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Sasha and I were having a great time in Amsterdam. We had spent most of the week under the influence of some sort of hashish (brownies, cigarettes, etc.). The previous night we had done some ecstasy and gone to see a live sex show. Of course, we returned to our hotel that night and had passionate sex. We lounged about the hotel until noonish. After a wild night on the town and a beautiful morning of rest, we decided to rent a car and tour the countryside of the Netherlands.

The day was beautiful as we drove toward Rotterdam. The sun was bright. We had a nice sports car, and our sexual energy was through the roof. As we approached Rotterdam, the sun was beginning to set. Sasha and I decided to pull off on to a deserted road in a flowing meadow. All you could see were fields of tall grass and a few windmills on the country hillsides.

Sasha and I got out and sat on the trunk of the car and watched as the sun set over the rural fields of Rotterdam. We held each other and smooched as the sun disappeared. It was such an oddly warm and beautiful evening that we both knew an outdoors sexual encounter needed to take place.

We began kissing slowly removing one another’s clothes. I flung my shirt to the hood of the car while I only managed to toss my jeans to the roof. Sasha lay back naked on the trunk of the car as I lay on top of her kissing her body. Neither of us had clothes on.

As I kissed Sasha’s soft lips, my cock became alive. It began to harden immediately. I teased Sasha’s vagina with my hard cock as I kissed her. I lay on top of her on the trunk as we kissed each other passionately.

Suddenly, to our surprise, two headlights shown on us in the darkness of the Netherland field. We hadn’t even heard a car approaching in all of our bliss. We were so embarrassed. We lie together naked on the trunk of the car while red and white lights flickered about like a disco.

We got up off the trunk, and as we did, we noticed that a female officer was getting out of the car. She had a tough look on her face but boy, was she gorgeous. She wore a navy blue police woman’s hat, a navy blue button down blouse with a shiny silver badge on her lapel, long, skin-tight, white pants, and black knee high boots. Her skin was tanned and her hair was a rich blonde that was balled up underneath her hat. She had perfect white teeth that hardly seemed to match the stern look on her face. Her body was buxom and tight.

“What are you two doing? Place your hands on the trunk, both of you!” she yelled.

Caught in an embarrassing moment, Sasha and I both turned our backs to the officer and placed our hands on the trunk. The female officer approached both of us and grabbed Sasha and I both by the hair on the back kurtk├Ây escort of our heads.

“Do you two think you can fuck?” she said in English, but a heavy Dutch accent.

“We’re sorry,” I said.

When I spoke, she immediately let go of Sasha and had me in handcuffs so fast; I was surprised that I couldn’t move. She placed my hands behind my back and handcuffed me tightly. I was still naked. How humiliating.

“You do not dare speak unless I tell you to. Do you understand?” she asked.

I dared not say a word.

“Come with me,” she said.

The dominant female officer put me in the front seat of her police car. As I sat there unable to move my hands, I watched her through the window as she walked towards Sasha. Sasha was bent over with her hands on the trunk of the car.

Sasha’s naked body looked beautiful in the red and white flickering headlights. The female officer bent down and ran her hands up and down Sasha’s legs. She was frisking Sasha, but it was obvious Sasha had nothing to hide. She was naked.

“Do you like that?” the female officer asked.

“No,” Sasha said sharply.

“Oh, you don’t do you? Well, you are going to learn to like it.”

The female officer pulled out her nightstick and lightly tapped Sasha on her ass.

“How about that? Do you like that?” she asked Sasha.

“No,” Sasha said again.

The female officer hit Sasha’s other ass cheek a little bit harder with the nightstick.

“Ow!” Sasha exclaimed.

“Do you like that?” the officer asked again.

“No, I said,” Sasha clamored.

The female officer stood directly behind Sasha and pressed her body against Sasha’s backside. The female officer whispered in Sasha’s ear,” I’m not going to arrest you. I’m going to fuck you in front of your helpless boyfriend. Nobody fucks in my jurisdiction without my approval. Do you understand? Now, let’s get down to business, and you and your boyfriend might get through this night with my approval. Now, turn around and let me see how that American pussy tastes.”

Sasha turned around. She couldn’t believe this was happening.

“Sit on the trunk of the car,” the female officer demanded.

Sasha sat on the trunk looking into the headlights trying to meet eyes with me. She could just make out seeing my face in the headlights. Sasha licked her lips as if to let me know she wanted me to lick her and not this woman.

As Sasha sat spread eagle on the trunk of the car, the beautiful female officer bent down and began licking Sasha. Sasha removed the officer’s hat and placed it on her own head. She looked at me again and licked her lips. Sasha was going to enjoy this for me. Sasha was going to fuck this gorgeous Hollander malatya escort senseless to get me off and to get me free.

The female officer’s long blonde hair fell to her ass as she placed her tongue into Sasha’s vagina. Sasha stared me down cold and pressed the cop’s face into her loins.

After several minutes of licking, the female officer stood up and faced the bright headlights and me. She began unzipping her pants and removing her boots.

“Remove my blouse for your boyfriend,” she told Sasha.

From behind, Sasha slowly unbuttoned the female police officer’s navy blue button-down shirt. Sasha peeled off the cop’s clothes only to reveal a bra and panties accompanied by a garter belt and black hose. This was extremely erotic to watch Sasha, an undeniably sexy woman, undress this other sexy woman. My cock grew and swelled.

It was as if somehow I was watching Sasha take the power from the policewoman. Sasha reached around and caressed the woman’s breasts while she ground her naked body into the woman’s backside. Both women were looking straight into my eyes. The female cop then picked Sasha up and sat her back down on the trunk of the car, spread eagle facing the headlights.

“Stay there,” she commanded Sasha.

The female officer then came and assisted me out of the car. I stood at the front of the police car and stared at Sasha. The policewoman uncuffed me and said, “You stay right here until I tell you to move. Open your mouth.”

I opened my mouth unsure of what she had planned. She picked up her nightstick and placed one end in my mouth.

“Suck it.”

I was startled.

“Suck it like a cock.”

I placed my lips around her black nightstick and began licking and sucking it.

“Get it wet. Get it nice and wet.”

When she removed the nightstick from my mouth, it glistened in the headlights from all of my saliva. She took the wet nightstick and walked over to Sasha. She placed the nightstick into Sasha’s wet pussy. She ever so slowly pushed it in and pulled it out of Sasha.

Both women stared at me while this took place. Both were enjoying how aroused I was getting as I stood naked in the headlights.

As Sasha continued to take the nightstick deeper and deeper, the policewoman laid Sasha back on the trunk and motioned for me to walk near.

“Get on your knees,” She commanded me.

I got on my knees and she turned to face Sasha.

“Are you enjoying being fucked by me?” she asked Sasha.

Sasha was enjoying it.

“Yes,” she said.

The officer began to move the stick in and out a little faster.

“You, remove my panties.”

I approached the officer on my knees and slowly removed her panties. My face was level kayseri escort with her beautiful bare ass.

“You know what to do,” she said.

She grabbed my hair with one arm and pressed my face into her ass.

“Worship my ass. Lick it.”

I slowly placed my face into her ass. This was the first time she smiled.

“Your lover is tasting my sweet ass,” the cop said to Sasha. “Do you like that?”

“Yes,” Sasha said. “Lick her ass, Brian, as deep as you can.”

The cop swished her head to get the hair out of her face. Her blonde hair skated across my face as I continued to taste between her cheeks.

She continued to take Sasha’s pussy with her nightstick. She bent over Sasha’s body and began French kissing her.

I licked and licked. As I tongued her ass, I grabbed both of her hands and placed them behind her back. She couldn’t break her tongue away from Sasha’s tongue, and she sure as hell couldn’t break her ass away from my tongue. As I clasped the officer’s hands together behind her back, Sasha grabbed the cuffs with her free hands and quickly handcuffed the sexual deviant.

“Oh! You fucking whores!” she yelled disgruntedly.

Sasha took the stick, which had her own juices on it and placed it into the officer’s mouth.

“That’s filthy talk,” Sasha said. “You should learn some manners. Here, have a taste of this so you can remember how good I tasted.”

I stood up as Sasha slowly made the officer deep throat the nightstick.

“Do you want to fuck her ass, baby?” Sasha asked me.

The female officer made a noise as if to say no, but Sasha and I ignored her muffled sounds.

“Yeah, baby. She deserves it.”

“Yeah, your cock is so hard. Why don’t you give her some of what she deserves.”

“Are you sure, baby” I asked Sasha.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I want to see you fuck her nice heart-shaped ass.”

The policewoman’s ass was wet with my saliva and her natural wet juices. I slipped my cock into her ass rather nicely. The policewoman’s slight resistance was muffled by the nightstick. Sasha laughed as I began to take the woman’s ass.

Sasha removed the nightstick and began to kiss the female officer. They touched tongues while I slammed the blonde’s ass.

“Now, what do you have to say for yourself,” Sasha asked her.

“Please fuck, me,” the officer begged. “Fuck me harder!”

I fucked her hard. As she took my cock, Sasha continued to kiss her. The policewoman couldn’t take it anymore. The power exchange was complete as she yelled and moaned as Sasha and I made her cum in the cool night air.

On a nice Netherlands night, a woman of such sex and power had met her match in Sasha and Brian. The beautiful cop screamed into the night as she came under the stars. Sasha and I worked well together like smooth criminals. We took our bond to a whole other level. We never told anyone about that night, but we always remembered it, and so did the cop.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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