My first time

This is my story of why I became a CD and my first time getting fucked.
My story starts when I was a very small c***d. I was raised by my aunt Stacy. I don’t know much about my real parents only that they left me in the care of my aunt. Now let me tell you a little about my aunt. She was sexy, beautiful and a body to kill for. Every man wanted to take her to bed and just about every man did. And I guess that’s why I became a CD. I always wanted to be just like her. When I was about four years old I began by wearing my aunt’s high heels, of course they were to big for me, and would try to walk on them and would stand in front of the mirror and pretend I was my aunt. Well this went on for a long time and by the time I was ten years old I was already wearing my aunt’s bra and panties and I loved the way I looked in them. Now the only times I could dress up was when my aunt and her sister, aunt Mary, would go out of town and I was left at home all alone which I didn’t mind.
Now going to school was kind of hard for me cause I didn’t have much friends and by then I was more into boys then I was into girls. I was in middle school at the time and I would wear panties and would have my toenails painted in a very bright red color. Of course no one knew cause of the paints and shoes I was wearing. I was different by then and my aunt kind of knew it but didn’t much say anything about it. I was talking, walking and acting more like a girl and I loved it.
When I was f******n years old my aunts went out of town and would not return until three days later. Well this would be the perfect time to enjoy my days dress like a girl. I went all the way wearing makeup, bra, panties, stockings, dress and heels. That first night I was outside in backyard when my cousin Bryan, my aunt Mary’s only son, happen to come by and saw me dress like a girl. I was so embarrass but couldn’t do anything about it. Now he later told me that he knew about my lifestyle cause he had seen me dress up before. Now my cousin at that was twenty one years old. He was good looking and had beautiful green eyes. We began to talk and told me how beautiful and sexy I looked. Every time he would place his hand on my knee I would in a shy way pull back. He then told me that if I wanted to be a girl I would have to get use to someone placing their hands on me. He asked if I ever been kiss before and I said no. He then kiss my cheek and every time he kiss me his lips would get closer and closer to my lips until our lips touched.
Then he taught me how to french kiss, wow!!!!!!! it felt so good. Well after that night we began to spend more time together. He taught me how to give a handjob, blowjow, and his was the first cum I had swallow.
It was my birthday and had turned fifteen years old. My cousin by that time had his own place and I was spending more and more time with him. My aunts again went out of town so my cousin had pick me up and took me to his place. I was dress sexy and was ready to be with my cousin. We kissed and then began to suck his hard cock. As I was sucking his cock I began to get more and more horny that I asked him if he could fuck my pussy ass. At first he said no because he didn’t want to hurt me. I begged and i begged until he gave in. He put a lot oh KY on my pussy ass and placed the tip of his cock on my virgin ass. He began to push his cock in and I began to scream, yell and cry. He pulled back and again placed his cock on my ass and began to go in. This time I told him not to stop. As he shoved his cock back inside my ass I again felt the pain but later I began to enjoy it. I told him to keep going to go deep inside my pussy ass. Then I felt his balls on my ass and then I knew he was deep inside of me. He fucked me and fucked and fucked my pussy ass until I felt his hot cum inside of me and for the first time I felt like a real woman. I was no longer a virgin.

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