My Favorite Vampire Movie

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“Let me guess. You guys called each other last night to co-ordinate your outfits?” I asked, as I tugged at the ruffled hem of my skirt.

“Actually, we just met a moment ago,” replied the taller man with novelty fangs.

“So, let’s see—-” I began, playfully teasing the costumed men surrounding me, “You are a Senator, a lawyer, and an IRS auditor when not pretending to be vampires, right?

“What are you when you’re not pretending to be a masked hooker?” The Auditor asked.

“Who say’s I’m not?” I replied, batting my eyes playfully.

“Well it wouldn’t be much of a costume. Aren’t you a fan of Halloween?”

“I’m here, aren’t I? I happen to be a huge fan of Halloween. I’ll tell you what, if you can guess what I do for a living, I’ll even let you bite my neck.

“I think—-” the Senator started to guess.

“No, no. Write it down. This is a secret ballot,” I said, removing three adhesive name tags on the registration table and passing them out to the potential suitors. I modified Hello My Name Is to read: Hello My Job Is and then handed a felt tip marker to each of them.

* * *

Vampires have always excited me. I grew up watching Bela Lugosi movies and loved the sexy charm of the old fashioned creatures of the night. Not the modern shows where everyone is the cast as a blood-sucking, sparkly freak. I’m talking about the real Count. Count Dracula.

I can vividly remember my very first orgasm. I was watching Helen Chandler as Mina Harker in the original black and white Dracula. As the count crept closer and the tension built—-unconsciously, I slid my hand inside the waistband of my pajamas. By the time Lugosi plunged his fangs into her sexy, ivory neck, my finger had rubbed my clit numb. I had never experienced these sensations and was hooked immediately.

Masturbating during a good vampire movie became somewhat of a sexy, secret tradition. Even at the theater. I would purposely wear mini skirts and leave my panties at home so that I could discreetly touch myself during the movie. One time at a convention in Orlando, I came so hard during a showing of Salem’s Lot—-I thought everyone in the tiny theater had turned around to look at me. I pretended to have screamed out of fright. The couple in front of me, however, glanced down at my exposed lap and quietly applauded me for being such a fan. After the movie, the woman walked out of the theater behind me and whispered, “That was so hot,” into my ear. Feeling the cool trickle running down the inside of my thigh, I had to agree with her.

* * *

As I looked around the ballroom, I knew I had already made up my mind. Jason and I had another Halloween tradition. Every year, we would find a fancy costume party or extravagant masquerade ball. Then he would let me chose a willing participant to join our own sexy little soiree. Last year we ventured to Vegas as well. Sometimes the best-laid plans just don’t pan out as they are intended. There were too many people at that crowded club and the costumes that we wore were not very original. In fact, we blended into the crowd so well that Jason followed the wrong Goldilocks back to her room. In his defense, the plan was to find another bear and rewrite the ending to the classic tale. Evidently, this wasn’t as original of an idea as we thought. Instead of finding another furry friend to share me with, that ass followed the wrong blond wig upstairs and was too smashed to realize it until he and two others had eaten all of the porridge. By the time he finally found his way back to our room, I had already showered and gone to bed.

This year I took no chances. I laughed to myself a little, thinking about the way I left him cuffed to the bed back in our suite. I had stripped him down naked and added the restraints as I got dressed to play out my fantasy.

“Are you going to un-cuff me now or what?” He asked.

“What,” I replied, as I put my lipstick back into my sequined clutch.

“That little stunt you pulled last year is going to cost you,” I said, as I stroked his cock.

“That’s fucked up, Aub.”

“So is ditching me at a party and leaving me out of all the fun. I did plan a special surprise for you, though,” I teased.

I opened up my laptop and showed him a picture of the empty suite next door.

“What’s this?”

“Watch,” I said, as I unlocked the deadbolt to the door dividing our hotel room and the adjoining one next door.

I walked into the other room and sat up on the bed so Jason could see me on the laptop monitor. I faced the camera that I hid earlier and pulled my dress up to show him that I wasn’t wearing panties. I slid a finger inside myself and teased him some more.

“Dammit Aubrey,” his voice thundered from the next room.

I laughed at the camera, then walked back into the room and painted his lower lip with my fingertip.

“I’m going to go find someone to play with. And this year you get to watch.”

I felt his cock jump. I looked down to see that my little game had him rock hard.

“I’m assuming that ankara yabanc─▒ escortlar you won’t have a problem with this?”

“Fuck no. Are you going to un-cuff me?

“Now why would I do that?” I asked, dropping down to my knees to suck on his rigid pole for a couple seconds, before grabbing my keycard and heading for the door.

“Behave yourself and maybe I’ll come back to finish that.”

I winked, licked my lips and took one final look at the pink and purple tiger-striped mask that covered the top half of my face. I reapplied my lipstick and blew a kiss to my frustrated hubby before closing the door behind me.

“Aw shit,” I could hear him utter from the other side of the door.

* * *

When I walked into the party and presented my ticket I was greeted by a woman at the registration table dressed as the Queen of Hearts. She scrolled down the list to check off my registration number.

“According to this you have two tickets. Is your guest here as well?” She asked politely.

“I’m pretty sure he’s coming later.” I paused for a moment and then laughed to myself at my reply.

I needed a drink. More so, I needed attention. I decided to make my way towards the bar in the back of the room and I strutted off through the crowd. I could feel the eyes following me as I walked by table after table, certain my ass cheeks were not completely covered by the marabou hem at the bottom of my costume. That cute little bitch at the mall was right.

“Ma’am, if you really want to turn heads at your party tonight, try this one. You have a great body. I’m sure you can pull it off,” she said, popping her gum and dancing around like a little fucking ball of energy.

She was probably in her early twenties and way more outgoing than I ever was at that age. She had gorgeous long, brown hair and flipped it around from shoulder to shoulder.

“Ma’am?” I thought, “Screw you, you little tart.”

I realized that she had no idea how offensive that word was. The more I thought about it, I was more offended at being offended. I don’t feel old enough to be Ma’am. I’m barely thirty. To this little college girl, thirty was probably much older than it could ever seem to me. When I was twenty-one, thirty seemed like some far off distant planet.

I decided to be thankful for the compliment that she offered me and make small talk while I continued to look around the small shop.

“You really think I have a great body?”

“I’d do you,” she whispered, as she leaned in and popped her gum in my ear. “Want to try it on?”

“I guess so,” I said as I followed after her.

She pulled the key fastened to the belt of her designer jeans and stretched it towards the lock. She opened the dressing room door and hung the skirt on the hook inside. I walked into the mirrored cubicle and was startled to find the helpful little sales girl had followed me in. I looked at her, waiting for her to leave. After a long, awkward pause it was apparent that she was planning to stay put.

“Are you planning to assist me?” I asked, still somewhat taken back by her presence.

“Sure, if you insist.”

“I’m not sure that I insisted. I merely asked, because you sort of locked us in here. Is this a service that you provide for all of your customers?”

“No. Don’t be ridiculous. Most of the people that come through here are disgusting. You, however… you are different.”

“Really? How so?”

“Well for starters, you’re my size. You and I could be best friends and I could borrow all of your outfits and keep them for way longer than I should.”

“I already have a friend like that back home.”

She laughed and popped her gum. After stalling as long as I could with small talk, I could tell she wasn’t going to leave, so I finally gave in.

As I started undressing, she took the gum out of her mouth and stuck it under the bench where she sat. She grabbed the skirt and held it out for me to step into. It barely covered my ass. I turned around to look at the mirror.

“Love it,” she said, “Definitely.”

She reached both hands up inside the ruffled fabric and tugged at my panties.

“You’ll need to lose these, though,” she said letting them fall to the floor around my feet. “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I protested.

“Shouldn’t it come with some sort of matching undergarment then?” I said, modestly.

“They would just look silly poking out from the bottom.”

I was still in shock that she removed my underwear. I was even more surprised that I let her remove them—-without protest.

“Besides, what fun would that be?” she replied, as if I were the crazy one in the tiny changing room stall.

She leaned forward and lightly brushed her hand on my ass cheek before reaching around my thighs.

“Wow. You sure are friendly,” I said, intrigued at her sales technique. “What’s your name?”

“Megan. What’s yours?” She asked, turning me around and cupping my muff with her nice warm palm.

“Aubrey,” I offered back. I liked Megan’s determination. It reminded me of someone I knew back ankara yeni escortlar on the East coast.

“Megan, how would you like to have some fun tonight?”

This wasn’t part of my original plan, but she seemed to walk right in to it and I wasn’t going to let a good opportunity go to waste.

“Sure. What do you have in mind?” she replied, pulling the neon pink laces tightly through the eyelets on the corset.

I could tell that I had just said the magic words. I reached down and pulled her up so that she stood face to face with me.

My turn.

I kissed her softly, and then bit her lower lip. I held her tightly around the waist and told her about the party back at our hotel and my plans for the evening.

“Sounds great,” she said, as she continued to help me get dressed. “Definitely buy this one, it’s perfect.”

I looked at myself in the mirror again. She was right. I looked amazing. I admired the pleats in the tiny black dress and I spun around while I watched the pink and purple ruffles slide through Megan’s fingers. I still thought that I would have to find something to wear underneath.

* * *

The sexy crinoline-lined dress was a far cry from the Lycra I had planned originally. The furry-ruffled hem was deceiving. The Cheshire Cat seemed like one of their more comfortable choices and as usual, it looked and felt much better at the store. Having Megan there to sell it didn’t exactly hurt either. The mask was a welcome relief. Not only did it give me a sense of anonymity, it made the skimpy outfit resemble enough of a costume to make this plan work.

I started to pull the itchy dress down a little, but then quickly remembered the mission that I was on. Instead, I marched up and leaned over the bar. This time I was one hundred percent positive that my ass was showing—-I could feel a cool breeze. Throwing caution to the wind, I opted to take Megan’s advice and leave the panties behind, but I did add a pair of fishnet hose.

Before I got the bartender’s attention, I noticed that I had captured the attention of everyone else within thirty feet. I had butterflies in my stomach. I had a feeling that a security guard would be escorting me out at any moment.

I took my vodka and cranberry and turned around to assess the rest of the room. When I faced the crowd again, I felt some very warm smiles from gentlemen all around me. I also felt the icy stares of the women they were with.

I scanned the room slowly, knowing exactly what I was after. My eyes waded through the sea of ridiculous costumes. Some were actually clever, just not my cup of tea. I was on the prowl for a genuine creature of the night. Suddenly I spotted him, and him… and him. It looked like a vampire audition. I made my way back through the crowd towards the three men in capes standing next to the Queen of Hearts.

* * *

“Hello, your name is Count Dorkula,” I said, as I peeled off one more tag and slapped it on the senator’s chest.

“What’s with the name tags, anyway? Isn’t the whole point of a costume party to be anonymous?” the lawyer asked.

“I don’t know, ask the Queen,” I said, motioning down at the stack of tags on the registration table, “I think they were left over from something else. No-one seems to be wearing them.”

I wrote kick me on another one and reached for the auditor. He grabbed my wrist, pried the decal from my hand and then stuck it to my ass.

“It say’s kick, not kiss,” I teased, as I pulled it off and tossed it back on the table.

Taking that as an invitation, the auditor pulled me into him and pretended to bite my neck. I think he was expecting me to resist. Instead, I reached around his waist and grabbed his ass, pulling him into me. I got close enough to kiss him and then pulled away at the last second.

“I said you could bite me. But only if you guessed correctly.”

With that, the three bloodsuckers rapidly scribbled on the tags, folded them in half and handed them back to me. Without looking at the name tags, I put them in my purse.

“Aren’t you going to read them?” asked the eager auditor?

“Of course—-but until I do, it appears that I have your undivided attention.”

“Well played my dear,” he replied. “Would you like another drink?”

I knocked back the last bit of watered down cranberry juice and swirled my glass in the air.

“Sure. Perhaps a better vodka though. They seem awful stingy with the booze around here.”

“I happen to know someone. Please allow me,” the older gentleman said, as he carefully balanced my glass on the tray held by a waitress squeezing past us.

He reappeared a moment later with an entire bottle of Stoli Elit and four shot glasses.

“Who needs cranberry?” He said, filling the glasses and passing them out to his new friends.

“I guess we skip the fruit juice then,” I offered, as I raised my glass in a toast. “To lucky guesses.”

I clinked glasses with my three vampires, tossed my shot glass in the air and started dancing in the middle of our little circle.

The sincan oral yapan escortlar lawyer caught my empty glass above his head and stacked it inside his own. “Would you like to move this party to the dance floor?” he asked.

“Sure. Who’s coming?”

Not wanting to be left behind, all three of the caped men followed me like little puppies. I was eating it up. Until I opened my purse to read their desperate attempts at guessing my occupation, they were going to do whatever I wanted them to. The thought made me smile menacingly and my upper thigh began to twitch.

They circled around me on the crowded dance floor and I felt like the entire room was mine for the taking. As I danced around trying to give all three of them equal attention, I thought of Jason back in our hotel room cuffed to the bed. He was probably already sleeping. Perhaps I should have at least covered him up? Then again, fuck him. That ass left me sleeping in a hotel in Vegas last Halloween.

Just thinking about last year got me all worked up again. I bent over and started grinding my ass into the Senator.


I wasn’t expecting to back up into an erection in the middle of all of these people! Of course, when the nice Senator put his thin, silk cape on this evening, he probably didn’t expect a half-naked woman to grind her bare ass on him in the middle of a crowded room, either.

I pushed back into him firmly. The bulge in his slacks was throbbing. I wanted to turn around and unzip his pants right there.

“Easy, Aubrey,” I cautioned myself. “You have all night.”

I stood up and turned around to face him. His penis was poking me in the belly button and his face was beat red.

“Don’t be embarrassed, Senator. That’s a nice package, you have here.”

I discretely, pulled his cape to block the view and wrapped my hand around his cock. I squeezed it firmly before turning around to make sure I didn’t lose my other counts.

There were still right where I left them. I felt like they were getting jealous, however.

“Don’t worry guys. I’m sure one of you guessed correctly.”

I gently bit the auditor’s ear and stroked my attorney’s cheek playfully.

“How about another shot?”

“Four shots, coming up,” Senator Stiffy said as he pulled the bottle from a pocket inside his cape and started pouring.

“Make that five,” said a female voice behind me. “Nice dress.”


“Wow. When you said you were going to a party, you weren’t kidding.”

I turned around to see the little clerk dressed up in something very close to the spandex body suit I originally had in mind for tonight. She was wearing some sort of super hero costume. Jason would have been impressed if I had known who she was supposed to be, but I was too distracted to give it much more thought.

“Did you get the items on the list?”

She didn’t bother to reply. She just muscled her way in between our close little circle and full on kissed me. I could taste the strawberry gum in her mouth. This sweet little thing was really into me. I just went with it and returned the kiss—-hard. I knew those poor bastards were standing there with their jaws on the floor, so I really laid it on thick. I wrapped one hand around Megan’s waist and the other behind her head and artfully slid my tongue into her mouth.

By the time we pulled apart, there were three noticeable erections in our little circle.

“So, did you find a vampire to fuck?” she asked, prematurely spilling the beans.

I’m sure all three cocks all twitched simultaneously.

“Megan,” I said, squeezing her butt. “Shhh. Not yet. I want you to meet my new friends.

“This is Senator Steven,” I said, as I held my glass out for another shot.

“My lady,” he replied, bowing gracefully.

“Auditor Arnold.”

“Charmed,” the next man replied, with a very forced dignity.

“And last but not least, Lawyer Larry.”

“Megan, is it?” The lawyer asked.

Megan grabbed his cock through his trousers and stroked it until it stood at full attention. She kissed him too, although this kiss was missing the enthusiasm that she used to greet me.

“Yes. Megan.”

We danced and played with the men for an hour or so. The senator kept pouring shots of vodka and passing them around. Finally the DJ played a slow song and I kissed Megan goodbye.

“See you later, Aubrey,” she whispered, as she shook hands with the confused vampire trio and headed for the exit.

“Where’s she going?” Lawyer Larry asked.

“Don’t worry about her, we have our own party to plan. Let’s go see who guessed my occupation.”

Those were the seven words they had been waiting for all night. I started walking out of the ballroom and down the hallway.

“Where are we going?” Larry asked again.

“You seem awful worried about where?” I asked, opening my purse and pulling out one of the folded pieces of paper.

I had his full attention now. I pushed the button for the elevator. As I stood there in front of the ornate, metallic doors, I noticed our reflection. I laughed to myself as I double-checked to make sure that my vampires’ faces were in the door too. The doors opened and I stepped inside quickly. Larry and Arnold were right behind me and Steve just managed to catch up and step inside before the doors closed. I pressed number nine.

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