My Journey with Dana Ch. 01

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Partying With Dana

I first met Dana when we worked together a few years ago. I remember being told we had a new girl starting and wondering if she would be hot. I had no idea just how gorgeous she would turn out to be and just how infatuated I would become.

We hit it off straight away and became really good friends but I always wanted more. I quickly fell for her but she was way out of my league and I was firmly in ‘the friend zone’.

We flirted a lot and I think it was pretty obvious that I was crazy about her but she seemed oblivious to it. I was never really sure if she actually didn’t know how I felt or if she was just choosing to ignore it, but eventually I started being really forward about coming on to her. Every time, she would just brush it off or act like I was just messing around.

I didn’t want to ruin our friendship because it was better having her in my life as a friend than not at all so I didn’t push the matter, but deep down it was killing me.

I was hanging out with this gorgeous, slim brunette with the most perfect arse I’ve ever seen and it drove me crazy that I couldn’t have her.

Although I enjoyed our relationship I think I was in denial about how dysfunctional it really was. She would always tell me about guys she thought were hot and she was quite open about her sexual history. Again, I was never sure if she knew how that made me feel or how jealous I was.

We hung out a lot outside of work and we usually had a great time until one night in the summer when we went to a party. Weirdly enough, if you asked me now, I honestly couldn’t tell you who’s party it was. There were a few people there that I knew but no one I was particularly close to. I don’t think Dana knew anyone aside from me so I assume I was the one who was invited and I just decided to take her along.

Whoever was throwing this party had a huge house in the countryside so I drove us both out there. On the way there I made some half serious jokes about us hooking up at the party but, as usual, Dana just laughed it off as if I was messing around.

She looked stunning as always. She was wearing a tight fitting dark grey dress down to her mid thighs with a black leather jacket, black tights, and black boots that came half way up her lower legs. Her long silky brown hair was tied in a tight pony tail, high up on the back of her head.

We hadn’t been there long before I realised what a huge mistake I had made. I was introducing Dana to some friends and we started chatting when I realised one of the guys was flirting with her. I think in the back of my mind I had kind of hoped that if Dana got a few drinks in her she might loosen up and maybe we could take our flirting a bit further. In reality we were just friends and I got a sick feeling in my stomach as I realised she was a hot single girl, at a party with lots of single guys. I couldn’t believe I hadn’t considered the possibility of her hooking up with someone else.

We spent a bit of time chatting to each other but as the party went on I noticed she was getting chatted up by more and more guys, and the more people drank, the more flirty they got. I tried to ignore it and talk to other people but the more I drank the angrier I was getting. Eventually my worst fears were realised when I stumbled into one of the reception rooms and saw Dana in the corner, making out with some guy I didn’t know.

I felt physically sick as I watched him running his hand over her perfect arse and kissing her neck. My stomach sank and I stumbled back out to the garden, almost in tears, grabbing my bag with the rest of my alcohol in it.

I don’t know how long I was sat outside in the dark feeling sorry for myself but I got more and more drunk and it seemed like the party was winding down. I finally accepted that I couldn’t sleep outside and stumbled back in. I was torn, I wanted to look for Dana and confirm to myself that she wasn’t doing anything more than kissing this guy. On the other hand I was terrified of finding out I was wrong. I made my way into the kitchen-diner area and found an empty sofa to sleep on. As I looked around I realised I had found Dana. The guy she was with was already asleep on the other sofa and Dana was cuddled up next to him with her face buried in his chest. They had a throw blanket pulled over them and her leather jacket topped the pile of clothes lying on the floor.

As I slumped on the sofa and tried to sleep, my mind raced with bahis firmalar─▒ thoughts of what they’d been up to. I desperately reassured myself that they couldn’t have gone too far. The party was winding down and people were either leaving, passing out, or heading upstairs but there were still a few people milling around and the lights were still on. They hadn’t gone up to one of the bedrooms and they seemed to be asleep already. I concluded that if all they were doing was making out it could be a lot worse and, with that, the alcohol finally pushed me off to sleep.

I woke sometime in the early hours of the morning, desperate to pee. It was dark downstairs except for a couple of unit lights in the kitchen and the only signs of life were coming from upstairs so I stumbled off to find a bathroom. Finding that the first one was occupied, I headed upstairs.

As I left the bathroom, slightly more awake, I walked down a corridor with bedrooms on either side (this house really was massive). As I looked around I noticed something I’d heard about, but not seen before. The old American college clich├ę of couples hanging a tie on the door handle of an occupied room seems to have been replaced. Nowadays, it seems girls hang their panties on the door handle while they’re getting fucked. Maybe our generation is just a bit more graphic, maybe no one wears ties anymore, I don’t know.

I approached the first door which had a very skimpy looking black thong hanging from the door handle and leant in to press my ear against it. I heard a faint moaning sound that quickly grew louder, followed by “oh yes, oh yes, that’s it baby, oh.” After a few more seconds, the voice asked breathlessly “do you want to bend me over?”

I moved to the second door where there was a pair of pink lacy panties hanging on the handle. Again I pressed up against the door to hear a man’s voice groaning and gasping “Oh, okay okay, that’s enough. Stop there or I’m gonna cum in your sexy little mouth.”

There were some rustling sounds and then the same voice asked “so which one of us do you want first?” I heard a girl giggle sweetly and then the guy again. “Ha, yeah dude that means you get stuck with sloppy seconds.” Another male voice replied “come on man, don’t act like you’re only gonna fuck this bitch once.”

Fuck me, whatever slut was in that room was going to get some dick.

As I continued down the hall, there were a few more rooms with various styles of ladies underwear hanging from the door handle. When I reached the last one I realised that the (probably slightly drunken) occupants had left a pair of white knickers and a bra hanging on the door but neglected to make sure it was shut. There was a tiny gap that I could just about see through and as I pressed my eye up to it, I could see a full length mirror on one side reflecting the large bed in the centre of the room.

My eyes shot open wide as I saw a girl with dirty blonde hair and huge tits, on her hands and knees on the bed, with a guy behind her slamming his dick into her doggy style. Next to them on the bed was a very slim brunette, I think her name was Natalie, lying on her back with her legs up over another guy’s shoulders while he pounded his cock into her pussy. There was lots of moaning and groaning, especially from Natalie who was grunting like a pig every time her man slammed into her. The other guy grabbed the dirty blonde girl’s hair and started grinding his hips in a circular motion as he groaned “fuck Jane, your pussy is so tight.”

As I watched for a couple more minutes, the guys looked at each other and nodded. Without even consulting the girls, they both pulled their dicks out and switched places. As Natalie’s new partner lined up between her thighs she wrapped her legs around his waist and purred “ooh come on big boy, let’s see what you can do with that thing.” Meanwhile, the other guy slapped his hand on one cheek of Jane’s big round arse as he ran his dick up and down her slit. “What about you slut, do you wanna see what I can do?”

“Yes,” she hissed.

“Say it then” he commanded, “tell me what you want.” Looking back at him she smiled and moaned “I want your dick baby, fuck me any way you want to, just don’t tease me.” With that, he lined himself up, shoved his cock inside her and started to forcefully slam into her from behind, pulling her hips back against his with every thrust.

It wasn’t too long before Natalie’s young pussy (not to mention her sexy tits ka├žak iddaa bouncing around on her chest) proved too much for her guy. With a grunt, he pulled out of her and carried on stroking his dick furiously. Natalie squealed in surprise as a thick jet of cum leapt from his dick all the way up to her chin. It was followed by many more, splashing all over her tits and her stomach. As if on cue, Jane’s guy also pulled his cock out, pushed her forward so she was lying flat, and began to erupt a stream of cum all over her sexy arse and up her back.

Almost in disbelief at what I had just seen, I walked away from the door.

At the end of the corridor I came to a dark alcove where I spotted Jennifer, a girl I’ve known for a long time. She was always a massive prude. I was even fairly sure she was still a virgin. Right now though, she was backed up against the wall with her jeans pulled down to her mid thighs and some muscly guy was fiercely finger fucking her while she stroked his dick up and down as fast as she could. Damn, was there something in the water here or what, it seemed like everyone was hooking up.

I collapsed drunkenly back onto my sofa and tried to sleep again, drifting in and out of consciousness for a while. I don’t know how long it had been but a noise woke me and in the dim light I glanced over at the other sofa. In that moment my stomach lurched and I felt the blood drain from my face as I saw a complete stranger facing back at me. To my horror I realised the brunette who was now spooning her man a few feet away from me was not Dana.

As this realisation hit me, a figure moved in front of me and, as I looked up, my world collapsed. There was Dana, stood in front of me looking towards the kitchen, dressed in a pair of pink lacy French cut panties and a matching pink bra. The panties were a little twisted on one side as if they had been pulled on in a hurry. What I had thought were tights, I could now see were stockings, one was down around her knee while the other was still up around her thigh but with a large hole torn in the back of it. Her smooth brown hair was no longer in a neat pony tail, it was a tussled mess hanging around her shoulders.

As I watched her stumble towards the counter top island in the centre of the kitchen, I silently retched as I thought back to what I had heard behind the door adorned with those sexy panties. My eyes welled up as the realisation really began to sink in. It was Dana in that room discussing which of the two guys were going to use her body first. I wanted the ground to swallow me up, I desperately wanted to believe I had somehow misunderstood but I couldn’t stop my mind from immediately imagining everything that had gone on in that bedroom. I wished I could shut it out but my mind presented me with images of her blowing that guy, of her mouth wrapped around his dick, of her lying on the bed trying to choose between them, and writhing in pleasure as they took turns pounding their dicks into her. While I was watching Jane and Natalie get fucked by those two guys, I had no idea that my perfect Dana was taking two dicks into her sexy little body just down the hall.

I watched through teary eyes as she walked around to the other side of the island, selected one of the many open bottles of alcohol on the counter, and poured herself a drink. I don’t think she realised I was here so I slowly pulled my jacket up a few inches to cover my face.

Soon after she started drinking, one of the guys I saw chatting her up earlier in the evening, wondered into the kitchen in just a pair of boxer shorts. This guy was huge and very toned, he could easily be an underwear model. A naughty smile spread across Dana’s face as he sauntered up to her and whispered “well well, look at you sexy, someone’s been enjoying herself.” Clearly this was not one of the guys she was upstairs with.

As he got closer to her, he put his mouth to her ear and I could no longer hear what he was saying. Whatever it was though, Dana was clearly responding to it. As he reached around to squeeze her arse with both hands, she moved a hand up to his back and giggled quietly as he whispered to her.

As they were both standing on the other side of the island, I couldn’t see anything below the waist now but eventually, I saw him bring one arm around and slip it down between them as Dana gasped and buried her face into his neck.

After a few seconds he pulled back sharply and exclaimed “oh come on, you little ka├žak bahis bitch.” He smiled, unable to keep up his pretend anger and, just loud enough for me to hear, whispered “I guess you think that’s funny letting me put my finger in that fucking sloppy mess, how many guys have you fucked tonight?” His words were like a punch to my gut but at least he was no longer trying to finger her in front of me.

My relief was short lived as he continued, “alright then you fucking dirty bitch, you think you’re funny do you?” I watched in absolute horror as he turned her to the side and gently pushed her over the counter, now facing me.

No! Please no, this can’t be happening!

I felt like my head was going to explode yet, at the same time, I could feel the blood draining from my face. I could barely make sense of my thoughts as I was still drunk but I knew what was going to happen. I heard Dana whisper “we can’t, not here” but she didn’t sound like she was really protesting. The guy moved to stand behind her as he replied “shut up, you know you want another cock in your slutty little pussy.”

He dropped his hands to his waist behind Dana and, after a few movements I couldn’t see, he silently pushed his hips forward. Dana gasped and opened her mouth wide as was she pushed forward, steadying herself on her elbows.

He continued his thrusting and I was forced to watch on helplessly as Dana was fucked right in front of me. I was devastated but it was like a train wreck, I couldn’t look away. Every time he thrust his hips Dana’s head was pushed gently forward and she would let out a gasp. Every so often she would breathlessly whisper encouragement. “Oh fuck you’re big, you’re gonna make me cum” and so on. He alternated between grabbing her neck and shoulders, and grasping her boobs as they bobbed back and forward. Occasionally he would gently pull on a handful of hair to force her head up, revealing the look of pure lust on her face.

This torment lasted for, what felt like, hours until he finally straightened her up a bit and brought his mouth to her ear once again. He whispered something I couldn’t make out but I heard Dana reply “anywhere you want to baby.”

A few seconds later he grunted, I assume as quietly as he could manage, and stopped thrusting. I saw his right arm moving quickly near his waist and Dana half moaned and half whispered “oh yeah that’s it, cum all over me.”

He finally stopped moving and stepped round to face her and they shared a drink as they waited for their breathing to return to normal. They were smiling and stroking each other gently. As she turned to lean against the counter, I saw a slight sparkle of light reflect off the fresh cum that he had sprayed all the way up her back. He (and goodness knows who else) had turned my angel into a slutty mess. Standing there in her torn stockings and twisted underwear, matted hair framing her flushed face, and cum drying on her skin and, evidently, making a ‘sloppy mess’ of her pussy. They continued a very hushed conversation of sexy comments and flirty compliments to each other when he asked if he could take her number, she simply replied “got a pen?”

As he looked around for a pen, I watched Dana do the sluttiest, yet somehow also the hottest thing I had ever seen. She slowly walked out from behind the counter to reveal her panties, still down around the tops of her thighs, she hadn’t even bothered to pull them back up when he pulled his dick out of her. She looked like she was still quite drunk (I guess she would have to be) so she held on to the counter as she rolled one of her black stockings down her leg and pulled it off her foot.

As she slurred out her phone number to this guy she casually reached down with her stocking and used it to wipe her pussy and the tops of her thighs. She then ran a hand across one of her arse cheeks and proceeded to wipe the resulting handful of cum into the wadded up piece of clothing.

With that, she walked away looking like a complete slut, one stocking missing, panties barely covering her arse, and cum still running slowly down her sexy back.

The light clicked off and I was left in darkness until sometime later when the sun came up, I didn’t sleep again.

Eventually, Dana stumbled back into the kitchen (now mostly dressed) to find me finishing a strong coffee. “You’re up early, ready to go?” she asked.

“Sure, is this your jacket?” I asked “I found it by one of the sofas.”

“Yeah thanks, I thought that was down here.” We made our way out to the car and drove home without saying much. We were both hungover and, to be honest, I wasn’t even sure she realised that she only had one stocking on.

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