Natural Together: Now What Ch. 03

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As we lay there we allowed ourselves to completely ignore the reality of our situation and bask in each other. We ignored that I was supposed to be at my mother’s in my bed where, undoubtedly, Erica was sleeping. We ignored that anyone besides us might have feelings about our situation. It was completely about our own gratification. As I dozed off to sleep I thought, I hope I don’t have to spin my whole family and my best friend. What story could I possibly tell them if I do? Should I? Fuck it, I’m sleepy and I have a sexy ass man who put it down laying next to me … Nat, enjoy this. I smiled and laid my head on the pillow next to Los so I could be immersed in his scent as we slept.

I awoke in the mid-morning to use the bathroom and immediately smelled Los all over the pillow. I’d slept like a baby. When I got back into bed I scooted my body close to Los’ so I would be the first thing he felt when he woke up. When I pushed my ass against his dick he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me closer into him. As I slowly moved to turn around to see if he was awake I felt him kiss the back of my neck.

He said, “Baby don’t move,” so I didn’t.

He continued to kiss the back of my neck. I felt his dick harden and I my pussy begin to get a little wet. His body was pressed against mine as he kissed me made me moan. It felt so good. Then his cell phone rang. It was the loud and annoying T-jingle. We ignored it as he kept kissing me and fondling my breast. He kneaded my breast simultaneously gently brushing his fingers over my nipples. His phone rang again. We attempted to ignore it a third time but I hate T-mobile’s default ring tone. It was driving me crazy. So, I put off my gratification, rolled to lay on my back and tersely said, “Los … PLEASE answer it before I break it.”

He pecked me on my lips, genially got up, walked across the room to his dresser and answered his phone. Being nosey, I listened to his conversation. It went like this:

“What? I was sleep.” Spin

“Yea, she’s here. I think she’s still sleep too.” Spin

“Of course, we’ll be there as soon as Nat is awake.” Spin

“Y’all know I can’t answer all of y’all at once. So either take me off of speaker or quit asking so many questions at the same time.”

Then there was a long pause.

“Ok. Well tell Miss Shell we’ll be there before dinner for sure.”

“Yea I know”

“Ok. I’ll try but y’all know how she is about being awakened.”

“Aight. Bye.”

He got off the phone looking a little somber then smiled at me, lying naked on his bed. I couldn’t help but laugh. “You know you sort of opened the door for them to come wake me up.”

“I did, didn’t I?” he said, strolling across his room with his dick bobbing in the air.

I crawled to the end of his bed with a smile creeping across my face wishing that there were a way I could get some before Steph, Erica, and Eboni showed up banging the door down, cock blocking.

I grinned from ear to ear as I said, “Yea … so we have to get dressed.”

I really wanted to say ‘Yea … but let’s sleep in, forget them.’

I slid my naked ass off the bed, disappointed and walked around picking anadolu yakas─▒ escort up my clothes. Every time I bent over I could feel Los burn a hole in my back, watching me. I knew what he was thinking. I felt him lurking behind me as I was bending over to pick up my last article of clothing. When I bent over he massaged my ass cheeks with both of his hands wide open. He said, “You know … I could get rid of them and we could sleep in.”

Fulfilling my desires was all I wanted to do but neither of us showing up and Los running Eboni, Stephanie and Erica away would be suspicious, especially with how my family thinks. They all closet freaks or fuck around with people they shouldn’t, some families can have more scandal than necessary. I stood up straight and I laughed at Los.

Sarcastically I said, “Yea … let’s do that.”

Shaking my head as I walked away, I half said to Carlos and half to myself “We’ll have every single person in both of our families here banging the door down trying to SEE if we fuckin.”

He laughed at that, still walking behind me.

“I know you don’t want to leave.”

Amused, I asked, “How do you figure that?”

“You haven’t started putting your clothes on, even though you know that Erica, Stephanie and Eboni will be here in, what 5 minutes?”

That was true, but I wasn’t going to let him know that. “I have to get all of my clothes before I can start putting anything on. What about you?”

“This IS my apartment; it’s not suspicious if I’m naked”

I laughed and putting my panties on I said, “True.”

I watched Los watching me, watching him watch me get dressed. It was sexy. I couldn’t distract myself with the naked man in front of me when the three nosiest people on earth were on their way here to “wake me up.” But I decide I could make getting dressed fun. I put my bra on and walked over to Los.

I seductively asked him, “Would you snap this for me, papi?”

He hesitated like he was going to say no. I knew he wouldn’t say no. Ariana raised him to be respectful of women even when he was a man whore. She also raised him to take heed to their requests when it was reasonable. After he snapped my bra I turned around, fondled his dick and tongue kissed him. I pecked him on the lips enjoying the way his lips felt on mine. I enjoyed it so much that I slipped my tongue in his mouth and let him suck on my tongue. Then I savored the feeling of his tongue in my mouth as I sucked on his tongue. I had to abruptly withdraw the kiss that I started because I felt myself getting aroused and knew that there would not be any turning back if we went any further. After teasing myself and Los I would have to put my clothes on quickly. I knew I almost got caught in my own game.

I went into his bathroom and shut the door to finish putting my clothes on. I imagined that Los was putting his clothes on too because I didn’t hear anything from him. When I came out of the bathroom he was standing in front of the door with nothing on but hard dick and a big grin on his face.

“What?” I asked.

He continued to smile and said “Nothing,” sliding past me to get into the ata┼čehir escort bathroom.

“Nat, when they get here let them know I’m in here.”

I said, “Okay,” wishing I was getting in the shower with him.

As soon as I was in his living room and his shower water was on I heard the infamous bang of Stephanie, Erica, and Eboni knocking all at once. I opened the door and reported where Los was, hoping they didn’t get a big whoosh of our sex scent as the door was opened for the first time that day.

I noticed that Erica had a little perplexed look on her face and I did not say anything about it.

Erica said “Well, I thought you’d be sleep.”

“Me too,” Stephanie and Eboni co-signed.

I rolled my eyes and said, “I was until I heard Los’ phone ring 3 times in a row like y’all thought someone kidnapped and planned on killing me.”

Eboni said, “Nat you’d’ve been worried too if you woke up and one of us was no where to be found with no note and the only person accounting for us was no where to be found with no note and neither person was answering their phones.”

“True. So … what are y’all about to do?”

“It looks like we gonna be leaving Los,” Steph reported, looking at her watch.

I tried to think of a credible reason to stay while Carlos got dressed. I said, “I guess this means I’ll have to leave my purse and everything that he put up for me here.”

Eboni looked at me, seemingly reading through my statement and said, “Guess so.”

“No you don’t, we can wait.” Erica said.

“No, we can’t wait … Miss Shell and Aunt Te├í are waiting on you. Plus, I know you want to get into something fresh.” Eboni said.

I was wondering why Steph was so quiet.

“That’s true. I’ll go back and ask him to bring my things.” I said.

As I walked back towards his bathroom I realized that I would have to stand outside and scream in that we were leaving and to bring my things because his shower curtain was clear. It would be a dead giveaway if I just waltzed into the bathroom and said for him to get my purse and bring it. I hoped he would remember that I didn’t bring a purse with me and it was my way of saying I wanted some more time alone with him. Once I got his “Okay.” I walked to the front and Steph and Eboni were in their same spots whispering while Erica had gone to the kitchen for something to drink.

I was about to ask what’s going on when Erica walked out of the kitchen and said, “Okay, everything in order? We ready to go?”

I said “Yea,” and walked to the door to hold it open for everyone.

Steph and Eboni seemed to make sure Erica walked out first. The ride back to my mom’s house was quiet. I just knew Steph and Eboni knew about Los and me because they were too tightlipped when Erica came around and when I walked back into the room Eboni appeared to cut her eyes at me. When we got to my mom’s crib on Mad Anthony I was contemplating what the hell I could do to quell any anger anybody could or would have towards me for fucking with any of their preconceived notions of how people should be and who two adults should and should not have sex with.

All of my thoughts about ├╝mraniye escort the forthcoming drama went out of my head when I saw my Grandma Jo sitting in the yard handing out water balloons and all of the kids and some adults throwing them at each other. As soon as we stepped out of the car we got bombarded with water balloons. I missed getting hit by all of them, surprisingly. I laughed as I ran into the house. When I got in I went straight up to my room to get some fresh clothes and headed to the private shower in the adjoining bathroom. While I was in the shower Eboni came into the bathroom to talk to me.

I could tell this was going to be deep by how she came in with her let-me-be-professional-demeanor on, sat on the toilet seat and said “Nat, we really need to talk.”

In my head I was thinking “Oh shit!” but I semi-yelled “Okay Eboni … but can we talk when I get out of the shower and I don’t have to yell over the water,” hoping that would buy me some time to think.

She said, “Of course, but remember we need to talk, ok sista.”

I said, “Of course … now get out! And shut the door all the way, letting out my warm shower air!”

As soon as Eboni left and my shower started feeling good to me again Steph came in. I love my little sister but what the hell could she want?

“Nat … we need to talk when you get out the shower … I’m just letting you know quick cuz I know how you hate for people to disturb your sleep and your long ass shower.”

I laughed and said “Yea, I’m a prissy bitch.” Her laughter took all of my thoughts of Eboni possibly knowing and the precarious situation I might be in away.

I stood in the shower rubbing my body down with Aromatherapy Jasmine Vanilla soap singing ‘Speechless.’ I should’ve gone to church more or joined the choir or something because as soon as I was getting into the song a familiar voice came into the bathroom and said “Quit that ruckus!”

I smiled, said “NO!”

I started back singing … “Going out my head I think I’m loosing all my mind …”

I hoped no one would think anything of the man in the bathroom with me, being semi-tortured by my singing.

He said, “Oh for real?”

I stopped singing and said, “Be quiet … Did I tell you how much I love this song?”

He said, “No … but I can tell how you’re singing it, like you are Beyonce, that you love it more than you might need to.”

I giggled. “I think you might need to leave here cause I’m about to get out of the shower.”

“So … It’s not like I’ve never seen it before.”

“True but still …”

Sticking his hand into the shower under the warm water, he said, “Okay … but what happened to the alone time you wanted to get with me … we can have it now”.

“I still want that but we can’t be doing all of that here in my mother’s house with everybody downstairs”

“We can’t?” he asked rhetorically.


His response was, “Hmm … Okay.”

I heard the bathroom door open and close. Thinking he left I turned off the shower and pushed the curtain back to discover he was sitting on the toilet seat grinning from ear to ear.

I beamed, “Ok … so I’m naked and in here with you with no shower water running … now what?”

“Turn the shower water back on.”

I said, “What??”

“Turn the shower back on, make sure it’s warm, and don’t get out.”

“Ok,” I said, “Your wish is my command.”

Smiling, he said, “Good,” then leaned forward to make sure the door was locked.

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