My Only Daughter Ch. 03

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The house was buzzing when I got up. The girls were all sitting cross-legged around the den, eating cereal or fruit or oatmeal. The guys were all outside, waxing surfboards and trying to get one of the guy’s car started.

“Morning Daddy!”

I heard Charlotte’s voice from the kitchen. There was no edge in her voice, no judgmental tone or any indication that what she saw last was on her mind at all.

But what exactly did she see? How long was she standing there at the top of the stairs, watching me devour her best friend’s pussy? At what point did she realize it was me? And when did her hand slide inside her thong?

She’d just bounded back down the steps when I saw her. I had put the blanket back on Kennedy’s wet naked body. She’d had no clue Charlotte had been watching.

She was still on the couch when I walked in, back her football jersey, which seemed to be the choice of nightwear for all the girls.

Charlotte came from around the kitchen island in the same thing she’d had on the night before, the thin t-shirt that showed the clear outline of her perfect c-cup tits, nipples protruding and just barely covering the white thong she’d had her hand in a few hours earlier, watching me lick Kennedy’s pussy on the couch.

“Breakfast Daddy?” Charlotte seemed to glide toward me. “Anything you want.”

Now there was definitely a tone in her voice, a cheerful, joyous tone that sounded sincere, even to the point of sexy.

She purred as I kissed her on the cheek, and she hugged me just a little longer and a little tighter than usual.

“We’re all a little hung over,” she said, walking toward the couch. She tousled Kennedy’s hair as she walked behind her. “Some of us more than others.”

Kennedy moaned a little as Charlotte collected bowls, prancing around the room, leaning over to show her bare ass cheeks with a streak of white between them.

“Charlotte!” Kennedy squealed. “Your father can see your ass.”

Everyone laughed.

“He’s seen it before,” Charlotte said. “You’re one to talk, sitting there in your birthday suit on my father’s couch.”

“I’m dressed now,” Kennedy said, careful not to look my way. She hadn’t made eye contact with me at all.

“You’re half-dressed,” Charlotte said. “Now anyway.”

The rest of the girls followed the odd conversation with some confusion but not really paying attention. They were all watching a music video, bouncing with the music, all raising their hands at the same time and singing the lyrics together at the same time.

“Baby, baby, baby, show me how you shake it. Show me how you make it. Show me how you break my heart!”

Charlotte wiggled her ass in time with the music, singing as she carried the bowls into the kitchen, leaning over to put them into the dishwasher, slowly, one bowl at a time, knowing full well her daddy was standing a few feet away. Staring uneasily.

When I turned back around so Charlotte wouldn’t halkal─▒ escort see I was staring, Kennedy was looking at me, both arms on the back of the couch, her head on her hands, smiling. Her hair was a mess. She hadn’t showered. I’m sure she must’ve smelled like her own cum.

I gave her a wink and walked back upstairs.

“What’s the plan today?” I asked as I walked up.

“We plan to soak up some rays and break some hearts,” one of the other girls said.

I shook my head as I walked around the corner at the top of the stairs. As I went down my hall, I heard one of the girls say “So Kennedy, did you sleep right here all night?”

I didn’t hear the response but the entire room exploded in laughter.

I was in the shower when I sensed someone in my room. The door was open and I saw a shadow pass back and forth. I turned the water off and grabbed a towel. When I came out, Charlotte was standing there holding a stack of clean sheets.

“Hey Daddy,” she said as I stood there still dripping. “Just cleaning up a little. Everybody’s leaving this afternoon. I think Kennedy’s mom is coming to pick her up later. I might go stay with Mom for a couple days. She has a new boyfriend.”

She winked at me. Sally always had a new boyfriend. My ex was, to put it mildly, a horny slut.

We’d had a great life for a long time. We’d been in love, and successful and had a large circle of friends. Our sex life was incredible. Sally was always horny, always looking to try something new and never shy behind closed doors.

In fact, we sometimes didn’t bother to close our doors. Let’s just say Charlotte had a constant education in sex. I’d only seen her a few times, but I’d suspected she’d seen us more than we’d seen her, which meant she’d seen us in every position imaginable. When I saw her at the top of the stairs the night before, well, let’s just say it wasn’t the first time I’d seen my daughter looking at me with her hand in her panties.

I dreaded her going back to college. I missed her when she wasn’t around, and I missed the energy of her and her friends. Charlotte and I had grown closer since the divorce. I think she knew I was a little jealous when she brought guys home from college, and was even a little jealous of her spending time with her mom.

But she was 21 now, and I knew she wasn’t the little second-baseman I’d coached in Little League. She was a grown woman with a life of her own and I imagined a lot of boys couldn’t wait for her to get back to college.

I sat down on the bed, still in a towel, as she put the sheets away.

“You know Daddy, mom still loves you,” Charlotte said. She knew I was thinking about Sally. I was always thinking about her. But mostly it was how it ended, how I walked up to her car late one night outside our old house and realized she was in it with someone else. Her head was bobbing up and down on our next-door neighbor’s cock. I didn’t harbiye escort let them know I was there, but I watched the entire scene in horror and, to be honest, in a strange excitement.

I didn’t tell her about it until a few months later, after I’d figured out she’d been fucking him for a long time. She denied everything until I told her about watching her. She slapped me in the face.

Charlotte was a freshman in college at the time. When she came home for spring break, I was gone.

“Daddy,” Charlotte said, snapping me out of my thoughts. She was on the bed behind me. “Daddy, I know Mom hurt you. And I know you lost something you can never get back. And I know what happened last night had something to do with that.”

I tried to stop her but she was directly behind me now, her hands were on my shoulders, rubbing them with her fingers.

“It’s OK, Daddy. I’ve seen you before,” she said, giggling and slapping one of my shoulders. “I watched you and Mom for years. Didn’t you know she left the door open on purpose?”

I turned to look at her and then the door. She was on her knees smiling, her hair down and another shirt on, a little longer than the one she’d slept in. The door was closed. Her white thong hung from the knob.

Charlotte leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. Her had touched my thigh where the towel was slightly open. She whispered into my ear.

“Your MY Daddy,” she said. “And I’m your only daughter.”

When I turned to look at her, she kissed me full on my lips and pushed me back onto the bed. Charlotte put her finger to her lips and said “Shhhhhhh.”

“I love you Daddy,” she whispered, straddling me as my towel came apart, my cock springing out of under it and touching Charlotte’s ass crack. She reached down and pulled her shirt off from the bottom, revealing those perfect tits. She took my hands and pulled them to her chest as she leaned back and closed her eyes, massaging her tits with my hands, rocking back and forth with her ass sliding against my hardening cock.

She leaned hard against my hands, moaning as my hands pressed harder and harder on her perfect breasts. She slid my hands down to her sides then began to pinch her nipples, shuddering as she gave a stunning enactment of how Sally would straddle me and pinch her nipples so hard she would shake in extacy, her eyes rolled back and falling into a sexual trance. Sally had shown Charlotte things no teenager had ever seen.

And now Charlotte was showing me.

Her tongue was out as she writhed on top of me, grinding her shaved pussy until the clit began to expose itself and I could feel her getting wet. She made her nipples raw, exciting herself more and more, riding my stomach and sliding my cock up and down her ass crack.

And then slowly she lowered her face to me, grabbing my head with her arms and diving her tongue inside my mouth. Sally kissed this way, grabbing my head, kissing ikitelli escort me deeply then sliding onto my chest and guiding my head to her raw nipples. She would cum immediately, leaking onto my stomach and chest then riding it wildly, cumming over and over as I sucked hard on her raw, tender nipples. She screamed in pain and pure bliss.

Charlotte was coming in waves now, her cum pouring out of her as she slid herself up and down my body. I sucked her tits until she grabbed my hair and said through clenched teeth “Fuck me Daddy. Fuck your daughter. Fuck me like Mommy’s watching us.”

I turned her over and pulled her to the edge of the bed. I spread her legs wide open and stood on the floor, guiding my rock-hard cock into her soaking wet pussy, forcing it in deep while she begged for more.

“That’s it Daddy. Fuck me! Fuck me like I’m your cheating slut wife. Call me Sally.”

I was turned on beyond words. I couldn’t say it, shaking my head as I slammed my cock into my daughter’s drenched hole.

“SAY IT!” she screamed, slapping my face hard. “Say it.”

“You little bitch,” I mumbled. “You fucking cunt.”

“SAY IT!” Charlotte yelled again. Tears were falling from her eyes. She took a huge swing at me, and I caught her by the wrist. I grabbed her other wrist and pinned her arms over her head. Then I pulled my cock out. She gasped as I turned her over, left her legs hanging over the bed, her toes barely touching the floor.

“I’m going to fuck the hell out of you, Sally,” I said, emphasizing her cheating mother’s name. “You want it rough? You’re going to get it all.”

I let a long string of spit fall from my lips onto her asshole. I felt her quiver. I rammed my cock into her then slid my thumb in her asshole. I started fucking both. Charlotte was crying and horny and mad and overwhelmingly turned on.

“Fuck me Daddy,” she said. “Fuck your little girl.”

I fucked her for 30 minutes, my mind wandering back to the days when Sally and I were happy, to the days when we would come home from work and fall into each other’s arms and kiss and fuck before we could even get our clothes off. My mind wandered to the nights we’d have sex on the floor or on the edge of our bed, just like this, with our daughter watching us without me knowing.

I pulled my cock out and pulled her off the bed, into my arms. I held her tight and kissed her and told her I loved her. I was crying too.

Charlotte licked my tears and slid her tongue down my chest, taking my throbbing cock in her mouth and sucking me until I came inside her. She swallowed every drop, squeezing my balls and making me cum more than I ever remember cumming. She swallowed it then licked me clean then kissed me full on the lips looking straight into my eyes.

“Don’t you ever touch Kennedy again,” she said.

She got up, took her thong off the door knob and slipped back into it. Then she took one of my button-down shirts off the hanger and put it on.

“I’m not going to Mom’s,” she said, winking at me.

“I’m sleeping with my father tonight.”

I heard her bare feet on the hallway as she ran to the stairs.

Summer was almost over. My only daughter left me on the floor, staring at an open door.

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