My First (Time) Taboo Ch. 02

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My name is Lucy and this part of my story takes place near the end of my summer before I started college. I suggest you read the first part of my story first or you might be very confused.

For a long month after my experience with my mother, she was almost cold to me. She rarely did things with me other than an occasional movie at night and she started dressing differently, showing less skin, and talking less about her girlfriend and girls in general. In fact she spent so much time with her girlfriend, that I felt like she was trying to avoid me. But as that first month passed she began to change back to how she behaved before the incident.

I on the other hand started thinking more and more about having sex with her and touching her breasts. I knew it was wrong or taboo. I really didn’t like the thoughts I was having, but thinking about what we had done seemed so dirty and kinky and so amazingly good. It was like I knew it was wrong and that just made me want it more.

I thought about telling people I was a lesbian. I really didn’t know how to come out and I was afraid of losing my friends, but I didn’t know how I was going to get a girlfriend if I didn’t, and I really wanted one. Maybe then I wouldn’t have these odd desires anymore.

So I talked to my mom and asked her opinion. She thought it was a good idea for me to just keep it a secret. Maybe at college would be a better place to come out, she explained to me. After that we started talking even more about girls and she even suggested that she could set me up.

My mom’s girlfriend was only twenty-six years old. My mom was thirty-seven at the time. My mom could have any girl she wanted. She is gorgeous and tall and thin and just has the body of a goddess (remember 37F and tiny waist). I told her I might be interested if she could find someone close to my age. She actually joked with me saying that she thought I liked older women. When I said I would if they looked like her she blushed. From that point my mom suddenly was acting how she had been at the beginning of the summer, and although she wasn’t asking me to rub tanning oil on her anymore, she was wearing skimpy clothes around me again.

Mom and I started hanging around together a lot more. We watched movies together all the time and I even went with her and her girlfriend out to dinner a few times. It was really nice getting to know Anna too. I have to admit I flirted with Anna a lot, and I swear she flirted with me too, but I would never do anything with her behind my mom’s back.

My mom began dressing sexy around me and I began to get aroused around her and found excuses to ata┼čehir escort lean against her or put my hands on her waist. And I started wearing bikinis around the house or walking around in my underwear and tight tank-tops just to see if I could get her to look at me. Sometimes it worked and I loved the attention.

Then one night when we were watching a movie together I plopped down on the couch next to her and leaned against her with my head back on her shoulder and she put her arm around me and rested her hand on my waist. As the movie went on I leaned my head over to look down at her cleavage. Her breasts are so huge and her nipples were hard. I imagined sucking them out by the pool that day, and I felt myself getting so wet. I wanted to put my hands on them, but knew I shouldn’t. Instead I reached up and cupped my own breast.

At first I just squeezed it gently, and then I slipped my hand down the top and rubbed my nipple a bit, still staring at my mom’s breasts. I felt my nipple in my hand and twisted it a little. It felt really good.

My mom wanted to get up then to get a drink and we paused the movie. I went into the kitchen with her. That’s when I asked her if she ever thought about that day we spent by the pool. She of course said yes and she paused a long time afterwards and I wasn’t sure what she was thinking. I told her I had dreams about it a lot and she admitted she did as well. We didn’t say much else about it, but this time when we went back to the living room my mom sat in a chair instead of beside me on the couch.

When the movie ended my mom decided to take a bath before bed. I couldn’t stand it. After she had been in there a while I found an excuse to go in and talk to her. She was leaning back in the tub and soaking in something that smelled wonderful. She didn’t cover up when I walked in and her breasts were floating above the water. Her nipples were both enormous and her eyes were closed, but she spoke to me right away. I just chatted with her about this and that and knelt down next to her by the tub. We just talked for the longest time until she was done soaking and then I watched her dry her body off.

As she stood there in a towel I began to strip in front of her, and she asked me what I was doing. I told her I was just going to take a shower, but I had actually hoped that her seeing my naked body would get her excited enough to make the same mistake twice. It didn’t work, but she did look me over a lot and even complimented me on how slim I looked, but of course she had to mention how I would make someone very happy someday.

I cooled off avc─▒lar escort in the shower and was in my bedroom thinking about how I was glad that nothing had happened when my mom walked in the room wearing a nightie. I was combing my hair in the mirror and she jumped on my bed with a magazine lying there on her stomach and looking at the magazine. She used to always hang out in my room before I went to bed and we would just talk. She would occasionally wear a nightie, but she hadn’t since the incident. Plus I could plainly see as the nightie didn’t cover her well that she wasn’t wearing any panties.

I freaked out. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I wanted something to happen again. I had the feeling she wanted me to make love to her, but she wasn’t about to make the first move. I just stood there staring at her ass. It was so perfect. I walked around and stood behind her as she talked to me. Her legs were just a little apart and I could see her pussy. I slowly sat down on the bed behind her and she paused in mid-sentence, but when I didn’t touch her she just started talking again, though I could hear a difference in her voice.

I listened to her voice talking about Anna, and then about an article in the magazine, and then I leaned down and placing my hands on both of her butt cheeks I began to kiss her skin. She just stopped talking as I brushed my lips across her ass. I sucked on her cheeks and she laid her head down on the bed. I squeezed her ass and she spread her legs just a bit more, and then, for some reason, I still to this day can’t believe, I spread her cheeks apart and licked her asshole.

When she moaned I smiled, and I had that same feeling that I did when I saw her face while I rubbed her breasts a month ago out by the pool. I wanted to please her. I licked her ass jabbing my tongue into it and pulling her cheeks apart and up. She arched her back lifting her ass up into the air and I began to lick her pussy. I drove my tongue inside and then I found her clit and pulled on it with my lips. She was moaning again and was just soaked with cum. I went back and forth between her pussy and her ass until I finally made her cum.

When she climaxed she rolled over and had a crazy look on her face. She sat up and practically ripped my shirt off and began to suck my nipples. She was attacking them, both sucking and even nibbling on them with her teeth. It felt wonderful, but I wanted her between my legs. I pulled my shorts down as she sucked me and she helped. Then I pushed her back on the bed. I was forceful and she had a startled look on her face. I crawled up her stopping avrupa yakas─▒ escort at her breasts for just a moment so I could rub my face against them through the silky nightie, and even bite her nipple a little before climbing up and straddling her face.

When she licked me she squeezed my ass and was so wild and rough. Soon her finger tips were just at my asshole and I actually wondered if she’d put a finger inside, but she just teased it. When I climaxed it was like a wave of pleasure and my mom jammed her tongue up inside me and took all my cum in her mouth. I felt so weak and I grabbed the headboard or I probably would have fallen over.

When I gained some strength I scooted back down and pulled her nightie up and began to suck her breasts and rub my face against them. Then she rolled me over and began to rub her pussy against mine. It was so sensitive, but still felt good. I kept squeezing her breasts and she brought them to my mouth. I sucked them for so long and soon I climaxed again. This time she kissed me and it was filled with so much passion. I rubbed my hands through her hair and hers through mine.

This time she didn’t run away when it was done. She just smiled at me. We both understood that we had these desires and we couldn’t help but act on them. I rolled her over and pleasured her body for the next hour, until we fell asleep together. I woke up the next morning with my head on her chest and we made love all over again. Then she took me to her room and I helped her put on a strap-on dildo.

She bent me over the bed and did me from behind. She held my breasts in her hands and slowly did me with the dildo, but the more I moaned the harder she drove it in until she was pounding me and squeezing my tits. It was unbelievable. Later I rode her while she lay on her back. I can’t begin to explain how good it felt and for those of you girls who have never done it I tell you it is wonderful.

I sucked her tits a lot and we pretty much made love all that day on and off. We’d stop to eat or nap or watch some TV, but soon we’d be at it again. My favorite part was when she told me she loved my body and that she thought it was perfect. That night we finally slept in our own beds. The next morning she had a talk with me and said that we couldn’t keep on the way we were, but that she was glad we had shared that experience before I left her. We never made love again the rest of the summer. It was so weird. She drove me to college at the end of August and while saying goodbye we ended up kissing passionately. I also grabbed her breasts a little, but we never really did anything else.

I am now dating someone here at school and am very happy. I’m sure a lot of you will judge me for doing something so Taboo, but I am glad it happened and don’t regret a thing. I’ll tell you more when there is more. I’ve had other crazy things happen, but never anything like that. Thanks for reading this.

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