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My Mature Mom Ch. 01

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After having a fall, my mother Margaret asked if I would stay with her for a few days to help her with her recovery. She couldn’t drive her car and needed to be driven to and from the doctors’ appointments, and would also need help around her two bedroom unit.

My wife Debbie suggested that would be a good idea if I stayed overnight with my mother as she now lived alone ever since my dad had died a few years ago. The first night was pretty normal; we ate our takeaway dinner and chatted away like we were getting reacquainted as we watched television. She told me she was going to bed and I asked if she needed help to change into her night dress, she told me she would be fine and would take some painkillers to get a good night’s sleep.

Before going to bed I decided to check on my mother and I opened her bedroom door and looked inside, she was lying in bed with her bed sheets lying on the floor. Her breast and nipple were visible from under her night dress, I moved closer to the bed and staring at her half naked body for several minutes before covering her with the bed sheets.

My mother at age 54 still had the body of a much younger looking woman, with her shoulder brown hair and brown eyes that sparkled, along with her C-cup breasts and slim figure. I had grown up admiring her and often fantasized about my mom as most teenage boys do. Knowing that my friends often had the hots for her as well, made me proud of having her as my mother.

I still remember the times I would see her in the bath, she would call for me to bring her a glass of cold water and as I entered the bathroom, I would see her breasts and nipples floating on the water. I would stare at her breasts as they rose and fell with each breath she took as she drank the glass of water. I loved watching her trying to sit up in the bath and would usually get to see her bald slit. She would hand me the empty glass and I would leave the bathroom and go into my room and masturbating at what I had just seen.

Now here I was at 36 thinking back to those early memories of seeing my mother’s naked body. I tried to fall asleep in the next room but just tossed and turned, I wanted to see her naked again and thought about going back into her bedroom and removing the bed sheets and looking at her again. I finally decided to masturbate which always made it much easier for me to fall asleep.

In the morning I heard my mom yell out. “Jeff are you awake? Can you give me some help please?”

“Mom, what do you need me to do?” I asked.

“I’m having trouble having my shower; can you hold onto me and stop me from falling?” Mom asked.

Throwing on my bathrobe I walked into the bathroom and saw mom standing under the shower topless and wearing only her panties. She was holding onto the handrail with her good hand.

“I nearly slipped over, I need you to hold me steady as I wash myself.” she said.

“Mom do you mind if I remove my bathrobe and join you into the shower?” I asked.

After, a minute she said. “I guess that will be alright… if you don’t mind seeing your old mother topless.”

“Mom you’re Şerifali Escort not old and it will be safer if I’m in the shower with you.” I told her.

I took of my robe and joined her under the shower and held onto her waist from behind to keep her steady. I looked in the mirror at her washing her breasts and my cock started to become hard.

“Wash my back for me, as I hold onto the handrail.” She told me.

I soaped up my hands and rubbed all over her shoulders and back and let my fingers come close enough to brush over the sides of her breasts, I looked in the mirror at my mother’s breasts and watched as her nipples grew bigger as my fingers brushed the sides of her breasts several times.

“I better remove your panties.” I told her.

Not waiting for her to respond or protest I quickly slid her panties down to her ankles, after she stepped out of them; I began to wash each of her small ass cheeks and gave them a squeeze feeling how soft they were. When I started to wash between the cheeks of her ass, mom moved her legs apart. I soaped up my hand and fingers and ran my finger over her asshole and heard her gasp. I began drawing circles with my finger around her asshole and heard her let out a soft moan as I pushed my finger harder against her asshole.

“OK I think I can hop out now.” Mom told me

I turned off the water and helped her step out of the shower to face me, it was then that she saw my hard cock; she stared at my cock as I picked up a towel and began to dry her body. After all these years I saw her pussy again, it looked nothing like the last time I had seen it, now it was a hairy bush. I rubbed the towel over each of her now sagging breasts giving each one a squeeze and then I started rubbing her pussy with the towel.

Her hand came down and took the towel of me and said. “I can do that by myself, thank you Jeff.”

I watched her ass wobbled as she walked naked back to her bedroom.

I yelled out to her. “I’m going to have my shower, and then I will get us some breakfast.”

In the shower I jacked off and shot several large loads of cum against the shower screen, after I had finished showering and had cleaned the shower screen of my cum , I stepped out of the shower and looked for a towel.

“Mom, where are the towels?” I yelled.

“I will get one for you.” mom replied.

My cock was already hard again by the time my mother walked back into the bathroom, she stopped in her tracks and stared at my throbbing hard cock pointing at her, I gave my hard cock a few strokes in front of her letting her continue to stare.

“Is that towel for me or do you want to keep looking?” I asked.

“Oh, Jeff I sorry I didn’t mean to stare.” She said as she handed me the towel.

“That’s OK mom but if you looked at my cock for much longer, you would have made it erupt,” I jokingly told her.

Mom’s face went red and turned and walked out of the bathroom, after wrapping the towel around my waist, I found her in the kitchen, standing looking out the window. She had managed to get dressed Escort Şerifali by herself; I was disappointed as I had hoped to have helped her get dressed.

After we had breakfast, I took mom to her appointments and to do some shopping then we came back to her unit.

As soon as we were inside the unit mom told me. “I’m going to change into something more comfortable.”

I followed her into her bedroom and said. “Let me help you change.”

Not waiting for her to respond, I opened the front of her dress and watched as it slip from her shoulders to the floor. She stood there in front of me in just her bra and panties as I gazed at her body.

She asked. “Jeff, what’s wrong what are you staring at?”

“Mom there is nothing wrong; it’s just your body looks so sexy.” I told her with a smile.

Mom said. “I’m an old woman; no one wants to see someone my age.”

“Hell mom, you’re still young and your body looks a lot better that some younger females I know.” I told her.

I reached around her back and with a click of my fingers undid her bra and watched as she let the bra slide off her shoulders to expose her slightly sagging breasts.

“Now let’s get you out of these.” I told her as I slid her panties to her ankles and watched her step out of them; she now stood naked in front of me.

“Jeff, do you really like what you see?” mom asked me.

“Mom I have always fancied you, you’re gorgeous and perfect in every way except one.” I told her.

“Jeff, what is wrong, are my breasts to saggy?” She asked lifting up her breasts.

“No there lovely…don’t move stay right there mom.” I told her and dashed out of her bedroom.

I returned to her bedroom with a bowl of soapy water and with a razor and pair of scissors.

I told her. “Lay down on your bed mom, you need to get rid of your hairy bush.”

At first, she tried to protest and then she lies on the bed and spread her legs apart. I gave her hairy bush a trim with the scissors and then soaped up her pussy and used the razor to shave off the rest of her bush. After giving her a wash, I patted it dry with the towel and ran my fingers over her slit; I heard her gasp as my finger parted her large pussy lips.

“How does that feel?” I asked then said. “Have a look in the mirror.”

I watched as mom stood up in front of the mirror and rubbed her fingers over her now bald slit, and watched as she parted the lips of her labia and pushed a finger inside herself and fingered herself a few times.

She turned to face me and gave me a kiss and said. “Jeff, your father always liked me to be bare too.”

“Like father like son,” I joked and gave her a passionate kiss probing her mouth with my tongue.

Mom broke our kiss and said. “Jeff I had always hoped that you would fuck me… but I thought you weren’t interested.”

“I’ve always dreamed of fucking you mom,” I told her.

“Jeff, I left my bedroom door open so you could watch me undress,” mom told me.

I laughed and said. “I would leave my bedroom door open and let Şerifali Escort Bayan you catch me masturbating with your panties hoping that you would come into my bedroom,”

We both laughed and mom said. “If only we knew that we wanted each other how different things might have been.”

“I still want to fuck you Mom,” I told her.

Mom lay back down on the bed and parted her legs and said. “Let us make up for the time we have lost.”

I quickly undressed and leaned down and placed my mouth over my mother’s bare pussy and began licking her bald slit from top to bottom, she reached down and pulled her lips apart letting me push my tongue deeper into the hole that I came into this world from.

Mom started rubbing her clit as my tongue went to work fucking her, her juices were flowing out of her, I had never known a woman to cum so much.

She screamed out. “Jeff, I’m cumming again you’re making your mother cum, oh fuck yes.”

I stood up and rubbed my hard throbbing cock over her wet slit, coating my cock with her juices, I then pushed my cock slowly inside her.

“Yes Jeff fuck me, fuck your mommy, I want your cock inside me,” my mother screamed.

At mom’s age I couldn’t believe how tight she was, I pulled my cock half out and then thrust it all the way back into her. I was actually fucking my mother something I had dreamed of doing for such a long time.

“Mom, I’m going to cum,” I screamed.

My mother wrapped her legs around my waist and held my cock deep inside her as my cock erupted and shot load after load of my cum into her. When she felt my cock begin to go soft she uncrossed her legs and I rolled off her and collapsed beside her on the bed, we laid there next to each other for several minutes without saying anything.

“Now it’s my turn to pleasure you,” my mother said as she crawled down the bed towards my cock.

Mom worked her tongue up and down the shaft of my cock and when she sucked one of my balls into her mouth and squeezed it with her mouth and tongue the feeling was incredible, I have never had my balls sucked on before. After releasing my ball from her mouth she began licking around the knob of my cock and slowly took my cock into her mouth.

My mother had definitely sucked cocks before, she was an expert and an experienced cock sucker, and I just wished she had sucked my cock before today.

She held the shaft of my cock tightly in her mouth as she bounced her head up and down on all of my cock, I felt her chin rubbing against my pubic bone each time she pushed her head down. I placed my hand on the back of her head trying to control her pace; I wanted my first head job from my mother to last longer.

I couldn’t stop her from making me cum and after I squirt my first load of cum she pushed her head all the way down on my cock and began sucking harder, she just kept sucking making sure she hadn’t missed any of my cum.

“Mom that was the best head job I have ever had.” I told her.

“Even better than your wife gives you?” She asked.

“Hell yes much better, maybe you should give her some lessons.” I joked

Mom laughed and said. “I would love too.”

I smiled as I said. “That would be so hot having you and my wife together,”

“Jeff, I haven’t been with anyone, male or female since your father died,” mom told me.

“Mom I wish I could have helped you earlier,” I told her.

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