Eyl 05

My Last Aupair Ch. 01

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I know it sounds ridiculous, but, I am 18 years of age, and I have an Aupair from Austria. It’s mainly for my parents, as they work very late every night, and when they get home, they don’t want the hardships of cleaning, cooking, ironing, etc. Anyway, her name is Melany, and she is something else!!! She is quite petit, but she accentuates nicely with 34B breasts, which always stick out. She has runner’s legs, but has nice brown skin, which she shaves regularly (hopefully that’s not the only place she shaves!!!).

Continuing on with the descriptions, I am a swimmer, so also keep my body in good shape. I have a small six-pack, but very strong arms and legs. To top my physique, I have a 9inch erect cock. Whilst in my Speedos, there is little to the imagination.

One day, to commence my story, I come home from my squash practice, and silently enter the house, assuming no one is in. However, I heard a commotion coming from Melany’s room. I quietly go up the steps. I look through the key hole to find her wearing just her bra, with a dildo in her pussy, vibrating like crazy, as she flailed and screamed in pure ecstasy.

It takes her a while to calm down, all the while, I watch through the key whole, captivated by her naked beauty. Then, suddenly, she gets up, and I realise she is coming right at me. I hurl myself into the next room, throw on my headphones, and turn on the computer, which immediately loaded.

She goes down the stairs to the toilet without seemingly noticing my arrival, however, this changes as she sees the light from the computer.

“High” she says casually.

“High to you to” I reply.

“Errm, how long have you been home may I ask?” She stutters

“Ohh? Not long, enough to have heard and seen things I shouldn’t have…” I said, apparently fixated on the computer screen.

“Shit!” she muttered.

“Look, its OK I wont ‘tell’, just return the favour once in a while.” At that, I picked up Rize Escort my bag and went to have a shower.

Two weeks followed without little incident, even though we had come a bit further apart in our relationship. However, every now and again, I caught her looking at me, especially in the mornings, when I came down in underwear and a tank-top. Not that I didn’t return the favour. Now that I had seen her pretty much naked, I could not stop but think of her when I wanked. It became my mission to seduce her into fucking her. I could not wait for the opportune moment to strike.

This moment, it seemed, I did not have to wait long for, because my parents announced one day that they were going away for the weekend, and that we would be by ourselves. Melany was to monitor me to make-sure I did not throw any parties, or do anything stupid.

The first day of freedom from my parents gave me time to think of my plan. I went out to town that day, and returned with the tightest set of Speedos that I could lay my hands on, so much so that the head of my smooth cock could be clearly defined.

“Hay Mel, could you do me a favour, and tell me how this suit looks on me?” I asked that night.

“Sure, lets see?” she replied, sitting on a low chair. So, I pulled off my dressing gown to reveal my whole body with a small tight swim suit covering my package. Her eyes were fixed on my cock, just as mine were fixed on her breasts, already mentally undressing her.

“What do you think?” I said, grinning, inching towards her, slowly, step by step.

“It’s… It’s…” She stuttered. My cock was in front of her face. We both knew what was about to happen. I pulled her up from that small chair so that we were face to face, and kissed her. I was relieved to see that she returned the favour and kissed back. I loved how I could feel her lust in that kiss. How much she wanted the evening’s events to unfold.

We continued to kiss, Rize Escort Bayan joined at the lips, while we sparred with our tongues in each other’s mouth. We both went for each other’s crotch at the same time.

I reached under he skirt and started to rub her clit while she rubbed my cock through my now extremely uncomfortable Speedos. We slowly navigated our way into the lounge, where we were to commit the act of love.

She pushed me onto the couch and dived headfirst onto my cock, removing my Speedos and letting my cock pop out showing off my whole 9inches. She also took off her blouse and bra, to reveal those perfect tits I had fantasised about.

They were everything I imagined them to be. Petite, with large round knobs for nipples, which I ached to suck. However, there were more pressing matters. I found her skirt over our face as she was now on top of me preparing to suck my cock. I quickly pulled down that short skirt and that hot red thong that obscured my final goal from view.

Suddenly I felt a warm wet mouth clamp around my cock, which felt so good, and I had to hold back a long gasp. She expertly sucked my cock whilst I relaxed, enjoying the feeling of her tongue running up and down my cock, and her attempts to shove it as far back into her mouth as possible. During my feelings of pleasure, I had forgotten my task, and only remembered when I felt her hips press onto my face.

Her beautiful pussy was right over my mouth, and I needed not an invitation to start my exploration. I stuck out my tongue, and stuck it as far as I possibly could into her pussy. I heard her scream in pleasure at this, as she now went down on my cock with more enthusiasm.

I started to suck and lick her pussy. We were in a fully-fledged 69 position, and it felt amazing. We were both moaning in ecstasy, while we each sucked each other. As I had already been getting sucked a while before I started sucking her, I was Escort Rize the one who gave in to the pleasure first.

“I’m cumming.” I moaned to her as I felt it well up inside me. She then quickly went to deep-throat my cock as I exploded into her mouth. She was very impressive in my opinion, and did not let a single drop escape her lips.

I continued on her clit and pussy as she kissed my cock, hoping for another round for me to penetrate her.

I did not have to wait long before she also dropped a bomb onto my face as she dripped cum all over my mouth. I licked up as much as I possibly could, and she licked the rest of her own cum off of my face (which led me to believe she may be bisexual).

We looked at each other. I really wanted to fuck her. But I needed to stiffen up. I reached over, and started to suck and lick her left boob. It felt natural in my mouth, and I enjoyed the feeling of it there. Whilst doing this, she rubbed my cock. I finally felt my self at full strength once again.

“Are you on the pill” I asked, the only response I got was a nod. I pulled her legs up with my arms to completely expose her slightly red pussy. Not waiting for anything, I shoved my saliva-covered member into her awaiting tunnel. We both gasped as all nine inches of me went straight into her, all the way. I looked straight into her eyes. Then slowly started to fuck her. I quickened the pace as I heard her moan. Her eyes were closed. She continued to moan. I quickened the pace again as my own pleasure increased. She started to moan.

“Oh yes you naught fucker!!! Oh common!!! YES!! FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!!!” she yelled as we both felt ourselves about to cum.

“I’m cumming you bitch!!!!” And at that exclamation, I filled her with ropes upon ropes of my juice while she screamed, as we orgasmed at exactly the same time. Needless to say, I withdrew and we both collapsed onto the couch. We both went up to bed together, and slept naked together in the same bed so that we could feel each-other’s nakedness. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

This was a start of a very special relationship. I will bring you many more stories of my love affair with my very last aupair.

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