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My Wife’s Lactating Breasts Ch. 02

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When we were a lot younger, still struggling with ‘making our places in the world’, and in love, but ‘busy’, Julie was feeling pretty neglected. My hours were long, six days a week. Julie’s were long with 3 young daughters, seven days a week. Now, still happily married, having a more than acceptable sexual relationship with each other, Julie for some reason felt she had to tell me about happenings when we were in our fifth year of marriage. To hear her tell it…

Honey, you remember when Hank was soon to be married to Jeanne after dating her for three years, living together for two. He began coming on to me when we would get together for dinner with them, but always when you and Jeanne were in the kitchen or in other ways both out of sight. At first it was just smiles and brief hugs and talk of wanting a last fling. It developed further when Hank’s territory was changed to include our town and Hank spent Wednesday’s canvassing for new business. You remember, honey, that we would joke that Wednesday’s meant coffee for Hank at 9:30 sharp for a few months? Well, I have to confess to you now that coffee and donuts were not all that Hank and I shared on one of those mornings.

The weekly visits coincided with nap time for the girls. (I’m sure I let him know the timing, or maybe I just made the timing coincide with his visits??) At first we would have coffee and a snack, talk about how I was so very lonely with you being gone most waking hours and how the girls were so much work at their age, two in diapers, nursing the youngest, trying to remain sane while feeling like a prisoner in our own home. It just wasn’t easy to pack up three little ones and go out to do anything other than shop for baby food. Besides, money was tight in those days and where would I go?

Hank so soooo very understanding. Of course, honey, I now realize that he wanted me so very badly, as a last hurrah, that he would have pretended to be understanding even if I was a raving lunatic. You remember what he looked like back then; tall, lean, blonde, handsome in a weird sort of way, and muscular.

I knew he was muscular between his legs too, as I had seen the outline of his semi-hard cock in his jeans one night after he had hugged me for longer than just ‘hello’. I began to make sure I was made up and nicely dressed in a revealing top every Wednesday. Because I was nursing, a bra was mandatory, but I made sure I wore the sexiest one I had even though my nursing bras were more comfortable.

Those mornings began to be the highlight of my week, as I was relishing the attention, the compliments, the understanding and caring that you were not providing. Yes, sometimes I even thought I might be falling in love with Hank! Then I would come to my senses, realize that he and Jeanne were months away from marriage, and get back to reality that he wanted a fling and I wanted attention. I even started fantasizing while masturbating, sometimes while nursing the baby, (you and I were rarely ‘making love’; at best we were getting each other off by mutual masturbation, a quick fuck, and goodnight sweetheart), that Hank was Bostancı Escort nursing on my swollen breasts. I came so hard when thinking about that. My normal 34 B cups were 36 C or maybe D by this time, the nipples ½” while nursing, the areola their normal silver dollar size. Usually a light pink, the nursing mom’s were now a medium brown and you commented that you liked them better a light pink (like there was something I could do about that).

I think it was a warm September morning when Hank’s arrival was unusual. He was in slacks and Polo, not his usual business suit. Huh I asked? He just laughed and said that his company’s golf outing was that afternoon, and that he was just taking the morning off. What better way he said to spend a few hours prior to golf, than seeing his favorite mommy.

It was almost immediate, that he smiled, came towards me, and hugged me close. It was almost also immediate that I felt his cock start to swell, pressing against my pussy through my sundress. Ahh, that dress. You loved it as my tits were made to look even bigger than they were because of the way the fabric puffed out a bit but at the same time held my tits high. It was also easy to pull the stretchy material down over my bra. While our sex life together was usually mundane, that dress never failed in being a catalyst for us. Why did I wear it that morning?

We said nothing at first. He enjoyed knowing that I could feel the stirrings in his slacks, I enjoyed knowing the cause. I could also feel things happening in my body. My breasts, hours away from my next nursing session, began to leak a bit. My pussy began to leak a lot. I broke away and said ‘Hank, you know I love Mike and I know you love Jeanne. We cannot let this get out of control. Let’s have our coffee, enjoy the longer than usual time we have to visit, and hope you have a great round this afternoon.’ I glanced down and saw that my breast milk was not being absorbed by my sexy see-thru bra! I could only think to say ‘Now, look what you’ve done, my dress will stain, and I’ll be right back.’

As I turned to go change, Hank simply slid his arms around me from behind, his bulge now nestled between my ass cheeks, harder than before, and held me, kissing my neck and saying ‘Change? Why Change? Let me make sure that beautiful dress doesn’t get more stained.’ Ohhhh Hank.

I couldn’t take another step. I felt his hands reach up and pull the top of my dress over my bra and proceed to pull it down past my hips and to the floor. Oh God, thank goodness I thought, I wore the matching panties!! Can you imagine? Why, honey would such a ‘female’ thought pass my mind when our friend and my friend’s fiancée was removing my clothing??!!

I was almost like a deer in headlights. The only parts of me not nervously paralyzed were my tits and my pussy. All of the those body parts now virtually awash with the juices of desire and mother’s milk.

Hank continued kissing my neck. You know Mike what that does to me. As I started to breathe deeply and become truly hot, Hank told me, not asked me, to follow him. Straight to Ümraniye Escort our bedroom and marriage bed is where Hank led me. My first thought was to say ‘NO NOT HERE’ as even lust was momentarily overcome with feelings of guilt. Not guild for what had happened over the past weeks, or even the past minutes, but guilt over what I knew was about to happen.

Hank sat on the edge of the bed; yes, our bed, and motioned me over. So, here I am, in a wet see-through bra, wet, see through panties, breathing so rapidly it’s a wonder I didn’t pass out. I approached, knowing now that all I wanted was to be consumed by him, to feel wanted again, to have a truly powerful orgasm, not self induced!

Pulling my bra down over my right breast, Hank immediately began nursing at my hardening nipple which actually began gushing into his mouth even before he enveloped it! God it felt good and I shuddered with my first mini orgasm as he nursed hungrily. He was actually whimpering a bit like a baby as he licked and sucked. I pressed my hot cunt against his knee, the panties now completely transparent, showing off my swollen labia and brown, neatly trimmed bush. His slacks..yikes those nice golf slacks..now had to be laundered and pressed. Oh well, I could get that done in time..back to the matters at hand.

Hank stood, hugged me gently, but with sexual power I hadn’t felt in a long, long, time. He loosened his belt, unbuttoned and un-zipped his slacks, and as he bent to remove them, gave my right breast a final sucking as if he couldn’t stay away! As he lowered his pants over his boxers, the head, that beautiful, huge mushroom capped head, already oozing pre-cum to the point that it was dripping down almost to the floor, was already in view through the slit in his shorts. I had to touch it. I love to grab your shaft Mike you know, and use my thumb to spread your pre-cum over your glans. It feels so good to me and I know you’ve said that it is a wonderful feeling for you too.

Hank obviously agreed. When I grasped it and took my thumb and spread a copious amount of pre-cum he shouted ‘ahhhhhh my God Julie that feels soooo good’. He quickly removed shoes, sox, pants and boxers, kicking it all into a heap. He then removed his shirt and more carefully placed that over the edge of the bed. As he did that, he reclined, knees still bent over the edge of the bed and MYGOD, his dick was for the first time in full view. I couldn’t believe it. It had to be 10 or 11 inches long hon, but its circumference was what was truly awesome. You are not small, Mike, but this cock appeared to double yours. I immediately fell to my knees and replaced my thumb on his glistening cock head with my tongue. Now it was my turn to nurse. Like a wanton whore, I tried to deep throat him and could not. That, however didn’t deter me from bringing him off for the first time simply by running my tongue around the head and occasionally sucking up the pre-cum by going down as far as possible and sucking. When he came it was truly unbelievable. The spasms must have lasted 60 seconds, my sucking only making him groan and Ataşehir Escort yelp throughout. I managed to swallow most of his sweet cum, that which I could not dribbled down into my bra, cupping below my left, still encased, and now painful breast. He at once, at the end, became sensitive, and I knew to stop my intense sucking, and just licked the shaft calmly, relishing in the pleasure of knowing that he had truly enjoyed what had transpired so far.

The morning had only just begun.

I now not only wanted, but needed attention to my left breast. Hank scooted up onto our bed, propped his head on the pillows and motioned to me to join him. I couldn’t wait. Not only my tit, but my aching quim needed to be administered to. I practically tore off my bra and panties, and lay perpendicular to Hank on my right side, left breast easily in reach to his hungry mouth. He wasted no time in first licking his cum from under my breast, then depositing it on my nipple. Then he proceeded to suckle, while reaching down and parting my pussy lips with the middle finger of his right hand. God he was good. He found my clit immediately, and gently rubbed it taking me to my second cum. You know honey, how I like it when you rub my clit slowly, at times just stopping and applying pressure right before I cum? Well, somehow Hank must have known that, as he brought me off as if we had been lovers for years. Between his sucking on my tit, encircling the nipple at times with his tongue then suckling again as he drained my mother’s milk, I came rapidly another two times before we both just stopped and embraced.

I could have stayed there all day, just like that. But of course, the babies would awaken soon, and I had to face the reality that if I was going to feel that wonderful prick deep within me, we couldn’t waste too much time. I dreamily asked Hank if he thought he’d like to continue our love making, and he responded by saying ‘look’. I rolled over and saw that his organ had again swelled to its massive stature and I couldn’t resist giving it one more kiss and suck, before rolling over on my back and asking him to please hurry – not because of kiddies, but because I had to feel that giant cock in me, deep in me, as soon as possible.

Hank knew what I wanted, but guided that enormous head onto my clit and moved it back and forth, round and round until I virtually screamed ‘HANK – FUCK ME, JUST PLEASEEEEE FUCK MEEEE’. In it went, certainly now without any difficulty as I was wetter than I had ever been, swollen wide, and ready for his deep thrusts. And deep they were. He had staying power because of my blow and suck job earlier, and he just pounded me to 2 enormous cums before I felt his dick grow wider and wider. I knew his hot jism was about to fill my cunt and couldn’t wait to feel it’s temperature and feel the throbbing dick deep within me. As he started to come, he bent down and got my long, right nipple, ¾ of an inch long now, and gently started my mild flowing again. I came again with him, panting and muffling my cries on his shoulder. His grunts were music to my ears, as after hearing them, I again knew that Hank was being pleasured, perhaps like never before.

Mike, I love you and now that we’re older, while memories of this make me almost as wet as I was that day, I know now you’ll take care of that for me. So, come now babe, it’s time for our morning fuck!

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