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My Lust for a College Stud Ch. 01

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(Authors Note. First things first this is my first story so go easy on me. Second this is hopefully the first part of a short series. I didn’t want to write a rushed story instead I prefer one with atmosphere and some depth and a lot of build-up but likewise I didn’t want a huge story so instead decided to split it into parts. Not much happens in this first part except some background and setting so if you are looking for something quick you can skip to a later chapter or look for something else but I promise things will get a lot more “interesting” in future instalments. Thanks)

Hello, my name is Emily and right now I’m lying in my bed, one hand tenderly caressing my breasts under my t shirt, the other playfully tugging at the waistband of my jeans trying to gain access to the dripping wet folds concealed within my panties, all the while I’m thinking of the boy who is probably laying less than a meter away from me albeit separated by our dorm room walls.

Woah maybe I should back up a bit, bring you up to speed? As I said my name is Emily, Emily Watkins and my story begins a couple of months back when I started my freshman year at college.

First a little bit about me. I’m not exactly the most outgoing girl but I wouldn’t say I’m particularly shy either, I mean I used to be but I’d be lying if I said my confidence didn’t receive a boost in the last year or so when I found out that, well, I suppose you could say I’m pretty hot. I always thought of myself as just average looking but in my last year of high school several events occurred that suggested otherwise. I won’t bore you with the details as most of it was pretty insignificant just the odd comment from a girl saying that they wished they looked like me, the stares I noticed I attracted from my male classmates (and some of the girls too) and of course that fateful night at my friend Kate’s 18th Birthday party when Mr Mega Jock Uber Tool captain of the football team tells me that if he wasn’t dating Miss Super Bitch Head Cheerleader he’d “so totally do me”

I mean I suppose it came down to self-confidence because looking at me I suppose there is nothing to be ashamed about. My shoulder length light brown hair frames my fair skinned face (“with cheekbones that should be on the cover of Vogue” as my friend Kate would often say). My mother always said she loved my deep green eyes (which I confess are kinda cute). I’ve always been athletic and this has given me a great body, I particularly like my toned, flat stomach but I always receive quite a few stares thanks to my tight little butt. I’m pretty tall for a girl and have the long lustrous legs that come with it and to top it all off I have a pair of perky C cup breasts. Yet despite all this, despite what friends tell me I just don’t see myself as anything particularly special. I mean there are definitely women prettier than me out there I’ve certainly always prided my brains over my body but I’m pretty sure you don’t care about my grade point average…

Anywho back to the story, I was moving into my dorm (a mixed gender dorm that thankfully gave each student their own room, a pokey little room mind you but at least I had four walls and a lockable door to gain some privacy should I wish) and since it was the first day moving into the dorm everyone seemed excited and anxious to meet people. There were istanbul escort nine other rooms on my floor and when I arrived I found a small group of students waiting to greet me. Seven of the ten students on my floor had already moved in and they were waiting in our little communal area to greet their new neighbours (I would later find out this was the plan of Hannah, the girl in the room next to mine who I would quickly become great friends with) While playing meet and greet with my new neighbours another girl arrived and was dragged into the excitable mass of hugs, names and introductions granting me a moment of respite.

So we were just waiting for one other student who I deduced would probably be another guy since there were six of us girls and only three boys and I assumed the faculty would maintain some degree of balance in a mixed gender dorm.

You might be getting the impression so far that I’m not a particularly sexual person. Well that’s not entirely true, I mean I’m no nymphomaniac but I’d had a couple of boyfriends who I’d slept with in high school and I’m open enough to admit I regularly masturbate. Why am I telling you this now? Well it would figure that as soon as my own thoughts turned a little bit sexual things became A LOT more sexual in the real world. After the meet and greet session there was a brief lull in the conversation and I took the time to examine my male dorm mates to see if it was worth “getting to know them better” Now I hate to sound shallow but one of the guys Frank did nothing for me, the guy was clearly an absolute sweetheart and we would become great friends over the coming months but I just didn’t see him that way. Kyle was kinda cute but his mannerisms ad persona told me immediately that he was probably gay (feminine intuition would later prove correct) so that left me with Adrian. He was also a handsome fella and I could definitely see myself being interested if he turned out to be a nice guy…

Before my thoughts could become any more lurid though Hannah broke me from my reverie and suggested that I go get settled in and perhaps starts unpacking since the group had pounced upon me the moment I walked through the door, luggage still in hand. It wasn’t long after I entered my room and begin to unpack that I heard Hannah’s over excited squeals from the hallway, a tell-tale sign our final dorm mate had arrived. I felt I had to be a part of this ritual so I left my room and approached my fellow students.

It was here that I first laid eyes on Tom…

Now I know what you’re thinking, love at first sight? Or perhaps something much more sexual and animalistic like I saw him he was absolutely gorgeous and I instantly drenched my panties and right there I pounced upon him and became infatuated with him ever since? Well not quite, this is real life after all and things don’t quite work that way.

I admit I was very attracted to Tom the first time I saw him and while no drenching occurred I did get a slight tingling down below upon laying eyes on him. He had perfect chiselled looks (Kates line about cheekbones and Vogue immediately came to mind) piercing icy blue eyes and dark brown hair styled perfectly to accentuate his good looks. Truth be told I didn’t have much to go on regarding his body type because he was wearing a thick winter coat (it was an unseasonably istanbul escort bayan cold day outside) All I knew was that he was a really tall guy, 6,4 or 6,5 which I liked what with being a tall girl myself. From the information that I had to go on he was probably the most attractive guy on the floor but I was still impressed with Adrian and was eager to get to know both.

After exchanging pleasantries it was agreed (again at the behest of Hannah) that we would all go out that night to get to know each other more. I was eager to get to know my neighbours (no not just the boys) and was excited for the evening ahead. Now don’t ask me how but apparently the college’s main rec area was “unofficially” converted into a bar, and with a lax approach to identification and age restrictions it is apparently THE place to go for those new to the college. The night went as you would expect any drunken college night out to go, people drank, danced, drank some more, started playing stupid drinking games, became violently ill, the usual. The only reason I mention it was because my opinion of Adrian took a pretty big hit when I realised he was a pretty mean drunk and was being fairly disrespectful to everyone around him. The other highlight of the night was I got to know Tom a lot better.

When we all met up on our floors communal area at the start of the night I was again struck by Toms good looks in fact his grooming routine clearly worked because he actually looked even better (if such a thing were even possible) also with his winter coat removed I could see he was in really good shape. A muscular guy, broad shoulders, athletic but not too beefed up, just how I liked it.

Over the course of the night we chatted a lot, he was funny, charming and at one point late in the night when some other guy who had clearly drank too much (wearing of all things a red beret!!!???) was getting a little bit too friendly with me Tom was quick to intervene when my protests were ignored and got the guy to back off.

It was probably the alcohol but my thoughts were suddenly filled with images of Tom in shining armour riding a white stallion…I’m sure there was a metaphor in there somewhere.

“Thanks for that” I managed to garble. Why did I feel so light headed all of a sudden?

“Its fine, people really need to learn when to back off” he shot a menacing glare in the general direction of red beret “Are you sure you’re ok?”

“Its fine, just drunken douchbags, not the first time I’ve had to deal with them and it probably one be the last” God! Why was I blushing so much?

It was in this brief lull in the conversation that Tom was upon me, he had is arms wrapped around me pulling me into a tight embrace with his lips planted firmly but tenderly against mine. I got over my initial shock and was soon enthusiastically kissing him back. Rubbing my arms up along his shoulders, fingers caressing the firm muscles through the fabric of his shirt, I melting in his strong embrace, intoxicated by his kiss. As his hands ran down my back and his tongue probed deeper into my mouth, just as I was really getting into it he pulled away. Leaving me whimpering at the loss of his touch, wishing more than anything we could carry on.

“I’m sorry” he said ruffling his hair “here I am moaning about guys needing to back of and then escort istanbul I pull that off on you” he looks momentarily quite anxious perhaps trying to determine my response. “I mean I’m drunk, your gorgeous I don’t know what came over me…”

He looked extremely nervous and then I realise my expression was probably not helping, one of immense disappointment and sadness not at him having kissed me but of him stopping. I figured without him being able to read my mind there was really only one way he could interpret my expression. I tried to mutter something about me wanting him to continue but a combination of my own nerves, and the loud music meant my feeble utterings were lost and he carried on

“Seriously Emily I wouldn’t blame you for thinking I’m a total hypocrite but I…” he trailed off waiting for my reaction.

“I…err…” KISS HIM YOU IDIOT!!! My brain clearly had an opinion on the matter.

“Its fine” I managed with a faint smile mustering all my ability to feign my disappointment in myself. He visibly relaxed and returned said smile to me.

“Great but err we should probably gather everyone up and head back, I mean I think Frank passed out a while ago, Kyle had to take him back to the dorm, the girls are in the bathroom, pretty sure most of them are throwing up” he sighs in exasperation “And it looks like Adrian is about to get into a fight with the guy who tried to grope you earlier”

Sure enough I turned around to find Adrian and red beret squaring off, faces inches from each other looking incredibly angry.

“You go get the girls I’ll fetch Adrian before he hurts himself” Tom said with a grin on his face.

Upon entering the girls bathroom sure enough all four cubicles were occupied with the unmistakable sounds of one who has drank too much and is starting to regret it while Hannah was at the mirror re-applying her make up while teasing her inebriated friends.

“Bunch of light weights, you especially Sam I mean what did you drink exactly, two beers?”

Soon we were back in our dorm. The totally wasted amongst us put to bed leaving just me and Tom outside the door to my room.

“Oh look at that next door neighbours” he said while pointing to the door to the left of mine “I didn’t even realise until now” For some reason the knowledge that Tom was in the dorm next to me made me extremely happy.

“Yeah well here I am” pointing moronically at my door acutely aware of how much of a goof I probably looked. I found myself painfully aware that I wanted him to kiss me again, to sweep me up in his arms, throw me onto the bed and then fuck me hard for what remained of the night. While these thoughts certainly excited me they were like the thoughts of another woman, “It’s the drink” I told myself.

However much my thoughts pondered the subject though Tom didn’t make any further advances. Instead all I got was a hug (which I relished) and a “Yeah it was really great meeting you” before he departed to his own room. I stood there wistfully looking at the cheap wood panelled door for longer than I probably should have (good thing nobody saw) before departing to own room where I flopped onto the bed in the dress I had been wearing that night and went to sleep feeling exhausted (from the dancing) dizzy (from the alcohol) and horny (from you know who)

My last thoughts before drifting off were that tonight had been a weird one but it was all because of the alcohol and the excitement of meeting new people, I’d behave normally in the morning.

Oh how wrong I was, how little I knew that my lust for Tom would only grow stronger.

To be continued…

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