My Mother the Stripper Ch. 05

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Authors Note: All characters are fictional and are over eighteen years of age.

My Mother the Stripper — Chapter Five.

I followed Nellie into room number five and she closed the door. The room was brightly illuminated making it hard to identify much detail until my pupils adjusted to the intensity of the light.

“Lift your arms in the air and slowly turn for us Hon,” Said Nellie as I discovered that we were not alone.

As I turned, displaying my naked body, I made out the image of three other women who were taking note of my body, focusing on the hair on my genitals.

One of the women knelt before me and took my erection in her hand. She lifted it out of the way so she could examine my balls.

“So, hot stuff, please sit on the end of the table, lay back, and let’s see what you’ve got,” she said as she led me to a table I hadn’t noticed before.

I put my ass on the end of the table, laid back, and allowed my engorged cock to point into the air and my balls to hang in full view of the middle-aged women.

“Just relax, another more heavy-set women said as I heard the familiar sound of shaving cream being applied to her hand.

My ass cheeks clutched against the cool menthol as she applied a generous amount of the heavy form to my penis and balls.

I grimaced and closed my eyes at the thought of this strange women taking a razor to my balls.

I braced myself and gritted my teeth as she started to expertly shave my crotch, manipulating my bag side to side as the thin blade severed and removed my pubs.

“Turn and lay on your stomach and put that round ass of yours in the air and spread your cheeks, I need to get into your crack.”

I heard the sound of more shaving cream as I did as instructed, exposing my rectum to her waiting eyes.

The smell of menthol made its way into my nostrils as I felt the cool foam being applied to my cheeks and a little being pushed into my ass hole with the women’s finger.

I felt the razor zip across my exposed skin and down around the base of my scrotum and around my exposed rectum. A warm towel was used to wipe the stubble laced cream away.

“Turn over and lay in the middle of the bench won’t you Hon,” Nellie asked.

I rolled over on my butt and “walked” my ass to the middle of the table until the heels of my feet reached the back edge of the paper covered surface.

A rolled up towel was placed under my head, giving me a view, although somewhat limited, of what was about to happen next.

Nellie clamped my shaft in her hand and licked a drop of post cum off the head.

“Hmm, when was the last time you ejaculated Hon?”

She licked her lips with her tongue, obviously tasting the remains of my semen from my most recent shot of cum.

I wasn’t sure if it was really a question or just an observation, but regardless, I decided to answer her,

“About twenty minutes ago,” I said proudly.

The three other women gasped a little as Nellie stated,

“That’s right, you and Roxy are engaged in ‘New Sex,’ that explains it. My husband and I fucked like animals when we first got together.”

I should have been embarrassed, but I was at the point where I was getting used to that type of talk.

“Do you think you can hold that hard erection for another half hour?”

She continued,

“Billie called and wants us to make a plaster cast of your engorged penis, do you think you can hold it that long?”

I thought about the hard sex Roxy and I were having lately and my cock twitched with excitement. I was puzzled as to why Billie made that strange request, but I was game for anything at this point.

“I’ll give it a try,” I said, thinking back on the problems I had with Crystal, but this seemed different. I didn’t feel like I was cheating on Roxy this time. After all, she was encouraging me to do this.

“Ok, then let’s get started.”

Two of the women produced a plastic sheet and laid it over my nude body, feeding my genitalia through a hole in the middle.

I glanced over to a bench against the wall where another women was mixing up something that looked like thick pancake batter.

A light lube of some type was applied to my shaft and two of the women took their places on either side of me. Two bowls of the plaster-like mixture were put inside my spread legs.

“This is why we shaved you down there,” Nellie explained,

“It would have been very painful for you if the plaster were to tug on any hair when the cast is removed.”

“We didn’t have time to do the Bazillion wax or electrolysis down there today, these molds can be a long process so we have to get started. We’ll do that when you come back next week for your touch-up. We will, however, be waxing and creaming the rest of your body today when this part is over.”

“Billie wants you basically hairless to enhance your boyish looks.”

I jumped a little as the women started making what looked like a white volcano over my crotch, kneading the putty-like substance around my cock, being careful to prevent the creation of air pockets.

“Remember,” rize escort Nellie said, “think hard, we need to do this in one try.”

I could feel the substance start to harden while the women kept adding more globs to the mound as it continued to build.

Nellie, seeing the strain on my face as I fought to stay as stiff as I could, nodded to the heavy-set women who knowingly nodded back.

The women walked over to my face and unzipped her top, she proceeded to pop out her two massive breasts. She put one of her naked nipples into my mouth and worked it over my lips.

I responded by licking back with my tongue. She took one of my hands and put it over her other exposed breast. I instinctively started playfully pinching her nipple between my fingers. This women sure knew what she was doing as I felt surges of blood into my cock, keeping it engorged.

Nellie explained,

“After things set, we will be making life-sized acrylic replicas of your cock and send them to Billie. She usually likes to try cocks on for size before auditions.”

Once the women stopped applying the plaster, Nellie set an egg timer and placed it by my feet, the sound of clicking and buzzing filled the room.

One of the women, who seemed new and inexperienced, walked over to me with a stick loaded with hot wax and was about to apply it to my chest, but Nellie stopped her,

“Not yet,” we can’t start the waxing while we are in this stage, the hot wax will make him start to go soft against the heat. We need to wait.

Nellie walked over to my face and started French kissing me, working her tongue deeply down my throat. The heavy set women started rubbing her abundant breasts on my chest, flicking my nipples with her fingers.

Both women worked on me in an orchestrated technique to keep me rock hard for the elapsed time needed for the plaster to cure.

Nellie pulled away long enough to say,

“Most guys have a tendency to cum at this point, try not to do that, it’ll ruin the cast,”

“I hope Roxy was right when she said you should be well drained by now and your urges have subsided somewhat.”

But she was wrong, I could feel sperm building up deep in my balls.

I was in a dilemma, on one side I was trying to stay rock hard, but on the other, I found this scene hot as hell and I wanted to cum badly. I loved being the object of their focus, if this is what stripping will be like, I’m all in….

One of the other women took over for Nellie and started kissing my neck and blowing in my ear. The timer kept clicking and buzzing.

Nellie looked at the face of the device and announced,

“Ten minutes left, how are you doing Hon?”

“Dam timer,” I answered trying to gain my breath enough to talk, “How the hell long does this take?”

“Fifteen minutes,” replied Nellie.

The buzzing and clicking continued.

“Ok, we are down to five minutes now,” said Nellie, looking at the timer again.

More clicking,

I kept my focus on my cock, fighting to hold my erection.

“Ok, that’s down to twenty seconds now,” said Nellie signaling to the two women who were working to keep me aroused.

The women moved away. I lifted my head and smiled at the White Mountain that had hardened over my cock.


“Ok, let’s see what we have,” said Nellie as one of the women started chipping away at the excess plaster around my crotch.

She very gingerly started to lift the mound slowly, pulling my member away from my body. She knew that the mold would be reluctant to release its grip on my cock.

The plaster had formed a tight seal over the head of my cock, it was refusing to let go easily. My penis was being stretched far from its natural length. I started squirming and grimacing in pain.

Nellie turned to the women doing the extraction,

“This must be that bulb Roxy told me he gets at full arousal, just use steady tension on it until it lets loose.”

Nellie turned to me and instructed,

“Lay back Hon, relax,”

“Take deep breaths.”

I twisted against the vacuum that was trying to rip my penis off my body.

“More deep breaths,” Nellie instructed,

“This is a great sign, most guys lose their erection and the mold just slides off.”

“Your erection seems to have held, that’s why you are stuck, but we should get excellent results!”

I kept taking deep breaths in and out of my lungs, praying for my erection to subside.

Just when I thought I’d be ripped apart, a loud noise erupted,


Suddenly the vacuum subsided as the plaster mound let go. I laid back in relief.

Nellie picked up the heavy mold and looked it over.

“Looks good so far, but we won’t know for sure until we add the acrylic and it cures in a few hours.”

“Let’s get you waxed and shaved while we are waiting, hopefully we won’t have to redo it. We could be in for a long night otherwise.”

Nellie placed a pair of dark glasses over my eyes as a bright light, similar to what a dentist uses, was pulled escort rize over me and intensely illuminated my body.

The heavy-set women held up a set of ear phones and showed them to me,

“We found that cool jazz seems to put our clients to ease during this part, it’ll take several hours the first time we do it.”

She put the headphones over my ears and the soft music started filling my head. As I laid there I remembered something Roxy said about getting weekly touch-ups, now I was beginning to understand what she meant. I’ll need weekly maintenance so I don’t have to go through this every time.

For the next several hours the four women worked on me. They were using tongue depressors loaded with melted wax to treat small areas one at a time. They worked my chest, underarms, stomach and legs. They even worked on my toe hair.

They didn’t leave any crevice of my body untouched. When the waxing finally stopped, they started working my body with tweezers to remove any small hairs that were left behind.

Nellie removed my glasses and earphones,

“Ok Hon, we are half done, roll over so we can get your back.”

Two of the women got on one side of me and helped me roll over, being careful not to roll me off the table. The earphones were again placed over my ears.

Some of the paper was pulled back reviling a large hole, my face was placed in the padded hole and the waxing was repeated on my back.

My cock, trapped under the weight of my body, became rock hard again as the women started rubbing my skin, checking for any rough spots of hair bristles that were missed.

Then they helped me off the bench and removed my headphones. They stood me in front of a standing mirror. I put my hands over my head and slowly turned my body. All my body hair was removed, my bare penis and balls stared back at me.

Nellies face appeared over my right shoulder,

“How do you like your new body?”

“Interesting,” I replied, “Are we done now?”

“Almost, we still have one more step, follow me.”

I followed Nellie out of the room and down the hall. I didn’t think it was possible, but I felt even more exposed now as numerous women started studying my hairless body as I walked by.

I was led to another room with a shower-like structure in one corner and a large tanning bed along one of the walls.

“We don’t have time for conventional tanning today, which too will be started next week when you are here.”

Step in the shower and let’s get you cleaned off, we don’t want any remnants of wax or cream to be left on your body.

She reached in and turned on the water, she held her hand in the stream to check the temperature, a light steam started to emit past the open glass door.

“Step in Hon, it’ll be a little hot at first, but you’ll get used to it. Use the soap on the shelf.”

I lathered myself up several time and rinsed off. I couldn’t get over how smooth my skin felt.

“Be sure to get your genitals Hon,” Nellie reminded.

After several minutes I was finally satisfied that I had thoroughly cleansed myself, I turned the water off and stepped out. Two of the women from before were waiting for me with open towels. The women started to dry my body focusing on my underarms and groin.

“Be sure to get his ass crack,” Nellie directed, “We don’t want any leftover cling-on plaster interfering with the spray!”

The heavy-set women started to prepare three spray guns, filling each with a different solution.

“Ok Hon, step back in the shower stall,” Nellie said handing me tiny glasses to cover my eyes.

“We use a three step process, the first is a primer coat.”

“Try not to breath in any of the mist.”

A fan was turned on and I could feel downward movement of air.

The women with the spray gun started applying the light mist all over my body having me go through a variety of poses, paying extra attention to my cock, balls, and ass.

Any thought of modesty was now gone. I have exposed every inch of my body to four women I’d never met before, but I did like all the attention.

After the first coat was applied, the women took hair dryers to set in the first coat. The entire process was repeated two more times using different mixtures.

“Now Hon, step over here and let’s check you over,” said Nellie, motioning me to stand in front of a full-length mirror.

The women checked my body over dabbing a solution soaked cotton ball on areas that weren’t properly covered.

Once satisfied, the women left leaving me alone with Nellie.

“So, what do you think Hon,” Nellie asked as I was admiring my “New” body in the mirror.

Now I have never thought I had that much body hair, but seeing myself now I was amazed at the stark difference in my nude look now that all my body had been clean shaven and waxed. I turned in the mirror admiring myself focusing on my now bare genitals.

Nellie seemed to like what she saw as well,

“Roxy is a lucky gal, I hope you two have a long happy life together.”

I just smiled….

“Let’s rize escort bayan go back to room number five, we should have the results of your cast by now, if it’s good you should be ready to leave.”

Leave, how, I thought, I was totally nude and Roxy brought me here without any clothes.

We got back in room five and Nellie took out her phone,

“Angie, it’s me, how did that cast turn out?”

Nellie listened, nodding her head,

“Great, make sure you get them to Billie ASAP.”

Nellie hung up her phone,

“Good news Hon, we got you on the first take and copies of your penis will be delivered to Billie within the hour.”

Just then the door went ajar and someone peeked in,

“Knocky, knocky.”

It was Roxy,

“The receptionist called and said he was done.”

Roxy walked into the room.

“Holly Crap!” I thought to myself,

Roxy obviously went home and changed. She was now wearing the same outfit she had on the first time she graced my eyes on that day in the diner.

She was wearing her black sports bra, orange hot pants with the black waistband, and bold vertical white stripes on each side of her stunning, perfectly chiseled hips. Her “Outie” navel graced her tight athletic abs. Her sultry blond hair flowed over her shoulders.

“Hey Love, I hear you had a pretty busy day,” she said looking at me with her doe shaped blue eyes.

“Nellie tells me that you have no lingering traces of the ‘Chrystal’ effect,” in reference to the incident I had in Dallas where I couldn’t obtain a full erection with a stripper named Chrystal.

“That was your first test, we needed to see if you could maintain an erection with someone other than me.”

“Lay back on the table with your feet on the floor,”

I did as she instructed, soon my balls we hanging over the edge of the surface.

She slipped off her hot pants and panties and got up on the table and straddled my face. Her well groomed pussy was just inches from my face. It was the first time I really saw it in full light.

She paused for several moments, allowing my eyes to drink in her flawlessly shaped genitals, her lips full and fruitful. She was just as turned on as I was.

She slowly lowered herself onto my face, my tongue instinctively reached up until it was flicking her majestic bulb. A taste, that reminded me of honey, entered my mouth from a single drop of her pre-cum. My nostrils were filled with her heavenly perfume.

I ran my tongue along her swollen lips and soon she was panting and moaning at my touch.

She started arching her back, presenting focus areas to my tongue as I continued to take-in the taste and bouquet of her heavenly body.

After several orgasms she started grinding her crotch into my face.

Still sitting on my face, she said,

“Love, the second test for you today is to distinguish the difference between orgasms of passionate love between you and I, and sex with others as a business.”

“This is a lesson I had to learn early, but other lovers like your father couldn’t understand the difference. So here I am, in my mid-forties and wanting so badly to settle down. That’s why when Christine said you seemed to have a natural talent for stripping I figured it was a chance to put some permanence in our relationship.”

I was puzzled by her comments, but with my face trapped under her crotch, she had my attention. I was the single member of her captive audience.

“So, my love, are you ready for another little test?”

I was so deeply in love that I would do anything to be with her. If I had to have meaningless sex with paying customers as a job and livelihood just to settle down with her, I was willing to try. I could feel my engorged member start to tingle at the thought of being a sex object to strange women.

“So, you need to have a different mindset with me then you’ll have with your patrons. With me, your focus will be on our love and passion, with clients your focus will be on tips. You’ll need to do whatever you can do to enhance their pleasure and get them to open their pocketbooks.”

“I know Billie will be testing you tomorrow, so we need to know beforehand how well you’ll do.”

“Are you up to another little test my love?”

Roxy dismounted me and got back on her feet. I sat up and watched her get dressed. She looked at me and waited for my answer.

She observed my hard erection and smiled,

“We’ll I think ‘He” just answered me.”

“Wait here…”

Roxy left the room and my heart was pounding, unsure of what was about to happen.

As my anticipation increased so did my state of arousal.

I started to stroke myself lightly as my cock was begging for relief. I was ready for whatever was about to happen.

A shallow knock had me focusing on the doorknob as I watched it slowly start to turn.

In walked the heavy set women with a huge smile on her face. She opened up the chair she was carrying and placed it on the floor.

“Roxy said I have you for the next half hour!”

“Stand up,” she said as she walked forward and removed her bra allowing her huge breasts to flop out.

“Roxy asked me to see how long you can hold back before you explode.”

She licked her lips, started the stopwatch feature on her phone, and told me to start humping her tits….

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