My Hybrid Daughter

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All of the characters in this story have lived for at least 18 full unadulterated years, before the major events of this story.

Just a Simple Hike, is the prelude to this story. So if you haven’t read it please do so, it’s not necessary but it is worth it.

“Oh Venus”, I groan as the gorgeous silver haired creatures soft voluptuous lips slide up and down my throbbing shaft.

My eyes shoot open to the sound of a dog’s bark. “Ugh, Vi it’s like two in the morning”, I complain as I look at my alarm clock.

Woof! Grrrr! “Shut up and go back to bed.” To this she just barks and whines louder. “Come on Venus, I was getting one hell of a blow job, and from your namesake no less.” Even though it had been almost a year since the encounter with that beautiful alien, I still haven’t stopped thinking of her. Silver hair with black patterning from head to toe, a bubbly butt, and perfect handful sized tits. I remember the feel of those taught muscles under that fur.

With a groan I roll out of bed and head out of my room. I live in a mid size condo with two bedrooms an open floor plan and floor to ceiling windows looking out over the hillside. I faintly hear another sound, over the sound of my husky growling. I pet her on the head and she relaxes, that’s when I notice the sound. “Is that a baby?”

I open the door and outside on the platform in the stairwell, wrapped in silver firs is a baby girl. She has silver hair with strips of black, big full pink lips, and brown eyes with fractures of amber radiating out from her pupils. Her pale skin seems to glow against her silver hair.

“Oh god”, I feel my chest tightening, it can’t be. As I lean down and pick up the baby, I notice a note. Holding the baby in one hand, I open the note with the other.

Dear Human

Congratulations, my felia-sapien, the one you call Venus, had a litter of nine perfectly healthy babies. I figured you’d want one, as they are your children. I brought you one of four girls, the only one with brown eyes.

You can feed her just like you would a human, although raw food will not bother her and she should quite enjoy it. Good luck, Congratulations, and enjoy the life of a father.

I.D.C Science Division

Captain Ziggarot

“Oh dear god” escapes my lips as the little girls lips twitch into a slight smile and venus sniffs at her head.

“Daddy!” I hear my baby girl’s voice yell from the living room. She comes skipping in like a five year old giggling, “I’m 18, I’m a big girl now.” She just got back from school standing there in skin tight blue jeans. The dark red blouse looking great against her pale complexion. She got her height from me, standing at 5′ 8″ she was star of her high school’s girls basketball team. Her hair, silver and black like her mothers, makes her stand out in a crowd. Well, even more so than her other features I guess.

“Oh yeah, and has my big girl been a good girl today?” I say to her like I’m teasing a baby in its crib.

“Haha, of course” she winks at me, “So what are we gonna do tonight?” You might think it’s weird that my daughter, who just turned 18 today. Well sorta, I didn’t know her real birthday, so I just went with the day I got her, who knows what the gestation period for an alien was? She could be six months into eighteen for all I know, but I like to have a solid date. Anyway, a daughter spending her birthday alone with her dad might sound odd but her and I were very close. She was homeschooled until she was old enough to go to high school, at which point she determined she needed to be more social. So after a summer of begging me, I finally let her go to public school. Being virtually the only companionship we had, we grew really close in that time. Traveling the world, hiking, camping, and swimming in a different country once or twice a year.

“I already told you it was a surprise,” I hold up a finger to stop her from interrupting me. “but, I will tell you we’re staying home for dinner.”

She smiles at me, showing off her beautiful toothy grin, canines just a little too long to be fully human. “Okay, sounds fantastic. I’m gonna go and change, my tail is killing me.” With that she gives me a quick peck on the lips and strolls out of the room, with all the grace of a gazelle.

Shaking my head I head into the kitchen to start dinner. I went to business school but after a job as an accountant, I determined I didn’t have the patience for it. So I went to culinary school, years later I own three five star restaurants, in three different cities. This is why we don’t go out to eat very often, as my daughter insists I’m the best cook in the world. “Besides eating out is down grading”, or so she says.

As I start peeling potatoes I hear the shower turn on. “Just gonna change, huh?” I mumble jokingly to myself. After almost a half hour my little girl comes skipping down the stairs, years of dancing making her skips as graceful as any Prima ballerina.

Seeing her strut into the room wearing be┼čikta┼č mas├Âz escort a light blue summer dress, the hem of which barely covering her ass cheeks, making my heart beat a little faster. Shes your daughter, I silently berate myself. Her silver and black husky tail wagging excitedly at the base of her spine, through the hole in her dress. She takes a deep breath, that she releases as a sigh, “those steaks smell amazing.”

“I haven’t even cooked them yet, they’re just resting.”

“Good enough for me” say says, then squeals when I smack her ass.

“Not yet, you know it tastes better when I sear the outside for you.”

“But daddy”, she pouts, weakening the knees and making me almost give in. God those lips are just too full, plus her big eyes, it’s not fair to give all that to one person.

“Not for another half hour. Now are you gonna help with those greens or are you just going to be in the way?” I wink at her, making her giggle.

The half hour passes quickly while we cook, tease each other, and talk about our days. After awhile the conversation turns to her friends and their relationship problems.


“Yes?” I ask, only half listening at this point.

“When was the last time you had sex?”

“What?” I almost squeak out and promptly dump about half a gallon of olive oil into the pan, I was getting ready to use. “Umm… why?”

Looking down at her food blushing she stammers, “well it’s just… I don’t know… you’ve just never brought a girl around and well… you know your a guy and guys have needs and…”

Suddenly I start laughing, “your worried that your dad isn’t getting laid enough?” Tears coming to my eyes from laughing so hard.

“Well not just getting laid…”

“Baby girl” I say and she looks up at me and I meet her eyes. Large stunning eyes to get lost in, warm chocolate brown, with bottomless chasms of Amber that seem to almost glow from within. “You’re the only girl I need in my life.”

She smiles at me, “well, me and porn anyway.” She winks and nudges me with her elbow.

“Oh my god! Just get back to cleaning up, the steaks are about done, then we’ll eat.”

After everything’s cooked up and ready we head out onto the balcony. Our dining balcony is on the west side of my penthouse. It’s on my main floor, second to the top floor of the high rise we live in. We sit across from each other at a table small enough we could touch if we wanted to. With the ocean and city to my right, her left, we had one hell of a view.

“One more month of high school and your done forever”, I say. “How does that feel?”

“Great! I’ll miss some of my friends and teachers, but other than that I’m overjoyed.”

“Any boys I’m gonna have to scare away?”

“Nah, high school boys are just silly.” I knew my daughter always was nervous, being only half human and all. “Dad?” she asks after a brief silence.

“Yes love?”

“I know you’ve always said when I find the right person, the tail won’t matter, but… what if I scare them? What if they think I’m a freak? I’ve barely let any boys kiss me because I’m scared one might grab my butt and… ya…” She tells me this while playing with her potatoes and looking down at her plate shyly.

“No guys better be grabbing that butt!” I say say teasingly, “besides when you grab someone’s ass for the first time you grab cheek. You hide your tail better than that.” At her half smile I say reassuringly, “baby girl, your beautiful, everything about you. Especially that adorable little tail and your cute little fangs. You’ll find someone eventually.”

“Nah, your the only guy I need in my life.” She smiles at me affectionately.

“I can’t give you everything.”

Her lips part like she’s about to say something, then she stops and seems to change her mind and says, “everything I need.”

“Well onto happier topics, I made dessert.” I say standing up and grabbing both our plates. Enjoying the excited look on my baby’s face, I head into the kitchen. To the immediate glowing delight of my daughter’s expression, I bring out cheesecake with blackberry topping and homemade huckleberry ice cream.

“Thank all the gods”, my daughter praises and starts attacking her plate. For a girl as lean and toned as she is, she sure eats.

After our meal we move up a deck to sit by the propane fire pit and the pool to watch the sunset and talk. Lyz puts on some music and sits on the porch swing, yeah its cheesy but she loves it.

Just as I go to sit in my favorite Adirondack chair, “hey, aren’t you gonna sit by your favorite person ever? Not to mention it’s her birthday and she shouldn’t be lonely.” She pouts at me and patts the cushion next to her.

You know, maybe I should have been more strict when she pouted at me as a kid, I thought for the millionth time. “Oh okay fine, since you put it that way”, I say with a slight sigh.

I plop down next to her making our be┼čikta┼č otele gelen escort chair swing and she cuddles up to me, putting her head on my shoulder. “Thanks for dinner dad, it was as fantastic as always. Well, maybe a little better, since I helped.” she grins at me.

“Anything for my baby girl, I love you.” I look down at her and she kisses me quickly on the lips. You know she’s been doing that a lot the last few day, I realize. Hmm, oh well. “Now for your first gift”, I say with a smile. “You’ll have to make sure they fit,” I say as I give her a wrapped box which she opens to find a new pair of high heels, the ones she had been looking at.

With a squeal of delight she throws her arms around me and gives me a quick kiss. “Here tell me how they look” she tells me as she starts putting them on. When she’s done she gets up and starts strutting back and forth like a model, though more exaggerated, in a joking way.

When she turns and walks away from me I realize with the heals I can just see the bottom of her ass cheeks. Pale, smooth, skin instantly catching my eye. Nice and round, a little smaller than her moms, her ass looked fantastic on her athletic frame. With her tail, swishing tantalizingly back and forth, I feel a twinge in my loins.

“Damn Lyz, those look great on you”, I say. Daughter, your child, you helped make her; I repeat in my head. Ever since she started looking like a woman, I’ve started having desires towards my daughter that I shouldn’t have.

“Thanks dad!” she turns around quickly and I realized I was still staring at her butt. She just gives me a sly smile and starts walking back.

A while later, after she opened the rest of her presents, we were relaxing on the couch watching a romantic comedy, her choice. A couple minutes after an especially juicy sex scene, my daughter turns to me and says,”dad, if you ever do feel like your missing anything in life, let me know, I may be able to help.”

“Like what sweetie?”

“Oh nothing in particular, just you know, anything.” she says shyly.

Sitting next to my dad watching that sex scene made me kinda hot. I’ve had a bit of a crush on my dad for ever. Tall, very well muscled and fit, handsome features, confident, and so in control and mature. But it had been just that, a crush, until earlier this week.

Three days ago, I left school sick after only about an hour. My dad would be at his restaurant today until about five, so I had the house to myself to relax and enjoy. After I had changed I was walking by my dads library when I noticed a bunch of pages left out on the desk.

“Ooh what are you writing now dad?” I mutter. I walk around his desk and sit in his chair. “What the hell?”

I position myself behind her, my legs on either side of hers and slide my dick between her legs up against her belly. I just stay like that stroking her back from her ass to her shoulders.
Suddenly, with my hands on her hips, I pull back and thrust into her; all the way to the hilt in one fluid motion. Taking the breath out of her in a gasp, I immediately start fucking her in long smooth even strokes. I play with her tail, enjoying the sight of my cock splitting her pussy and trying not to cum.
“Oh lord, your pussy is seriously like a vibrator. Warmer than a humans. Tighter and your juice has a texture I cant even explain.” My toes start tingling, which is crazy because that never happens. “Venus, my Venus. That’s what I’m gonna call you, and I’m gonna cum in…

“Oh my god”, I gasp. “This is when dad met mom!” looking through the papers I realize it’s already complete and dated eighteen years ago. He must have just read it again, I thought. After taking stock of everything else on the desk; a few notes and snippets of other short stories, and a journal. My dad keeps a journal?

After glancing around nervously expecting my dad to walk in any minute, I start from the beginning of the story. My dad never had told me much about that night, just that he met her while hiking, they had sex, obviously, and that it was the only time he ever saw her. Oh and that that she was covered in silver and black fir, had fangs, and a tail.

As I read the story I start getting really turned on. Glancing around again I slip my hand into the front of my short shorts. As my mom starts sucking my dads dick while he’s tied to stakes in a grassy meadow, I start lightly rubbing my clit.

“Damn, my dad can write one sexy ass story.” I start making little circles around my pink little nub as my mom drowns my daddy’s dick in her throat. As I continue to read, my ministrations on my womanhood speeds up. Right as my dad pins my mom on her back, I see a flash of light, my back arches, and I scream out my orgasm.

Panting and shocked at the power of my orgasm, I’ve always been quiet when I cum, usually just panting heavy and shuddering. This time I screamed and I’m pretty sure I screamed, “Daddy!” Oh my be┼čikta┼č rus escort god. What’s come over me?

Feeling ashamed I almost stop, but I have to know how it ends. I have to know more about my mom and what she was like. Well, maybe I was still a little hot too…

My mom was an alien? I think after I finish the story, cumming a second time right as my dad filled my mothers pussy, conceiving me. I’d never realized quite how attracted I was to my dad but after reading that all I can think about is being in my mother’s place. Shuffling around a little more I found a letter, after a quick glance I realize it was about me. This had to have been with me when my dad found me on his doorstep.

“My mom was some alien captains pet?” I gasp after reading it. Maybe that’s why my dad never told me. Then I start giggling thinking about the implications. “And what’s he got in here” I say as I pick up his journal and lean back putting my bare feet on top of his desk. I flip through and realize it’s only about a third full so I flip to the front page.

Jan 1. – Another year and a new journal, what happened last year? Well, I didn’t get laid, that was awesome. I started working on plans for my fourth restaurant and I survived another 365 days. My restaurant…

My dad went a whole year without having sex? I’m not really surprised he’s never brought a girl home. I wonder if there’s anything juicy in here? With this I start skimming the words, trying to find anything dirty, what can I say? I can be a little bit of a rebel from time to time.

April 20 – I’ve been having feelings for my Lyz lately, feelings that I shouldn’t be having. Earlier today I saw her running down the hall naked and still a little wet from the shower. I can’t get the sight of her tight little butt and long legs, her tail swishing from side to side seductively, out of my head.

That was yesterday! He must have just been leaving his library, I didn’t even notice. Then I kept reading.

April 21 – I had a dream about my daughter last night. She’s wearing a collar with a little heart shaped tag on the front, down on her knees in front of me, those big full lips parting as she leans forward… I can’t say more but I can tell you it didn’t end there.

With that revelation my heart starts beating faster and my breaths are short and fast. My dad dreamed about me sucking him off and who knows what else? I feel myself getting wet as I picture myself actually doing that to my dad. “Oh my god, I have to do it,” I whisper to myself.

Since that moment I started hatching a plan in my head. A plan that I never thought I make. Planned to take place at a very special time, my birthday, just three days away.

“Oh nothing in particular,” I say shyly, “Just you know, anything.”

“Okay sweetheart” and he kisses my forehead.

A few minutes later I suddenly hop up, “Hey! I forgot to tell you, my friends and I are going to a costume party this weekend.”

“In april?”

“It’s up at the college, it’ll be fun.”

“Your going to a frat party aren’t you?”

“It’s just a party dad, besides you know how responsible I am. I’ll probably end up being the DD anyway.”

“Okay? And your telling me this now because?”

“You got me the last thing I needed, those shoes!”

“Your welcome?”

“I have to try my costume on, wanna see it?”

“Yeah, sure honey.”

“Okay, I’ll be right back,” I say as I run up the stairs. My plan is just starting to play out and I’m getting nervous. “Hold it together Lyz, you can do this” I whisper under my breath.

“Girls”, I mumble under my breath. Shaking my head, I put the movie on pause and pull out my phone. A few minutes later she comes down the stairs, I don’t look up as I’m engrossed in an article on the latest advancements in technology.

“Well? What do you think?” I look up from my phone following long beautiful legs in heels, then I hit a short plaid skirt, way too short to be a catholic school girls. As I continue my way up my heart starts beating faster, her white shirt only buttoned up just past her bra, making her perky c cup breasts stand out beautifully. I pause there way to long before I can force my eyes to continue. When I get to her neck I gasp and feel a twinge in my loins, she’s wearing a pink collar tight against her neck, a little black heart tag with silver lettering spelling out her name on the front. Breathing heavily my eyes continue their way up past beautiful pink full lips, set In a slight pout, across the light freckles on her delicate nose, to her eyes, deep brown and mesmerizing. That’s when I notice fluffy silver ears, pointed and flopped slightly forward like a collies.

“You like it?” she asks turning to the side and arching her back, making the curve of her butt overly pronounced, her tail twitching back and forth nervously.

“Uhh… hmm… gah…” smooth Jake, that’s your daughter. “Exactly what kind of party are you going to again?”

“Dad, it’s just a simple party, Beth, Joyce, and I are dressing up like anime characters. I figured it was a good way to be able to go somewhere with my tail out for once.” She says laughing at me.

“Ahh” I say as I realize I haven’t taken my eyes off her ass since she turned like that.

“So?” she asks me as I jerk my eyes up to meet hers.

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