My Sister-in-Law…Whoa Baby!

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I had met my ex-wife when we were 20. She had a hot body with perfect tits. To go with this she had an excellent sexual appetite, which I indulged in frequently.

She also had to younger sisters who where almost total opposites, on of them, Brenda, was tall and skinny, she had almost no breasts but had a tremendous ass and the most gorgeous face you could imagine. Black hair with blue eyes and a terrific smile. The other sister, the youngest, Sam, was a shorter girl with a body I could not believe. She had big beautiful breasts and she also got the great ass to go with it.

I will always remember the first time I met my Ex’s family. I looked at these two and wondered if I would ever have a chance. The rest of this story is about the one chance I got.

I’m now 26 and my wife and I had split up and had filed for divorce. It seems my Ex’s sexual appetite that I had talked about had found a different restaurant, Bitch.

I had always been close with her whole family and had now know all of them for 6 years. They were pissed off that she had cheated on me and were sad that this divorce was happening. Her mom and sisters would call me often to see how thing were going and make sure I was doing OK. I loved the attention from them, it was nice to know that that still cared.

It had been exactly one year since I had filed for divorce, in my jurisdiction that meant that the divorce could be final. That day I received a call from Sam. We shot the shit for a while and then I told her about the on year since filling thing, “My divorce is final now, I guess” I said. Her reply was that we needed to celebrate. We should go for drinks. I agreed thinking that it would be nice to blow off a bit of steam fethiye escort but also to see her cute body wouldn’t be bad either.

I went to pick her up and got totally blown away here was this girl, now a woman (23), who I hadn’t seen in a around a year and she was hotter now than she was then. She was wearing short denim shorts that made her ass look awesome and a tight white t-shirt that accentuated her wonderful tits. You could see her nipples poking through.

We went for drinks and played a bit off pool. Seeing her bend over from either side was a sight to behold. We were both getting a bit hammered. I was too tipsy to drive so we went back to her apartment and ordered some pizza so I could sober up. This is when things got interesting.

After the pizza arrived and we had indulged she started to ask question about my sex life with her sister. We had never talked about this before. Talking about sex with this woman was having a pants raising effect on me, and I could tell she liked it as well as her nipples were very visible.

I decided I wasn’t going to sober up enough and asked Sam if I could sleep there on her couch or something, she said “No, were adults now… We can both sleep in the bed. ” I wasn’t 100% sure what she meant by this, was I In or Out. But I went along. I got ready for bed by stripping down to my boxers. I saw her eye my crotch and I think there was a little smile on her face as she went the bathroom to change to get ready for bed. When she came out of the bathroom my heart skipped a beat, maybe two. She had a crop top and thong panties on. It was better than I had imagined while staring at her for all those years. She climbed in to bed and we talked for a bit. I was escort fethiye just gawking at her, she had brown hair and blue eyes. I couldn’t take it anymore. I leaned towards her and kissed her. She was a bit surprised at first but when she pulled away she said “We’re bad” with a husky tone. I know knew I was in.

We started going at each other hard. She reached down and grabbed a hold of my cock which was hard as a rock. “My sister let this go, she is stupid” Sam said commenting on the size of my cock. She rolled herself on top of me and was sitting on my midsection. I looked up at her as she removed her top. Her tits were perfect. My Ex had nice ones but these Playboy quality. Perfect in every way. Hard, big and round with nipples that were in just the right place. My mouth went dry but not for long as I knew I had to get it on those babies. I pulled her down on top of me and went to town on her tits. While I was doing this she was ridding us of our underwear which was getting in the way. After she had had enough of me playing and sucking on her tits she smiled and said “I know what I want” and with that she went down on me.

She gave me the best blowjob I had ever had. She was bobbing up and don on my pole and I could feel my balls tighten, I knew I would blow soon. She must have sensed it too. She pulled away and rolled on to he back and told me to fuck her big tits. I didn’t have a choice. I put my dick between those globes and squeezed them around my cock. I started thrusting between them. The feel of Sam’s perfect mounds wrapped around my cock was great. Each time I pushed forward her mouth would wrap around the head. I was getting that feeling again I knew I would cum soon and told Sam that fethiye escort bayan I was going to blow. ” Let me swallow it” she said. Like I would argue. I unloaded in her mouth and she didn’t waste a drop. all of it right down her throat.

It was now her turn to get some of this. I put my head between her legs and began to lick and lavish the whole pubic area with my tongue eventually getting to her hot, now very wet pussy. I liked up and down her slit and she started moaning like crazy. I focused my attention on her clit while I began to finger her pussy and her ass. She began to tremble and I knew she was close. I kept going on her clit and stuck my finger right up her ass. This put her over the edge and she was bucking her hips and screaming. After she calmed down Sam said “Now I really think my sister is stupid”.

I was hard again so I knew what to do. I got on top of her and slid my dick into her pussy. We started fucking and it continue for quite a while in a few different positions. She was on top, then doggy, the spooning her. She started to cum again as I was rubbing her clit while fucking her hole from behind. She was again screaming and moaning loud. and this action plus the spasming of he cunt muscles was bringing me close. I told her I was close and was going to cum. She told me ” Take it out and cum in my mouth, I want your cum”. Again no arguments from me I pulled my cock out, it was soaking wet from her juices, and I came in her mouth with my second huge load of the night.

We lay there afterwards talking about how awesome that was and how bad we were. I looked at Sam and said ” You know we may never be in this situation again, maybe we should make the best of it and do it again” She laughed and decided I was right and we continued to fuck and fondle all night long. Sadly it was the only time it happened but there is always the other sister, Brenda. She and her family are coming to visit me next week…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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