My Stepmom’s Dirty Secret

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Karen, my petite blond stepmom with a body of a Greek goddess, woke me up in the morning with a warm kiss on the lips.

“I know what you want, Kyle. And I can give you that,” she was sitting beside me in a short satin robe on her wet showered body, exposing her long, slim legs. “I’ll be your sex doll. But I want you to promise me that you won’t tell dad about last night. Do we have a deal?”

I was speechless.

“For a month. You can have me for a month if you keep your mouth shut for the rest of your life.”


Let me tell you what happened last night. Around midnight I approached the front door of my house when I heard indistinct voices. It was strange because my dad was on a business trip and my stepmom was the only person who was at home. It was my stepmom’s idea that I spend that night at my best friend’s house. I happily agreed, and the only problem was that I forgot my smartphone at home, so I had to come back.

I quietly opened the front door and went inside like a ninja on a secret mission. Few moments later my jaw dropped. I couldn’t believe my eyes… Right in the middle of the living room stood my stepmom, surrounded by three naked men. They were so huge and muscular that she seemed like a little lost among pine trees. She was naked too.

It was dark and gloomy with the lights turned off. Quivering with excitement and curiosity, I decided to move closer so I could see more details of this incredible scene. Peeping from behind the couch, I still couldn’t believe that this horny slut was my stepmom. My stepmom is a sweet, elegant, intelligent thirty-eight-year-old woman. Maybe it was her clone, I don’t know.

Those cavemen flocked around her, unleashing their wild hands. Their strong hands were groping, squeezing, and playing with her delicious ass. With furious passion, they kissed her whole body which became a playground for their lustful tongues. One by one, those men sucked the juices out of her pussy while she stroked their cocks. Her moans and screams of pleasure were so loud… so intense… I never saw her so happy and satisfied.

My rock-hard cock was hypnotized by my stepmom’s slutty charm. In the meantime, all the three men moved to the couch so they could sit. My stepmom, like a good submissive slut, jumped on the middle man uttering a deep high-pitched moan as her pussy slowly devoured his cock.

And then it happened — she was my face as I was peeping from behind the couch. I saw flashes of panic and shame in her eyes the moment our eyes met. She wanted to stop — I saw that for sure. But she couldn’t. She couldn’t just pull a cock out of her pussy and walk away. She has become a slave of her desire. So she continued riding the cock — exposed and helpless before my lustful gaze. As for me, I was more like a statue unable to move or say anything.

In a minute of saw, her mood suddenly changed. She was no longer tortured by fear and shame. Her beautiful green eyes sparkled with renewed desire. She playfully bit her lip while staring at fethiye escort me.

No matter how hard they fucked her, she was still looking at me, her eighteen-year-old stepson, with her seductive green eyes…

A couple days later me, my dad, and my stepmom Karen met at the dinner table. It was a hot summer evening during which Karen once again surprised me and my dad with her cooking talents.

My dad is a typical businessman who’s busy all the time. All he talks about is economics, finances and other fancy stuff that are too boring for a young man like me. I have a suspicion that Karen married my dad just fro his money. She loves sex and money. But, of course, she loves those things separately. And I don’t think it’s a bad thing. I actually admire her because she’s courageous enough to fulfill her needs even though she does it secretly.

An important phone call distracted my father from the dinner, so he had to leave us for a few minutes. I decided to take advantage of his absence.

I got up and approached my stepmom.

“I saw you, little slut,” I taunted her whispering in her ear. “You were fucked hard by the group of men.”

She was shocked, staring at me silently with her wide open green eyes.

“And you liked it. You’re a fucking goddess, Karen,” I continued, caressing her long blond hair.

“Go on,” she whispered.

“I get what I want. And I want you. I want every inch of your hot little body.”

She gave me the look I saw THAT night. I could sense she was aroused by my words as she was moving around the chair nervously. She was wearing a white blouse, a pair of white tight jeans, and a pair of high heels.

In a minute my dad came back to the dinning table to announce that for the next hour he’s going to have an online conference with his business partners. These words immediately made my heart go berserk, though Karen remained calm. She sat there enjoying her meal like nothing just happened. She is a good actress, I guess. That’s how she won over my naive dad.

My dad kissed Karen’s cheek, thanked her for the evening meal, and retired to his office on the second floor of our house.

“You know, you are too cheeky for a boy of your age,” she said wiping her hands with a napkin.

“I know your secret, which means I own you, mom,” I was trying to make my teenage voice o sound more intimidating than it was. “You should keep in mind that.”

“As you say so,” she smiled. “Say… Have you been with a woman before?”

“Well… I have a girlfriend.”

“What is she like?”

“She’s nothing compared to you.”

“Good boy. That’s what I wanted to hear from you. But I also want to hear something else. Those words you said earlier… You called me a slut. I wonder…”

I got up with a bulge in my jeans.

She got up too. Our eyes met just like THAT night.

“What else do you want to say to your mom?”she came closer to me, gently touching my hands. “I want to hear more.”

She warmly fethiye escort bayan kissed my forehead giving me the chance to enjoy her sexy scent. I was determined to give her what she wants.

“And I wanna taste your pussy,” I was slowly unbuttoning her blouse. “I wanna fuck you harder then those studs you were with.”

“What an ambitious boy,” she whispered in my ear.

“I bet you’d be a pornhub star with millions of views every day.”

I finally unbuttoned her blouse revealing her bare tits with no bra.

“You like what you see, boy?” her low sexy voice gave me chills.

I was under the spell of Karen’s small, elegant tits, exploring them with my hungry eyes.

“Ah…” she moaned the moment my tongue touched the nipple of her right tit.

Her delicious tits were so sensitive that it seemed to me she could melt down in orgasm any moment.

“No, sweetie, not here,” she forced herself to stop me. “Your dad, remember? He’ll see us.”

“I want you here,” I squeezed her lovely ass in those tight jeans.

Seeing confidence and determination in me to get what I want, Karen closed her eyes with a beautiful smile on her face. My tongue gently stroked the nipple of her left tit, making her whole body to shake in pleasure. She moaned silently as if my tongue was my cock that slowly penetrated her pussy.

Her breathing became harder and harder as I unleashed my eager, yet gentle, tongue that was playing with her nipples. I felt like I was living in a hazy dream with this incredible woman. And her scent… Her scent made me crazy.

“Honey!” my dad’s voice echoed from the second floor. “Please come to our bedroom, I’m waiting for you!”

Karen kissed me in the cheek and went up the stairs. I was left alone in the living room, helplessly watching my stepmom disappearing in the darkness of the second floor.

“I want to share you with other men,” I texted Karen at 1 a. m.

“Stop it, naughty boy,” she texted me back. “You excite me too much. I won’t be able to fall asleep.”

“I know your secret, mom. And I’m going to use it against you to the fullest.”

She sent me an emoji smile.

“I want you now. I want you to be my sex doll. Come to my room.”

“You know I can’t. I’m trapped in his embraces. He’s sleeping beside me.”

“Do something. Get rid of him. I beg you.”

“I’m afraid you will have to wait until tomorrow. Your daddy will leave in the morning. After that I’ll be yours.”

“I talk too much when I don’t get what I want,” I warned her.

“My sweet boy, I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t tell your dad about our secret, OK?”

“I want to fuck your mouth, your pussy, and your ass with those sex toys you hide in your bedside table.”

“Ah… Stop it, please,”

“Does my dad know about your sex toys? I bet he doesn’t. You need to be punished.”

“How? Mommy wants to know.”

“I’ll spank your cheerleader’s ass with my firm hand.”


“And then I’ll escort fethiye reward you by massaging your super sensitive nipples with my tongue and lips.”

“Ah what are u doin 2 me i’m omg”

“Are you still with me?

“I’ll see what I can do.”

Two minutes seemed like eternity to me and then she texted me again:

“Bathroom in 5 min”

I was alone in my bed hoping to survive without my lovely Karen. It was the hardest five minutes in my life. My imagination became my worst enemy as I was trying to get up with my cock in my hand. Karen’s nude images kept bombarding my mind.

Tortured by desire I got to the bathroom as quickly as I could. Few minutes later she came in with a beautiful smile on her face wearing a pink robe. Our lips met in a passionate kiss. I don’t know for how long we were kissing, I lost sense of time. I was on another planet where I could forget about everything.

“Now you know my dark side,” Karen said exploring my naked body with her gentle hands.

“There’s a very bad girl who lives deep inside your mommy.”

She dropped her robe on the floor.

“Yeah, I know,” I couldn’t take my eyes of her exquisite nude body.

“Now, what do you want me to do?”

“Slut!” I spanked her right away.

“Ssssh…” she touched my lips with her index finger. “Your daddy will hear us.”

“Slut!” I spanked her again.

Her eyes sparkled.

“You’re mine now,” I tried to act like an experienced dom, and she bought it because she liked to be dominated — I knew that for sure.

That night I finally gained full access to my stepmom’s body. She moaned nonstop in my strong eager hands, demanding more: more touches, more kisses, and more dirty talking. Her warm, juicy pussy felt so good in my hand. Her fair skin tasted like sugar and her long blond hair was like a gift from Heaven.

And then I took her to my bed where she educated me about all kinds of positions and penetration techniques. She awakened my inner alpha-male and let him please herself. Seduced by the insanely alluring curves of her body and, of course, her unforgettable green eyes, he banged her for an hour without rest. At one point I even had to gag Karen with a piece of silk fabric so my dad wouldn’t hear her screams of pleasure. Every time I released a load of cum on her impossibly sexy body she would close her eyes and moan in approval of this beautiful act.

At dawn, after our night of love was over, Karen went to the shower to wash away all suspicious liquids from her body. She did it with my cock in her pussy.

“Bye daddy!” me and Karen were waving our hands as we watched him driving away through the foggy morning street.

He didn’t know that my other hand was in his wife’s panties squeezing her sexy buttocks.

“I was warming up,” said I escorting her to the house. “Now the real fun begins.”

“Come to mama,” she said closing the front door behind her back.

For our next love session we chose the stairs. She lay on her back, legs apart, controlling my mind with her piercing green eyes. And within a second I fell on my knees and buried my face in her pussy — just like she ordered me to do. My devotion and passion made her gasp from her own wild moans. I showed no mercy to her pussy.

Soon, completely exhausted, Karen and I fell asleep on the couch in each other’s arms.

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