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My First Times

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I had to get this physical from the school nurse when I was 18 and I was a bit worried because I thought I had a problem with my cock. Compared to others boys my age, it had always been way way bigger. I always tried to hide my bulge by wearing loose fitting pants, because I was scared I was a freak or something. The nurse was a young 25yo fit bombshell with huge round fake tits and she was real hot. When she asked me to get naked so she could check my junk, I didn’t know what to do. I was getting a hard-on from seeing her generous cleavage. She saw I was nervous so she pulled my pants down swiftly.

Then, she saw IT. My semi-hard dong was already 15+ inches long, with two enormous goose-egg sized balls sticking ten inches underneath. She screamed and I was scared. Then, she tried to reassure me while jacking my hardening tool and telling me there was nothing wrong with me and I was a total stud for having such a massive cock. I was real proud and soon reached my full hard length of 18 inches. She was licking the vast surface of my massive appendage, kissing it and biting it until I felt my precum erupt out of my cumslit. It arched high up in the air.

“Ooh, you’re coming so much!” she cooed, but then she realized it was only my precum. “Damn, that’s way more than a normal guy! Your loads must be gigantic, please, please show me!”

She disrobed and showed me her massive mammaries, playing with them and licking her nipples sensuously. I couldn’t take it and started yanking my shaft with both hands until I came like a cannon all over them. Just one wad was enough to drench her cleavage, I cum so much. But I was far from done. I aimed my dong at her face and my second cumshot splashed her nose and mouth. The next six loads totally covered her hair, neck and face. She put her mouth on the end of my 18+ inch mega-rod and I filled her mouth and throat up several times over. Finally, I plastered the wall ten feet away with ounces of boycream just to show her how powerful my cumshots were. I was done after three minutes of heavy cumming but my raging hardon wouldn’t go down.

She pulled her panties down and I saw her trimmed pussy. She stuck her whole hand inside and showed me where I should be sticking my massive pud next. She had been practising with giant dildoes apparently and was ready for my enormous 18yo monstercock. She impaled herself on half of my dong at first, telling me to stop cos I was so thick and deep already. After ten minutes or so, she managed to fit another 6 inches of my arm-thick rod. Her pussy was so warm and soft, I came after only twenty minutes of heavy fucking. My second load was just as massive as the first. I can usually reload and refill my sperm factories in no time. Her tummy was starting to expand from the pressure of my voluminous discharge so I removed my cum-covered dong from her distended hole and out squirted huge rivers of cum all over the place. I was still firing like crazy and adding more thick layers of goo to her already plastered countenance but she loved it.

“Fuck me some more, stud!” she grunted while positioning herself on all fours on the medical bed.

I held her hips with my hands and pushed ten inches of rock-hard cock deep inside her snatch in one go. With all the cum covering it and the sperm still coating her pussywalls, it was easy. The next five inches were a bit tougher but I was soon banging the back of her womb with my enormous helmet. I loved it and came after ten minutes only. Fortunately, my orgasms last minutes, and she came like five times while I was dumping my heavy load. She asked me if I could still get going so I flexed my mighty shaft and lifted her clear off the table. She was impaled in mid-air of my turgid monster with all her weight being carried on it. So she knew what the answer was. She rode me like that for twenty minutes, bouncing up and down on 15 inches of shaft until istanbul escort I unloaded again for almost four minutes non-stop, I was so horny. Her tummy started aching from the volume of cum inside her so she un-mounted me and took a pause just yanking my crank while the cum seeped out of her gaping hole.

The room was stinking of cum and pussy juices but she wanted more and asked me to reach the ceiling with my next loads. When I felt the cum boiling in my huge balls, I flexed mightily, my six-pack and huge biceps displaying their awesome power and my massive pillar standing vertically. Just then, a super-thick strand over three feet long blasted from my tip and splashed loudly against the ceiling. “More, more, she chanted!” while I was coating the ceiling with more and more huge ropes of thick semen. After two minutes, my shots were still reaching the ceiling and cum was raining down on us in thick yo-yoing strands.

Eventually, I was still cumming but each wad was less powerful and now only a couple of ounces worth so she let it rain down on her with her mouth open to catch as much as possible. I unloaded the final dozen shots directly down her throat, since she was such a cum-hungry slut. I was the last kid for the physical that day and we had been at it for a couple of hours but my stallion-sized boymeat was still ready for more. So she drove me back to her place, not far away and I fucked her all night long. She couldn’t walk for the next two days and had to call in sick. In the morning, after cumming like twenty times, I still had a boner. I guess my first time was pretty wild.

My Second Time

I hit puberty very early and started growing muscles real fast because I have a condition whereby I don’t make myostatin, and that makes my muscles grow continuously. Also, I started hitting the gym at 12, so by 18 I was really buff, with huge muscles that made me look like a pro-bodybuilder.

Anyway, I was at the new local gym pumping iron, curling 100lbs weights in each arm and it was quite late, I think they were about to close. The manager of the gym was a 40 year old fitness pro with huge fake boobs and long blond hair. She told me she was about to close and started turning round when she must have noticed my huge bulge so she did a double-turn. I was wearing pretty tight spandex shorts so my 12-inch soft meat and huge balls were totally overfilling them and clearly visible. She told me she had never seen such a strong boy as me and said I could go on and finish my reps. She stood in front of me and start running her hands along her huge breasts and playing with her hard nipples. I kept pumping but seeing her like this got my dong hard.

She noticed and got down on her knees to run her hands along its 18-inch length and massive girth. I started leaking precum like crazy so she pulled my shorts down and my dong hit my heavy pecs with a thump. Soon, she was giving me a sloppy blowjob, trying to engulf as many inches as possible of my monster cock while I continued curling. She removed her top and gave me a titfuck until I exploded white cream all over the place, plastering her face, hair and huge bosom with ounces of my warm seed. I put the dumbbells down and lifted her up on my still rock-hard member before impaling her with half of my rod. She was delirious and squirting non-stop, telling me I was by far the biggest stud she had ever fucked.

That made me real proud so I dumped a huge load of cum deep inside her pussy until it overflowed and started leaking on the gym floor. I kept going on, pumping my red-hot pole inside her tight pussy. I lied down on the barbell machine and she rode me while I lifted the largest set of the gym. She was bobbing twelve inches up and down the length of my rigid 18yo shaft, engulfing almost all of it. She asked me to cum again and fill her up with another monster load so I obliged, istanbul escort bayan shooting heavy blasts for two minutes. Halfway through my orgasm, she removed my cum cannon from her pussy and aimed the remaining dozen shots all over her toned body.

She was totally covered in the stuff so we headed for the showers, me carrying her on my cock.

There, another female employee of the gym was just getting out of the shower. When she saw us, she immediately jumped on my titanium bar and started rubbing her moist pussy over its length with the other chick. I was in heaven and came like a firehose all over the locker room floor. In the shower, they both licked me clean and gave me another sumptuous blowjob, coaxing another heavy load from my sperm tanks. Huge strands of cum were running down the shower walls. I fucked them both doggy-style for another half-hour, dumping my remaining cream over their asses and back. After that, we had regular hot romps in the gym after closing time, sometimes with 4 or five female employees at once.

My Third Time

I was alone at home, my parents were at work and I didn’t have school that day so I was doing some curls with 200lbs dumbbells in the back garden. I was not wearing anything except my XXXXL sized posing pouches I had to buy custom-made from a special shop for people with huge cocks. My 12″ soft dong was hanging all the way to my knees, with each melon-sized ball making a huge bulge. So there I was, doing curls and my busty blond 40yo neighbor peeked over the edge and saw me.

“Wow, you’re so muscular Timmy, why don’t you come over and show me those huge muscles of yours!” she exclaimed.

So I walked over to join her in her back garden. She was wearing a two-piece bikini and I could see her giant fake tits and super-fit body. She started running her hands all over my body, feeling my huge 24″ biceps and 8-pack abs and I could feel her big tits pressed against my massive pecs. Then, she started to run her hands down my soft shaft.

“You have the biggest cock I have ever felt by far. My husband is only 4 inches, will you fuck me please?” she pleaded.

I nodded and she pulled my trunks down, revealing my now growing monster dong. She licked it as much as possible and rubbed it until it grew rock-hard, then she measured it. I was over 4 times longer and 4 times thicker than her husband at 18″ long and 11″ around. She was totally amazed that a 18yo kid could be that hung and she stripped down quickly and let me admire her huge tits and shaved pussy. She gave me a crazy blowjob, sticking my fist-sized helmet all the way down her throat and jacking the rest of my giant shaft with both hands until I came like a fountain directly in her stomach, cum was running out of her mouth and nose, there was so much of it. I pulled out and finished off over her titties, totally covering them with my cream.

I was still hard so I picked her up and fucked her hard standing up, holding her hips and using her body to jack off my hungry beast. She was coming like crazy, squirting all over the place. I came again in her pussy and filled her up so much with my second load, cum was running down my cock and her legs for minutes. I kept pumping, then switched position and let her ride my pole on top. She was bouncing up and down and taking over half my cock on each stroke, she was that wet and horny. No other woman has been able to take that much of me ever since and I fucked like 400 women so far. I started cumming again but she pulled my cock out, she wanted to see my load blowing, she said it was so hot seeing me blast massive amounts of cum from my giant dick. So I covered her face and tits and came all over the place, there were puddles of cum everywhere on the patio. She said I came like hundreds of times more than her husband.

That’s when he arrived, he was so shocked his escort istanbul wife was fucking the 18yo boy next door. She told him I was so much better than him and showed him my super-hard cock to prove it and asked me to fuck her some more in front of him. I was so horny I didn’t care he was there and I pounded her hard and fast right there. He couldn’t do a thing, I was much stronger than him anyway, I could have beaten him up if I wanted. After she came like ten times, she begged me to stop and to cum again all over her so I pulled out and I showered her with another huge load. I also aimed my cum hose at her loser husband and covered his clothes with my thick cream. The guy was totally humiliated.

She told him to get naked, he had a tiny erection, obviously he was enjoying the show. She put both our cocks together and I was thicker than he was long. She held my heavy staff and used it to smack her husband. I was so hard it really hurt him. But he liked it because he came a tiny drop.

“What a pathetic load, no wonder I can’t get pregnant with you. Timmy, show him how a real man cums!” she laughed at him.

She jacked my huge dong and made me cum again. I came even more than the other times, the whole situation was so fucking crazy. My wads were going six feet in the air and raining down on all of us. She licked my body clean and the ounces of cum on her face and tits too and asked me if I could fuck her more. I said yes, no problem, I was still hard. So I pounded her again in front of hubby who was now crying like a baby, watching a massive 18yo stud fuck the shit out of his wife. She told me to carry her to their marital bed so I placed her on my cock and carried her that way, with my cock supporting her whole body weight. On the bed, I fucked her from behind real hard doggy style, she loved it and came so much her pussy juices were soaking the bedsheets.

That’s when I added my giant load and then the bedsheets were totally covered in an inch-thick layer of my cream. I must have come like 20 shots of 2 ounces each so it was a lot. Hubby had joined us by then and she ordered him to lick my cum from the bed. While he was doing that, she gave me a nice slow blowjob, managing about ten inches of cock in her mouth and throat this time. She was playing with my enormous balls at the same time. When her husband finished, she told him to sit in the corner, then she told me to cum and when I started blasting off, she took my cock and aimed it at him. The cum flew everywhere, on the wall, on the carpet but also on him, the poor guy was covered with my 18yo super-virile cream. My huge spermtanks have so much cum in them and I was still hard and ready for more.

She couldn’t believe it. She said she never saw a man stay hard after cumming and here I was, coming seven times and still wanting more. She said I was a total stud and that made me real proud. So I fucked her missionary this time and we kissed and I licked her tits a lot and finally I came again deep inside her, filling her up with ounces of my goo. This time, she got her husband to lick my creampie directly from her cunt while she wanked my still rock-hard shaft. It took a while for him to finish, her hole was so bloated from the huge amounts and it was running out of her pussy like a river for minutes. Since I was still hard, she asked me if I wanted a titfuck. I said yes so she wrapped her huge mounds around my shaft and gave me a really hot titwank. It was so good I didn’t last very long and blew my load directly in her face, some cum also hitting the headboard and the wall behind.

She told me it would be so hot if I could cum ten times in a row. Her sexy words got me going so I stayed hard to please her and she rode me once again. She said she would offer me her virgin arse for my tenth load and she did. It was hard sticking my arm-thick dong up her backdoor but we managed eventually and then she was bouncing up and down my hard dick like a crazy bitch, taking in like 12 inches up her arse. After half an hour, I came my last load, exploding deep in her arse for minutes. I left her husband to clean up the mess and went back home just in time for my parents to arrive.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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