My Estranged Daughter Ch. 02

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Big Tits

It had been 5 weeks since my gloryhole encounter with my Daughter, Rose.

I was still frequenting the Porn Shop. I don’t know for sure if I had encountered Rose again or not. Blowjobs through Gloryholes are inherently anonymous by design.

Then I saw Her. I pulled in the lot and there She was outside with the Blonde that had previously sucked me in the theater. They were outside talking with a few of the regulars.

I parked in the far corner of the lot and shut off my truck. About 5 minutes later, the Girls walked in, followed by 2 of the regulars.

I entered cautiously. Keeping a sharp eye out for Her. I went to the booth area. I rounded the corner and saw Rose on Her knees sucking a Guy sitting in one of two chairs back in here.

I didn’t see the Blonde anywhere. I made my way towards my Daughter. She was too busy to pay much attention to me. Her hat was again backwards. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

The stranger started groaning as He shot His cum down my Daughters throat.

I slipped past as She was milking and sucking every last drop of cum from His cock.

As She stood, I stepped halfway into an empty booth a few feet behind Her. She stood and entered the booth next to mine.

I entered mine and locked the door.

I looked through the hole joining Our booths. She had Her back to me. She looked over Her shoulder at me. All She could see was an eye watching Her. I was still paranoid She would recognize me.

“What do You wanna see?” She asked ‘the eye’.

Trying hard to camouflage my voice, but not make it sound fake I replied, “I wanna watch You strip…slowly.”

Turning Her hat forward and pulling it low over Her face, She began to slowly slink back and forth. Undoing the top button of Her top. Then the next. A good 10 seconds between each. After the last was undone, She ran Her hands slowly over Her belly and bra-covered breasts. Her top slid off one shoulder, then the other. She slid it off one arm and with the other, lowered it onto the corner bench.

Back and forth She continued to slink as She undid Her jeans. Ever so slowly She slid them down. Barely able to keep Her bra-matching panties from getting pulled down with them.

~~~Rose was no skinny-minnie, but she was far from fat. She had all the right curves in all the right places. Rose wore a 38D bra and 8/10 panties & jeans. She was 5’5″ with dark hair. She knew how to use those blue eyes!~~~

With Her jeans just below Her ass, I watched my Daughter slid Her jeans down exposing knee-pads underneath. Slipping off Her shoes, She slid Her jeans off. She placed them on the bench with Her top. She slipped Her shoes back on. She resumed slinking, She continued to run Her hands all over Her body. Over Her bra and under Her panties.

At 22, My Daughter is now slinking in a booth in a porn shop. She was stripping for some ‘stranger’ watching Her through a gloryhole.

Rose slid one arm out of the shoulder strap of Her bra, then the other. She slinked closer to the gloryhole. Kneeling down, She un-hooked Her bra, lowering it off Her tits.

Here were my Daughters breasts, fully developed and totally nude, less than a foot in front of my face. Her areola were very dark and were the about the diameter of a half-dollar. Her nipples were slightly smaller than a short-stack of dimes.

Rose slipped as much of Her left tit through the gloryhole as She could. I nearly got Her nipple in my eye.

I began caressing the circumference. Gently I caressed Her areola, then lightly brushed Her nipple. Circling it with my finger. I could see goose-bumps all over Her tit. Her nipple got rock hard. Caressing it for a few more seconds, I then licked it. Around it. I pressed my lips on Her areola and sucked Her nipple. Nibbled ka─č─▒thane escort Her nipple. Playfully bit Her nipple.

I could hear my Daughter quietly moaning through the wall. I gripped Her nipple between my teeth and pulled gently on it. Then pulling a little more. She tapped the wall when I increased the pull again.

I caressed Her breast as She left it in the hole. After a few more seconds She stood and resumed Her slinking dance for me.

I watched as She worked Her fingers under the waistband of Her panties. Back and forth She slid them down. Inch by inch.

With the panties I bought Her resting just above Her knee-pads, my Daughter turned Her ass to the hole and bent over.

There before me was the base of a black butt-plug. I managed to get a grip on it. Rose began pulling on it. I could see Her asshole stretching as the fat of the buttplug struggled to get out. Rose moaned when Her asshole came around the fat of the buttplug and slid down the ramp.

My Daughter then pressed back. I pushed and it once again popped back into Her ass. This continued for another 5 minutes before my Daughter had an asshole clinching assgasm.

I could smell the juices from Her pussy. I kept a grip on the buttplug while She quivered. The assgasm began to subside. I began pulling gently on the buttplug. When it popped from Her asshole, I removed it completely.

I stuck my tongue into my Daughters asshole as it clamped shut from the rest of the assgasm. She moaned as I licked. I brought Her to another assgasm. She fell to Her hands and knees.

Seeing my nude Daughter on all fours quivering was a sight to behold.

She managed to get onto Her knees. “Give me Your cock, please!” She begged.

I dropped my pants and slid my rock hard cock through the hole. Instantly I felt my Daughter take my cock down Her throat.

There was no work-up, She went right to sucking Her Daddy’s cock with passion. Having been built up for the past half-hour or so, I didn’t last but 10 minutes before I exploded down Her throat.

I could feel Her continue to suck. She was a Girl on a mission. My cock never went soft in my Daughters mouth. Her lips and tongue were amazing!

After 10 minutes I was full hard again and down Her throat.

Rose tugged and massaged my balls as She continued to deep-throat me for another 20minutes. My Daughter got another load of Her Daddy’s cum down Her throat.

I tried to pull back my hypersensitive cock. My Daughter refused to release my balls. Her lips and tongue worked my cock until it began to harden again.

I felt Her mouth release my cock and Her hand came from my balls. Before I could pull back, She wrapped Her hand around my balls again. I then felt Her scorching hot and soaking wet pussy engulf my cock.

Rose was slamming against the wall, impaling Herself onto Her Daddy’s cock. This went on for 20-30 minutes. After my Daughters 2nd wailing orgasm, I heard a knock on Her door followed by, “Rosie, it’s Megan!” After which I heard the door open and close.

I could feel another orgasm welling up. Rose began to wail with another orgasm. I again felt Her pussy clamp down on my cock. This time it was met with an explosion of my cum.

I felt my Daughter convulsing. Before I could shoot the last of my cum deep into Her pussy, Her hand released my balls and I felt Her pussy slide off my cock.

I continued to moan and shoot into my Daughters booth.

“Holy cum-fountains!” I heard Megan exclaim as I shot the last few ropes of cum.

I pulled my cock and balls back into my booth.

I bent over and looked through the hole. My Daughter was laying on the floor convulsing with the last of the orgasm. I could see that most of my cum had landed kartal escort on Her sweaty nude body.

Rose managed to sit up against the wall. Looking at me looking at Her, “Thank You!” is all she could manage to get out between pants and quivers.

“With all the noise you two were making, You have a long line waiting.” Megan said looking at me through the hole. “You better go so We can take care of them.”

I put away my cock and balls. I picked up the buttplug I had taken out of my Daughters ass and dropped it into my pocket.

Walking out of the booth, all I could think was, ‘Megan wasn’t kidding!’ There had to be better than a dozen Guys out here!

I stepped out and one of the regulars I knew well went in.

I went outside to catch my breath and cool off. About 20 minutes later, the regular that went in after me, James, came out and joined me. We talked about how amazing those two are.

Another 20 minutes and another Guy came out to smoke.

I went back in and reentered the booth area. Another exited my old booth and a Guy I hadn’t seen before went in.

I had a seat in the chair where I had seen my Daughter sucking a strangers cock.

After a few more guys had gotten off, I heard the sounds of Rose ‘taking care of business’. The door opened and I saw a nude, sweaty Megan look at me, grin, then look down the hall. She went back in.

“Another 6 or so.” I heard Her say shortly before I heard the telltale groaning of a Man cumming. I knew my Daughter had just gotten another load.

I saw James come walking down the hall. We talked for a few minutes before another Guy went in the booth. James and I had gotten to know each other from frequenting the porn shop.

I was feeling the urge, so I reached over and rubbed the front of James pants. Stepping in front of me, He undid his zipper and took out His cock. I slid forward in the chair. As I heard another guy cum in one of the Girls, I took James cock into my mouth.

He and I had sucked each other on many occasions, so I knew how to get Him off.

I could hear Rose moaning through the door as James began pumping my mouth.

“Yea, fuck my ass!” I heard my Daughter moan.

I heard the Man fucking my Daughters ass cum. A few minutes later, He left the booth. The few remaining guys in the hall were watching me suck cock.

Megan opened the door to check the hall again. Her eyes met mine. There was a look of excited surprise as She watched James cock sliding in and out of my mouth.

Megan looked at the Guys watching me and asked, “So are We Girls done in Here? Are the rest of You gonna have this guy take care of You?” She then grinned at me and shut the door.

Quickly, a Young guy went into the room and shut the door.

I heard Megan tell Rose, “That first Guy You fucked and sucked. Yea, He’s outside the door sucking a cock!”

“What? Seriously?” I heard Rose exclaim.

“SERIOUSLY!” Megan snapped back. “Go take a look!”

Time stood still. My Daughter is about to see me sucking cock. The same Daughter that had avoided me for years. The same Daughter that I have fucked and has sucked my cock.

I heard the door unlock as I felt James balls tighten. The door opened and my Daughters eyes met mine. A few thrust of His cock, and James began shooting His cum into my mouth.

Rose was fascinated by the sight of a Man sucking cock. She didn’t really look at me until about 10seconds later, after I had sucked the last cum from His cock.

My Daughters face was covered in confusion. She realized that She had just seen Her Dad sucking cock, and swallow cum. It was then mixed some shock. She realized Her Dad was looking at Her sweat and cum covered naked body standing in the doorway to k├╝├ž├╝k├žekmece escort a booth in a porn shop. Rose then saw Her buttplug that I had just pulled from my pocket. My Daughter lost all emotion at that point. I think Her mind was at a loss about what emotion it should give Her.

Megan had taken a load of cum into Her pussy before sucking another cock through the hole. The last Guy in the hall opened the door to the booth where Rose stood.

As Rose stood staring blankly at me, He began fondling Her tits. Pinching Her nipple seemed to get Her mind going again. She slowly looked at Him. He massage my Daughters tits as my Daughter got onto Her padded knees. She un-zipped this strangers pants and pulled out His sizable cock. Rose looked into my eyes as She began stroking the half-hard cock. I smiled and sat back. She turned and took His cock in Her mouth.

I sat there watching my Daughter starting to work that big cock down Her throat. She would glance over at me, as if to check If I was still there, and real. After a few minutes, His balls were slapping Her chin. She had ahold of His ass pulling Him to Her. Thrusting His cock down Her throat.

Megan had finished off the Guy at the hole and was watching Rose. I reached out my hand. Megan stepped forward and I slipped 2 fingers into Her cum-filled pussy. Then 3 fingers. I began working Her G-spot.

Megan gripped the door frame as the first orgasm hit Her. I continued to watch my Daughter deep-throat the Stranger as I finger-fucked Her Friend. Megan gushed onto my hand as Her second orgasm made Her quiver severely.

The stranger slammed down my Daughters throat. He added His cum to many others loads in Her stomach, including mine.

Rose watched Her Friend gush all over Her Daddy’s hand from Her third orgasm. Half way through the orgasm, Megan jerked free from my hand and finished twitching.

I helped Rose up from the floor. I reached into the booth and retrieved Her clothes. I slipped Her top on. I stopped buttoning between Her breasts. I sat down again. I took and held out Her pants. She put a hand on my shoulder. She lifted one foot from Her shoe and slid it into Her pant leg. We repeated the procedure for the other. I pulled Her pants up to Her mid-thigh.

I reached back into my pocket and pulled out my Daughters buttplug. I pulled Her towards me. My Daughters bald, swollen, cum-filled pussy was inches from my face. I reached around and spread Her butt cheeks. I then slipped the buttplug slowly back into Her ass.

She let out a light squeal as She pushed Her ass back against the plug. She gasped when Her asshole popped around the fat of the plug.

I licked my Daughters swollen, cum covered clit for a few minutes before I pulled Her pants the rest of the way up and fastened them.

Rose slipped Her shoes back on as I motioned Megan to me. I dressed Her the same as I dressed Rose, but without the buttplug. I picked up the Girls bras and panties. I put Megan’s into one pocket and my Daughters into the other pocket.

I watched these 2 wonderful Sluts walk out of the booth area and out into the parking lot. We walked to my truck. I opened the passenger door.

Megan stepped back and looked at Rose.

Rose smiled at Megan. “It’s okay, this is my Daddy!”

I stepped to Megan and took out my wallet. I pulled out a few of the pictures of Rose and I. The look of confusion left Her face and She too went almost emotionless.

I helped Megan into the back seat of my truck. I then helped Rose into the front.

I climbed in behind the wheel and heard Megan blurt out, “HE’S YOUR DAD?! HOLY SHIT!”

I patted Megan on the knee then leaned over and gave Rose a kiss on the forehead.

“I Love You, Daddy!” Rose said looking at me as a tear ran down Her cheek..

“I Love You, Rose! It’s awesome to see You again!” I said cupping the side of Her head and wiping the tear away with my thumb.

The drive Home was filled with laughter. Rose and I even exchanged apologies.

After We got home was something to be kept for another story…

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