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My Life Ch. 04

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Like I said the summer was almost a continuous romp of nasty sex. This was the early 80s and everyone was fucking everyone without worry. There was at least one other important thing in my life that happened that summer.

A couple of days after Lynda and I had gone shopping and managed to fuck in the Macy’s dressing room, I was at the mall again looking around. I went into Macy’s and was browsing through the racks when I saw her. That sexy sales lady was helping another customer and I had a chance to just watch her. She was very pretty, a little shorter than me, short blond hair, a nice tan, a warm and friendly smile, and a slim build with very nice firm tits. I worked my way closer to her hoping she would notice me when she was done. There was something about her; I couldn’t put my finger on it because while I have had sex with several women it was usually just because I was horney and needed some uncomplicated sex. I have never been really attracted to a woman like this before. For some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off her and could feel my pussy getting wet just thinking about her. This had never happened before, cute hunky guys…maybe, but a woman, there was just something…..

I had gotten distracted and was looking through a rack when she had left to ring out the other customer when…. “Hi, my name is Bobbi, can I help you?”

Startled, I spun around and gazed into eyes that were that deep, sea blue that most people can only get with colored contacts. “ Uh… well… ok.” I was stammering, I didn’t do this; guys did this around me, I didn’t do it. “I was sort of just looking.”

“Well if there is anything I can do for you….” There was that smile, and I thought to myself ‘God yes, there is really something you can do!’

‘Did she remember?’ I wondered somewhat embarrassed, but I didn’t want her to leave. “Do you have this in my size?” I grabbed something, anything off the rack.

“I wouldn’t have thought that was your style.” She said taking from my hand the most god-awful dress I think I have ever seen.

I mumbled something like “I have something I have to do with my parents.” MY PARENTS??? What the fuck am I saying…..get it together.

“Here, lets look around. Maybe I can help you find something.” Thank you God!!!

We wandered around while she pulled things out of the racks and held them up to me. Each time she touched me; my sopping cunt flared up and was on fire. I wasn’t paying any attention at all to what she was suggesting. The next thing I knew she was leading me into the fitting room with a couple of outfits. I went in and sat down, I do not recall ever feeling something like that especially towards a woman before, I was breathing hard and my cunt was dripping wet. It took me less than a couple of seconds to have my shorts off and my fingers buried deep in my vagina before I was panting like a dog and cumming, my hand drenched with pussy juice. As I leaned back on the cool mirror while catching my breath after my body racking orgasm I looked around and realized that this was the same room where Lynda and I had fucked a couple of days before. I reached over and picked up one of the outfits. Well she had taste, this dress was fabulous. I quickly finished undressing and slipped the dress on, I looked great in this!

I wanted to look at myself in the 3-sided mirror outside and I opened the door and there she was, standing there with an even bigger smile. “So how was it?”

Oh God she knew…. It didn’t bother me the other day that I thought she knew Lynda and I had had nasty hot sex in there but for some reason having her know I had just left her and had to take a minute to make myself cum from only the feel of her touch had actually embarrassed me. “Uh… How was what?”

“The outfits, how did they fit?” Could it be possible she didn’t hear me?

She led me to the 3-sided mirror and helped me straighten the dress; I could feel the heat every time she touched me and I was lost. She was bantering on about something, the usual sales stuff until our eyes met in the mirror, “I know you, don’t I,” she asked with a knowing smile.

Did she, I am sure she had to know, I knew she did…. and I hoped she didn’t. “I don’t know, I shop in here a lot.” I could feel the flush coming up on my face.

“Ok,” she smiled again, she was very casual, “lets try on the other one.” We walked back to the fitting room and I went in. “Here, I will help you with the zipper” I almost came as the skin on my back felt the cool air and the touch of her hand as she slid the zipper down, “If you need any more help, please let me know.”

‘FUCK YES,’ I thought as the door closed between us. Please come in and help me…. Please…

I took off the first dress and almost had the other one on when there was a knock. “Everything ok?”

“Yes, … but I could use some help with this zipper”, I lied.

She came in closing the door behind her, and stood behind me looking over my shoulder, I couldn’t take my eyes off hers in the mirror, Selimiye Escort “Here let me,” as she slid the zipper up. “I like this one even better” She said as she smoothed the cloth over my frame, her hand brushing across the side of my breast. I could see in the mirror, my nipples turning hard from only her light touch. I leaned back a little and felt her breasts touching my back, I needed this and was sure she did too. Standing that close I could smell her fresh clean scent, lightly perfumed and the unmistakable aroma of an aroused woman.

“Me too.” Her voice was becoming a little breathy. She had great taste; I wonder how she tastes?

“So do you want this one?”

“Yes,” I said, ‘and anything else you have’, I thought.

“Ok. Lets take it off.” She pulled the zipper back down. This was it. We stared into each others eyes as she pulled it down.

‘Is this really happening?’ I thought. I felt the zipper moving down my back, and as she did it our eyes locked in the mirror in front of me. Once the zipper was all the way down, her hands slid under the shoulders of the dress sliding over my bare skin pushing the dress forward off them. Her hands sliding gently over my shoulders and down the front of my arms, softly caressing my hot skin as she moved her hands. Our eyes never left each other’s. As my naked breasts came into view I saw in the mirror her eyes move from mine down to them and my eyes followed. My nipples were standing at full attention, hard little pink nubs begging for a touch. They didn’t have to wait long as her fingers moved in and pinched both nipples at the same time, if she didn’t have her arms around me I might have fallen to the ground as my knees got wobbly, I swore I almost came right there.

I quickly turned around as the dress fell to the floor, I was now standing there totally nude except for the dress around my shoes. I reached my arms around her neck and our lips met. I will always remember that first kiss, the first time I kissed the person I would spend most of the rest of my life with. The coarse fabric of her work outfit rubbing my overly tender nipples, the taste of a woman’s lips with lipstick, her scent filling my nose and soon… her fingers tenderly caressing the silky wet skin between my legs. My knees almost buckled as her fingers slid between the soft folds of my soaking cunt and slipped along the sides of the hard little nub of my clit. I needed this… bad… I closed my eyes and gave myself over to her fingers as I was about to cum again…

“Wait,” she said, “I can’t do this.” I have heard those words too often recently. “I could get into real trouble and I need this job. You are beautiful and I want this but we can’t, not now.” Her lips brushed mine again.

I know I whimpered a little and squeezed my thighs together to hold her hand between my legs a little longer, but I did understand. I was standing there totally nude with someone I desired more than I had anyone else I had in my life but I knew, for her, we had to stop. “Can I see you sometime?”

“ I get off in about an hour, I will meet you in the food court at Starbucks.” She gave my lips another quick kiss and ran her fingers one time more through the wet folds of my labia dipping one finger inside me a little, before she slipped out of the dressing room.

As I left she was nowhere I could see, so I had to check out with another cashier. I asked if she had seen Bobbi and was told she that she had taken a break. I walked out and wondered around the mall for what was the longest hour I could remember.

I found a quiet corner in Starbucks and was sitting there waiting when I saw her approaching from a long way down the mall, she saw me too and when that smile appeared, I was smitten. I watched her walk toward me, a beautiful woman who simply exuded femininity she moved with the smooth confidence of a woman who knew she was beautiful and didn’t need to be told. She stopped a moment to say “hi,” and went to grab us both a cup of coffee. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.

“So, you ok?” She asked as she sat down.

“Yes, sure. I looked for you when I came out but you were gone.”

“I know, I couldn’t go back to work like that. I had to take care of something urgent.”

“Something urgent?”

“Well you know, the same thing you did when you went into the dressing room the first time.” She knew, and I could feel the color come into my face.

“I thought that was you from the other day when you first walked into the store, I had to take a break that after time too,” she said smiling. “By the way, I knew you were watching me when I was with that other customer.” Does the embarrassment ever stop??? “Where is your girlfriend who was with you the other day?”

“She isn’t here… not really a girlfriend, just a friend… she is a girl, just not…” Oh god what am I saying?

“That’s cool, no big. That was the first time I had ever seen a couple of women go into a dressing room together Escort Selimiye and do that. I have seen several straight couples go in and fuck, a lot of blow jobs you wouldn’t believe it, a couple of times they don’t even shut the door tight and I think they hope someone sees them. It probably happens almost daily, we just know about it periodically, usually when they get noisy. ” Just the way she spoke was hot and I was relaxing.

We sat there and talked for a couple of hours. She was 21, had a little girl just under 2 and had about sworn off men after her daughter’s father had beat her up when she was pregnant and while she had fucked a couple of guys and women at first after the break up, she hadn’t had any luck finding anyone who interested her. She loved sex but she hadn’t been with anyone in over a year and until the other day when she heard Lynda and I having sex in the fitting room she hadn’t even masturbated in longer than she could remember. Now, since hearing us, it seemed it seemed her fingers found their way to her cunt while fantasizing about us in that room whenever she had a few minutes alone. She said she must have made herself cum 20 times in the last couple of days (glad I could help). I hinted about my life (I wasn’t too sure how much to reveal), she knew I fucked around (everyone did back then), we both liked nude beaches and probably had been on some at the same time. By the time we left there, there was no turning back my cunt was aching with desire.

We went to her apartment where she called her parents who were watching her daughter and told them she was going out with a friend. We had the whole night.

As soon as she was off the phone we were in each other’s arms. Our lips pressed together, delighting in the wetness of the other’s tongue. We struggled to strip off each other’s clothing while our lips never parted. My shirt was off and shorts unbuttoned but we quickly realized this wasn’t working so half undressed we worked our way into the bedroom. “Let me undress you’” I said as we got to the bed, “you have seen me naked, it is my turn.”

She stood there, her blouse half unbuttoned so I pushed it back off her shoulders and kissed her bare skin on her shoulder and at the side of her neck moving up her neck to gently suckle the lobe of her ear while my warm breath blew gently into her ear. Along her cheek I moved my lips leaving a cool, wet path where my lips and tongue softly caressed and tasted her soft, slightly salty, warm skin. Softly brushing her lips with mine, her tongue reaching out and wetting my lips as they passed and then down. Down, I moved my soft, loving lips, down the front of her throat as my hands finished unbuttoning her blouse and pushing it away so that it slipped off her wrists. As my hands returned they stopped momentarily to unhook the clasp at the back of her bra and it too fell away. My lips stopped to kiss the soft cleft at the base of her throat while my hand cupped her firm, full breast, a nipple sticking between my fingers.

A low whimper escaped her lips as my fingers squeezed tightly on her very large, light brown nipple. I felt some unexpected wetness as I did this and looking down saw a drop of white liquid trickle from the tip of her full breast. “I am still breast feeding, I love the feel of it, I should have told you. I hope you don’t mind” Without an answer I wrapped my lips around that hard tip and gently sucked. It was an interesting flavor, not at all unpleasant but not like cow’s milk; sweeter. As I sucked I could tell she was enjoying it, I had heard some women get sexual pleasure from breast-feeding, I came to find she was one. I continued to work on pushing her pants down over her ass as I drained the warm milk from her soft, full breast.

Once her pants were down as far as I could reach I stood up and pressed my lips once again to hers, our tongues intertwining, the flavor of her breast milk filling our mouths. Both of her nipples were dripping a little and I could feel the wet milk between us causing our bare chests slide wetly against each other’s. Pulling her around, I pressed her back so she was sitting on the bed and pressed her back. I knelt at her feet, removed her shoes and pulled the pants from her legs. She had pantyhose on and I had never taken those off another woman, she lifted her ass and I slid them off along with the panties under them, slowly revealing from my angle a most beautiful, full, deep pink, pouting pussy shining with the wetness coming from deep inside her, her slit was covered with a very soft, light blond fuzz with just a hint of red and a little puckered anus that wasn’t at all discolored from the flesh around it. Her labia were full, pink, long and flowing (I later found they were long enough that I could tie them into a small knot.)

I pulled the tangled nylon from her feet and pressing her knees up I buried my face in that beautiful, throbbing gash. I dove right in, I needed to taste her and wasn’t at all disappointed. Selimiye Escort Bayan The lips filled my mouth as I sucked them in, sort of like a small soft cock. Her cunt was flowing heavily with a slippery wetness that had just the lightest flavor of pussy, I have known many women that would get wet enough to drip a little but she literally flows cunt juice. She had not showered since the night before but still had just a slight aroma and taste probably because there was so much liquid gushing from her opening. There was a little saltiness from the sweat of standing at her job all day but she to this day, has the best tasting cunt I have ever had the pleasure of tasting and anyone I know that has eaten her pussy agrees.

I slid my tongue up and down the slit, stopping to suck on her large clit. The tip of one finger going into that nice little anus just a little then pushing her full lips aside I so can suck her clit into my mouth, tickle her clit with my tongue, bury my face into her cunt and suck on it till she cums. I was totally lost in the pleasure of her cunt, drinking the juice that flowed from it when all of a sudden she started jerking, her cunt sucking air and blowing it back out like major loud farts, queefing in and out as she came, arching her back so I had to hold on to keep my mouth attached to her clit, over and over I could feel her jerk with the spasms of her orgasm. This went on and on her body jerking, the fluid flowing from her cunt, I had never know someone to cum for so long, so hard, to the point where I was beginning to become concerned. I felt her hands on my head pushing me away, “Stop… please … stop I can’t take it anymore, please.” I pulled my lips from her cunt and looked up at her face between her dripping nipples as she settled down on the bed, sweating and breathless as though she had just run a marathon, her body flushed and clearly drained.

I gently moved up beside her and lay down, my hair was wet from the flow from her cunt my face covered with her wetness. I lay there caressing her softly as she came down from her overpowering orgasm. She lay there with her eyes closed breathing hard, her heart pumping so that I could feel it throughout her body where I was pressed against her. I bent and gently sucked on her nipple tasting again the milk dripping from it.

“Wow, what was that? I have never had anything like that happen before, “ she said as she came back to the real world.

(I soon learned that that wasn’t that unusual for her when I ate her pussy.)

“Neither have I, you really came hard.”

“I don’t recall ever having someone make me cum while going down on me before. That was incredible.” She said as our lips met again. We moved up onto the bed and lay there and cuddled. “You haven’t even taken your shorts off.”

I got naked and we lay there with our naked bodies pressed together softly kissing and talking softly as we gently caressed each other…..

I woke up feeling fingers sliding through the soft folds of my cunt. It took me a moment to remember where I was, but as soon as I did I just lay back and groggily enjoyed the pleasure I was being given. While I was sleeping she had moved down so she could see my cunt and was gently exploring the folds buried there. “I have never just looked an another woman’s pussy before. It is interesting.”

“You can look all you want,” I said as I opened my knees further and brought my feet up so my knees were up and my cunt was open and fully exposed. I just laid back and let her explore. I could feel her fingers parting my lips so she could get a better look, sliding a couple of fingers in and spreading me open to look deep into my vagina, pushing the little shroud covering my clit so the bare knob was exposed. The gentle caresses were taking me to a place somewhere between arousal and sleep. She touched my puckered asshole and it involuntarily contracted a little. “Is that ok? Do you not want me to touch you there?” Little did she know at the time.

“No, that’s fine, in fact I sort of like it.” I relaxed which allowed her to press a finger wetted from inside my cunt a little way into my anus. “If you keep exploring like that I am going to cum.”

Suddenly, I felt her lips touch my clit and suck gently on the tender nub as her fingers continued to explore, a couple probing into my cunt and another working it’s way deeper into my bowels. Her fingers were moving inside me as she continued to suck hard on my clit. I was pinching my own nipples as thoughts of the milk from her tits ran through my head. My orgasm this time was soft, a gentle flowing of feeling washing over me and settling deep inside my body. And then it was over, almost as fast as it came, almost unrecognizable as an orgasm especially compared to what she had done but no less satisfying.

“Want to take a shower?” she asked. “I like to take one before I go to sleep.”

We plodded naked into the bathroom teasing each other’s naked bodies as we went in. She reached in and turned on the water and as soon as it was warmed up we climbed in together.

“Oh shit,” she said as soon as the water hit her. “I have to pee,” and started to climb out.

I reached out and grabbed her, “you don’t have to get out. I pee in the shower all the time.” I wasn’t sure how far to take this.

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