pawing at them.

“He’s not going to give up,” John said. He sat up and looked at Bo and said, “Just wait until you have a lady friend over Bo,” and got out of bed. “I’m going downstairs and feed him. Do you want some breakfast?”

“No, that’s OK. I’ll get something later. I’m just going to take a quick shower and brush my teeth, then I’ll be down.”

John went downstairs, let Bo out, filled his food bowl. While Bo was eating, he got coffee started. He splurged on the best brewer he could find, and it made coffee, better than any he’d had at a coffee house. While that was brewing, he put on an apron, as he neglected to put on clothes this morning. He made scrambled eggs and bacon – enough for two. Bread was waiting in the toaster, and he had a bottle of fresh squeezed orange juice. He set the table and went outside to get a flower for a bud vase on the table.

John was tired today. He usually got up early to go for a run, but considering his house guest, he thought he could skip it today. Bo wouldn’t like it.

Laura finally forced herself to get up. She took a quick shower and brushed her teeth. She was sore from yesterday’s activities, but it felt good. The sex with John had been unbelievable. She couldn’t believe how fast she was falling for him and wondered if that was a good thing. Heading downstairs, she smelled coffee and food. She was hungrier than she thought.

Laura came downstairs looking fresh and gorgeous. She had put on one of John’s running shirts, very light-weight and almost transparent.

“You didn’t have to dress for breakfast,” John said.

“You’re looking good. I see what you mean about a cook only wearing an apron. You look hot. Twirl around for me, so I can see that tight ass,” she said.

John turned all the way around, and Laura whistled and clapped. She noticed the apron was tented in the front.

She looked over at the table and saw all the food on it.

“I told you I didn’t want any breakfast. You’ll make me fat.”

“Anything you don’t want, I can feed to Bo. At least sit and have some coffee with me. I make great coffee,” John said.

She sat down at the table where a place had been set, with her cup of coffee. A few minutes later, she took some eggs and bacon and a piece of toast and some orange juice. Poor Bo didn’t get any extra food.

“Are you ready for a tour of the house?”

“Actually, I need to go home for a little while first. I need to get cleaned up, and I can’t walk around naked all the time.”

“You can be naked around me anytime.”

“Then where would the mystery be? Tell you what, I’ll be back around four o’clock for the tour, and we can have dinner.”

“Great. Bo and I can get a run in, and I can straighten up a little. What would you like for dinner? I’ll run to the store.”

“I like everything. I’m going out the back. We wouldn’t want to upset the neighbors.”

John and Bo went for a seven-mile run. It was a little farther than his usual five miles, but he was feeling great after last night. He had no idea where things were going with Laura, but it felt wonderful to have her in is life now.

After his run, he went to the grocery store in town to stock his refrigerator. For tonight, he bought everything he needed for an Italian dinner and stocked up on all the staples. He needed to keep the kitchen stocked if Laura was going to be around as much as he hoped. The cashier noticed that he looked happy today and asked him if there was a reason. He told her that there might be.

Stopping by the small florist shop, he bought flowers to be delivered to the house. He never bought flowers, but he thought it would make the house look nice for Laura. He also had roses sent to her. Before heading home, he stopped by the barber for a Maltepe Escort trim and a shave.

By the time he finished shopping, it was three o’clock. His housekeeper, Marge, was just leaving, and she gave him a big smile. The flowers had been delivered, and Marge had seen to their placement around the house. There was even a bouquet in the bedroom. He thought about it and realized that Marge knew why he was looking happy from the state of the bedroom and bath. She had found an extra toothbrush holder and placed it next to his in the upstairs bath. Marge knew about everything in his life.

Just before she left, John asked, “Marge, do you know where the china and silver are?”

“Not offhand, but I can find them for you.”

“That’s not necessary.”

Marge ignored him and set off to find the china. “I take it a special guest is coming for dinner. Do I need to stay and cook?”

“Yes, a very special guest is coming, but I want to do the cooking myself. I hoped you’ll meet her soon.”

Marge smiled like she was happy for him and curious who his guest was.

John grabbed a shower and his mind drifted back to last night. He was hard by the time he got out and dressing in the bedroom didn’t help. Her scent lingered in the room. He finally got dressed and headed downstairs to start dinner.

He went into his photography studio to straighten up and picked out the portfolios he wanted to show Laura. He daydreamed about her posing nude for him. His erection was never going to go away.

The doorbell rang and Bo barked. John almost ran to the door but tried to calm himself down. He didn’t know how Laura was feeling about last night and about him. Opening the door, he was overjoyed to see her, as was Bo. He seemed to really like her. Bo didn’t like everybody. Maybe he could read John’s mind.

Laura was dressed beautifully as usual. Every time he saw her, she seemed more elegant.

“Hi, come on in.”

“I’m not sure if I can,” she said, looking down at Bo blocking her way, demanding attention.

“Bo, for god’s sake, let her in.” Bo came over and sat by him, vibrating with excitement.

Laura came in and gave him a big kiss.

“Thank you for the flowers.”

They went into the den to talk.

“So, what did you do today?” John asked.

“Mostly I made phone calls. I had to call my girlfriends to tell them I had met someone. I should have just had a conference call or a Zoom meeting. They all wanted to know the same things. How we met and what you were like. They are dying to meet you. I had to tell every one of them to not come by today.”

“What did you tell them about me?”

“Only good things. We need to have a housewarming/meet the boyfriend party, so everyone can see the house and more importantly, meet you. If they don’t approve of you, I’m afraid you’re out,” Laura smiled.

“This is Tuesday. I can’t get everything ready by this weekend, so how about a week from Saturday? We’ll make it a pool party and start about four o’clock. Some of my friends are a little wild, so it will probably go on until the wee hours. You’re going to love the girls. I’m so excited to show you off.”

John was beside himself. She called him her boyfriend and told all her friends about him. He couldn’t stop smiling.

“Sounds great. What can I do to help?”

“Nothing. Just bring yourself. Who do you want to invite?”

“Most of my friends are back in New York or scattered around the country. I’ve not been good at keeping in touch. I know some of the neighbors, but I don’t think they’d fit in. By the way, are you going to enforce the ‘no clothes in pool or hot tub rule’?”

“I don’t think so. It might discourage people from coming, especially if they bring dates or husbands. My model friends will get naked anyway, even the ones who bring somebody, but I’m not sure about my college friends. I don’t think I’ll say anything one way or the other. I bet all the clothes will be gone by evening. But if I get naked, I expect you to get naked too.”

“Guys might have a problem, ‘staying relaxed’, with a bunch of naked models lying around a pool,” John said.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you stay satisfied, so you won’t have any problems.”

“As long as you keep that problem well in hand,” he said.

“What did you do today?” she asked.

“I went for a long run with Bo, and then bought some food. Oh, and I started dinner.”

“Is that what smells so good?”

“Yes. I hope you like Italian.”

“Love it. How long before dinner?”

“A couple of hours.”

“Good, you can give me a tour of the house.”

“Well, you’ve already seen a lot of it. There’s not much more upstairs other than a couple of extra bedrooms which are really junk rooms. Downstairs has the fun stuff. This is the den.”

She followed him to the other side of the entry. There was an entrance to a grand living room. “This is the living room. Its only purpose is to be cleaned.” He opened a couple of doors into a room that had a huge table and chairs and Anadolu Yakası Escort said, “This is the dining room. The architect made me put this in, along with the living room. He said that I could never sell the house if it didn’t have one. I’ve never used it.”

“Over here is my office. I use it mostly for home bookkeeping and some investing in the market.”

The room had a large desk that had a computer with four monitors arranged in a square.

“This is nice,” Laura said. “I don’t really have a good room for an office. I don’t think I need that much of a computer system.”

“I don’t either. I just got used to a setup like this at the investment firm.”

They went down a long hall. John opened the first door and walked inside.

“Wow.” Laura said. “This is quite a workout room.”

It was a large room with a full set of weight machines, a treadmill, a bike, a stair climber and a rowing machine, along with a set of free weights. There was a large area in the middle for exercising.

“There’s a bathroom and a sauna over there. I don’t really need all of this. There’s a well-equipped gym in town. But I do use it.”

Laura squeezed his bicep and said, “I can tell.”

“You know you are more than welcome to use it anytime. You’d make a great workout buddy.”

They walked back into the hall and went to the next door and went inside. There was a space at least as big as the workout room that was mostly empty.

“This is my photography studio. I keep all my equipment in here. I had plans to shoot more studio style portraits, but it never happened.”

It was setup to have one wall that had background paper on it with plenty of room in front of it. The rest was filled with equipment, like cameras and lights. There was a large area with all kinds of props, including big items like couches and tables and smaller props for models to hold in their hands. There was even a changing area and a makeup table. One wall had a desk and computer with shelves above it for his portfolios and books about photography. Large prints were on the walls, mostly landscapes.

“Wow. This is a nicer studio than most professionals have. You said that you had some portfolios I could see.”

“Sure. I picked some out for you. Let’s take them to the den, where it’s more comfortable.”

John excused himself to go feed Bo, and to tend to dinner. Laura sat down and started through his portfolios. The first one was “Landscapes.” As she looked through the photos, she was impressed by their quality as well as the diversity of the locations. In some, she recognized the location, like Paris or London, but since most were landscapes like mountains, deserts, forest, waterfalls, etc. she asked him often where they were taken. She was surprised by all the places he’d traveled.

The next one she picked up, was “Dogs” and she absolutely adored it. Of course, there were quite a few pictures of Bo, but most of the others were of shelter dogs. There were also shots of dogs involved in dog sports.

The next one was “Headshots.” Surprisingly, she recognized several people from the neighborhood. Women, men, couples and even some of their adult children. They were especially beautiful because of the way they captured the spirit of the people in them. On the back of some, were notes about the subjects. One, in particular, was of an older man and woman, dressed to the nines. They were obviously in love. On the back was a note that said, “Paul and Linda Swanson on their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Paul died 14 days after this picture was taken.”

Laura started crying. John had gone to the kitchen to check on dinner. When he came back and saw her crying, he ran to her, asking what was wrong. Laura was crying so hard that she was having a difficult time speaking. John just held her as she cried with her head pressed against his chest. He had no idea why she was crying, but she needed his support. She recovered some, and John asked her what was wrong.

She showed him the picture she had been looking at and said, “I wish I had a picture of Bernard and I like that. They were so in love,” and started crying again.

John said, “I’m so sorry” and just held her. It was all he could do.

After a while Laura got up, went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. John was in the kitchen. When she came in, John said, “Should we postpone dinner?”

“No. It just that picture is so beautiful and the note on the back was so sad, it just got to me for a minute. I’ve gone through a lot of emotions in the last few years and more in the last few days, with moving, my friends and with you. I just got overwhelmed. I’m OK now, but it’s going to happen again. Just so you’ll know what you’re getting yourself into.”

“I’ll do anything for you. Are you ready for dinner or would you like to wait a while.”

“Let’s wait awhile. I’m going to skip that portfolio for now and look at the glamour shots. They should be interesting.”

Laura carefully put the headshots away and picked up “Glamour.” They İstanbul Escort were gorgeous. The subjects varied. Some were of older ladies in formal attire, some were figure studies, and some boudoir type shots. The boudoir shots were interesting. They ranged from pretty tame shots of women fully covered in expensive lingerie, to women in lingerie who wanted to show some skin, to women tastefully dressed in only jewelry. There were even some bridal boudoir shots. He had a good eye.

She walked into the kitchen and said, “Is dinner ready?”

“It will be in 5 minutes. Shoo.”

Laura went back to the den. John scurried around setting the table and getting the food out. He’d gone all out. Beautiful tablecloth, real china, real silverware, candles in silver candelabras, crystal wine glasses and flowers on the table. He cooked a lasagna, Italian bread, roasted vegetables, a green salad and a fine red wine. For dessert, he made panna cotta with a chocolate sauce and a nicely paired white wine.

He went into the den and announced, “Dinner is served.”

When Laura walked into the dining area, she said, “Oh, John. You’re going to spoil me. No man has cooked me a dinner like this – before our first date.”

John pulled a chair out for her, and she sat down.

He served her some lasagna and roasted vegetables on her plate and some salad on her salad plate. He filled her glass with wine and told her to help herself to bread.

“Do you set out a spread like this every night?”

“No,” he said, slightly embarrassed. “Marge had to find the china and silver. I can’t remember the last time I used it. I usually use Corelle and the microwave.”

“Well, thank you. It makes me feel special.”

They talked over dinner about his portfolios.

“I noticed that the “Glamour” portfolio wasn’t full, but it had some beautiful models in it. Should I be jealous?”

“No need for that. I don’t even know most of the models. When I first started, I took a few classes in studio photography. Several of the models were hired for that class. The ones in the gowns and suits were neighbors. I joined a photography club for a while, and the club would hire models for us to shoot. A couple shots are of an old friend that came out to visit just before she got married. I took pictures of her to give her husband.”

“How come so few?”

“It’s not like I’m shooting for a magazine, and they send over models for a job.”

“I can hire models. But what’s the point. There’s no connection. My pictures have to mean something to me or to someone else.”

“Did I tell you that I was a model for a while?”

“I think you did mention something about it, but we didn’t really talk about it. When were you a model?”

“After my first two years in college, my father died suddenly. Money for college was scarce. I needed to earn extra money and still have time for classes. I saw an ad in the art department for nude models both for drawing classes and photography classes.”

“I called and got an interview. I was a bit nervous that it might be a bit sketchy,” she giggled, “but the head of the department made me feel completely at ease, and it paid well for a couple of hours at night. I’ve never been shy about my body, so I accepted. Posing for fine art students was a little weird at first. I just stripped down and stood nude in whatever position the professor put me in for twenty minutes. After a short break, I’d pose in another position for twenty minutes. The nudity didn’t bother me, but the standing motionless, did. I didn’t realize how physically hard posing was. After the first five minutes, my muscles started to cramp. If I moved, it would be hard for the artist because I’d be in a slightly different position when I reset. But they were understanding, and everyone was very nice and professional. After a couple of weeks, I built some muscle up, but before that I’d be sore all over the next day.

“I liked the modeling for the photography students better. I was encouraged to move, try different poses, and express myself. If the photographer was after something special, he would direct me. Even then, I had the opportunity to try different facial expressions and body moves to see how they worked. Digital cameras give you so much more freedom to experiment. Students would show me their shots and would give me prints of their favorites. Sometimes, I would sit in for teacher critique sessions. The professor would critique the students’ work and my posing choices. I learned a lot about posing for the camera and got much better over time.”

“Do you still have any of those prints?” John asked hopefully.

“Yes, and a portfolio. Maybe I’ll let you see them sometime.”

“One student approached me and said that his father was a photographer for a national magazine. When his father, Saul, saw my pictures, he wanted to talk to me.”

“I ended up working on a few fashion shoots with him. That really tested my abilities. I learned from the professional models he used and learned to take direction better. Posing with the others made me realize I still had a lot to learn. Several of the models have remained friends. I considered continuing as a pro, but I really couldn’t and stay in college. I quit the pro work but, I continued with the art department until I finished grad school.”

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