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My Mother, My Lover Ch. 04

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This continues a story of mother/son incest, and, as before, if this type of material; offends, please read no further. All characters are over the age of 18. Once again, my grateful thanks to Hatsuda for his editorial expertise.


I woke one morning after a warm night, with my usual uninhibited morning woody. We’d slept without even a sheet, me in my boxers and mum in pretty pink panties and an old tee. She was still asleep, but I turned towards her and scooted down the bed, stroking her slim, toned legs as I did so, and got as far as nibbling on her toes. This had the desired effect and mum woke with a lazy yawn.

“Mmm, good morning Jesse. If it’s not a stupid question, just what do you have in mind right at the moment?’

I laughed. “You don’t need to be a mind reader to answer that,” and I moved back alongside her, took her hand and wrapped it round my hard cock.

“I guessed as much,” she laughed, but didn’t remove her hand. She moved her hand up and down with light, teasing strokes, whispering as she did so, “Do you want to fuck your mummy, you naughty boy? Do you want to make her moan in ecstasy? Do you want to do nasty things to her until she screams?”

“Screams for me to stop or screams for more?” I asked mischievously.

“Ooh, you are just plain wicked,” was the breathy reply, at which she stripped off her tee, revealing her beautiful tits with the areolas tight and crinkled and her nipples proud and hard. She leaned over me, still caressing my cock and gently juggling my balls in her soft warm hand. Carole kissed me, a full, soft, sloppy kiss, with her tongue invading my mouth. She sucked on my tongue is if it were my cock, and I felt my excitement levels rising fast.

I pushed mum over onto her back, demanding, “Unhand me, wench!” and she giggled and let go of my now rigid and throbbing cock. I worked both hands around her tits, starting at the outside and moving slowly inwards and upwards towards the areolas. I took one nipple in my mouth, holding it between my lips stretched over my teeth and bit down quickly, making her scream with the thrill of the sensation. I repeated the treatment on her other tit, and her breathing became harsh and ragged.

I moved away and she moaned and whimpered in frustration, but I hooked my thumbs into her panties and pulled them rapidly off. This revealed her smooth, shaved pussy glistening with her own moisture, and I ran my finger firmly across her slit, causing her to gasp.

“Mmm, I think mummy wants her little boy to fuck her and make her cum hard. So how do you want it, mummy?”

“Oh, Jesse, kiss my pussy and suck my clit and get me all hot and bothered. Don’t hold back, just fill me with your beautiful weapon until I scream for release and cum all over your cock.”

“Your wish is my command, madam,” I laughed and moving down between her legs, I ran my tongue slowly but firmly along her damp slit from her anus to her clit, stopping just short of her love button. I stopped briefly to remove my boxers, and told her, “Okay, Carole, now lift your legs and hold your ankles up to your shoulders.” She did so quickly, whimpering in anticipation, and I could now see her pussy in all its glory. Her outer lips were swelling and opening, and her inner lips becoming rosy with suffused excitement.

I slid first one, then two fingers into her hot, wet cunt and finger fucked her while she mewled and gasped in pleasure. I resumed licking her slit, now up to and including her clit, squeezing it gently between my lips. Carole squealed with desire, and moaned, “Oh Jesse, Jesse, stop teasing me and use that steel tool of yours to do me hard. Please don’t make me wait any longer. Just fuck me and send me over the top in a mind blowing orgasm.”

“Greedy girl, aren’t you?” I said, slapping her once on each cheek and she whimpered, “Jesse, I love you so much, I want you so much, I lust for you so much.”

“Ditto”, I exclaimed, as I lined my eager cock up with her drooling pussy and slid it slowly but firmly into her. At the same time, I reached up and took the hard nipple of her left tit between my thumb and finger, pinching, twisting and pulling it just enough to make her moan with delight, not enough to really hurt her. I soon gave the same attention to her right tit.

“Aargh, yes, oh yes, that’s so good, more, please god, more.”

I set up a steady stroke in and out, angling my cock so that my pubic bone would press on her clit. Carole gasped and moaned and made incoherent noises, calling out my name and begging me to fuck her. I changed to faster, harder thrusts, reaming her pussy while she worked her cunt muscles to grip my cock in a silken vice. The harder I drove into her, the harder she seemed to grip me, but the inevitable climax was getting closer — for both Carole and me.

Carole’s moans were turning to screams and her pussy clenched at me even harder. I could feel the tingling in my balls and the tension in my stomach as I came closer to erupting into my beautiful mother.

“Oh Jesse, Jesse, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, oh god it’s so good, so Şirinevler Escort good,” and then words changed to a scream of release as she spasmed around my cock and her juices flowed down it. That was enough to send me over the edge, and with a jubilant roar of triumph, my cum rushed up my cock flooding into her cunt and mingling with her juices.

Carole released her ankles and as I rolled to one side, her legs slumped to the bed. We were both panting with exertion and post-orgasmic bliss, and I took her in my arms and kissed her, long and warm and sweet and wet. I looked into her hooded, smoky eyes. “I love you, Mum,” I whispered.

“I love you too, Jesse”, she whispered back, as she snuggled her head into my shoulder, murmured and purred in her happiness.

We stayed that way for a short while, kissing and whispering about improbable sexual athletics to each other, then mum jumped out of bed saying, “I can’t stay here all day — I’m going to have a shower.”

I was straight out of bed, following her towards the bathroom and she shouted back to me, “Oh no you don’t, you sex fiend, I’m showering alone this morning.”

“Oh mummy, please”, I pleaded, like a little kid who has been forbidden to watch TV.

She laughed. “No matter how much I try to resist, I simply don’t trust you, and I’ve got a very busy day planned.”

I hooked my finger into the corner of my mouth and put on a very sorrowful face, but without success.

“Get out of here you big sook, and if you’re a good boy, I’ll make it up to you tonight.”

“Okay, gorgeous, I guess I’ll just have to settle for a twelve hour wait, but don’t be surprised when you get home if you find me prostrate on the floor, dying of sex starvation!”

Mum giggled, stuck her tongue out at me and blew me a kiss, and we went our own separate ways. I knew that I was very much in love and very fulfilled after our recent escapade. I had no doubt that mum was feeling the same way too.

Over the next couple of weeks I was aware that mum had come under some form of stress that was causing her anxiety. She tried to hide it from me, but our relationship was so intimate that this strategy didn’t really work. It certainly didn’t seem to arise from the bedroom, because, if anything, our lovemaking became more hectic and more enthusiastic. It had to be work related but I didn’t quiz her about it until she arrived home unusually early one afternoon, and slumped into a lounge chair, again, unusual for her.

“Oh god, Jesse, I’ve had just about as much of that snake pit as I can stand. They’re reorganising again, and far from a promotion, they seem to want to move me sideways out of the mainstream.”

“Oh Mum, I’m so sorry — is there anything I can do to help?”

She gave me an odd, sideways glance and said, “Just let me go and change, honey,” and disappeared to her room.

I sat and worried for about half an hour until she reappeared, naked and with her hair in a pony tail. “Master, please make your slut submit to your will. I need to lose myself, and you do it so well.”

I made a quick gear change and replied, “Very well, slut, on your hands and knees and wait for me to return,” and I went to my room for a few items of essential equipment.

“You want to be a bitch, so it’s time I treated you like one. Now, put these on; I don’t want you damaging your delicate knees,” and I gave her a pair of lightweight kneepads. “Now get down on all fours,” at which I fastened a broad leather collar around her neck and attached a chain to it.

Carole gasped in surprise, “Oh master, what are you going to do to me?”

“This time I shall lead you round the house on your collar and chain. You may not speak to me unless I ask you a direct question; after all, doggies don’t normally speak to their masters. From time to time I shall expect you to lean back on your heels and beg and show me from your expression and the sounds that you make that you want to please your master.”

She moaned, deep in her throat suggesting that she was going to get a great deal of satisfaction from this private humiliation.

“Two more things, my beautiful bitch. Stay on all fours but spread your legs as wide as they will go.” I picked out a butt plug to which was attached a bunch of hair. I showed this to Carole, “Now, bitch, this is a remote controlled vibrating butt plug that I shall insert into your arse so that as we walk, your tail will wag. Seems very appropriate, don’t you think?”

“Secondly, if you are a good little bitch and do exactly as I tell you, I will roll you onto your back, eat you out and prolong your orgasm as long as it suits me. Do you understand?”

“Oh god, master, I’m almost cumming just thinking about this. Please don’t make me wait too long …”

“No, bitch, you will not cum until I allow you to, and I will wait as long as it suits me. Is that clearly understood.”

She shook with anticipation but nodded dumbly. I took a squirt bottle of anal lub and applied it generously to her arse, took the plug and inserted it gently but firmly, Escort Şirinevler rotating it slightly as if to screw in into her hole. Carole gasped, but did not try to reject it and soon settled to accepting this intruder. I switched on the vibrator and she screamed at the sudden intense arousal.

“I have already told you to keep silent, bitch. I see that I shall have to punish you.”

Carole moaned, loud and deep, but managed to control her obvious stimulation.

With a gentle pull on the lead, we started our walk around the house, Carole moving rather erratically with the sensation in her butt. As we left the lounge, she stopped and leaned backward with her forearms in the air, gazing at me with an expression of almost dog-like devotion and started to pant exactly like a dog.

I patted her head and stroked her hair. “Good doggie, now follow me.”

As we moved through the house, I put my hand down near her face, and she licked it with enthusiasm, covering my hand with saliva that she soon licked off, again gazing at me as if totally dedicated to me and no-one or nothing else. Carole seemed to have totally entered into her canine role.

I led her carefully up the stairs, and she stopped at the top and again lifted up onto her knees, as if begging and panting with anticipation before I caressed her behind her ears. She was now trembling and wriggling from the stimulation of the vibrator and her breath came in ragged gasps. I led her into the bedroom and looked down at this beautiful vision, shaking with pleasure and impatience for the next experience.

I leant down and removed the butt plug from her arse, and watched as it slowly closed on itself, although Carole whimpered at the removal of the provocative pulsing provided by the vibrator.

“Hmm, bitch, you seemed to enjoy your role as my little doggie, although you did disobey the rules and talked to me. You may talk to me now if you wish but I am going to have to punish you.”

Carole moaned deep in her throat and looked up at me, partly in apprehension, partly in excitement.

“Stay where you are,” I demanded and moved over to a cupboard, picking out an object which I took back to her. “Do you know what this is?” I asked holding it in front of her face.

“Oh my god, it’s a flogger, isn’t it?” she whispered in a breaking voice, fear now making itself apparent on her face.

“Carole, do you trust me?” I enquired gently. “Remember, you can always call ‘turnip’ at any time.”

“Yes, master, I do trust you, but I’ve never been flogged before and I’m afraid it will hurt me too much.”

“Carole, this is a lightweight suede flogger, and for me to really hurt you, I’d probably have to thrash your gorgeous bottom harder than my arms could stand. It may just sting a little bit, though.”

“Okay, master, I shall submit to my punishment like a good doggie.”

“Excellent, bitch. Now stand and face the wall, and hold onto the old rail. If you behave well, after you have taken your punishment like a good doggie I shall throw you onto the bed and eat out your pussy.” (Although the idea of a doggie with a pussy rather strained my brain!)

I stood behind her and drew the flogger gently across the soft, pink/white cheeks of her bottom and she gasped at the unexpected sensation. Next, I lifted the flogger and struck in a figure of eight pattern in such a way that only the ends of the tails struck against her soft curvy cheeks.

Carole squealed as I did so, but after a short while, I stopped and massaged and kneaded the strike zone. She turned and looked at me with a rapturous expression on her face. “Ooh master, that was so different from what I expected. I really enjoyed the sting-y feeling and now you are working it into my bottom, it’s starting to feel so warm and arousing; it’s starting to spread to my pussy. Please, please do it to me some more.”

I repeated the figure of eight treatment until her bottom glowed a rich deep pink and she started to gasp and whimper. “Good doggie”, I told her, “now go lay face down on the bed.”

She moved slowly but did so, and I found the bottle of lotion, spreading it liberally on her bottom and stroking and massaging it into her hot skin.

“Oh thank you master. I have a confession to make. I was afraid before you used the flogger that I wouldn’t be able to take the pain, but now I think I could become addicted to it. It’s not just the pain, though, it’s because I know I can surrender to you and be safe with you, and you’ll do exciting things to me. I love you so much.”

“Carole, my dear, beautiful, wonderful bitch, I love you too, and I will do anything, just anything to make you happy. If that anything includes a spanking or a flogging, you’d better prepare your bottom because there will be more to come.”

“May I kiss you please, master?” she enquired in a soft persuasive tone.

“Certainly, Carole; make it warm and wet and soft and sweet”.

She did. Her mouth was exciting and her tongue invaded my mouth, playing with my tongue stroking its underside and Şirinevler Escort Bayan sucking on it, sharing her saliva with mine and growling deep in her throat as an expression of her yearning and desire.

“Oh god, that was beautiful,” I whispered as we disengaged. “Now, I seem to remember talking about throwing you on your back and eating you out.”

“Oooh yes — I thought you might have forgotten, but please fondle my pussy and play with my clit and make me cum so that I scream with delight.”

Carole rolled over and put a pillow under her bottom, spreading her legs as far as she could in a wanton display of need and lust.

I lay down beside her and kissed around her proud tits, first the left one, spiralling in from the outside to stop just before I reached her areola, and repeated this on her right tit. She mewled and whispered to me, “Bite my nipples, master. Please hurt them, I can’t resist the sensation.”

Instead, I took each nipple between a thumb and forefinger and pinched and twisted them, pulling them away from her body so that her tits stood out stretched and tight. Carole cried out in a mixture of pain and pleasure, telling me how much she wanted this treatment and that her tits were mine to do with as I pleased. I noted that for future reference.

I gazed at Carole’s beautiful smooth pussy, glistening with her juices. Her clit was starting to leave its refuge and present itself to me to be aroused. I looked into her eyes which were half closed; she had started panting in anticipation, and I suspected that she wouldn’t take long to reach orgasm.

I bent down and took one long lick from her puckered anus up to the tip of her clit, causing her to gasp and squeal. Her juices tasted delicious and I lapped at her pussy to collect them all before I slid one finger into her hot waiting cunt. This started Carole crying my name over and over and begging me to make her cum.

“All in good time, gorgeous, I feel like teasing you a little today.”

“Oh god, master, you can’t do that, I need to cum so much.”

I could tell that she was getting really excited; she started to thrash her head around, and her body was vibrating, trying to extract as much attention from me as she could.

“Oh but I think you’ll find that I can do that, bitch. Don’t you dare cum until I say so.”

She moaned deeply and loudly, and I moved my finger round to bend it slightly pushing up and inward in search of her G spot. I knew when I’d found it for Carole screamed and thrashed her hips and pussy around, almost throwing me off.

“Please, please, I beg you, let me cum, I’ll explode if you don’t. Oh god, master, please don’t keep me on edge like this,” and I could see tears start to form in the corner of her now tightly shut eyes.

I decided that that was probably as far as I could fairly take her. “Very well, slut, you may cum when I bite your clit.” and pulling my fingers out of her sopping cunt, I took her engorged clit between my teeth and gently bit on it.

That was enough. Carole screeched at the top of her voice, first shaking violently, then going quite rigid as her climax thundered through her whole body, and her pussy juices flooded onto my face. “Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, I’ve never cum like that before. What did you do to me, how did you do it, when …”

By this time, I had moved up the bed, and took her head in my hands, kissing her softly and gently to stop the words. Then, as I had done on a previous occasion, I reached round her head and removed the scrunchie from her hair and allowed it to flow freely around her shoulders. Carole looked up at me with her eyes glowing. “Jesse, I don’t know how to thank you, but I intend to spend the rest of my life doing just that. Sweetheart, will you just hold me for a little while. I want to feel your warmth and strength close to me and know that I am safe and protected.”

“Mmm yes, gorgeous girl,” I whispered and held her body close to mine as she snuggled her head into my shoulder.

We stayed that way for somewhere between a few minutes and eternity before I felt Carole move slowly downwards, kissing my chest as she did so, nibbling on my nipples and stroking her hands across my sides and down my stomach. She soon made contact with my throbbing erection and wrapped her warm soft hands around it.

“My turn,” she murmured in a breathy, impulsive voice, and I had the glorious experience of her hot, wet mouth engulfing my cock. She first took it as far down her throat as she could, sucking voraciously, then moved off until only the tip was between her lips, and she licked off the pre-cum that was forming rapidly.

“Mummy’s little boy loves her sucking his cock, doesn’t he?” she chuckled wickedly; all I could do was to moan something close to an emphatic “Yes.”

She started licking and sucking gently, her tongue darting across the head and up and down the shaft, keeping it well lubricated with her saliva. She concentrated on the soft, sensitive area under the head, pressing firmly against it and massaging it with her tongue, almost like a hand job but with her highly skilled mouth. Carole was working my cock in a most single-minded way, seeming to be determined to make me cum explosively and copiously, a consummation devoutly to be wished. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to hold out for too long; and I didn’t care.

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