My Girl-Hanna

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If you’re underage or offended by erotic literature, don’t read any further. In fact if either of those describes you-get off this website.

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My name is…well name’s not important. Call me Ishmael-nah, just kidding. You can call me Nick. But I’m not writing this to tell you about me. I’m writing this to tell you about my girls. These are the girls I’ve known, the girls I’ve loved.

I’m a lucky man. I have a good life. I’m a musician. I’ve worked tours, studios, jingles, composing, songwriting, engineering and producing. My job is incredibly fun and I’ve made pretty good money at it. No, I’m not famous. Don’t even ask. You wouldn’t recognize my name if I told you.

I’ve had the chance to see some amazing places and meet some amazing women along the way. I’m going to tell you about some of them-not all, but some. Over the years I’ve slept with about three hundred women. I’m not bragging or anything, I’m just trying to make a point. My point is that the stories here are based on those girls. Some of the stories are combinations of more than one girls’ tale, but that’s only to keep me from writing hundreds of stories. What you’re about to read is based on true events.

Whether you believe them or not doesn’t make any difference to me. I got to live them so that’s all I need. Now I’m an old married guy, middle age is slipping by and I’m just reminiscing about the girls I’ve known in my life. Don’t get me wrong. I may not be chasing after girls anymore but I’m still a lucky man. I’ve spent over twenty years now with the same girl and I love it. I’ve never been happier and I’ve never been unfaithful. But every now and then I stop to remember….


Hanna was the youngest of four sisters, all of them gorgeous. Though they were all beautiful, they were a bit of an acquired taste. They were loud, brash, fiery redheads whose temperaments matched their appearance. Hanna was two years younger, so I never paid much attention to her when we were in school. But when we got older it was another story.

For over a year in high school I’d tried to get Hanna’s sister, Julia to go out with me. I didn’t know my efforts would’ve paid off if I’d asked Hanna instead. Hanna was voluptuous with dark red hair, porcelain skin, and emerald green eyes. She stood about 5’4″ with a 36D chest and a classic hourglass figure.

I bumped into her at the supermarket one day. She had little twin girls that were as wild as she’d been. After hugs and hellos, I asked her, “When did you have yourself cloned?”

She punched me in the chest like she had in school and said, “I didn’t. They don’t get all this from me-they got some of this from my ex.”

Interesting. She managed to shift the blame and let me know she was single again in one line. Sarcastically I said, “Yeah, that must be it. You always were such an angel.”

Not to be outdone she came back with, “Keep it up, mister. That crush I had on you for all these years is disappearing pretty fast right now.”

I was speechless. I had no idea.

“Why do you think Julia never went out with you? I had dibs on you,” she said with a wicked, sexy smile.

“Well, I was clueless. You ought to tell a guy. You could tell me all about it over dinner now, if you’re still interested.”

She leaned against me, rubbing her tits against me she whispered. “Oh, fuck yes. You look any yummier now than you did in high school. Why don’t I have you for dinner?”

I asked, “How about tomorrow night? I’ll make dinner for you.”

“Great. A hot guy who cooks-my crush is coming back.”

The next kurtk├Ây escort night I made a simple dinner of shrimp and rice with chocolate covered cherries for dessert. Being a single dad, necessity forced me to learn my way around the kitchen. I could cook welll enough to keep the two of us alive. I got a little apartment for us on the lake for the summer while I was between gigs. It was a great spot, quiet enough to relax with a great view.

My son was sleeping at a friend’s house and I managed to get most of his toys out of sight to make the place a little more romantic. I laid dinner out on the coffee table and put pillows around it on the floor for an indoor picnic.

She plastered herself to me as I opened the door. Lips, breasts, sweet perfume enveloped me as she kissed me and ground her body against mine. It took a while for us to get settled and start to eat. We went back and forth between nibbling on the food and each other. By the time we finished, I was ready to ravage her. During dessert it was hard to tell if the making out was interrupting our eating or if our eating was interrupting our make out session. All I know is the feel and taste of her was more scrumptious than anything I’d cooked.

“I want to tear your clothes off right here-right now.”

She slowly stood up and said, “No. I want you to go get in bed and wait for me. I’ll be there in a minute.”

“Really? And what do I get for waiting?” I asked.

She rubbed her hot little body against me. She slipped her hand down to trace the length and width of my cock as she moaned deep in her throat, “Hmmmm…if you’re naked and as big and hard as I think you are…you get to have me…anyway you want me.”

With a kiss, she turned and headed to the master bathroom. For a minute I started to clean up. Then I looked at the plates in my hands and shook my head. ‘Fuck it,’ I thought. I can clean up anytime, now’s the time to get some pussy. The stack of plates teetered back and forth on the table as I walked down the hall.

The trail of clothes she’d left on the way to the bathroom mingled with mine. By the time I’d settled into my old four-poster bed the comforter was hanging half way off onto the floor. Candlelight made the room and the sheet across me glow in a soft, sweet light. I laid back, hard and ready.

The sight of her as she stepped in to the room left me speechless. Her red hair framed her eyes and wicked smile. Her sweet, voluptuous curves were accented by dark green lace. There in my doorway was the stuff of fantasies. Even in the dark, her porcelain skin would have given off a glow of it’s own.

I turned to slip off the bed and take her in my arms but before I could get on my feet she stepped in between my legs and put her hands on my chest. Soft, warm hands were moving over my chest and legs. Soft, wet lips were crushed against my mouth. She whispered, “Sit right there. I’ve been dreaming about this for years.”

Slowly she let her mouth trail down my neck and across my chest, stopping along the way to kiss and nibble on my skin. She flicked her tongue over my nipples, and teased them before she sucked them into the heat of her mouth, making me squirm.

I lay back and moaned when she took my cock in her mouth. She was an artist. She kissed and nibbled, sucked and licked, teased and fucked her mouth up and down my shaft. The whole time she did, she played with her tits and pussy. When she shoved her fingers in her pussy she slid down to take me deeper in her mouth and moaned.

Panting and close to making us both come, she pulled back to release my cock from those lips and climbed up to slide it into her pussy. She sank down onto me and sighed. We kissed malatya escort as she began to grind her clit against me and ride up and down on me, fucking her cunt the way she’d just been fucking her mouth.

I grabbed her tits and kissed, licked, nibbled and sucked on them. I made her scream and moan as she fucked me. She came once, twice and was headed to a third when I pushed her tits together so I could put nipples in my mouth while I grabbed her sweet round ass and tease her. When she started to come I shoved two wet fingers up in her ass. She wailed, “Oh, yeah. Fuck my ass,” and clamped down on my cock and fingers so hard I thought she might break all three off.

As she caught her breath she kept grinding against me and asked, “How did you know I like to have my ass fucked? Please, Baby. Please fuck my ass. Shove that thick cock up in me and make me feel it.”

“Get on your knees,” I said. She gingerly lifted off me and I rolled away. She stayed right where she was and just lifted her ass for me to take it. “I’ve never done this before,” I said. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t. I’m so hot right now I’ll be relaxed. That’s very important. Your cock and my ass are wet enough we won’t need any lube. Stick your fingers in my pussy and get them wet. Ohhhhh…that’s good. Then use your fingers to open me up, slid them in and out slowly until you feel me relax. First one…oh yeah. Then two…yessssss. Then three…oh gawd. That’s it. Now that I’m loosened up pull your hand back and stick your cock in.”

She was rubbing her clit and playing with her tits like a woman possessed. When I felt her nearing another peak, I pushed my cock into her hot, tight ass. I’d never felt anything like it before. Her ass was like a tight little fist that was pushing me out and pulling me in at the same time. With just the head and a couple of inches in she was moaning and begging me to fuck her hard. Before I could thrust all the way in I had a muscle spasm in my legs. I started shoving in and out of her with short fast strokes.

She clawed at the bed and came, falling forward onto the bed and opening her ass up for me to slide all the way inside. Her moans turned to whimpers as I began a deep hard stroking in and out of her tight asshole. My stomach was slapping against her upturned butt and my balls were slapping against her cunt. She stopped playing with her clit, but kept coming. I’d been nervous but as the more her body responded the faster and harder I drilled her out with my rock hard cock. Her full round cheeks quivered with every thrust and each second I got a little closer to unloading my balls into her sweet ass.

With a yell I shoved into her one last time and pulled her up so her body lifted off the bed and plastered to my chest. Grabbing her tits I squeezed them as I bit down on her neck. She came so hard I thought she was going to tear my cock off at the base.

Slowly she slid off my rod and lay down on the bed. I curled up beside her and ran my fingers along her soft curves. After catching her breath, she went to the bathroom to get cleaned up and brought a warm washcloth back with her. I rolled over to let her wash me and she saw I was still hard.

“Oh gawd, please don’t tell me you want to do that again,” she said with a smile. “I don’t think I could take it.”

“I’m wiped out, but he still wants to play,” I answered. “That’s why my ex said I should have two wives. She said I needed two girls to fuck. That was they might be able to keep up with me.”

Staring at my cock as it stood straight up she said, “She might be right, but I don’t like to share. If it were me, I’d want to keep you all to myself.”

Sitting back against kayseri escort the headboard, I let her lie across my legs and play with my cock as I watched her. She was fascinated rubbing her face and tits on me as we talked. Kisses around the head turned to licking all over my shaft and balls before she finally leaned forward and took me deep in her mouth to fuck her face with my dick. When I’d had all I could take, I flipped her over and pulled her legs up over my shoulders.

“Do you want some more of this cock?” I asked as I drug the head up and down her slick cunt lips.

“Yes, I do.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“Give it to me. Give it to me now,” she said.

“That wasn’t very polite. Are you sure you know what you want?” I teased.

“Yes, I want your cock. Give it to me.”

“I don’t know if I should. You don’t seem like you really want it to me. If you really wanted it you’d ask politely, and tell me exactly what you want me to do,” I said.

“She pulled me down so we were eye to eye and said, “I want you to take that long, hard, thick cock and shove it in my tight, wet, little pussy and fuck me until I beg for mercy.”

“Oh, really? That’s more like it…but you didn’t say the magic word.” I knew as a parent she’d probably had the same conversation with her kids and-forced them to say….

“Please. I want you to fuck me, please,” she begged.

As she said “please” the second time I shoved into her balls deep. One long, hard, deep thrust all the way into her tight little cunt. She wailed and moaned in my ear.

“Is that what you want?” I asked her as I pounded into her upturned pussy.

“Oh, gawd yes. Thank you. Thank you.”

“You…are…welcome,” I said. Each word accompanied by another thrust into her depths. Reading around her legs, I thumbed her clit sending her into another climax just as I said “welcome”.

I pounded her relentlessly. Twice I felt her lips contract around me and flood my shaft and balls with her sweet come. Nearing the end I said, “I’m gonna come so hard. Where do you want it?”

She been reduced to little whines and guttural whimpers. Each savage thrust forced another one out of her. (I loved hearing her do that-it’s my favorite sound in the world.) It took her a minute to answer, “Shoot in my pussy. Shoot on my tits. Shoot in my mouth and all over my face. Just give me that sweet hot come. Give it to me, please.”

As she said “please” I fired the first wad into her cunt. It triggered another spasm and climax in her. The second and third landed on her pussy lips and ass as I pulled out. The fourth, fifth and sixth shot out onto her chest, one landing on each tit and one in her deep cleavage. The seventh hit her in the face before she locked her lips around me to swallow the rest of my seed.

I fucked her face and pumped into her hot sucking mouth until she pulled away and let the rest fall on her face as she stroked my shaft to milk me dry. When I finally stopped shooting all over her come drenched face, she sucked the head back in to get the taste of my come on her tongue. Slipping from her mouth I collapsed. She lay there for a while before she rolled over to see I was still hard.

“Oh, God. You’re still hard. Please don’t put that thing in me. I need to rest.”

“A while ago you didn’t mind having ‘that thing’ in you. In fact you were begging for it,” I teased her. “Now you don’t want anything to do with ‘that thing’ huh?”

“I’ll fuck you again, I swear. But you gotta let me rest, please.”

Laughing I pulled her to me and spread my come over both of us as we held each other close. We slept just like that, hot sweaty and covered in come. She woke me with another of her fantastic blowjobs later that night and we kept at it until we both collapsed.

The next day I woke up alone. There was a note on the bedside table that simply said, “Thank you. Dibs on Friday at my place.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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