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This happened in 1994. I was 18 years old at the time. I lived with my mother. A woman of medium height, with a round booty and chic legs, beautiful on the face and a bust of 2 sizes. My mother was then 42 years old. My grandmother came to see us very often. It is impossible to describe it. Few people will believe that a 63-year-old woman can be so pretty, toned and well-groomed.

But a fact is a fact. When my grandmother came, I was very happy. Well, first of all, she spoiled me with money. Secondly, it will always listen and prompt you. And third, I liked it when she massaged my feet. I just have a foot condition. Once my mother asked me to take a photo on a photo booth for her album in a new dress. Nice and beautiful dress. But for me, as senile. A long one. With her legs, you need to wear a mini. After taking the photo, I threw my camera to my mother and ran to open the door. My beloved grandmother came to visit.

“So why don’t you open it for so long?” my grandmother asked.

“I took a photo of my mother in a new dress.”

“What’s that dress? Let’s go see, said Grandma. “

When my mother came into the gym, she was looking at a new photo in the camera.

“Valentina, did you put on this outfit like an old maid?” my grandmother asked my mother.

“No matter how old I am, I liked it,” my mother replied.”

My grandmother was wearing an over-the-knee dress. It was perfect on her.

“Honey, take a picture of the two of us,” Mom said.”

I took the camera, Grandma sat down on the sofa, mom put her head on Grandma’s shoulder.

“How do we look, son?” my mother asked.

“Cool,” I said.”

When I started to choose the angle of shooting, I saw Granny’s legs that were slightly apart. Looking up at Granny’s legs, I also saw a triangle of white panties. It turned marmaris escort me on. Her beautiful and well-groomed body will drive anyone crazy.

“Son, why are you so still?” my mother asked.

“I’m choosing the best way to take a photo,” I said.”

After taking the photo, I gave my mother and grandmother a look. When I got up from the floor to give the camera to my mother, I had a boner in my pants from what I saw. And my grandmother burned me down. But she didn’t say anything. Mom went to change, and Grandma and I went to the kitchen to set the table. I followed Granny and looked at her ass. After what I saw, everything turned upside down in my head. In the kitchen, she asked me, ” Do you like taking pictures?”

I said yes. Then she said she would buy me a camera. I kissed her on the cheek and said thank you. After lunch, I asked my mother for a photo and went to look at the photo. I didn’t notice how my grandmother came in when I was looking at a photo of her legs and panties.

“Do you like it?” my grandmother asked.

Startled, I said yes. My grandmother went out. And I turned off the camera and took it to my mother. An hour later, my grandmother told my mother that she wanted to give me a gift, buy her own personal photo camera. And that I was going to spend the night at her place. Mom kissed Grandma and we went to get dressed. When she arrived at the store, she asked the seller for such a camera, on which you can view the pictures immediately. In general, we bought it. I was thrilled.

When I got home to my grandmother, I took out my camera and studied it. Granny went to change.

“Grandchild, what do you want for dinner?” my grandmother asked.

“Bab, make the chicken in the oven,” I said.

Four hours passed. I’ve marmaris escort bayan already taken pictures of my grandmother’s cat, the house from the balcony, and my grandmother while she was doing this. chicken. After dinner, we sat down on the sofa and my grandmother asked me to show her what I was taking pictures of. Somewhere they laughed, somewhere they joked. Then grandma said that I would make pictures, which she would then print out for herself. It was like a game. Now she made one grimace, then another. I liked it. She was funny. Then she sat down on the floor, leaning on the sofa, bending her legs, and asked to take a photo. When I started to take a photo, I saw her thighs with her robe slid off and her panties on her buttock. Then she bent her legs at the knees and spread her feet so that I could see the panties on her crotch. I was aroused. She asked me to move over to her and see what happened. When she saw the photo she asked:

“Like it? She looked at me with an open photo of her crotch.

I said I liked it very much. His pants were bursting from the hard-on. Granny got up from the floor and went into the room. I went to the other room. Looking at the photo, I was so excited that my balls started to hurt. I put my hand under my tights and underpants and began to masturbate slowly. Looking at the crotch of my grandmother and yulozya in my pants, I again did not notice how my grandmother entered. And she stood for a long time watching this picture. I noticed her when the cat started purring while wiping her feet. Grandma turned and left. I came right in my swimming trunks. Putting the camera I was ashamed and I began to disassemble the bed that would go to bed.

“Are you getting ready for bed, my dear?” my grandmother asked.

“Yes escort marmaris bab.

“Then let’s rub your feet under the blanket as well.

My grandmother took the cream, came up to me and told me to take off my tights. I took off my tights and lay down on the bed. Granny rubbed her feet and saw my wet swimming trunks.

“Did you pee yourself?

I was uneasy and didn’t know what to say.

“No, I don’t know why.

She grinned and said:

“It’s a normal reaction to what you’ve been watching. And keep this between you and me.

After saying these words, my grandmother massaged my thighs, touching my penis in swimming trunks with her hand.

“Take them off, they’re wet. I stretch them, my grandmother said.

Taking off my swimming trunks, my cock stood up. From what I don’t understand. Grandma rubbed her feet and smiled. I was ashamed. After about five minutes, my grandmother got up and took off her robe. She was wearing only her panties.

“Don’t blush, I also took off my dressing gown,” Grandma said.

“Relax,” she said.

Seeing her without a robe, her breasts, her panties, I was not in this world. My cock got even harder. I don’t remember how, but my grandmother’s hand was on my cock. Slowly masturbating it, my grandmother looked at me and at the penis.

“Do you want your grandmother?” she asked.

I didn’t know what to say. Then she got up and took off her panties. Her un-hairy, unshaven, and well-groomed pussy was beyond my imagination. Small labia protruded from her vagina. It was something.

“You didn’t answer, do you want your grandmother?

I was afraid to say yes. And she knew it.

Without waiting for an answer, I felt my grandmother caressing my cock with her mouth. I don’t remember how, but my tongue ended up in her crotch. It was an unforgettable feeling. Her nice smell, her pussy taste. She got down on her knees and told me to enter her pussy. From her moans, I quickly came right inside her vagina. Grandma came even earlier. She kissed me on the lips and we went to sleep in the same bed. When I woke up, I saw my mother sitting on a chair, looking at us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
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