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My Name Is Eve Ch. 4

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My mind exploded as Emma’s body collapsed in front of me and as I fell forward Adams prick came out of my body. As he exploded, his cum flew through the air splashing on my arse and lower back, “OH fuck!” I heard Adam shout as his seed hit my back I didn’t care as I was cumming with more ferocity that I had ever done before. I did not know if it was the pleasure of Emma’s juices that sent me so far over the edge or was just the idea of being on the end of my brother’s prick and that he had been funnelling in out of my slick cunt that was making this experience so intense.

“You bitch.” Adam said in a harsh voice. As he slapped my arse and I fell forward onto Emma’s body. I looked at Adam and knew he wanted to stick his hard cock back into Emma’s sweet pussy. But he resisted and the strain on his face showed.

Adam reached over and untied Emma’s Arms and legs allowing us to get closer to each other and as I sprawled on top of her we began to enjoy the feel of each others bodies Emma got up and motioned for me to follow her. Adam didn’t say anything about what was happening but just sat on the edge of the bed. As we lay on the floor Adam said. “I think I would like to join you.” But Emma replied, “Why not let us have some fun and you join us after.”

It was like a dream. I had never been so nervous in my life. I know I had just been enjoying the flavours of this woman’s cunt, but with Adam just watching it was different. Emma made the first move, by stroking her hand down my arm from my shoulder to my hand. She took my hand in her own, Sirkeci Escort and rubbed her thumb across my fingers. Emma leaned in, and lightly kissed my lips. Then pulled back and looked into my eyes. I could see the passion building in Emma’s eyes; I leaned in to kiss her again, this time a bit deeper. Emma took her free hand and lightly massaged my cheek while she took the kiss deeper, parting my lips with her tongue, and softly stroked my tongue with her own.

This was soft and gentle. It felt like having silk run across your lips. Even Emma’s tongue was soft and didn’t force mine one way or the other, it just massaged mine lightly. Emma started getting into the kiss, and draped her arms around my waist.

I decided this was my cue to move forward. I took my hands and lightly skimmed them over her tummy, letting my thumbs graze over her nipples, which were already hard. I cupped both of Emma’s breasts in my hands, and flicked my thumbs across her nipples again. I lightly massaged Emma’s breasts, paying more attention to her nipples. Emma leaned in to kiss me again, then kissed a trail down my neck to my nipples, and took one into her mouth. I started to moan with pleasure as Emma kept fondling my nipples moving between each of my tits, while I felt myself getting wetter with anticipation. It felt so wonderful to feel that soft mouth on my soft skin

Emma sat up, and told me with her eyes to follow what she did. She knew this was a new experience for me and as I leaned forward, then started nibbling on Escort Sirkeci Emma’s earlobe. I kissed my way down her neck to her left tit. I licked around the areola, and then took the rigid peak into my mouth, and flicked my tongue across it. Emma’s breath started getting heavier, and she lightly moaned. I followed Emma’s lead and moved between each tit, really enjoying suckling on these milky white mounds.

I lay back on the floor as Emma leaned over, and kissed me again. She whispered into my ear that I was one of the most beautiful women she had ever met, not only on the outside, but also on the inside. As she whispered this, she nibbled on my earlobe. She kissed her way down my neck, to my nipples again, and spent a few moments on each one. She then kissed a trail down my tummy, over my mound, and then positioned herself between my legs.

She parted my outer lips with her fingers, revealing a very hard clit, and my glistening slit with my juices. Emma licked her way up from the bottom of my slit, to my clit, as though she was licking an ice cream cone. She kept this up, picking up speed as my hands moved up to her tits, and started pinching her nipples. Emma took one hand, and slipped one finger into my wet hole. She pushed upward just a bit, and started massaging that special spot. Then she pushed in another finger, and started to finger fuck me as she slurped at my clit.

By now, my hips were bucking as I felt myself rising up to the peak of my first orgasm at her hands. I started panting as the Sirkeci Escort Bayan orgasm burst through me, and my juices seemed to gush all over Emma’s face and hand. Once Emma had licked me clean, she moved up, and let me lick my juice off of her fingers. This felt so sexy, so dirty, it was all I could think. We rolled over onto our side, and I was facing Emma. We started kissing as she played with my nipples. I scooted down enough to take one of Emma’s perfect nipples into my mouth, as my hand slowly made its way down to Emma’s pussy. I had masturbated myself many times. Enough to know what I liked so I figured I would try what I liked on Emma, and if it was wrong, Emma would instruct me as to the way she liked it done to her.

I ran a finger down from Emma’s clit, into her hole to get it wet, and then back up. I started rubbing Emma’s clit in a circular motion, as I suckled on her nipples. I decided that it had felt so good, what Emma gave me that I wanted to reciprocate. Plus, I wanted to have another taste of pussy, and Emma had a wonderful one for me to sample. I parted her outer lips, just as Emma had, and imitated the movements Emma had just performed. But instead of licking like an ice cream cone, once I reached the clit with my tongue, I stuck it out as a stiff point, and started flicking it over her clit. This made Emma squirm with pleasure, as I started to finger fuck Emma at the same place. It wasn’t too long before Emma screamed out in pleasure, and this warm liquid gushed from her hole. I started to lap it up; it tasted so much sweeter than it had earlier. And once Emma was clean, I moved back up her body.

We started to finger each other. We both needed release and worked each other up into another orgasmic frenzy.

Then thinking we were done we collapsed as the waves of multiple orgasms washed through our bodies.

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