Eyl 01

My Punishment, Our Pleasure

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For you, my fellow Lit writer, always pushing my (former?) good girl boundaries….

I’m lying in your bed, naked, dozing while you take a shower and putter in the bathroom. It’s been a long day of hiking, and fresh air and I’m tired.

I wake to you standing next to the bed, erection hard against your belly. “Suck me.” You demand, wrapping a fist in my hair and pulling my head to your cock.

Obediently, I grasp your cock in one hand and tentatively slide my lips over the thick head, drawing you into my warm and wet mouth. Hearing your groan makes me instantly wet and I know you can feel the corresponding moan in my throat.

Licking, sucking, stroking, you grow even harder in my mouth, pushing deeper and deeper until I try to pull back, choking. Your hand at the back of my head holds me on you, releasing me only when I squirm, nails on your hips, twisting my body away from you.

Panting, I stare defiantly up at you, my light green eyes meeting your dark ones, expressing my anger at your treatment of me. No words, I know better than to speak my displeasure.

“Lie back, with your legs over the side of the bed.” You instruct me, your voice deep with lust. My unhappiness with you ignored, as I knew it would be. Your control over my actions is a given, the entire construction of our relationship. You demand, I give.

Rearranging myself under your watch, laying back on the soft mattress, legs primly together as I swing them over the edge of the bed, ankles entwined. A small burst of defiance, but one I’m willing to own. My thighs are soaking wet, slippery against each other, yet I refuse to let you win this early in the game. You’ll know soon enough how eager I truly am.

Fingers on your chin, you take in my appearance; long blonde hair strewn behind my head, across the sheets, arms above my head, green eyes flashing, face and chest flushed red with the desire I won’t express aloud.

“Spread your legs for me.” You watch as I struggle with your command, I know you can see the conflict on my face, I’ve never been able to hide my consternation with our play, even as I enjoy all of it.

Slowly, Burdur Escort I untangle my ankles, slide one leg to the side, then the other. Not far enough apart for you, so you step forward, between my legs, separating them further. Almost uncomfortably for me, but you are completely unconcerned.

“Do I have to tie your arms, or will you behave yourself today?” A reference to the previous evening, both of us stretched out before the fireplace, your mouth between my thighs, when I momentarily forgot myself and clutched your hair with my fingers as I came, over and over in your mouth.

“I’ll behave.” I concede, begrudgingly, knowing that I’m not following the script, deliberately leaving out your title of ‘sir’. Or, as I often tease, ‘boss’. Pushing you to your limits with my misbehavior is part of the game. I know you’ll be rougher with me as a result of my disobedience, using my body with less care, but it doesn’t matter to me, I crave the hardness of you inside of me too much to use caution.

Even now, I’m cumming under your gaze, my body arching involuntarily, moaning, as I struggle for control over the evidence of my desire.

Still, you watch, enjoying the display of me giving into the pleasure I feel, sprawled before you, knowing that you’ll give me, and yourself, much more soon.

“You are such a fucking slut. MY fucking slut. Cumming like that, I can smell you.” Your fingers trace a line down my stomach, further down, across my pubic bone to my slit. “How wet you are, my dear.”

Thrusting your finger inside of me, eyes locked on mine. I fight to keep my eyes on yours, to read your face, to anticipate what you have planned for me. But it’s too much, another finger joins the first, sliding in and out, and my eyes lose focus. My head tilts back, neck exposed. It’s impossible to meet your thrusts, my feet have no purchase, hanging on the side of the bed. I’m at your mercy, intentionally.

“Today, and today only, you get what you want.” You tell me, and I open my eyes, looking across the expanse of my skin to see your cock poised where your fingers had been. “You’ve been such Burdur Escort Bayan a good slut Beth, tell me how much you want this, and I’ll give you everything you need.”

I can’t. You know I can’t. Not with spoken words. I can tell you with my body how much I desire you. With the notes I send you. And yet you constantly want me to say the words aloud, knowing that I find it impossible. Pushing me, always finding my limits and pushing me beyond them.

Begging, I can beg. Please is my default. “Please?” I will beseech you, my eyes expressing everything that I feel. “Please, now, fuck me.” Those words I will say.

Abbreviated versions of what you want me to say. The full version you demand is impossible. I’ve never been able to say, “I want you to fuck me senseless, until I can’t breathe, until I can’t think.” I cannot. It’s admitting that what we do is truly something I want.

The good girl I continue to be, despite our play, can never fully admit to wanting a hard fuck. Not aloud. Would that make me burn? I don’t suppose so, I can’t know.

Eventually, you will accept my wordless pleas as enough, it happens this way every time. The game you play with me. Accepting that what I can offer is enough. Your cock won’t let you play as long as it would take to break me down.

This time, your cock between my full lips, teasing with a barely in, then out. I know full well now what my punishment will be, and I long for you to begin. You groan aloud, and I force myself to relax, knowing you won’t hold yourself in check much longer.

With one hard thrust, you bury yourself in me, as deep as my body allows. The length of you against my deepest point, the thickness of you making me stretch to accommodate you. My legs want to come up around you, to hold you inside of me, but you won’t allow me this.

Today is you fucking me, punishment for my disrespect last night. Not about my pleasure, although we both know I’m already there, have been there, will continue to cum, long after your cock leaves my body.

Thrusting hard, no tenderness, no lovemaking, no soft kisses on my mouth, my Escort Burdur breasts, my belly. You know how easily I wet, making your punishment not as much punishment, but pleasure. For both of us.

How quickly you learned my body, my sexuality, my cravings. Even now, fucking me, pounding me with your cock, I’m so slippery that you can’t chance withdrawing from inside of me, to tease me. Wet for you, your cock. None other.

My moans become gasps, then the unrelenting Oh’s as I cum against you. Over and over, clutching the sheet in my hands to stop myself from holding you. Me wanting the physical contact as you make me cum for you. You keep the distance, our only point of contact your cock inside of me.

Treating me only as a vessel for your cum. My punishment and yet, my sublime pleasure.

Gasping, your arms at my sides, head down, nearly touching my softness, you cum with a guttural moan. A loud, “FUUUUUCK.” Continuing your thrusts as long as possible, squeezing every single “Oh…..fuck…..oh,” from me.

And then you collapse next to me, on the bed, slowing your breathing, feeling me continue to writhe next to you until my body stops reacting with satisfaction.

“That was very nice, sir.” I mock you, grinning, as my finger strokes your jawline, down and around, up to your lips. Where you bite me.

“Nice? That’s all you have?” You turn your head to look at me, incredulous. Eyes open wide, mouth frowning.

“I’m just kidding. You should know that by now.” I tease. You are older, more literal and worldly; I’m ethereal, drifting around you, a whisper in your ear, a soft touch on your skin. “It was amazing, you know that. I’m still cumming.”

The words you want to hear, the words that fill you, your narcotic fix.

We both startle, then laugh, when your dog jumps on the bed, near your head. “It must be dinnertime.” You say to her, and playtime is over, both of us back to the reality of a hungry dog.

I watch you get up and throw a pair of shorts on over your skin, heading downstairs to feed your girl. Stretching, I decide to stay on the bed a bit longer, enjoying the feeling of you, as you felt inside of me. The imaginary weight of your cum inside of me, being absorbed by me.

Anxious for your return to me, because then you will wrap me in your arms, and we will entwine ourselves together until the birds begin to sing come morning.

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