Eki 07

My Girlfriend Lisa

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My girlfriend Lisa was gorgeous in her small tank top and jean shorts. She always made me so hot and no other girl could eat my pussy like she did. We were in her kitchen just talking when she leaned over, squeezed my tits and started rubbing them. I put my hand between her legs. And kissed her.

“A little horny are we sweetie?” I asked her.

She pulled my top down and took my nipple between her fingers.

“I am always horny for you babe.” She ran her hot tongue over my nipple, opening her mouth wide, taking as much of my boob in it as she could. We are so in love with each other. Lisa and I had been lovers for a year and a half now. I massaged her shoulders, as my nipple grew hard in her mouth.

She put her hands on my bare hips as she kissed me again. I took her tongue into my mouth and sucked it. She pulled it out of my mouth and sucked my lower lip between her soft sweet lips. She sucked and nibbled at it as I gently ran my hand over her face. She squeezed my hips, and pulled me up out of my chair. She looked up at me.

“You are so beautiful Amanda.” Lisa kissed my stomach softly as I felt her hands on my ass.

“I love you so much honey.” I said to her.

She teased my bellybutton with her tongue as she undid my tight jeans, sliding them down.

“You are so sexy.” She said as she slid her hands under my panties and squeezed my ass, looking up at me.

“You aksaray escort are so sweet.” I said.

I took her hands from my ass and walked around her chair. I reached around her and rubbed her small sensitive breasts before pulling my sweet Lisa’s blouse over her head. I slid my hand down between her legs, taking her small tit in my other hand.

“I love your small hard nipples.” I said, then kissed her. I squeezed her nipple and played with it between my fingers before using both hands to open her shorts. I slid my hand down in them, over my lover’s soft lips.

“Mmmm…” Lisa moaned softly.

“Hmmm, I like it when you don’t wear underwear.”

She stood up as I took my top off. Her shorts fell to the floor. God she was beautiful. I kissed her and rubbed her perfect ass.

“I’m glad we’re in the kitchen baby, cause I am so gonna eat you out.”

“Mmmm…you know I love what you do to me.” Lisa said as she climbed onto the table on her knees.

“I love your hot little ass honey.” I slapped her firm ass playfully.

“Mmmm…” She just looked back and smiled at me, wiggling her ass teasingly.

I sat down on a chair and leaned back with my head between my lover’s legs. I blew on her sweet pussy as she sat down. I licked her lips, tasting her sweet moistness on my tongue. I put my whole mouth on her delicious pussy and sucked it hard.

“Mmmmm, escort bayan Amanda yeah!”

I sucked her wet lips as she pressed her pussy down hard on my face. I was getting so hot. I pulled my panties aside and rubbed my pussy, feeling it get wetter. I shoved my tongue into Lisa.

“Ahhhhhhh! Uh-huh!”

I licked her clit, sucking it into my mouth as I slid a finger into my pussy. Lisa’s pussy covered my face as she started humping my mouth.

“Oh god Amanda.” She rolled over on the table.

I stood up, my face covered with her scent.

“Come here.” Lisa said to me. I stood next to the table and kissed her as she reached down and put her hand on the huge wet spot on my panties. She squeezed my pussy as we kissed passionately.

“Mmmm…” She broke the kiss. “It needs some attention.”

I crawled onto the table, straddling my young lover. Lisa giggled as I felt her pull my panties to the side.

“You’re so wet.”

Lisa licked my already swollen lips.

“Oh baby!”

She licked at my pussy, her hands on my ass. She teased my ass with her finger as her tongue slid inside me. I reached back and put my hand on hers.

“Ooooh Lisa it feels soooo good!”

She pulled my panties over hard. She had my ass so hot I just had to slide my finger in it. As I did this, Lisa sucked my pussy hard.

“OH FUCK THAT’S escort GOOD!” I screamed, sliding my finger in and out of my ass.

Lisa lapped up all of my wetness and slapped my ass lightly.

“Your pussy is so sweet.”

I got off of her as she climbed off the table. I knelt on the table as we tongued each other. Kissing and sucking tongues as Lisa squeezed my aching tits. I sat on the edge of the table. My gorgeous lover walked away.

“Don’t move.”

I loved to watch her ass as she walked. She came back into the room and help up a huge pink dildo and smiled.

“Oh my.” I smiled back at her and opened my legs. Lisa knelt down and kissed my pussy.

“Mmmmm…so delicious.”

She spread my pussy with her fingers and rubbed her dildo over it.

“You want it?” She teased

“Oh yeah!”


She slid it in me.


She licked my pussy as she slid the dildo all the way in me. She started working my pussy good. The wet sloshing sound made it clear that I was close to cumming. Lisa pulled her dildo from my pussy and licked my juice from it before leaning down and sucking my pussy hard.


She ate my pussy hungrily as I humped her face.


My whole body shook as I came. Lisa never took her mouth off me. She lapped up all of my cum as I squeezed her head with my thighs. She stood up. I leaned into her and kissed her hard.

“God you are great Lisa!”

“I love making you cum honey”

I licked my cum from her lips and sucked her tongue into my mouth. I was spent.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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