My English Teacher Mrs. Pai

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It was that lovely intervening period between school and college. I had just turned 18. Having been accepted into one of the most prestigious universities in the country, I felt that the whole world was at my feet.

One fine day I was curled up at home in my favourite corner with a good book and a cup of coffee. There was no one else at home. It was as close to a perfect afternoon as any. Then I heard a knock on the door. I ignored it for a while, willing the person to go away. That did not happen. Begrudgingly I opened the door, almost ready to blast the person away with expletives. I am glad I did not.

I knew this woman. I knew her very well. Mrs. Pai. She taught me English until as recently as a few weeks ago. What was she doing here? She saw the surprise on my face.

“Aren’t you going to ask me to come in?” she said?

“Oh yes, yes!” I stammered, “Please come in. I was not expecting you at all”

We exchanged a few pleasantries. I offered her some tea. I could sense she had something on her mind. She had most certainly not come here for small talk. I looked her up and down. She was not conventionally hot. Dark, 5″ 6′ or thereabouts, a big 48 inch ass, with some meat on her bones she was a typical 32 year old Malayalam woman. Having seen enough soft core Mallu porn, I had developed a liking for Kerala women. She was not like any of those heavyset women in the movies. She was quite something.

Mrs. Pai suddenly took my hand in hers, “Let’s stop beating about the bush. Do you know why I am here?”

I shook my head. She continued, “I have received an offer from a movie producer. They want me to do the second lead in a Shakeela movie.”

Shakeela movie? Did she say that? Shakeela was the reigning soft core Mallu porn queen. I was not even sure Mrs. Pai knew the kind of movie that was on offer. I opened my mouth to say something. She cut me off with a wave of her hand.

“Yes, I know what a Shakeela movie means. They may appear B-grade to you, but in Kerala they are very highly thought of.”

I knew this was not true. I knew that she knew that I knew that she was only trying to paint a rosy picture. I let it slide.

I said, “How can I help you with this, Mrs. Pai?”

“I like you more now.” she said, “You do not ask meaningless questions like why or what. I need you to help me understand if I would be able to do justice to the role. I am sure you have seen quite a few Shakeela movies. You know what women are expected to do. Do you think I am appealing enough? Unless the men like me, I will not get another movie. And I don’t want to do just one movie. I want this as a career.”

“Mrs. Pai” I said, “I have always found you very attractive. There is a reason why I never stood up in your class. Your effect on me would be clearly visible.”

I let that escort ata┼čehir statement hang for a while. I did not know how far she wanted to go with this. When in doubt, let the woman take the lead. After a while, she spoke.

“Tell me, am I like Shakeela?”

“Why would you want to be like Shakeela? I think you will bring a refreshing difference to the screen, Mrs. Pai.”

“Shakeela is the queen” she said, “I need to dethrone her.”

I looked at her a long time. She was wearing a brown silk saree. There is not much you can deduce about a woman’s figure in that outfit. I liked what I saw, though. Her big ass was still prominent. She had put flowers in her hair. Nice.

Yes, Mrs. Pai and I were on very good terms at school. We had shared many an interesting conversations, most of them restricted to the intricacies of the English language. We never crossed the line. Would I have wanted to? Hell yeah! Would she have? I was not sure. Every once in a while I thought she held that smile a little longer or bent over a little more to pick stuff off the lower shelves of her office. But she was married. I convinced myself that I was imagining things. It was just my fantasy in overdrive, I told myself.

Then what was she doing here? I had absolutely no expertise in taking acting auditions. I guess it was time for me to find out.

“Mrs. Pai, there is only one way to know.” I said, “I will have to see you.”

“I know.” she said, “It is the only way. That is why I have come to you. I would not have been comfortable doing this with anyone else.”

She stood up and took her saree off. Wonderful body on that woman! Full figured. Even in her slip and blouse she was giving me the goose bumps.

“Wow, Mrs. Pai!” I exclaimed, “You are a very sexy woman. I see no curve where it should not be. So far, it looks good.”

“So far?” she questioned, “You think I am going to show you any further?”

This had to be handled delicately. I had no intent of letting her go without seeing more.

“Mrs Pai, I know this is awkward. But you came here for my help. I cannot form an informed opinion without your help. Yes, this is all very good. But Mallu movies have come a long way now. Shakeela has started doing full frontal nude scenes. How will I be able to tell you if your body will match up to that unless I see it?”

She saw my point. There was that glint in her eye that told me she expected me to justify her doing the full monty. With her back to me, she started undressing.

Topless, she was a Goddess. Not like any of those wafer thin ramp models, but a full-bodied woman with curves. I just loved how smooth her dark skin was. I was aching to see those breasts. They were small compared to her frame but a handful nonetheless. I almost came when she disrobed completely. kad─▒k├Ây escort Her thighs were muscular. They were thighs that had been wrapped around many a lucky man in throes of passion. Her pubic area was shaved, and I could see her slit. Her ass was her best feature. It was round, big, and dark brown. Oh, I had pictured her naked many a time. She was better than I thought.

“Wow! I have never seen a sight so hot, Mrs. Pai. Shakeela is going to be smothered. You are indeed the kind of woman that every man desires.”

She blushed, “Thank you. Can I dress up now?”

“No!” I almost screamed, “Mrs. Pai the first thing we need to do is make you comfortable with your nudity. Remember, you will be nude in front of a film set. You have to pretend as if there is no one around.”

“Hmm, I see your point. What do you suggest?”

I took my time answering. “Why don’t you come into the kitchen with me while I make us another cup of tea?”

She agreed. Good thing I wore a long shirt. Having her strut her stuff about my kitchen had raised me to great heights. I was amazed at her ease with nudity. She might as well have been fully clad. I stood behind her as she stirred sugar in the tea cups. Her big ass shook a little as her hands moved the spoon.

I could not keep my eyes off her naked body as we sat on the sofa sipping our tea. My member was bursting through the fabric of my trousers. I had to do something.

“Mrs. Pai” I said, “besides your husband, have you been naked with a man?”

“Well” she began “before I was married there were quite a few. I was the bombshell of my college. I must have slept with a dozen guys. But post that there have not been that many to be honest.”

She saw that quizzical look on my face and continued, “You know I am from Kerala. That state has a pretty high infidelity rate. It is not uncommon to sleep with your spouse’s best friends. Also, how do you think I have managed to keep my job this long in school? I fuck the principle.”

I was not sure what was more surprising — her having such a colourful life or her sharing all this with me. But this left me with a bigger problem. I had thought of luring her into having sex with me by telling her that she had to be comfortable having sex with a stranger on screen. Apparently, she did a lot of that off screen anyway. Change of strategy.

I decided to play her game, “Mrs. Pai, does size matter? I think I am too small. Shailaja has not complained. But may be she is being polite.”

She was surprised, “Shailaja? You are sleeping with Shailaja? My, you do get the best. On to your size question. As long as you are bigger than 4 inches you should be fine.”

“Could you measure me? I would not be comfortable doing this with someone else.” I mocked.

She nodded. My clothes maltepe escort bayan were off in a flash. My erection almost sprang up straight and slapped her across her face, brushing past her lips.

“I am sorry” I apologised, “I did not know I was this hard.”

She waved it off. Then she held my cock in her hands, making a fist around it. I had never imagined this — a naked Mrs. Pai holding my cock. If this was not heaven, it sure as hell was close.

She licked her lips and opened her mouth, “Mmm. Take this from someone who has more than had her fair share of peckers. You are good. Close to 7-8 inches. That is more than enough if you know how to use it.”

I knew a cue when I saw one. I jumped at it, “But Mrs. Pai, how do I know if I am using it well? Shailaja would not know. She was a virgin when I met her. She has nothing to compare me with.”

I am pretty certain I caught that hint of a smile in her as she spoke, “Oh well. There is only one way to find out.”

With that she guided me into her mouth. It was warm and soft. She was on her knees, her arms flexing with the back and forth motion of her hand as she jerked me and sucked me at the same time. I could see the bulge of her curvaceous butt. I cupped her breasts, massaging those big brown nipples.

She was good. Not just because she was the first proper woman to go down on me. She was genuinely good. She was good enough for you to cheat on your wife, just for that one moment of pleasure. I held her face in my hands, moving it up and down as she swallowed my cock.

“Mrs. Pai!” I exclaimed between breaths, “I am not sure this is letting me know how good I am at using my dick. So far you have been doing all the work.”

She saw my point. She fiddled in her handbag and fished out a condom. With the deftness that comes by practice she slipped it on me. Then she bent over the sofa and offered her big behind. She was lovely. There was nothing I could see save for that ass. I stood behind her and rammed my cock into her cunt. Her cunt was loose. She was 32. And she fucked a lot. I was used to Shailaja’s tightness. Yet this was giving me a pleasure I had not known. It was the pleasure of a woman gyrating with the right rhythm to my every thrust.

I gave that ample arse two tight whacks. That posterior deserved to be spanked. She was almost there. I was almost there. I was finding it difficult to keep up with her. I had this feeling that I would shoot my wad before her orgasm.

Then the front door burst open. Shit! I should have locked it. It was Shailaja. Holy fuck. I don’t know what it was that did it. Seeing Shailaja walk in on us sent Mrs. Pai over the edge. She screamed in ecstasy, almost passing out. I could not stop. I looked into Shailaja’s eyes as they welled up in tears of deceit and kept on fucking Mrs. Pai. I did not last long. I pulled my cock out just at the moment, yanked the condom off and sprayed my semen all over that dark brown ass. I collapsed next to Mrs. Pai. When I looked up, Shailaja was gone.

I knew I had lost Shailaja. But hell, Mrs. Pai was worth it.

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