Ağu 21

My Fantasy

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I’m sitting in a chair, facing the doorway. Brooke walks in, wearing regular clothes: a tight little white top, short denim shorts, and plain white socks and shoes. She stands in front of me, arms hanging naturally at her sides, making eye contact with me. She slowly takes off her top, pulling it over her long dark hair, revealing her bra underneath. Then she opens and pulls down her jeans, lifting each leg to remove them completely. Then I watch closely as she removes her bra, revealing her large, perfectly symmetric breasts. Finally, she turns away from me, giving me a look at her smooth ass as her panties come down, the same way as her shorts did, leaving Brooke completely naked, down to her ankles.

She continues to stand facing me for a while, as she did when her clothes were on, allowing me to view her whole magnificent form. After a minute or two, Brooke squats down and slowly spreads her knees wide apart, giving me a great look at her bare pussy. She places her hands on her knees and again pauses several seconds istanbul escort for me to see her, all the while keeping her eyes locked on mine, surrendering herself entirely.

Eventually she puts her second and third fingers of one hand into her mouth and sucks on them, making them wet with her saliva. She then pulls them out and delicately moves her hand down to her open crotch. She inserts the two fingers and closes her eyes, paying close attention to the sensation. She repeats this procedure using her other hand, ever so slowly, to drive me crazy.

With her pussy lubricated, she crawls towards me on her hands and knees, looking into my eyes, with a naughty smile on her face. She reaches my seat and starts opening my jeans, still kneeling, switching her eyes back and forth between my eyes and the bulge in my pants. Once she has me open, she pulls down my jeans and underwear together, down to my ankles, exposing me completely. Brooke stares at my swollen cock and anxiously bites her lip, istanbul escort bayan while running her hands up and down my sides, teasing me wickedly.

Finally, after an eternity, she takes my penis into her hand and holds it tenderly. My heart jumps as her soft hand finally touches my cock. Unable to resist, Brooke squeezes it as hard as she can, then brings her gorgeous face closer in order to give me head. She licks only the very tip to start out with, and then sucks on the head of my cock, making me insane with lust for her. After a few moments, Brooke slowly takes my entire penis into her mouth. I can feel her lips at the very base of my cock and her throat at the very end.

She pulls back and swallows the extra saliva in her mouth while jacking me slightly. She comes back up and licks gently around my tight balls, making me just a little bit harder, teasing me a little bit more. At last she stands up again, steps over to my side, and lifts her long leg across my body, straddling escort istanbul my thighs. I look up at the goddess above me, at her flawless breasts that I would soon be holding. Brooke reaches down and guides my penis to her wet opening. Then, she sits down on my erect cock, taking it into her depths. She places her hands on my shoulders and rides me slowly, causing her breasts to sway before my eyes. I reach up and finally hold them in my hands. Nothing in the world feels better than those two globes. I squeeze them and hold onto them, finding them momentarily impossible to let go.

Brooke presses her pelvis against me, again and again, faster and faster. Her tight vagina grips my penis closely as it fucks her. I move my hands down to her hips to feel her rhythm. I can feel my orgasm coming on. I hold her tightly and pull myself in further, as deep as I can go. My body lifts itself off the chair a little as I push up and let go inside of Brooke. I can feel myself ejaculating more and more into her wonderful vagina. Finally it passes and I sit there, holding Brooke’s wonderful waist, totally spent, fully satisfied. Brooke kisses me deeply and I happily kiss back, not wanting it to stop. Then she leans forward, rests herself against me, and we nap that way, my half-erect penis still inside of her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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