Neverending Passion

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Doggy Style

Its amazing how sometimes the first can be your last. I’m 23 now, but this goes back a few years to my first experience, when I used to be in the states. Over the years spent there, I would consider myself lucky to have had a few interesting experiences, though only a true, and real one with one girl. Campus was full of girls, looking to have a good time, and spend some time unwinding, away from the books. Being a bit shy I would find it tough to always be out there, being myself, and getting to know more them, and be with them. I would spend sometime online, keeping in touch with friends over ICQ and MSN, as well as surfing the net. This story starts in my first semester in college when I was 18, right in the beginning, when I met the wonderful Anoosha, an Indian, like me, come from Bombay to study in the states, but in some other university.

As soon as I got to college, I was a bit apprehensive about the new people, about fitting in, and about an entirely new situation. It took me a while to get into the flow of things, and in the meanwhile, I spent quite a bit of time chatting online with a couple of friends from home.

I logged on one day, and was going about my business, when I got a message from a girl named Anoosha. The usual, ” Hi, How are you? I’m from Bombay too, where are you?” I was a bit bored, so I said why not, and messaged back, ” Hey, good to hear from someone back home.” Then she explained how she was also in the states, and we started talking about our lives in the states as well as back at home. We were the same age, so had some common acquaintences. It was an instant connection. We got real close over time, even talked about our sexual fantasies. Even though we were both virgins at the time, we pretty much shared the same fantasies, wanting to do similar things, seemingly knowing so much about sexual feelings, never having actually felt anything that was worthwhile remembering.

So over the months, we kept in touch, emailed, etc, but never actually met, not even in Bombay. We had exchanged pictures, admiting that each others physical appeareance appealed to the other. We spoke on the phone quite a few times too. It was the summer vacation, between our second and third years, and we were both doing a summer internship in the states, she in Boston, I in NYC. We were now 20. It was coming up to the July 4th weekend, the best weekend of the entire summer, and I thought to myself, that it’s about time Anoosha and I met. So I called her up one evening, and discussed the idea with her. Although at first, she was a bit pensive about the whole thing, she too wanted to meet and spend some time together, and actually be in one anothers bahis ┼čirketleri physical presence. Not knowing what was to come.

So July 2nd, a Friday, I took off for Boston in a train, my stomach with more butterflies than I could ever imagine having before. As I approached the station, I got my stuff together, and walked off the train, knowing she would be there, anxiously waiting. I looked around a bit, and finally my eyes settled on this gorgeous, placid girl sitting on a bench waiting. It was her, and I went crazy, she was adorable. Pictures never did her justice. She saw me, with such excitement, ran towards me, and jumped into my arms. I stared into her eyes, and even before saying a word, gave her the warmest kiss on her luscious lips, holding her close to me. After we overcame our initial moment of passion, we made our way to her apartment. Talking all the way there, feeling completely at ease, as if we were old friends reuniting. In a sense we were. We got to her apartment in 30 minutes, and once I got there, I settled in, and we lounged around the living room chatting for what seemed like hours. We then planned out the weekend, making the best of the short time we had together.

We spent the entire day and the next exploring Boston, and getting to know more and more about each other. Back at her apartment after midnight, we popped a bottle of wine, and sat around just chilling. And that’s when the real passion started. I couldn’t stop staring at her soft light brown eyes, with her silky soft hair cascading over her shoulders, her enigmatic yet serene features staring back at me. I walked over to her, held her close to me, and gave her the longest kiss I can ever remember. Running my hands through her beautiful hair, kissing her gently. Our tongues exploring each others mouths, as we leaned back onto the sofa. She stopped for a moment, and said, ” Baby, I’ve been waiting for this for so long, I feel so much for you, and I want this night to be perfect.”

I picked her up and we went to her bedroom. She lit some candles, and we got comfortable on her bed. Slowly removing each others clothes, running our hands over each others bodies, getting hotter and hotter. I kissed her again, as we fell back on the bed, running my hands over her belly. Her beautiful firm breasts pressing up against my chest, I started to gently massage them. Her mind was drifting away, as she started to moan softly. We were completely naked, rolling around the bed, feeling each others heat building up. I started to kiss her neck and shoulders, slowly going lower and lower, running the tip of my tongue over her soft body. Massaging one of her breasts, I start to kiss bahis firmalar─▒ the other, taking in her nipple and sucking on it gently, nibbling at it ever so softly. Making her moan and melt away in my arms. I alternated from nipple to nipple for several minutes, and made my way lower and lower. Sometimes I wonder how we knew how to do all this, being the first time for either of us. I went lower, gently parting her legs, I kissed her inner thighs, running my fingers just outside her hot and dripping wet pussy. I parted the lips and started to stroke inside. Kissing closer and closer, I inserted my tongue in her, and my did she taste so sweet. I twirled my tongue inside, while my fingers massaged her clit, make her moan loud. Her body was moving all over, writhing in pleasure. I started to suck her clit and finger her pussy, alternating from sucking her pussy to rubbing her clit. She was so close, I moved a bit faster, until I could feel her getting stiff, and suddenly, she burst. An orgasm ripped through her, and I kept on going, there was no stopping her. She was moaning and screaming in pleasure, ” Ohhh baby, I have never felt this before, what did u just do??” I continued, and she had another and another, until she couldnt’ take it anymore, ” Sweetie, I need a break, I dont know what just happened.” I moved up to her, and kissed her, holding her close.

After a minute or so, she made me lie on my back, and started kissing me all over. Going lower and lower, till she came to by throbbing cock. Holding it, mesmerised, being her first ever she had seen. She held it in her hands, and started stroking it, slowly at first, building up pace. She kissed the head, and started licking it, gently taking it in her mouth, getting used to the feeling. By this time, I was going crazy, and my mind was spinning. She took more and more of it in her mouth, and her tongue licking my shaft all the way down, she started playing with my balls. Within a minute, she had me all the way in, and starting fucking me with her mouth. Up and down, her tounge running all over my shaft. I wanted to cum so bad, but held on for a few more strokes, and that was it….aaaahhh yeaahhh, I yelled out, ” Anoosha! I can’t hold it any longer.” She replied, ” I want it in me, I Want to taste it.” And I let go, she never stopped, and kept on taking it all in. Moaning, ” Ohhh babbyyyy, wooowww….u are amazing!!” We were spent for the next 10 minutes. But we wanted more, she wanted to feel me in her, wanted me to be her first, right then and there.

So I made her lie down, spread her legs. Kissed her all over, up and down her silky body. Licked her pussy till she was soaking wet again, and placed ka├žak bahis siteleri my head at her pussy lips. I kissed her deep, and held her tight, she knew it would hurt a bit, but she was too oblivious to care. I entered her slowly, pushing deeper and deeper, till I could feel her hymen tearing. I continued, though knowing she was in pain. I held her face, kissed her, and thrust in all the way. She gave out a loud yelp, which turned into a passionate moan very quickly. I kissed her to taker her mind off the pain. I waited for a minute before pulling a bit out again, letting her get used to me in her. Then I started thrusting in and out, slow at first, building pace. I held her legs apart a bit wider, she wrapped them around my back, and pushed me to her closer. Oh what a feeling, it was so tight, so hot….and I continued to fuck her, with a gentle rhythmic pace, and we went on like that for several minutes. She held me closer, as I kept on going in her. We weren’t much for hard banging, but more for hot passionate movements, feeling each other intimately.

She wanted to be on top. We flipped over, my dick still in her, and she took control. She started bouncing up and down, deeper and deeper, grinding on my dick, feeling every inch of her inner walls, I sat up, facing each other, we met each others motions. My dick deep in her, staring into each others eyes, we kissed deeply, while continuing to thrust in her. She must have gone through atleast three orgasms before I couldnt take it any longer. I had to let go. And in the midst of her fourth, I let out a loud moan and shot my load deep in her hot pussy. It never seemed to stop, the feeling continued. It felt like a current between our two bodies, it was heavenly. She held me tight, as we fell back on the bed, and just lay there for hours. We coldnt let go of each other. It was too intense.

That weekend, we spent several hours, exploring each others sexual desires, and reaching new heights. Three days flew by. We knew that this would be the best time of our lives. But unfortunately, the time came for me to leave. We had an ill feeling that we wouldn’t get to meet for a long time. Neither of us would be in the same city or close for atleast the next 10 months. But that was what was meant to be.

We spoke more often, but with work and back to college, we never got a chance to meet, and that ill feeling turned out to be true. We did meet other people in the rest of our college days, but knew that what we had together was special, and never had something so intimate with anyone else. Anything physical with anyone was just to quench our sexual desires, more lust than passion. But it so happened, that after graduation, we were both back in Bombay, and we made it a point to meet. It was like we were never apart. The passion was still there. The desire to be together never faded. We are together now, and probably will be for life.

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