My Standard of Beauty: Black Chick

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I love fucking mature Black women in the ass. I say this with pride and love because I am a Black man who loves Black women. Timothy Saint Hillaire is the name. I’m a big and tall Black man of Haitian descent living in the city of Nepean, Province of Ontario. I’m twenty four years old, currently studying business administration at Algonquin College. And in the summer time, chasing booty is what I do. It’s what keeps me youthful and energetic in the cold and boring Confederation of Canada. This story is all about my booty catching exploits, folks. I exclusively hunt Black booty, because chocolate loving rocks and vanilla sucks. Amen!

I’ve lost count of how many sexy Black ladies I’ve been with, folks. Canada is one of the most boring countries in the world. However, the Capital Region has lots of beautiful Black women from the African and Caribbean immigrant communities. And I can’t get enough of them. I am that extremely rare Black man who loves Black women exclusively. I love Black pussy. I love Black booty. What can I say? I love Black women, folks. They’re my standards of beauty and my standards of sensuality. There’s something so strong, sensual and downright primal about them. I simply can’t resist them. Ottawa’s fine Black ladies pull me in, I guess.

One of my favourite fucks is the lovely Lila Ahmed. A tall and sexy Black lady of Somalian descent from the town of Orleans. She’s a public schoolteacher or something. Forty plus, and actually married with brats. Her husband pendik escort Ibrahim is a fireman or something. One of those Muslim guys who don’t show their wives the attention they deserve. And he’s got no idea that his wife is a sex freak. His loss is my incredible gain. I hooked up with Lila and we had fun. We fucked in her basement while the hubby and brats were away. This prim and proper schoolteacher got naked, and knelt before me as she sucked on my nine-inch, uncircumcised Black dick. I love making older Black sluts suck my dick. It’s pure pleasure.

I fucked Lila’s big tits before putting her on all fours and giving her big brown butt a good spanking. Then I fucked her. Face down and ass up, that’s the way I like to fuck my lovely Black chicks. Lila has a sweet pussy which has only gotten better with age. And ever since she found out her husband Ibrahim cheated on her with a white lady, she’s been calling me nonstop for some revenge fucks. Sex is sex, folks. I don’t have any problems with getting down. That’s what I thought as I pulled Lila’s hair and spanked her big butt while thrusting my dick deep into her pussy.

Later, I had a go with her ass. Lila has a sweet ass seemingly made for butt fucking. And that’s exactly what I intended to find out. I bent her over and fingered her booty hole while licking her pussy. Then I thrust my dick into her asshole after properly lubricating it of course. In the porno movies, sexy women can take gigantic dicks up their asses with tuzla escort apparently no lubricant. Well, I’m not foolish enough to buy into it. Anal sex without lubrication can be considered a form of torture in my book. I simply don’t do it.

I gently worked my dick into Lila’s asshole and Lila groaned in pleasure mixed with pain as I fucked her in the ass. Somalian women have the most amazing butts I’ve ever seen. And as a booty catcher, I’ve seen all kinds of sexy butts in my lifetime. Just by looking at a Black woman’s butt, I can tell you where she’s from. Each booty is different. They vary from region to region. Haitian women’s booties is thicker and fuller than that of Cape Verdean women. Jamaican women’s booties tends to be rounder and more heart-shaped than that of women from the African country of Djibouti. And South African Black female booty has a unique curvature to it that you can’t find anywhere else, except maybe in Republic of Congo. Ethiopian booty has its unique roundness, though it’s often mistaken for Djibouti or Somaliland booty. Words of wisdom, guys. Words of wisdom.

Lila’s asshole felt warm and tight around my dick. The sexy mature Somalian lady was definitely no stranger to butt fucking. And that is more than okay with me. Lila urged me to spank her big brown butt while fucking her. See? I told you these Somalian chicks are freaky. If getting her butt spanked while receiving anal sex turns her on, then that’s what I’ll do for her. I am all about pleasing kartal escort the ladies in and out of bed, folks. Black ladies, of course. A lot of brothers in the capital region of Canada prefer fat white chicks to beautiful Black women. All I can say is that those brothers don’t speak for me. I’m deeply in love with the sisters. I love their bodies, faces, minds, pussies and booty holes. I love the whole Black woman!

Lila screamed as I rammed my cock deeper and deeper into her asshole. When we first met, she told me that her husband Ibrahim wasn’t into kinky sex, especially anal sex which he considered sinful. See what I told you about those Muslim guys being weird? I don’t know any other type of Black man who would turn down anal sex with a gorgeous Black woman with a big, sexy ass. Seriously. Any Black man who isn’t down with that is either gay or brain damaged, pure and simple. If a brother doesn’t appreciate the sisters, I’ll relieve him of the burden of being with them. And I’ve stolen many a man’s woman. That’s why lots of guys in Ottawa hate the very mention of my name. Holler!

I continued drilling my cock into Lila’s asshole until I came, violently flooding her asshole with my manly cum. The sexy Somalian woman screamed as I pumped her asshole full of my cum. I sighed in pleasure after roaring victoriously. When it comes to anal sex, I almost always want to go bareback. But I never do. In my fantasies, I see myself doing it bareback, just not in reality. It might lead to an early grave but to me, it would have been worth it. After sex, Lila and I showered together. Then I left her place. She had her hubby and family to take care of. And I had lots of sexy other freaky Black women to chase.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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