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I’ve been on my own now for only a few years, loving every minute of it. Solitude was becoming my fast friend. Of course there were things I missed about being attached to someone or something, certain luxuries that only appear when you’re with someone. But the one thing that I missed most was sex. Two and a half years without physical contact was slowly killing me inside. I tried getting involved with guys from work or guys that I talked to at parties, but I always found some small quirk about them that made me loose interest. For this I totally blame Richard.

I dated Richard for almost five years, all through high school and part of college. I was in heaven until I found out he was sleeping with other people, men mostly. I felt betrayed, hurt, and like I could never trust a penis again. Locked in self-doubt about what had turned him to homosexuality, I became depressed for the first year we were apart. Then one day a friend of mine told me, simply, that it was not my fault. I didn’t do anything to make Richard turn to men, that’s just what he felt more drawn to. Ridding myself of suicidal pressures and stress was easy.

I took up running to clear my head, left all meat out of my diet, and became sort of a health-nut. But with all my self-improvements, I still couldn’t get past the no trust issue. Therapists say that once an important male figure in your life scars you, it’s hard to regain control. Boy, was that ever true.

I figured moving halfway across the state would help. It didn’t. I tried every kind of dating and sexual healing workshops that I could find. None of it worked. I became angry at the male species in general, but the thoughts of turning towards women never entered my mind. I loved the male sex organ, the very same thing I hated.

When I finally began dating a man from work for longer than two dates, he broke it off. Telling myself to not become depressed, I emerged myself into redecorating my apartment. Putting in a large half-picture window in my kitchen proved to be the best self-help tool.

Tony, forever known as the man across the alley, moved in about the same time I was redecorating. urla escort The large window was situated so I could look out of it while doing dishes. Coincidentally it also faced Tony’s apartment. Or more specifically, Tony’s bedroom.

On the day he moved in, I was doing the few dishes that I had to clean. I looked up and saw a very handsome specimen of man carrying a large box into the room and as he set it down, I watched the muscles in his back and the chords of his biceps, flex under the strain. Never had I been so turned on by such a menial action. I dismissed it as a feeling of sexual denial, only a reaction to the lack of sex in almost three years.

When he began putting his bed frame together, I could only watch his shirtless torso flex and move according to nature. I wondered how it would move under my fingertips. Would my touch cause his skin to tremble? Would he sigh in anticipation and ask for more? My mind played dirty tricks on me and I found myself wetting my lips, an action I only did when I was aroused. I noticed my nipples had become erect, reacting to the chemicals my body was producing. I turned back to look at him again. He was staring at me. I backed away with a blush and began working on my apartment again, veering away from the kitchen window.

When night fell, I got the nerve to look out the window again. Tugging nervously on a strand of my dark auburn hair. What I saw was even more breath taking. Tony had just emerged from his bathroom, only with a towel wrapped around his waist. Wet and glistening, my fantasy Grecian god was just walking barefoot over to his window. Again he caught me staring. Smiling up at me with a half-smile he yanked his towel away from him. As it fell to the floor, so did I. Turning a horrible shade of red, from embarrassment and sexual excitement, I crouched on my haunches. Counting to twenty I slowly rose enough to peek out the window. He was gone. Breathing a sigh of relief and disappointment I went to sit on my couch. Lazily daydreaming, I had fantasies of this man driving me wild. Sitting up when I saw a light go on across kemalpaşa escort the alley. Feeling like I had taken and not given in return, I stripped. Walking to my window naked, I stood in front of it proudly. Tony, dressed only in surf shorts, was doing push-ups in the middle of his floor. Since he hadn’t seen me yet I could just stare.

Drinking in his motions with a thirst that hadn’t been quenched in a long time. Tony was the first guy I had ever wanted sexually in almost three years. I don’t know if it was his body, his obvious charisma, or just the pensive nature he seemed to posses. Then it hit me, it was all of these things and more. He was Richards opposite. The final ying to my yang. Focusing my eyes back on Tony, I noticed he was staring at me with obvious lust in his eyes, I had momentarily forgotten that I was naked and he could see everything from the top of my hips and up.

Slightly turning red, I leaned onto my sink and mouthed the word ‘hi.’ When he mouthed ‘hey’ back to me I felt like my knees would buckle. Getting an idea, I held up my finger to signify for him to hold on a minute. I almost ran to my bathroom to grab a tube of dark mocha lipstick. Looking in a mirror I wrote the number to my apartment on my breasts. 307.

Running back to my kitchen I let the light that fell from his apartment grace my round breasts. Raising an eyebrow in an obvious come-on, he slowly nodded and turned to leave. Standing in my semi-dark apartment, naked, I felt a rush that I hadn’t felt for a long time. The wait for him to come over didn’t take long. At the first knock on my door, not caring whom it really was, I swung the door open with great force. Grabbing the back of his neck and bringing his lips to mine in a sexually charged, mind-blowing kiss. His hands were everywhere on me and I felt like crying. His touch healed my open wounds. Leading him into my apartment and lying on the faux skin rug, I hadn’t been able to part with since high school, our bodies became tangled.

Running my fingers through his short hair, I groaned with need. I needed him. Through baited menderes escort breath he introduced himself, as Tony in 312. Laughing a little too roughly for my usual nature I introduced myself as well. Kissing more slowly now, but with no less dancing tongues, he began running his fingers over my body. Sighing in pleasure I stretched out like a cat in the sun. When his mouth replaced his fingers I felt like I had died and was floating on a plane in time that didn’t exist. Becoming ready a little too quickly, I felt the first shudders of an orgasm, just by his light touching. Slightly embarrassed at my over zealousness, I turned my face from his.

Sweetly he placed a finger under my chin and turned me back into him. Kissing my lips gently and grasping my hair he pressed my body into his more closely. I could feel his erection through his shorts and I grasped at their edge. Pulling them down I felt like I had come home from a long trip. It had been too long and tears formed in my eyes. Mistaking this for fear he kissed my eyelids and began to get up. I grasped for him, holding his member at bay. Raising myself onto my knees I began licking his erection with earnest. Slowly making it wet and ready to enter me. His eyes were closed and he was moaning as he gyrated his hips towards me. Leading him back down to the floor with me, I spread my thighs for him to penetrate me. The first feeling of his hard thick muscle being sucked in by my tight vagina was heavenly. My moistness and the slickness of my own saliva from his tool, we fit perfectly.

Begging his hard steady thrusts, I could only grasp his shoulders and kiss his mouth with passion. My body was rocking with more orgasmic shudders when I felt him reach between our bodies and tickle my clit with his fingers. Arching my body and crying out I came in a rush that felt good. With his erection still inside of me, he turned me on my knees. Taking himself out, he resituated himself to enter me doggy style. Grasping my breasts for support and leverage, I felt the base of his shaft slam against my ass with every thrust. Twisting my nipple between his fingers I peaked again, and at my second orgasm he let out a groan and I felt him shoot into my wet and open cunt.

Truly spent, we just lay on the middle of my rug and he whispered in my ear.

“Thanks for the welcome into the neighborhood.”

I smiled and kissed him over my shoulder. “Thanks for moving in next door, neighbor.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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