My Sex Life Ch. 23

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Chapter 23: Coming To An End

I had distanced myself from George because he and Gillian had been having problems and I decided he didn’t really need me around confusing the issue when what he needed was space to sort things out (assuming they could). Incidentally, I wasn’t, apparently, the cause of their problems; as I’ve mentioned before, Gillian was blissfully unaware that George had me on the side.

Anyway, they didn’t sort things out and split up. Now, if I’d been sensible, that would have been the point at which I should have walked away; but no, not me.

The truth was, I did (and still do) care a lot for George. The sex aside, he was a really good friend as well and I wanted to ‘be there’ for him and help him if he needed it. Inevitably, that meant the sex continued and, being completely honest, I wasn’t complaining.

The trouble is, as I’ve explained often enough, I wasn’t looking for a relationship with George. As I’ve said before, if he could cheat on Gillian with me, he could just as easily cheat on me with someone else. Also, I’m no angel myself (in case you hadn’t noticed).

Eventually though, I realised it wasn’t really doing either of us any good. I was in danger of letting it drift into being a ‘proper’ relationship almost by default and, from George’s perspective, so long as I was on the scene, he was never going to move on. So, reluctantly, I decided to end it.

It was hard but I knew it was the best thing, ultimately, for us both.

Now, with us belonging to the same judo club, you might think avoiding each other would be difficult but, actually, it was easier than I’d suspected.

For a start, having dislocated my shoulder last year, I was out of action for several months while it recovered. Also, normally, I go on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and George went on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays so there was only the one night we saw each other. Since my injury, I’d been easing myself back in gently, so dropping the Wednesday session was quite easy too.

There was also one further development. Recently, I had met a guy called Gary (what is it with me and guys with names beginning with G?). We had only met a couple of times and nothing had actually happened between us yet. He was, however, a really nice guy and I really liked him and, what’s more, he seemed pretty keen on me too, and I was keen to see how things developed.

That should have been that as far as George and I were concerned but, because I am who I am, it wasn’t. The reason being that George, unexpectedly turned up to one of the Monday classes.

There was, actually, a very good and completely innocent reason for this. Quite simply, he was going to be away on the Thursday and Friday and didn’t want to miss a training session, which, as I said, was fair enough. To be honest, it was nice to see him as it had been over two months since we’d last ‘been’ together and almost a month since the last time that I had seen him; and that had only really been a quick “hello” in passing.

As it turned out, despite my fledgling relationship with Gary, that evening, things between George and me ended up proceeding in a fairly familiar fashion.

I admit, I could have stopped it at a number of points. I didn’t have to accept his offer of a lift home afterwards and, having accepted, I didn’t have to invite him in for a quick chat to see how he was doing and, having done that, I could have insisted that it was just a chat. I didn’t have to suck his cock. I didn’t have to end up in my room, naked and screaming the house down as he ate my pussy and fucked my brains out but, of course, that’s exactly what happened.

Even though I knew I shouldn’t be doing it, I enjoyed every second. One minute we had been sitting there, chatting happily about nothing in particular, the next, I was on my knees in front trabzon escort of him, my lips wrapped tightly around his cock.

I loved feeling his cock slipping between my lips as I sucked him. It felt so good having him in my mouth again as my lips slid along his shaft, taking his knob deep into the back of my throat.

“Fuck, Julie, I’ve missed that,” he groaned as I worked my mouth back and forth, swirling my tongue over his knob and around his shaft. In all honesty, I’d missed it too. I’ve sucked a lot of cocks but George’s is the one my mouth (not to mention my pussy and arse) is most familiar with. That long and frequent familiarity meant I knew exactly what to do to give him the maximum pleasure possible and I employed that knowledge mercilessly.

As I sucked harder, George grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth with short, stabbing thrusts, driving the head of his cock into the back of my throat, bringing tears to my eyes. By this stage, I was so turned on, I didn’t care; I was content to be used any way he wanted.

It wasn’t long before I started to taste his familiar pre-cum oozing from his cock as his orgasm got closer. “Fuck, Julie! I’ve missed fucking your mouth so much!” he groaned, forcing me to take his cock all the way in.

As George began breathing deeper and faster, I wrapped my fingers around his cock and began to rub his shaft. With just his knob between my lips, I tongued the slit at its tip, driving him over the edge as my fingers pumped his shaft.

“Oh fuck! Oh Julie! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! Oh fuck! Julie! Ohhhhhhh, Julllllliiiiiieeeeeeeeee!!!!!!” he moaned as his cock erupted, filling my mouth with his cum.

I loved the way he moaned my name, his hips thrusting uncontrollably, driving his cock between my lips as he fired his load into my mouth and down my throat. I loved having his rich cum on my tongue and I savoured its rich flavour before swallowing it down, sending it on its way to my stomach.

Despite the fury of his release, it didn’t take George that long to recover and, before I knew it, I’d been dragged through to my bedroom, had my clothes pretty much ripped off, been thrown on to my bed with George between my legs, his face between my thighs.

Seconds later, as his tongue lashed my clit, my frustration and arousal boiled over, releasing a thunderously intense orgasm. “Ohhhhhhh, fuuuuccccckkkkkkk, mmmmmmmmmmm, yesssssssssssss!!!!!!” I cried as my back arched up off the bed in response to the powerful contractions that tore through my womb. I can’t remember the last time I came so hard, so quickly. Even George was surprise by the intensity of my reaction.

I quickly recovered my composure and George continued his exploration of my pussy with his tongue at a more leisurely pace. As his tongue worked its way into and over my most sensitive and intimate flesh, George worked his fingers into my pussy, pumping them in and out, getting them well coated in my juices. I knew what was coming next and he didn’t keep me waiting long.

Pulling his fingers from my quivering cunt, he raised them to my tits and began anointing my nipples with my juices. George knows how much that turns me on and I quickly let him know how deliciously dirty I found it.

His attentions quickly brought me to a second smaller, but still powerful climax which was soon followed by another and then another.

I think it’s fairly safe to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the series of toe curling orgasms George inflicted on me as he feasted on my pussy, his tongue lashing my throbbing clit. Most of all, however, I particularly enjoyed having his deliciously familiar cock inside me once more, stretching and filling my pussy as he took me long and hard.

One moment, his tongue had been on my clit, feeding my orgasm as my body shook uncontrollably in response trabzon escort bayan to his touch, the next he was above me and I felt my pussy stretching around his thick cock as he pushed it into me.

“Oh fuck George!” I cried as his cock filled me, “Fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me so hard it hurts!”

Suffice to say, he did just that, ramming his cock into me with all his force, pounding my poor pussy relentlessly as I opened myself up for him, taking him in as deep as I could.

It felt so good having George inside me again after all this time. The way our bodies moved together felt so natural and right. Familiarity had taught him what buttons to press to maximise my pleasure and he was pressing them all as he fucked me with long, hard, powerful thrusts.

At the back of my mind, a small part of me kept trying to tell me that I shouldn’t really be doing it. It was almost as if I was, in some way, being unfaithful to Gary before anything had even had the chance to develop. The rest of me, however, didn’t care, it just revelled in the fact that I was there, in that moment, pinned to the bed as George’s cock filled me.

“Harder!” I cried as his breathing became increasingly ragged. Sweat glistened on his brow as he strove to comply with my urgings.

As I ran my hands over his body, I could feel the increasing tension that told me he wouldn’t last much longer.

“I… I can’t hold on!” he groaned as he plunged into me again and again.

I gripped his cock with the walls of my pussy, holding him tight as the surging thrusts of his hips became increasingly urgent.

Suddenly, my body began to shake. Powerful spasms gripped my pussy and womb. “Ohhhhhhh George!” I cried as I came once more, surrendering to the sensations.

Once again, he cried my name, “Julie! Oh… Oh sweet fucking Juuullllliiiiiieeeee!!!!!!”

Driving into me with one last, hard stroke, the dam burst and as he collapsed on top of me, his cock began emptying it’s load into me.

I held him tight as his cock moved of its own volition, sending jet after jet of hot cum deep inside my cunt.

It felt so good. I had been taken hard, just as I had wanted; but, even as his cum flooded my pussy, my body warm and tingly and thoroughly well fucked, I also knew that I had to give him up; I couldn’t keep doing this.

Afterwards, as we lay together, me having used my mouth to clean him up, his cum trickling from my well fucked pussy, I explained everything to George, including the situation with Gary. To my surprise, he was actually fine with it all. He accepted that it was my life and my decision and that, while he wasn’t exactly over the moon about it, he respected me and respected my decision and that he would always be there for me as a friend (and a back-up shag if I ever needed one). He also added that, at least this way, we were able to end this particular bit of our relationship on a high.

I’ll concede that I had to agree with this last part. It was definitely better than ending it over coffee in Starbucks like I did the last time.

In fact, I was so definitely in agreement that I managed to coax another erection out of him so that we could have one last long, hard and extremely satisfying fuck where George said ‘a fond farewell’ to each of my holes.

It was, I suppose, inevitable that we managed to save the best until last. As always, of course, I started things off with my mouth. I could taste myself on his shaft as I sucked his cock back to life. Once I had him hard again, I swung round, positioning my pussy above his mouth.

George’s tongue lapped between my moist folds as I sucked hungrily on his cock. If this was going to be the last time that I had it in my mouth, I wanted to make sure we both enjoyed it fully.

Once again, George used his fingers to spread my juices, escort trabzon this time mixed with his cum, over my tits and nipples. It felt even more deliciously dirty than it had the time before and I soon began to feel a familiar warm glow spread over and through me.

It wasn’t long before rippling tremors began running through my pussy and womb. My clit throbbed as George’s tongue flicked over it. I let his cock slip from my mouth as my orgasm washed over me, letting me give voice to my pleasure. “Ohhhhhh fuck! Oh yessssss!” I moaned as George’s tongue kept me at boiling point.

The intensity of my climax had me wanting to feel him inside me again. I turned round, reached back between my legs and, wrapping my fingers around his shaft, I guided him into me.

“Mmmmmmmm, yessssss!” I sighed as I sank down, impaling myself on George’s thick cock, revelling in how good it felt to have it filling me as the walls of my pussy stretched to accommodate him.

I put my hands on his chest and began to work my hips up and down, sliding my pussy along his cock, gripping it tightly as I ground myself against him.

George reached for my tits and began licking and sucking them as I took his cock deep inside me. My orgasm, which hadn’t quite subsided, re-ignited again.

Somehow, I climbed off and positioned myself on all-fours. George was quickly behind me. Grabbing my hips, he drove his cock into my quivering pussy with a single, hard thrust. “Ohhh fuck!” I groaned as he began pounding me from behind.

My pussy was aching when George pulled out. I knew what was coming next and waited with trembling anticipation. I felt his knob press against my tight rear entrance. My arsehole slowly yielded to his pressure and, slowly, inch by inch, George slid his cock into my back passage.

“Oh God, yesssss! Fuck my arse, George! Fuck my arse!” I moaned as he began to move his cock in and out.

He quickly increased his pace and was soon battering my tender arsehole. I reached back between my legs to finger my pussy and tease my clit as he buggered me mercilessly.

It was at that point that I felt a momentary pang of remorse when I realised that this was very likely to be the last time that I would feel George’s cock inside me and that, very soon, he would be giving me his last ever load. With his cock buried deep in my back-passage and my clit beginning to throb under my fingertips, I almost changed my mind again. Almost, but not quite. There was still Gary to get to know and now, as George and I both moved towards our final climax together, I realised just how much I wanted that to happen.

“Oh God! Yessssss! Fuck my arse, George! Fuck it hard!” I moaned again and again as the contractions in my womb sent spasms surging through my body.

“I… I’m getting close, Julie,” he groaned as he drove his cock into me, “I… I can’t hold on!”

I pushed my hips back, impaling my tender arsehole on his cock as he plunged into my depths. “Cum, George!” I moaned, “Cum in my arse!”

Gripping my hips, George hammered into me. My fingers on my clit fed my orgasm, keeping me at boiling point.

“Here… here I cum!” he moaned as he lunged hard.

“Yes! Ohhhhhhh, yessssss!” I cried as his cock erupted, sending a thick jet of warm cum deep into my bowels.

Not wanting to waste this final load, I managed to slide off him and turn around. The next jet of cum splattered over my face and then George directed the remainder over my tits as I drove my fingers deep into my pussy, feeding the last throes of my own climax.

As George collapsed, spent, beside me, I slowly, but deliberately, used my fingers to wipe his cum from my skin, before lifting them to my mouth and licking them clean.

And that’s how things finally ended between me and George. I must confess, I did cry a little when, as she held me in her arms, in bed, I told Katie all about it. My tears didn’t last long, however, as Katie, bless her, cheered me up in the best possible way; hugging, kissing and licking me until I was too exhausted to do anything more than just fall asleep in her arms.

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