Narcissa Valentine Ch. 03

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It seemed days later when they reluctantly pulled apart. Breathing hard, Narcissa caressed his cheek again. “I love you, Jack. I suppose I always knew it, but fought against it. Yet, here it is. Thank you for being you, my sweet man. Thank you for loving me and waiting for me and finally finding me. Don’t wait any longer. Love me tonight, Jack.”

Jack hardly needed an invitation to do what he had wanted for so long. He turned to her in the bed, totally against her, and held her close. He had enough of his wits about him to worry about her knee, but it was difficult for him, he wanted only to hold her close and never let her go. The absolute joy of holding her was enough for him, at least for a little while. He felt her against him, inhaled the essence of her, knowing that this was meant to be only the first of a lifetime of caresses. His mouth moved to hers, covering her, consuming her. His tongue washed over her sweet lips, tracing and learning them, a starving man finally finding sustenance. His tongue flirted with hers, teasing, inviting. She lost herself in the sensation of surrendering to him, imagining other surrenders, other invasions.

Jack finally pulled himself away from her mouth. He had wanted her for so long, so much, and now he was with her. His dreams and fantasies were about to be fulfilled. It was Christmas morning and every birthday he had ever had. He loved her, with all his heart and soul. Now he could tell her, show her. Now he could share with her all that was his. He felt so good, he wanted to laugh out loud, tell the world that he loved Narcissa Valentine and that she loved him.

In his happiness, he almost forgot that she was in his arms. Almost. Then she shifted the tiniest bit, bringing her body flush with his, and he remembered. Every fiber of his being remembered. But something was wrong. Suddenly, he knew what it was. There were too many layers of clothing between them! They had gone to sleep fully clothed and now he wanted, no, needed, the clothing gone.

He turned Narcissa in the bed, until she was lying on her back, watching him. Then he knelt beside her, adoring her. Without a word, he began to undress his love. He pulled the shirt over her head, marveling at the beauty of her, the way her skin seemed to glow, even in the moonlit room. The pink shorts, that appeared to fit her as a second skin, slid easily down her legs. He carefully moved them past her bandaged knee, then off.

Lying before him, she was delicious. Her lacy pink bra barely contained the most beautiful breasts he had ever seen. They were golden, full, soft. He couldn’t resist moving closer, just touching with his fingertips the soft globes presented to him. He whimsically thought of becoming a ‘breast man’. Yes, he could happily die now, now that he had caressed Narcissa’s incredible breasts. Narcissa reached for his head, bringing him down to her, encouraging him to rest on her softness. As his face nestled there, he couldn’t stop touching, caressing, the rest of her. His fingers bostanc─▒ escort slid down her flat tummy, making her squirm and giggle softly. He stopped only when he reached the lacy edges of her pink panties, lying low on her hips, covering little. He continued exploring, feeling the fullness of her curlies contained there.

Now, he had the time to enjoy, to learn. His fingers moved slowly over her, loving her, while he whispered words of longing and need into her ear. Her body felt so wonderful to him, so perfect. She lay beside him, quietly, allowing him all the time he needed. Her mouth searched for his, bringing him to her, nursing on his lips, her tongue teasing and inviting him.

Still, there were too many clothes, too many restrictions. Her hands moved now, unbuttoning, unzipping, until they were nearly twins, just small undergarments separating them.

She had forgotten her injury. All she could think of was that Jack was the man she had been waiting for, the man she would marry and spend the rest of her days and nights beside. He felt so right in her arms. Kissing him seemed the reason lips were made. They were close together in the bed, nearly one, happily beginning a lifetime of memories.

Hands traveled, caressed, shaped and molded. Kisses were shared, tongues explored, fingers delved and petted. Narcissa was wrapped around Jack’s nearly naked body, her silky panties rubbing over his thigh, her arousal damp on his skin. Tiny moans escaped her throat as she rubbed against him, trying to get even closer, trying to get into him.

Jack kissed her mouth, her jaw, her throat. Her skin was like velvet, warm velvet, that he could lose himself in. Everywhere he touched seemed to be the source of the sweet scent he alway thought of as Narcissa. He licked her skin, tasting her, wanting her all the more. She was lying on her back, pillows beneath her head, her eyes glowing in the darkness. She watched his face as it moved closer to her, watched his tongue as it slid toward her skin, wetting her and making her shiver with delight and anticipation. She moved her hands to his cheeks, guiding him to her distended nipples. He surprised her with his gentleness. He softly sipped on them, first one, then the other. Delicately, slowly, he brought her to peaks of excitement, then moved away, letting her build until she was nearly crazed with desire.

She still wore the lacy undergarments and he made love through the gauzy fabric. His mouth worked on the bra and her nipples, driving her to near-ecstacy, making her entire body throb and sway against him. His fingers finally reached for the tiny hooks holding the cups together, the two tiny hooks that he quickly undid, pushing the offending cloth away, allowing her hardened nipples to glow pinkly in the dusky room.

Now his mouth returned to her, sucking and pulling them deeply into his hot mouth. She could hear his moans as he moved over her, feel his excitement pressing hotly on her own thigh. fatih escort Part of her wanted to scream at the incredible slowness of the entire night, the other part thrilled at having this extended foreplay, having all the time to find and learn and love.

Her body arched up to him, offering him her breasts, her aching nipples. Her fingers delved into his hair, pulling him even closer and closer. He began nibbling, using his teeth to thrill her and make her wild with desire.

Even while she thought she could love him like this, she also thought that if she didn’t touch him, taste him, she would die. She said the words, begged him to let her hold him, kiss his most intimate parts, feel him hard in her mouth. Jack obeyed. He moved reluctantly away from her tightened nipples, letting the cool night air cover them and cause even more distention. He stood at the side of the bed, removing his briefs, his cock throbbing hugely into the darkened room. She gasped. He was so beautiful, so incredible. When he knelt on the mattress beside her, she couldn’t help herself. Her hand reached out, grasping the hard, hot flesh, her fingers wrapped around him as best she could. He already dripped precome, and she pulled him forward, greedy to taste that precious liquid. Suddenly, his velvety head was against her lips, then between them, as she happily pulled him deep within her hot mouth.

Jack couldn’t believe his life. He was not only with the woman he loved, but she was happily and greedily sucking his cock. Her hand cupped his aching balls, her fingers massaged and searched, stimulating him almost beyond endurance. He was afraid he would lose it then, come immediately into her suckling mouth, but he was able to hold on. Looking at her was almost his undoing. His sweet, starched, always correct Narcissa, here with him. Her hair disheveled, her face flushed even in the moonlight, her strawberry lips wrapped around his engorged cock, struggling to get even more of him into her warmth.

Jack tried to keep his cool, to make it through without exploding. Her questing mouth seemed to know exactly how to move on him, exactly the pressure he needed, exactly the rhythm. He slipped his fingers into her curls again, holding her against him. He could feel her happily humming into his cock, hear her excited moans and delighted sighs. Finally, he couldn’t wait. He needed to feel her pretty pussy around him, holding him and clutching him, wrapping him inside of her depths.

Jack moved his fingers to her cheeks, encouraging Narcissa to stop her ministrations. She released him with a pop, looking up at him wonderingly. He knelt to her, taking her mouth with his, kissing her and moving his entire body against hers. His fingers moved again to the tiny panties, this time slipping into them and pulling them down her hips. She helped him, kicking the garment off quickly. His hand moved to cup her, holding for the first time the treasure of his love. Her mound was covered with thick curls, ba─čc─▒lar escort soft and springy. His fingers combed through the mass, the curls clutching his fingertips, tickling him. She was wet and he brought his hand to his face to inhale her fragrance, nearly overcome with desire. He slipped a finger into his mouth, tasting her for the first time, knowing he had to have more.

He slid down her body, kissing the smooth flesh, feeling the goosebumps form as his mouth caressed her. Turning his head, he began to kiss her thighs, tickled by her thick curls. His tongue searched, finding the swollen slit he sought. He continued, pushing through until his tongue entered the most delicious pinkness he had ever encountered. He could hear Narcissa moan, hear her intake of breath, feel her thrusting up to meet his mouth.

She was velvet, she was silk, she was the most delectable woman he had ever tasted. He found her tiny clit and began to circle it. Teasing and taunting, he enjoyed feeling Narcissa tremble beneath him. He feasted there, enjoying the hard nubbin in his mouth, the taste of ambrosia. Then his tongue explored, moving along the pinkness, finding her swollen pussy and plunging into it. Deeply he thrust, finding pleasure in her moans and cries. Back and forth, he moved his mouth, slipping up to the tiny, needy clit and pleasuring her, sliding back to her dripping pussy and thrusting into her.

So intent was he, that he couldn’t hear her words, couldn’t remember anything but the desire to please this woman. He almost missed the signs of impending orgasm. Her thighs had clamped together, her pussy had thrust up into his face, trying to swallow him. He continued, nursing on her, fucking her with his mouth. Then, she began to spasm against him. Her cries filled the air, her hands clutched his head. He rode out the storm, feeling her body tremble under him.

He knew he couldn’t wait any longer to feel her wrapped around him. He quickly switched positions and straddled her thighs. He held her body between his legs and plunged his dripping cock into her, into the heated flesh he had just kissed. His mouth sought hers, fucking her mouth as he had her cunt. The rhythm was set and they moved together.

It didn’t take long. It couldn’t. Jack pulled his face away and looked into her beautiful eyes. Narcissa smiled up at him, understanding his need. She moved her hips a fraction, encouraging his explosion. He felt his control leave him as he came deep within her. He filled her sweet pussy, continuing the love dance that they had started.

They kissed until he began to soften. Then he flipped to his back, taking Narcissa with him, resting along his length. Their hearts beat against each other, their breaths mingled. They began to talk about everything that was important to them, holding each other and sharing.

The night passed slowly as the two became lovers. In the morning, they emerged from her room, hand in hand, their future secured.

{Conclusion: They both gave notice to the Company two weeks after the holiday weekend. They opened their own agency, taking all their invaluable contacts and several coworkers with them. They married, had children and spent the rest of their days building a family and a business together. They lived happily ever after.}

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