My Little Niece

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Fingering Pussy

I was 38 when I went back to my hometown and visited my older sister. My sister had 2 girls and a boy. Kate was 18, Lindsay 16 and Derek 12. I hadn’t seen the girls since they were toddlers and the boy I had never met. Had I really been away that long? Time flies.

The 2 girls were knockout bombshells, and the boy I had never met. It was good to see my sister Jen again even though we didn’t really know each other too well. See, we were only half siblings. I was a brother from another mother. Jen and my brother Brent were from my dad’s first marriage, I was from his second. My dad raised me and their mother/step father raised them.

Sure we knew each other and even spent some time together, but we never lived with or grew up with each other and that why I say I don’t really know them because I really don’t. Anyways, I was staying for the week with the intention of crashing at my old buddy John’s house but my sister insisted I stay in the guest bedroom. Far be it for me to refuse and offer from family. Besides I felt I owed them a little of my time for being absent from their lives for so long.

The kids were great. Well behaved, smart, and little Derek was witty and funny. The girls were amazing. I’m not sure where they got their beauty from but man they were gorgeous and friendly. Almost made me wish I was a teenager, and not a relative.

Kate was short, about 5’2″, very slim, a nice little rack, perfect hour-glass figure, long straight brown hair and eyes and a smile that made me smile every time. Lindsey was as tall as me, slim but athletic blond hair and blue eyes. Derek was shortest of all, but he was only 12 yet.

The guest room bostanc─▒ escort was in the basement across from Kate’s room. Everybody else was above the main floor of the house. Kate showed me to my room. With a wink and a smile she informed me she was just across the hall if I needed anything. I distinctly got the impression she was hitting on me and being suggestive but after some thought I dismissed my misleading male hormones. I was her uncle, that’s it.

After chatting most of the day and evening I felt like the kids were attached to me. At 1100pm my sis went to bed and so did Derek and Lindsay. Kate and I picked a movie to watch and 10 minutes in she asked if I wanted a drink. When I said a glass of water would be good she laughed and asked if I wanted a real drink. Being 18 and allowed to drink I asked what she had to offer.

Wine, beer, whiskey…I stopped her at whiskey. Whiskey on the rocks I told her and whiskey on the rocks we both had. After about 3 drinks Kate was wrecked and mid movie she slumped over on me. I took this as a sign to call it a night and shut the tv off. I covered Kate in a blanket and went to bed.

After brushing my teeth I peeled off all my clothes and hopped into bed naked. A short while later I heard my door open. I watch as Kate enters and closes the door. Before I can ask her what’s up she begins stripping her clothes off, undies and all, and the words won’t come out of my mouth for some reason. In the faint light I can see her naked young gorgeous body and I get an instant hard on.

I’m still in frozen in shock as she slips under the covers and straddling me she lays down on top of ├želiktepe escort me.

“Kate?” I question.

I feel her move and place and finger over my lips and hear a “shhhh” sound from her.

Before I can speak again her mouth is on mine, open and inviting and before I can think our tongues are exploring each other. I feel her settled down on top of me. Even more alarming I feel my cock between her thighs and I even feel her pussy at the tip of my cock. It was as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Shaved or waxed I wondered.

My arms wrap around her instinctively, pulling her tight to me. Her arms snake behind my neck and our kiss becomes more passionate. The process causes her back to arch and her pussy pushes on the tip of my cock and slide down. She’s soo wet I can feel it. It sends shivers up my spine. It felt so wrong yet so right for some reason. My brain said stop but my cock said go. My cock won. She was no longer my niece.

She began to rock back and forth, her pussy sliding up and down the tip of my cock. When I can’t take any more I wait until she is at the tip and I contract my PC muscles making my cock stand up. When she pushed back down again I feel the tip push into her pussy and she breaks our kiss to gasp in surprise then she resumes the kiss with more veracity.

She continues to rock her hips and I feel her pussy slowly consume my cock millimeter by millimeter. She is so wet and so tight the subtle motions almost send me over the edge. When I’m 6 inches and balls deep she stops. I’m not huge by any means, average at most, but I do have decent girth. She is breathing heavily now, we both are. cihangir escort Just being inside her is heaven and I think she feels the same way.

We continue to kiss passionately with me deep inside her when she begins rocking back and forth, slowly at first then faster and faster. My hips begin to move, meeting her thrusts. I could feel her juices leaking down onto my pelvis and balls. She was so wet and the slurping and slapping sounds sent my mind reeling and my hips thrust harder.

She rose up and slammed her pussy down hard onto my cock and let out a long quiet moan. I could feel her cum hard, her body shaking. Her juices leaking out as her pussy clamped and relaxed over and over on my cock. I met that thrust and held it while she quivered. When the clamping on my cock subsided she collapsed on top of me. I wrapped my arms around her again and began to slowly thrust into her.

She wrapped her arms around me too and as my thrusts grew harder and faster she held me tighter and tighter. I was on a precipice and before we knew it we were both bucking wildly against each other. I couldn’t hold back any longer, my body spasmed as I sent torrent after torrent of hot cum into her. This must have sent her over the edge because I felt hot jets of her cum soak my thighs, pelvis and balls.

We collapsed into each other breathing hard, holding each other tightly as we convulsed together. Kissing was the last thing I remember.

I awoke a few hours later. She was still on top of me and my cock was still inside her little pussy which instantly made my cock get hard. This roused her and when she realized what was going on she whispered into my ear.

“Round two?”

Kate and I spent a lot of time together that week. I later learned that I was her first. No, she had masturbated a lot and had boyfriends but never had a real cock before me. She was glad it was me, and so was I. It was special, we will both never forget that amazing week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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