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My Stepbrother’s Friend

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*Author’s Note: This is erotic fantasy. It involves sexual situations between consenting adults, all of whom are over 18 years of age. Since it is fantasy and it’s my fantasy, I presume a world free of STDs. I hope you enjoy the story; if not, such is life. Comments are always appreciated.


Joey was looking forward to his high school graduation more than most people, and for good reason in his mind. Joey really had no friends and no social life. Ever since junior high school he had been excluded, frozen out by his classmates, his only real friend being his older stepbrother Frank who was finishing his sophomore year at college now. His father had left when he was just a baby and his mother had married Saul shortly thereafter, who was a widower with a young son just a couple of years older than him.

It wasn’t his fault that he liked school and did well. He sat in the front row of each class, not because he wanted to be close to the front, but because it made it almost impossible for anyone to pick on him right under the teacher’s nose. The fact that he was a quiet, diligent student who usually topped his class actually made things worse, as yet another epithet was made available to hurl at him in the incessant bullying that he had to endure on a daily basis, that of teacher’s pet.

As if all of that weren’t enough, Joey was only 5’8″ and on the thin side, with a curly mop of brown hair above hazel eyes. His mother had always told him that he was the spitting image of his father. He had been picked on his whole life, it seemed, except when Frank was around. Nobody would ever mess with Frank, who was 6’2″ and had sandy-blonde hair and light-blue eyes. He was also more inclined to athletics, though never took them seriously.

Joey just had to get through this one last week of school and then it would be over and he would be able to breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that he’d never, ever have to have anything to do with any of them again. At least in college he’d be starting with a clean slate, he figured.

Finally, graduation night arrived and Joey couldn’t wait to get away for a special dinner celebration at his favorite Mexican restaurant with his parents where they gave him a Galaxy Z Fold3 phone as a graduation present. Though he had told his parents that he wanted to spend the summer helping in the family hardware store, they had both insisted that he not work, that he spend his summer having a good time, especially since Frank was coming home for the summer, that hard work enough awaited him when he started college in the Fall.

Joey was as surprised as anyone when Frank finally arrived a few days later, bringing home with him a new friend from College, Curtis, a black man almost as tall as Frank with whom he had several classes in common, and so they had become friends. When Karen, their mother, had balked at the idea of Curtis sleeping on the sofa in Frank’s bedroom, insisting that they find him a proper bed, he had assured her that it was far better than the beds they were provided in the dorms at college.

Joey’s bedroom was on the other side of the common bathroom that he shared with Frank’s bedroom, each of them having a private entrance to the bathroom so that they didn’t have to go out into the hall to use the bathroom they thought of as the guest bathroom, Karen and Saul having their own en-suite bathroom.

“So, what are you boys going to do today?” Saul asked at breakfast.

“I thought I’d show Curtis the swimming hole,” Frank replied.

“I used to think that the swimming hole was where Frank lived,” Curtis said, smiling broadly. “He never stops talking about it.”

“Whenever we’d wonder where the boys were, we always knew that we could find them at the swimming hole,” Karen said with a smile.

“Do you still spend a lot of time there, Joey?” Frank asked.

“Not so much since you left for college,” Joey admitted. “It’s just not the same by myself.”

“We used to plan on what we’d do when we took over the world,” Frank laughed.

“What was your solution to the pervasive unfairness of earth’s societies?” Curtis asked.

“Joey always thought that education was the key,” Frank replied. “I always wanted to just snap my fingers and disappear all of the assholes of the world. They’re a waste of space and shouldn’t be using the oxygen that good people need.”

“Do you have so much hate in you?” Karen asked.

“Yeah, sometimes,” Frank admitted. “When I think of unfairness, my blood just boils.”

“But why?” Saul asked. “What has ever happened to you that would cause you to feel that way? After all, the universe is an inherently unfair place, from what I can tell.”

“I always hated it when I’d see people picking on Joey just because he was smaller than them,” Frank replied. “He never bothered anyone, why should they treat him poorly?”

“I was always proud of you for standing up for your stepbrother,” Saul said. “You Denizli Escort could just as easily not done so.”

“No way,” Frank said emphatically, shaking his head. “Even if he wasn’t my stepbrother, I’d have done the same thing. It would be different if he had deserved it in some way, but he hadn’t done anything except to do better in his classes. He didn’t brag about it or anything, he just did it. It still pisses me off when I think about it.”

“I saw Frank deck one of the guys from the football team one day for picking on a student,” Curtis said, laughing. “The football player was almost 300lbs and the student he was picking on was short and fat and wearing thick glasses. When Frank told him to leave the guy alone, the football player asked him who the hell he thought he was telling him to do anything. Frank didn’t even bother to answer him, just punched him as hard as he could right on the nose and knocked him out cold. I had seen him in some of my classes and we sort of knew each other, but when I saw that, I knew that this was the guy I wanted for a friend.”

“Some of the guy’s friends were about to step in and take up his side,” Frank said, “when suddenly there was Curtis right next to me, daring them to try anything. We’ve been the best of friends ever since.”

“Sadly, there aren’t nearly enough people with such principles these days,” Karen said. “The news is constantly going on about a gang of this or that attacking a single person for no good reason other than that they can. Instead of society evolving, it seems to be devolving, so much intolerance.”

“I learned it from you and Dad,” Frank said. “I used to see you being just as nice to delivery people, the gardeners, just about anyone, as you were to your friends or to us. I never saw you treat anyone any differently.”

“My mother taught me that I should always treat other people the way I’d want them to treat me if the situation were reversed,” Karen said. “For some reason, that idea stuck and became a part of my DNA.”

“It was that even-handed compassion as much as anything that first attracted me to your mother,” Saul said, smiling at her and reaching for her hand.

“Sure, and the fact that she must have been one hell of a hot babe, judging from what I see now,” Curtis said with a laugh, Karen blushing.

“That’s not usually the kind of thing that a father tells his sons about their mother,” Saul said, smiling broadly. “But I will say that she’s just as hot to me today as she was the first day that I met her.”

“Now, stop that, all of you,” Karen protested, her face flushed.

After breakfast the next morning, they jumped into the car and drove from their home on Bales Avenue down to East Gregory Boulevard, then east a short drive to Lake of the Woods, and from there north to much less crowded and popular The Lagoon, and then around the east side towards Wild Cat Hollow Drive where Frank and Joey had their personal favorite swimming hole. While Joey was used to skinny dipping with Frank, he had never seen a black cock before and had to force himself not to stare when Curtis undressed, his cock big and thick and very black, bigger than Frank’s, whose was much bigger than his own and who Joey had always thought had a really big cock.

They spent several hours swimming, then lying about in the sun, finally dressing and heading home as the sky started to change colors as the sun set, a coruscating kaleidoscope of pastels streaking the sky as the sun sank in the west. When they arrived back at the house, Saul was busy at the grill, wearing his apron and big chef’s hat as he continuously basted the chick parts that he was cooking with his family’s secret sauce, one side of the grill roasting big pieces of broccoli, cauliflower, snap beans, and cherry tomatoes.

Sitting down to eat on the outdoor patio, Karen added her garlic mashed potatoes to the feast and Saul opened a bottle of Chianti. Joey couldn’t believe how good it felt to have Frank home again and Curtis fit right in. They told tales of their lives at college and each of them mentioned something about being lucky to have met and become friends.

“What are you studying, Curtis?” Karen asked as they ate.

“I want to be a social worker,” Curtis replied.

“Really!” Karen exclaimed. “What is it that leads you in that direction?”

“My grandmother was bedridden the last 20 years of her life,” Curtis explained, ever since I can remember, really. “Mom worked 2 jobs, still does, has to go all the way to Hill City, and there was no dad, so social workers would come to help my grandmother. I was in school, so she needed someone there during the day until I could get home, then I’d take care of her until Mom finally got home. I saw how much of a difference it made to my grandmother to have those social workers help her and I just felt like I wanted to be able to do that for people, too.”

“That’s beautiful,” Karen said. “She must be very proud of you.”

“She Denizli Escort Bayan was always proud of me, ever since I can remember,” Curtis replied. “But she died last year.”

“I’m so sorry,” Karen said.

“She’s in a better place, I tell myself,” Curtis said.

“Yet you and Frank have classes together,” Saul observed.

“Social work and psychology have a lot in common,” Frank said. “They’re both ultimately about dealing with people with problems, and being poor or needy is one of the main causes of psychological disorders.”

“I’d never have thought of that,” Joey said.

“Once you get exposed to the college environment, which is all about thinking, you’ll find that you have a lot of new thoughts and ideas, make different connections, see things from a different perspective,” Frank said. “I feel as though it’s already expanded my mind and my view of life.”

“Amen!” Curtis said. “I’d never have thought that my best friend would be a white guy,” he added, laughing. “Nicodemus doesn’t have any white folks, never did. It was founded in the 1870s by black homesteaders. They were lucky that things weren’t so hard for blacks in Kansas back then as they were in Missouri or Nebraska or Oklahoma. There’s only 4 families living there anymore, maybe 20 people. Everyone else has grown up and moved on, looking for opportunities. There are none in Nicodemus.”

Joey found himself very impressed with Curtis and understood why his stepbrother had become friends with him. Saul opened another bottle of Chianti and they whiled the evening away, stuffed to the gills and feeling no pain as a result of the wine.

Feeling the need to pee an hour or so after going to bed, Joey got up and went into the bathroom. As he was peeing, he noticed that the door to his stepbrother’s bedroom wasn’t fully closed and there was still a light on in the bedroom. He was just getting ready to flush the toilet when he heard a sound from his stepbrother’s bedroom and for some reason hesitated to flush, for some reason that he couldn’t explain, not wanting it known that he was in the bathroom.

Quietly tiptoeing over to the door, Joey carefully peeked through the crack that was letting the light in, gasping in shock when he saw Curtis sitting on the sofa where he would be sleeping, naked, with an equally naked Frank kneeling in front of him, Curtis’ big black cock in his mouth, one hand fondling his balls, the other on the shaft of his cock as he sucked on the head. It was only Frank’s moaning as he sucked Curtis’ cock that had covered his own gasp of shock when he had first seen them.

Joey’s head spun as he tried to grok the fact that his older stepbrother, whom he idolized, was on his knees sucking another guy’s cock. Not wanting to see it, but unable to tear himself away, Joey watched as Frank continued to suck Curtis’ cock, Joey’s eyes opening even wider when he saw him take Curtis’ entire cock into his mouth, his nose pressed up against his stomach.

“Man, Frank, nobody sucks cock like you,” Joey heard Curtis say. “You keep that up and you’re going to have a big mouthful of cum,” he warned.

“That’s the whole idea,” Frank gasped, lifting his head to smile at Curtis. “Do your worst,” he said, once again taking his cock into his mouth.

“Oh, damn, Frank, damn,” Curtis groaned, clenching his fists on the sofa as his whole body trembled, Joey recognizing that he was cumming and that Frank still had his cock in his mouth.

“Oh, yeah,” Frank finally gasped when he sat back licking his lips. “I love the way you cum, Curtis. Always a lot and it’s nice and thick.”

“You are sure one cum-crazy white boy,” Curtis laughed. “Now it’s your turn. You want me to suck you or do you want to fuck me?” he asked.

“I’m too tired to fuck,” Frank replied. “Why don’t you just suck me?”

“Works for me,” Curtis said as they traded places, Joey quickly ducking back from the cracked door to avoid being seen.

Once again, Joey watched, only this time it was Curtis sucking Frank’s cock. Frank had the heels of his feet up on the edge of the sofa, wide apart, and was leaning back, a smile on his face as he watched Curtis sucking his cock. It was only a couple of minutes later that he warned Curtis that he was about to cum.

“Show me what you got,” Curtis gasped, his fist wrapped around the shaft of Frank’s cock, his tongue extended beneath it.

“Ahhhh,” Frank groaned, cum shooting from his cock onto Curtis’ extended tongue and into his mouth.

Joey was stunned, his own cock in his fist also rock-hard as he watched Frank finish cumming on Curtis’ extended tongue and in his mouth, finally squeezing the last drops from the tip of his cock before Curtis leaned forward and wrapped his lips around it as he swallowed, gulping down the mouthful of cum that he had already gotten.

“Now I think that I can sleep,” Frank said when Curtis finally sat back.

“Maybe,” Curtis agreed, “for a while,” he added Escort Denizli with a chuckle.

Realizing that the show was over, Joey went back to his own room, still in shock over what he had just seen. In a million years, he would never have imagined that Frank would suck a guy’s cock. Never. Not a chance. Yet he had seen him do just that and it was very clear that he enjoyed it. Unable to stop himself and needing the relief, Joey quickly masturbated into a handful of Kleenex, picturing once again the sight of Frank sucking Curtis’ cock and Curtis sucking Frank’s. Falling asleep, he had erotic dreams and woke up with a painfully hard cock in the morning.

“Did everyone sleep well?” Karen asked as they sat down to breakfast together.

“Like a baby,” Frank replied. “It’s good to be home.”

“The sofa’s perfect,” Curtis said. “I slept great.”

“Your father’s already gone to open the store,” Karen explained. “You boys have a nice day. I’ve got to go now and help run things. You know how your father is. We just got a big order in yesterday and it needs to be put away.”

“Why don’t I come help, just for a bit, to stock everything?” Joey suggested, hating the idea of not helping the way he always had. “I don’t mind.”

“Maybe that’s a good idea,” Karen replied, smiling. “I’ll admit I wasn’t looking forward to doing it by myself while your father watches the store.”

It was less than a mile away, so Joey hopped on his bicycle, rather than riding with his mother and then having to walk back when he finished helping her. It only ended up taking just over an hour and Joey felt much better as he rode his bicycle home. Going to his bedroom, he decided to wash up and entered the bathroom, stopping almost immediately when he heard voices from his stepbrother’s room, the bathroom door on his side open several inches.

Carefully moving towards the door on his stepbrother’s side of the bathroom, stopping as soon as he had a view, he saw Curtis getting to his feet, having obviously just been kneeling on the bed. But it was the sight of what he knew had to be cum running from between his ass cheeks and down his legs that caught his attention.

“Man, that was great,” Curtis said.

“Yeah, but now it’s my turn,” Frank said, stepping into view and kneeling on the end of the bed, his face down against the mattress as he reached back and gripped his ass cheeks in his hands and spread them apart.

Joey caught just a glimpse of Frank’s asshole before Curtis stepped back into the picture, his big black cock in his fist, and pressed it against Frank’s ass, Frank moaning as it easily slid in until Curtis was pressed up against him, his entire cock buried in his ass.

“God damn, do it,” Frank gasped as Curtis began to fuck him. “It feels so fucking good.”

“If my girlfriend liked fucking as much as you, I’d have it made,” Curtis said, chuckling as he continued to fuck Frank in the ass.

Joey was stunned when he heard this, unable to tear his eyes from the sight of Curtis’ big black cock disappearing into his stepbrother’s ass over and over again, Frank still holding his cheeks apart to make it easier. He had assumed that they were gay, that Frank had come out of the closet and was gay, but how could Curtis be gay if he had a girlfriend?

Joey’s own cock was hard as he watched Curtis fucking Frank’s ass, blushing when he realized that it was turning him on. Even though he was 18 and now a high school graduate, he was also still a virgin, not necessarily by choice, but never having been in any position to do anything about it, though he had thought about it, often too much. Like any boy, he had had fleeting thoughts of what would it be like to do something with another boy when he saw the other boys in the showers after gym class, but those thoughts had been just that, fleeting, nothing he ever actually considered.

“Hey, I’m going to cum,” Curtis warned. “Where do you want it?” he asked.

“Let me have it in my mouth,” Frank replied, releasing his ass and rolling over to sit on the end of the bed when Curtis pulled his cock from his ass.

Joey quickly pulled back from the door when his stepbrother changed positions, a feeling of panic in his gut that he had been seen. Carefully moving so that he could see, he stopped as soon as he could see Frank, his mouth open and his tongue extended, Curtis standing in front of him jacking his big black cock. Joey almost moaned when he saw the thick stream of cum shoot from Curtis’ cock onto Frank’s tongue and into his mouth, then another, then another, his own cock erupting in his pants.

“My girlfriend is cum crazy, but she’s got nothing on you,” Curtis chuckled as he squeezed the last drops of cum from his cock onto Frank’s extended tongue.

“Then it’s a good thing that you’ve always got a nice big load ready to go,” Frank laughed as he licked his lips and continued swallowing.

Joey hurried back to his own room, carefully and quietly closing the door on his side, his legs trembling as he undressed and tried to wipe himself clean, cum all over his crotch.

“I think Joey might have seen us,” Frank said to Curtis when they went into the bathroom to clean up.

“You sure?” Curtis asked.

“Not sure, but maybe,” Frank replied.

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