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My Neighbour Sally’s Panties Ch. 02

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My Neighbour Sally’s Panty’s: Chapter 2: Sally Wets herself

I set the phone down, feeling a lump forming in my throat. Of course my boxers, which I had left on her floor. So here I, Will, was, standing in my living room, facing the prospect of either being revealed as a pervert to my family. Or walking up the road to my neighbours house, with a pair of my own mother’s, used, panties.

“Mum, I’m going around to Dave’s” I shouted, thinking about where she kept her knickers. Up stairs in the bathroom. I climbed the stairs and found the laundry hamper, and found a white, satin pair of her knickers with some faint sweat marks and a small streak up the back. I held them briefly, then pushed them into my pocket.

The walk up the road was awkward, I’m sure I looked like a cowboy, the way I was walking. That was because Sally’s panties were rubbing against my thighs, her sweat mixing with mine. When I knocked on the door, I expected to meet just her, instead her husband was there to greet me.

“Hi” I said nervously, trying not to betray the situation I was in.

“Come in. Sally said you would be coming for dinner, although I’m not sure why” John said. I followed him into the dinning room and sat down before them, noticing the kids were not here.

“Where are Riley and Jane?” I asked.

“At a friends house. Eat up, I don’t want Maltepe Escort you getting hungry” Sally said innocently. I nodded and sat down to eat, shifting my legs to adjust the position of the panties.

The dinner ended early, we cleared up, and I followed them into the living room, the one where I had sat only a short time before, wet and naked. Sally sat across the small room from me, while John sat before me.

“So, you came. I’m glad you did” Sally said, nodding to John. He reached into his pocket and removed my boxers. I instantly felt panicked, seeing my boxers on display to my parent’s friends.

“You see, it was quite surprising to come home and find not only my… knickers missing, but to find these so close to my bed” Sally began. I reached for my boxers but John pushed my hand away.

“Do you have what I asked for?” Sally asked.

I nodded and pulled out my Mum’s panties, placing them gingerly on the table. Sally stood and crouched down beside the small coffee table, her eye’s wide in delight as she examined the knickers.

“So, the great Mrs. Gifford had a little accident” Sally remarked, smelling the small streak of shit my mum must have left shortly before using the toilet.

“Great?” I asked awkwardly, seeing the way she liked the smell of them.

“Yes, you see, although we are friends Cevizli Escort with your parents, I know they don’t really like us, they think we’re too posh for them. And now I find out that their son is a pervert and she has little accidents” Sally said, almost laughing. I looked across at John, but he was watching his wife smelling my mum’s knickers.

Sally handed the knickers to John, who eagerly sniffed the stains. She crawled towards me on her knees, stopping in front of my legs. She reached up and unzipped my jeans, pushing her hand inside and cupping my stiffening cock and balls held inside her panties.

“It’s nice to know my panties fit perfectly” she said grinning. Her hands reached to my belt, and she slowly pulled my jeans down to the floor. Exposing my shameful secret to the world. I glanced up and noticed the curtains were open, my secret would be exposed to anyone who happened to walk by.

Her face moved between my thighs and she sniffed the panties, her ginger curled hair tickling my legs. I felt her mouth cup my balls through the panties, sucking on her own sweat and piss stains, even the faint trace of blood where she had had her period.

John pulled a lipstick from his pocket and moved it over my lips, not taking any care with the appliance as it moved over my face in parts. He cupped my head and kissed Atalar Escort me, his tongue pushing into my mouth. I tried desperately to resist his advances, while remaining passive to the women at my crotch, but couldn’t resist moving my tongue over his, and kissing back.

So here, I, Will Gifford sat in my mum’s friend’s house tongue kissing a man, and having my balls sucked through a women’s panties.

John released his kiss and sat back, licking the lipstick off his lips. I lent forward to kiss him but felt Sally push me back against the sofa, moving to sit on my lap. While not meaning to be offensive, she was on the larger side and her body pressed down onto my legs. She sat still for a moment, I wasn’t sure what she was doing.

I saw it, before I felt it, a small wet patch forming in her crotch as she released her pee, dripping down between my thighs and soaking into her panties. She wet herself for a couple of minutes, the drops turning into a stream. Occasionally, John would lick my ear, rubbing my thigh, but I felt my body surrendering to them, to being pissed on and sucked on by a man.

Sally stood and pulled her jeans down. I could smell the urine drifting from her crotch and see her soaked panties dripping yellow drops onto her feet or my exposed legs.

She pulled her wet panties down and dropped them onto my lap, soaking me with her piss. She grinned and reached for my mum’s, pulling them up. I saw her wet pubes soaking the material.

“Let’s go upstairs Will, I want you to experience sex with your mother” Sally said.

To Be continued…email me with suggestions.

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