Ağu 09

My Sister Andi

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How We Got Started

I was home for the summer from college and I was hanging around the house. It was blazing hot outside and the sun was beating down. My kid sister, now 19, was at the local pool so I was lounging in my shorts and enjoying the AC.

I’m not gonna say I never thought about my sister in a sexual way because sometimes I did. I watched her grow from a awkward young girl into a beautiful woman. She was in my “spank bank” when I jacked off but I resigned myself to never doing anything with her because she was my sister after all. However I did seek out women who looked like her while I was away at college and if I was lucky enough to bed any of those women then I imagined they were my dear sweet sexy lil’ sis Andi.

I had no idea when my Andi was going to be home that day so I decided to pop a porno DVD in the player and have a mid afternoon jerk session. It was a porn movie that starred a woman who was almost a dead ringer for Andi. She had small tits, B cup but with big nips, just like I imagined Andi had, full lips, a tanned body, a trimmed pussy, long slender legs, and short brown hair. Of course I fast forwarded to the first sex scene and I began to slowly jerk my throbbing cock.

As I lay there beating off watching my “sister” suck, fuck, and do what I dreamed of her doing to me my breathing became ragged. My excitement grew and I came just as the guy in the sex scene was shooting his wad. My hot cum flew up and splattered my stomach and it was all over my hand. I quickly got, turned off the porn movie, and I washed my stomach and hands off. I heard a car pull up outside and I looked out and saw it was my lil sis. I threw on a T shirt and I went down to greet her.

As soon as she opened the door I could see she was badly sunburned. I said, “Yikes sis, did you not have any sunscreen at all?”

She winced as she walked over and sat on the couch where I had just lain jerking off. “No one was awake to rub it on my back when I left this morning so I decided not to use any. Pretty stupid of me huh.”

I sat across from her and tried Tarlabaşı Escort not to stare at her firm sexy young body in that tiny bikini. Even though she was beet red she looked so sexy to me. I could feel my dick growing as we talked. “Well, we all do some dumb stuff. You should be more careful next time though, I’d hate to see my pretty lil sis get skin cancer.”

She smiled. “I didn’t know you cared so much. I’m touched sweetie.”

I smiled back as I shifted to try to hide my stiffening dick.

She asked, “Is mom and dad’s flight due in today or is it tomorrow?” Our folks were away at a realtors convention in Miami.

“It’s not due in until Thursday night.” It was Tuesday as we spoke. “So it’s just me and you for the next few days.”

She nodded. “Ooooooooouuuuuuuchhhhhhhh.,” she said as she struggled to get to her feet. “I better go take a shower to cool off. God I am such an idiot for getting burned this bad.”

“Need any help?” I waited for her answer as she rose unsteadily. I was imagining her and me in that shower together kissing and fondling one another.

She flashed me a cute smile and she shook her head no. “I think I can make it to the shower okay on my own.”

We both gave out a nervous laugh. I was praying she did not notice my stiff dick and that I was eating her alive with my hungry eyes. “Okay then. You go shower and later I’ll take us out for some dinner. Okay?”

“Sure thing hon,” she said. It made my melt inside when she called me hon.

Andi got in the shower and I pulled out my stiff dick and I stroked it thinking of her nubile wet sun burnt body. I came in like ten or fifteen strokes and I shot almost as much cum as I did earlier that day. I quickly cleaned up but my mind was still fixated on my sexy lil sis.

After about twenty minutes I heard the water turn off and Andi called out to me. “Will you do me a favor hon?”

I stood outside the bathroom door weak in the knees. “Sure sis, what do you need?”

“After I get dried off and into some shorts and a loose Escort Tarlabaşı T shirt, will you rub some aloe on my back?”

I tried not to sound so excited when I said, “Uh, sure sis.”

She opened the bathroom door and walked out with a towel covering her cute lil body and one on her wet hair. “Give me a minute then come in my room when I call you. ‘Kay?”

I nodded and said, “Okay.” I went back to my room and I waited for what seemed like hours for her to call me.

Finally I heard those sweet words I wanted to hear, “Okay hon, you can come in now.”

I practically ran into her room. When I got there she was wearing a pair of running shorts and a loose T shirt with no bra. I could see she had already put some aloe on her legs and arms, and I was sure on her perky lil tits too, because her arms and legs glistened now with moisture. She said sweetly, “I’ll pull up the back of my T shirt and you put some on my back okay?”

I grabbed the bottle of aloe and said, “Sure.” My dick was stirring once more.

I squirted some aloe in my hand and I warmed it up before touching her hot red burnt back. My hand trembled as I began rubbing it in. My heart pounded in my chest as I slowly rubbed her back. I could barely hear her or my breath as we stood there in the cool house that afternoon.

As I rubbed her my dick became harder. I squirted more aloe in my hand and I rubbed it into her back down lower than before. I was in heaven, so turned on to be finally touching my lil sis. I know she could feel my hot breath on her neck. Her skin was so soft and hot to the touch.

I rubbed slowly savoring every second of being so close to my hot lil sis. I began rubbing lower and lower down her red back.

I heard her sigh as I rubbed lovingly. I squirted more aloe in my hand and I went began rubbing my way towards where no brother should rub his sister, her cute as hell little round ass. I said in a husky voice, “You need some under those shorts sis. I’m gonna pull them down some.”

She said nothing but I heard her whimper Tarlabaşı Escort Bayan like women do when they are too turned on to talk. I worked her shorts down a bit to where they were halfway down her ass. Her butt was so white in comparison to her red skin.

Through my sexual haze I croaked, “God it’s beautiful.”

She pushed it back at me and I heard her breathing become more ragged.

I took the bait and I lowered her shorts down her legs and I told her to step out of them.

She managed to say, “What are you gonna do when they are off me?”

“Nothing if you don’t want me to sis.” I eased the shorts down and she stepped out of them. She pushed her butt in my face and I wrapped my arms around her and I pushed my face into her ass crack. I inhaled her sweet fragrance and I licked and kissed for all I was worth.

When I heard her moan I knew she was as into it as I was. I licked her crack up and down and soaked her butt hole with my spit. I could smell her sweet pussy and it mixed with the musky aroma of her butt. I could have stayed there for days and eaten that rosebud of an ass.

She grabbed my right hand and she put it between her legs. She was as wet as Niagara Falls and twice as slippery. She rubbed her pussy on my hand as she pushed against my eager mouth. Her moans became louder and louder.

My dick was hard as stone as I pleasured my lil princess sister. We stayed locked in that embrace humping and licking and moaning for what seemed like forever. Finally she stiffened and I could feel her pussy pulsate and then she squirted all over my hand. She stepped away from me and she turned to face me. She looked radiant and flushed all at once. “Holy shit, I’m light headed now,” she said and she sat on the edge of the bed. As she did her legs opened up and I got to look at her sweet pussy.

I took my stiff dick in my hand and I jacked it as I stared into her lovely pussy. In no time at all I shot my load. I shot it so hard that it hit her T shirt and it soaked in almost immediately.

She stared at me as I calmed down and as she regained her composure. A look of panic came across her face and she said, “Oh my god hon, what have we done?”

Before I could answer she leapt up and ran out of the room and she ran into our parents room and locked the door behind her.

Find out what happens next in Part 2 of My Sister Andi and I.

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