My First MFM Came as a Surprise

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True story – One of my earlier boyfriends was a guy named Paul. We dated for over a year. Paul was a nice guy and in general a pretty good boyfriend. He always treated me well. Paul had a couple of best buddies Steve and Jim that he was very close to. Apparently they had known each other from grade school and were life long friends.

Paul spent a lot of time with his two friends. It seemed even when we went out his two friends would always catch up with us and hang out. This was fine with me as they were nice guys, fun, and good-looking also.

As our sexual relationship evolved Paul began talking dirty to me during sex. He was pretty much fascinated with the thought of me having sex with other men. His fantasy slowly evolved to him wanting to watch me while I had sex with other men. I thought it was a bit weird at first put then as I played along it became hot to see how worked up this sex talk was making him. I took this as harmless dirty talk during sex.

He was into photography so I incorporated this into our sex talk fantasies. During sex I whispered to him how I would love for him to watch and take pictures as I fucked another guy. This comment always put him over the top. It was like a trigger that made him ejaculate every time. I began to enjoy talking dirty to him during sex. I realized he had fantasies of watching me have sex with others and I used this to tease and arouse him. Sex was much better when we talked dirty.

One evening during sex Paul began to tell me how he wanted to watch me fuck another guy. We had just spent the evening with his two friends so I responded that I would love for him to watch me as I gave his two friends Steve and Jim blowjobs. Well this small comment set him into orbit. He just lost all control and had one of the biggest eruptions I had ever seen him have. He just went ape shit crazy…lol

Did he have a voyeuristic tendency? Did he really want to watch me have sex with his two friends?

After that evening he began mentioning his fantasy of watching me have sex with his friends even when we weren’t having sex. He would tease me about it but at times he seemed serious. He even brought it up a couple of times when his friends were present. I was a bit embarrassed at first but then I played along with him and his friends. After all he was just teasing me. It was just a fantasy, wasn’t it? He knew I would never do anything like that. He knew I was a nice girl, well sort of.

By now I had gotten to know his friends pretty well and I liked both of them. Steve was a tall slender guy with a great sense of humour and Jim was on the shy side but a real cutie. Of the two I liked Jim the most. I could easily picture myself dating Jim, as he was my type, probably more so than Paul. We would always hug and playfully kiss when we greeted each other. They were good to me and they would do anything for me. They treated me better than my boyfriend Paul most times.

Paul’s fantasy was starting to make me think. I started to fantasize what it would be like to have sex with his friends. They were both good looking and surprisingly not dating anyone. The more Paul talked about his fantasy the more aroused we both got. His fantasy was quickly becoming my fantasy also.

Unlike Paul his friends always noticed what I was wearing and would comment on how sexy I dressed. The compliments and comments always became more suggestive the more they drank, which was often.

I began teasing them. When I knew we were spending the evening with them I would wear something a bit more revealing to tease them. I knew they were always checking me out, so I played along. I liked teasing them. I liked the attention they always gave me.

Paul was into photography and he had convinced me into taking semi naked pictures at the time. He said the pictures were for his eyes only but I knew he was showing his friends. After all he is a guy. I was strict with Paul about keeping my photos private but in reality the thought of his friends seeing naked pictures of me was hot and arousing. I wondered if they liked my boobs? Would they date me if I weren’t dating Paul? What would it be like to have sex with Jim? Which one would be better in bed? Yes they were both in my head.

Paul and I made plans to meet the guys at the local bar one evening. At this point in our relationship things weren’t going well between us. Paul was becoming a bit of a bore and my mind was starting to wonder about dating other men. I was also becoming more excited about meeting his friends for the evening than Paul, in particular Jim, as I was becoming fond of him. I began flirting more with Jim but I knew he was tight with Paul and would never cross any line.

For whatever reason this particular evening I decided to wear something a bit more revealing than I usually did. It was a hot summer evening so I picked out a loose flimsy low cut top and a denim skirt. Normally I would of worn something underneath the top as it bahis firmalar─▒ was so low cut and flimsy but it was hot and humid and I wanted it to be breezy. Of course I wore high heels with the outfit. My hair was perfectly in place.

It was quite evident that I wasn’t wearing a bra. The top was giving me no support whatsoever and when I moved or walked my breasts swung and jiggled freely. The thin string straps were loose fitting and I had to be careful everything didn’t fall out. Overall it was a poor fitting top and I briefly entertained the idea of running back and changing but then decided not to as I was already running late. Besides I couldn’t wait to see how the guys would reacted to my outfit, Jim especially.

Well maybe I went a bit too far with my outfit. As I walked into the bar I could feel every guy in the place looking at me. I have always been on the shy side and I really don’t like too much attention. But as I walked through the bar I could feel my breast swaying and my nipples rubbing on the thin material. Dam they were getting erect and I could feel them pushing up on my thin top. I soon realized that the bar lighting shone right through my thin top making it virtually see through. Yikes! No wonder why they were all looking at me. It was summer and I didn’t bring a sweater or jacket to cover up. My boobs were on display!

Paul’s friends couldn’t help but notice and soon began teasing me about my firm little nipples poking through and out of my top. I was having a hard time keeping my breasts covered as the straps kept slipping off my shoulders. They began to question Paul if he had taken any topless pictures of me and if he would like to share them. Paul suggested they buy us a round of drinks if they wanted to see a couple of photos. I thought he was joking. He wouldn’t, would he? They quickly accepted his offer.

Paul opened up his cell phone with photos of me semi naked and passed it around the table. I was horrified. The guys loved the photos and were teasing me relentlessly. They all wanted copies. I turned beet red with embarrassment. What could I say, I just laughed along with them? I have to admit it was very arousing to see these guys googly over my photos.

Later in the evening we all returned to Paul’s place to hang out. This was a common practice it seemed. There was always a lot of drinking. I wasn’t much of a drinker, being small framed it only took two drinks to get me drunk. That evening the guys kept pouring me drinks.

Alcohol always makes me promiscuous and flirtatious. The events of the evening had rattled me. First my top proved to be see-thru when it wasn’t falling off and then Paul showed his friends topless pictures of me. I needed to drink to hide my humiliation.

I had consumed well over my limit and was feeling good from all the attention I getting. I was flirting with everyone. The thought of them seeing my naked photos was still on my mind and I was still aroused by the events of that evening. The fact that my top kept slipping down and flashing the guys was also very arousing.

In my heightened state of arousal along with the alcohol I began teasing the guys more than usual. I purposely got up to walk by them numerous times using the excuse to go to the washroom or fetch more drinks, etc.

I was putting on a show for them. My top wasn’t hiding much and I kept looking at Jim as he couldn’t take his eyes off of me. I could feel my nipples swell as he stared at them. The more I moved the more the material rubbed and stimulated my nipples. The guys noticed which aroused me even more.

My skirt road up when I got up off the couch but I never pulled it down. I wanted them to have a good look at my legs and ass. Being drunk I was unsteady so I leaned on them for support as I moved pass them. My bare legs would rub against them. I was drunk and horny.

I enjoyed teasing the guys but I couldn’t wait for them to leave so I could have much needed sex with Paul. All the flirting and teasing had gotten me aroused and worked up. I couldn’t wait to jump Paul.

As I returned to the room with another drink I sat on Paul’s lap and flirtatiously leaned back to give him a nice wet kiss. I knew the guys would like that. As I kissed him he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer. He gave me an extended lush kiss while at the same time sliding his hand up my top. I wasn’t expecting that at all. I giggled but he wasn’t letting me off his lap. Paul slid both his hands up my top and began cradling my breasts. My flimsy top was pulled up barely covering the top of my breasts. I tried to pull my top down. I was struggling until I noticed how intently his two friends were watching. This flipped a switch, how hot was this? I immediately stopped struggling and surrendered. I was still on Paul’s lap so I just let my head fall back onto his shoulder and surrendered as he continued to kiss and fondle my breasts for his friends to see. I was feeling intoxicated ka├žak iddaa but also very aroused to be exposing my breasts to his two friends.

The next thing I knew Paul yanked my top right off and threw it at his friends. This took me by surprise, as I wasn’t expecting this. I was sitting on his lap topless in front of his two friends. I tried to cover up with my arms but he just grabbed my arms and held me for his two friends to see. There was no point struggling after all my breasts were pretty much exposed all evening anyway. I decided to just play drunk which I was. I closed my eyes and went limp.

Suddenly I felt numerous hands groping and squeezing my breasts. Oh my what’s happening? I had no idea they would be touching me. I was thinking this was just a show, a tease. My nipples were being gently pulled and sucked. I opened my eyes and I could see his friends were enjoying my perky breasts as Paul held me there on his lap showing me off to his friends. I began to moan with both approval and pleasure as they were touching me all over. Paul then rolled me off his lap and laid me on the couch. Was this the end?

I felt a cascade of hands all over me. I could see Jim and Steve leaning into me grabbing me. I moaned in pleasure as they ran their hands all over me exploring my body. I was enjoying this more than I could ever imagine. I felt the button on my skirt being unfastened. I arched my back as to give them permission and to facilitate its removal. I could feel someone touching my soaking wet panties before they too were removed. I was naked. Things were moving fast and I remember thinking I hope Paul doesn’t stop this. How far is he going to let this go?

At this point I had lost all control. I was breathing heavily and I could feel my body quivering with desire. A finger slowly entered me with ease. I was so wet I could hear his finger make wet slurping sounds, as I was being finger fucked. At the same time one of the guys was eagerly sucking and manipulating my nipples. I let out a deep moan as I had my first of many orgasms.

No sooner had I climaxed I was re-positioned on the couch. I was on my knees with my ass up and my elbows on the armrest at the end of the couch. Jim stood in front of me with his cock pointed at my face. I took a split second to examine his cock before looking up at him and smiling. Jim was my favorite and I was more than eager to taste his cock. He was of average size and he was clean-shaven. Being quite pleased with his presentation I eagerly opened my mouth as an invitation. I readily accept it and began sucking him.

On the backside Steve was now licking me and fingering me again. The sensation of two guys was too much as I again had an orgasmic climax. This time it was stronger than the first one.

I hardly had any time to recover when I felt a large cock slide deep inside of me. Steve had entered me without any protection. I had not seen Steve’s cock as he was behind me but I could sure feel his girth. It was a good thing I was soaking wet otherwise I’m sure he would have torn me apart with his large cock.

I was so wet I could hear the juices part around my lips as he entered me. I let out a loud sexy moan as he filled me to my limit. Doggie style has always been my favorite position and it felt incredible to have such a large cock inside of me while I was sucking another.

Steve had a hold of my hips and leveraged his thrusts hard and fast deep into me. I could tell he was much bigger than my boyfriend Paul as I had a feeling of being completely filled. His cock was reaching deep inside of me. The harder Steve fucked me the more aroused Jim became. They were both on the edge of ejaculating. Their moans and grunts were driving me wild.

Again I lost all control and my whole body began to quiver and shake as they both ejaculated inside of me, one after another. I felt Steve drive his cock deep inside of me and he let out a loud groan as a warm gush shot deep inside of me. I arched my back and pushed my ass back into him as hard as I could to ensure full deep penetration. Just as Steve was finishing Jim shot his load deep into the back of my throat as he let out a loud moan. OMG I had never had such a violent orgasm as this. My whole body shook and went into spasms for what seemed like forever. Then I went completely limp. I was drained and exhausted. As I fell back down onto the couch I wiped and licked the cum off of my lips and chin.

Steve and Jim just collapsed on either side of me. We were all gasping for air hot and sweaty. It felt so erotic to be entangled between both of them naked.

During all this I had completely forgotten about my boyfriend Paul. Obviously I was too preoccupied to give him a second thought. But there he was just sitting on a chair across from us with a big grin on his face. He gave me the thumbs up and said “Great job April”.

Then it hit me…he had this all planned the bastard. Not that I was complaining. ka├žak bahis Hell all those times he was talking dirty to me he really did want to watch me having sex with his two friends.

As I was processing all of this I realized I wanted more! I began kissing and touching both Steve and Jim. If my boyfriend wanted a show, I’ll give him a great show. At that point I became the aggressor. A sense of empowerment came over me.

I was exhausted but I felt a rush of adrenalin come over me. Jim was first to get hard as I stroked him. Steve was still soft but I was curious to see him harden and to see just how big he was. Sure enough Steve’s cock slowly began to grow. I have always had a fascination for watching cocks grow from tiny soft things to big hard ones. Steve did not disappoint my fascination. He had the largest cock I had ever seen. It was not only long but it was thick. I couldn’t believe that thing actually fit inside of petit me. But somehow it did.

This time I wanted to fuck Jim. I kissed him passionately and then whispered in his ear “I want to fuck you so badly”. I quickly laid on my back and spread my legs for Jim. Again I was soaking wet as he entered me. I was so wet that he kept sliding out. Maybe Steve’s large cock stretched me so much that Jim’s average size cock was having trouble staying inside of me?

Finally we synchronized our rhythm and Jim gave me a long and passionate fuck. As Jim was fucking me Steve was stimulating my breasts and nipples. I sweat I came multiple times before Jim and I finally came together in one epic orgasm.

Steve gave me about a minute to catch my breath and then he lift me up like a child and planted me on his lap. I began to slowly lower myself onto his large shaft. Even though I was already stretched out from all the sex I could still feel his cock stretching me to the limits as I slowly lowered myself onto him. I just had to lift up a bit and watch as it entered me. Was I actually engulfing that large cock? Again I had a feeling of fullness as he entered deep into me.

As I began to ride him I could feel him pushing deeper into me with every stroke. He was pushing me to the limits of what I could handle. Jim moved behind me and wrapped his arms around me cupping my breasts. His embrace felt so warm. He kissed my neck and ears as I rode Steve. By now my nipples were red and swollen and supper sensitive from all the manipulation that evening. It wasn’t long before Steve and I both came.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I had never done anything like this before. Not with two guys. I loved it! I had never been so sexually aggressive or so aroused in my life. I couldn’t get enough of them. I was hooked.

When the guys finally went home I took a quick shower and crashed into Paul’s bed. Paul was understandably horny, as he had just witnessed his fantasy come true. But I was worn out and sore all over to have sex again. “Sorry Paul you’re going to have to look after yourself tonight”. As I laid there naked I heard him masturbating at least twice before I fell asleep.

I didn’t realize it at the time but Paul was taking pictures that evening. He sent me a couple but I wish I had asked for more. I’m pretty sure Steve and Jim got copies of the photos.

This was my first MFM experience and it changed everything for me. Up until this time I was a one-man girl. I never dreamed I would or even could be with two guys at once. I thought only hookers and porn stars did that kind of thing. I was a good girl raised in the church. I was shy and quiet. How could I possibly do anything like this?

Having sex with his two friends opened up a new world. All of a sudden I had confidence in myself. I felt empowered. I loved having two men lust after me. I loved how it felt to be wanted and touched by two men. To have two men crave over me. The wild passionate sex was incredible. I was surprise how it felt so natural and easy. I was hooked. I wanted more. I wanted to do it again.

I told Paul I had a great time and couldn’t wait to do it again but he was coy. I waited without saying anything but a month went by and there was no mention of it. We didn’t even hang around with his friends since that night which was very strange. He stopped talking dirty to me during sex. Our relationship was rapidly declining.

Maybe it was because Steve was dating someone and he didn’t want to mess things up. I wasn’t sure what happened. I didn’t want to ask as I thought it seemed slutty…who was I kidding.

Finally I texted Jim to see how he was and we arranged to meet. I didn’t tell Paul and of course the meeting ended with us having sex. I began to cheat with Jim and I told him I was breaking it off with Paul. Jim was loyal to Paul and didn’t not want to commit.

I finally built up the nerve to tell Jim how much I really enjoyed our threesome and that I wanted to try it again. He agreed.

A few weeks later we made arrangements to meet at Jim’s apartment. I was so excited. I spend hours on my hair, picked my sexiest underwear, picked out a nice short skirt with heels. I couldn’t wait. The first time I was drunk, this time it was a conscious sober decision.

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