Eki 27

New at School Ch. 01

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This is first time I am writing a story on this site, my name is Priyanka and I stay in an upper class colony in Delhi. We are five members in family, I aged 24 now, my elder sister aged 28 and married to a nice and handsome man – Ruchi and my younger brother – Ravi aged 21.

This is the story when I had started my high school and was in 11th standard, I was 18 at that time. I stand at 5’9″ height and have an athletic body. My figure was 36-24-34, and I have still maintained the same. I have very sensitive nipples. Our school uniform was a skirt and top.

I was a virgin at that time and was dying to lose my virginity. As per School rules, the skirts were supposed to be of knee length but to attract the best guys, I decided to wear the skirt above 2 inches on first day of school. I also ensured that my legs were waxed properly, shaved my pussy too. I was totally new to the school and had no friends as we had recently shifted to this area.

I took the aisle sit to show my legs on the last row. Our first class started and there came our class teacher, a man named Bharat in his thirties and not a handsome guy I had imagined. After briefing himself, he asked all of us to introduce ourselves on stage. This intro session lasted for around 15 minutes before turn of one girl named Bharti. Bharti was wearing a skirt that was around 1 inch short, before she can start the intro the teacher scolded her and informed that he will not tolerate skirt any single inch above knees.

I was very scared of being humiliated in-front of the class and was not in situation to adjust the skirt too. Then came my turn, I went to the stage. Teacher immediately raised his voice and scolded me for wearing a skirt lower than Bharti and told me that no proper lady in the town will wear this low skirt. He also asked me to meet him after the school hours. I sat back on my seat and was worried about being called a slut indirectly on the first day, though I was feeling myself wet as every boy in the class was staring at my legs when I was on stage and seen a few adjusting their position too.

Then the day came to an end, everybody left one by one. I stayed back on my sit and after a decent session of “how to dress” left the class room. When I came out, one guy approached me and started talking. His name was Ramesh and said me that this teacher is very arrogant Bahçelievler escort and asked me to ignore him for the day. I thanked him and discussed a few basic things like, where do I stay, my subjects and etc. He seemed a nice guy, and was handsome too. He asked me for the phone number which I gave as I quite liked him and though my days of losing virginity are closer.

He called me during evening and asked me whether I wanted to go out to some coffee shop with him. We fixed for 6PM for a known public spot. I wanted to look seductive as didn’t want to wait for anymore to lose my virginity. I put up a very tight hugging halter top and jeans short. Put up some light makeup and reached at the 5:55pm. I was getting good attention from the crowd of most males and a few females. Ramesh arrived at time and was very nice. We had some light breakfast and some little chitchat. Then he started the usual do you have any boy friend talk, which I denied and asked the same question whether he had any girl friend? He also denied and asked me if I want to go for a drive. We get into his car; it was a nice Audi car with dark windows. He started appreciating my looks, told me that my legs were looking great and I was looking stunning. I smiled seductively and we started the drive. Around 15 minutes later, we were out of traffic and were proceeding towards highway. I was getting wetter and since he was driving, I thought I will have to take this further. I started flirting with him with small touches on hand. He asked me why did I put in so short skirt first in school and then with him? I told I have nice legs and why should not show too.

Ramesh – you surely have nice legs, I can keep looking at them forever.

Me – Only legs? (giggling)

Ramesh – Priyanka, believe me you are the most beautiful girl I have ever met and had a coffee with, I am quite enjoying time with you and put his left hand on my legs.

Me – Thanks, you also look good not as good as me but passable.

He started laughing loud and started moving his hand over my legs. I too took step and put my hand over his legs and repeated the gesture.

Me – where are we going?

Ramesh – nothing, just driving, we will be back after some time.

He started moving hand on my neck and playing with my hair with one hand. I was seeing Bahçelievler escort bayan a bulge in his pants. I was wondering whether he’s sized nice. Then he just kissed lightly on my cheek and I moved myself closer to him giving him green signal. He moved his hand over by boobs and started playing through the top. I too moved my hand towards his bulge and start caressing.

Situation was moving quickly, he asked me whether I am virgin, to which I said yes. He was also virgin which added the light to the moment. He pushed his hand under my skirt and started fondling my boobs over bra. I was getting very wet down and his bulge was growing.

Ramesh – Are you ok if we go to my farm house? It’s a nice property and I am sure you will enjoy.

Me – ok, how far is that?

Ramesh – Its just 5 Km drive

We reached his farm house, it was nice and big. We get into the house and there was one huge bed. We entered the room and he pushed the door and closed it. I jump on to him and we started kissing passionately. He tasted good, I inserted my tongue into his mouth, oh my god, and my pussy was on fire. He took me to the bed without breaking the kiss and started kissing on cheeks, neck and started unbuttoning my top. I didn’t stop and started removing his shirt. My bra was next off my body. He started kissing my nipples, they were erect now. He kept switching left right. I was enjoying every second of this. He was very gentle. He stopped and removed my short and panties. I was laying nude with a person I just met this morning. He took a look at my body and said:

Ramesh – wow, Priyanka you are gorgeous and every part of your body is in perfect shape.

He went to my mid-riff and kissing me, also removed his clothes and he was too now nude. Oh my god, his cock was huge, must have been 7-8 inch. I was now getting worried, though didn’t show on my face and started playing with his cock. In India, we don’t consider blowjob very normal and I also didn’t want to look like a slut so ignored the blowjob and started rubbing his cock. I kissed him on his nipple and near to his cock.

Ramesh – I am sorry Priyanka but I have not got any condoms, are you ok?

Me – you are asking me now? Are you mad, forget condom just be little slow.

I lied on the bed and opened my legs wide; he came Escort bahçelievler up me and showed his cock up my pussy. He first tried to push the head, oh my god it was very big and pain started rolling up towards eye from down. I was in tears but he kept pushing his dick slowly and gradually. It was painful but pain was reducing and I was feeling good once his dick was inside. He started fucking me slowly and slowly.

He pulled my nipples with his hand and kept rolling and increasing the speed. I was in heaven now. He was fucking like a motor, in and out. We were panting very hard and the whole room was full of our moans. After rigorously fucking me for around 20 minutes, Ramesh told me that’s he’s about to cum. I told him keep the pace and I am also about to cum. After about 5 minutes, I came first and in some seconds he dropped his seed inside me.

I had already decided to start the pills so didn’t say anything and enjoyed the moment. We laid there for 5 minutes more and he started playing with my body. I loved every moment of it.

He was up in 15 minutes again for having me 2nd time, this time he lasted more than 45 minutes. I took woman on top position and fucked him for some time too. I had come 2-3 times during this time and then finally he again shot load. Whole bad was in mess, cum was leaking from my pussy.

Ramesh – Priyanka, this is the best thing happened with me after my school. You are amazing.

Me – Oh Ramesh, I had least from my friends that guys don’t last for more than 5 minutes and we never came, but you were rocking.

We laughed and got cleaned and reached to town again. He dropped me near to my home and gave me a wink and said tomorrow at the same time same venue. I was giggling thinking to getting fucked again tomorrow.

I reached home and went directly to my computer. I browsed through internet to check various techniques to please the lover. I wanted to surprise him with my skills, I also came across anal. This just took me by surprise and started browsing more on the topic. I spent good 2 hours, watching girls taking cocks in ass, crying, eyes in pain, enjoying and all. I decided to explore my ass, so took a pen and tried inserting in my ass, oh my god it was so tight. I could hardly insert the pen, but after 15 minutes the whole pen was inside. I thought of being nasty and kept the pen inside and went to bed. His cock in my ass was the image constantly in my mind; I fingered myself to another orgasm and slept.

I had decided to show more of my legs to Ramesh at school so ignored teacher’s warning. Folded my skirt one inch more and oh my god, I was looking like a slut going to fuck.

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