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My Daughters, Faith And Cheyanne

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“So, now we’re done eating dinner; what are you two up to tonight, ladies?” I pondered, peeking at both of them.

“I don’t have any plans; what about you, Cheyanne?”

“Me either, Faith,” she added, shaking her head no.

“Really, you’re twins, but you don’t have that mind-reading power?”

“I guess not, Daddy,” Cheyanne replied, glancing at me.

“Too bad, so if I ask you two if either of you will be introducing me to someone soon, would I get an answer?”

“I’m afraid not, Dad,” Faith responded.

“Really, you’re both beautiful, but neither of you has anyone on the radar to report on or anything at all? Not a slight glimmer or anything at all; no guys have made googly eyes at you or anything at all in college? You’re both nineteen, and you don’t have any guys coming for you. I know you two live in the same dorm, but do you two at least give each other time to spend time with someone from time to time?”

“We’re sorry, Dad, but what about you? I mean, you’re in your mid-forties now.”

“High forties, but who’s counting? This isn’t about me; I’m asking about you two,” I made clear, leaning back and crossing my arms. “It’s been eight years since mom passed-“

“Exactly, Dad,” they both said.

“We just mean, before we went to college, you were smothering us a bit. We’re still surprised you allowed us to move out and onto campus. You’re worried about us, but you should be more concerned with yourself. Not that we’re in a hurry to get a new step-mom, but you need someone,” Cheyanne explained.

“That’s nicely put, sis, but I’ll be blunt, you need to get laid, Dad,” Faith added.

“Okay,” I said, covering my face. “That’s not something you want to hear from your daughter, but I guess it is true. So, theoretically speaking, you’d be happy if I introduced someone to you that could be your step-mom?”

“Yes,” they both replied.

“If we promise to look for someone for you to meet, will you look for someone too? You don’t need to marry someone if you don’t want to, but have someone else in your life you can focus on, though. We come home every single weekend like this.”

“And you could be using this time to find someone. Is that the point?”

“Sure, Dad. We love you and surely love spending time with you too. You make killer burgers, but still, we’re in college and need some time apart too.”

“I don’t see you during the week, though. There’s Zoom, but that’s it. I get you, though, I don’t like it, but I understand. Okay, take a couple of weekends off if you really want to, I mean it. There won’t be any hard feelings.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure, I couldn’t possibly love you more, but if you’re suffocating and needing some air, okay, get some air. Of course, I’d have to say, don’t get hooked on the air, I guess.”

“Okay, Dad, we can at least watch our movie before we go to bed.”

“Yes, but you have to watch Due Date, though.”

“I love that movie and say it like it’s bad.”

I smiled, and we all went to the living room. Just like old times, I got to sit down on the couch with a girl on each side of me. I wrapped an arm around both of them and watched the movie. Just like every other time we watched it, the credits came way too quickly.

Then Faith pecked my cheek. “I love you, Daddy.”

“I love you too, babe.”

“I love you too, Dad,” Cheyanne added, getting in a smooch as well on my forehead. “Goodnight,” she said as they both got up off the couch.

“Goodnight, my darlings.”

They calmly left and went to their bedroom.

I sighed and shrugged my shoulders too. “I guess you are right, I have been smothering you a bit, but okay, I get it. Maybe I do need to get laid; my dick still works. I find it hard to believe that neither of them has no love interests at all. I mean, like nothing? Maybe they were full of it and knew I’d have to find out more. Who knows, but maybe they’d tell each other. They are twins, so I bet they would. Just not their noisy dad, because I guess I do need to get laid and not focus on my only daughters I have. I guess I have to give up the fixation I have on those two brunette young ladies.”

I just sat there for over five minutes and stayed silent. I didn’t know what to do or say, even to myself. I surely wanted to keep them at arm’s length, but it seemed that wasn’t gonna happen, though.

“Crap, the fixation is gonna get the better of me, though,” I said, rising. “I just gotta know if either of them is seeing someone. They won’t tell me, but they might be talking about it now that they’re alone,” I theorized, calmly walking out of the living room.

I bit down on my bottom lip and felt more than worried about getting closer to their room. Nevertheless, I needed to get a little more from my daughters than the wall they displayed. So, I got to their door and stopped.

“I think we should tell dad, Cheyanne.”

“I don’t think he’d understand, Faith. I love you, but I think you put faith in the wrong things.”

“Well, he was out there wanting to know if we were Burdur Escort dating anyone. It was written all over our faces; we’re definitely dating people.”

“Yes, but we can’t tell him who.”

“Why, though, ladies?” I whispered.

“We will eventually; you saw him; he was about to crack some skulls out there. All we could do was turn it back on him, but he’s going to find out sooner or later. I’m pretty sure he’s gonna love us no matter what, sis, so what can really happen?”

“I don’t know, but kiss me.”

‘You’re kissing? Like twin sisters?’ I thought, before pushing my ear on the door. ‘That does not sound like friendly sister kissing.”

“I love you, Faith.”

“I love you too, Cheyanne,” Faith added, before I heard more kissing.

‘WTF?’ I thought, backing my head away. “No, they weren’t talking about each other, were they?”

“You’re still a good kisser, sis,” Cheyanne added.

“Do you think it’s safe to sleep together tonight?”

“Sleep together? You have your own beds.”

“I guess we could, but we should still keep it quiet. Dad could hear us or check on us too. You never know, so we have to be careful, though. If he catches us, well, that’ll get the worst result imaginable. If he saw me between your legs, he’d surely take it the wrong way.” Faith added.

“Between your legs? Are you two doing it?” I mumbled, rubbing my face.

“Well, I won’t say something like that and just tease you, sis.”

“Good, Faith, now kiss me.”

My eyes widened as far as they would go instantly. I surely didn’t know how to process such a thing, but I knew I’d have to see it for myself. After a moment, I gently grabbed the doorknob and pushed open the door somewhat.

“Holy shit, you’re both naked and making out too. Are you kidding me? Is this a joke?”

I didn’t get my answer, but they still kind of told me with their actions. I could only see Faith’s butt then, but further from the nudity, I saw something I never thought I’d see: my twin daughters making out.

They were both on their knees and making out like horny lovers, it seemed. They both hand their palms on each other’s faces as well and just seemed to love each other in a way I never thought possible.

“This is so far out there; I don’t know what to say or think, but yet, I can’t look away. Are you two together then? I mean, like girlfriends? You’re an incestuous couple?”

I had no idea, but I couldn’t make myself look away.

They maintained their position for another couple of minutes, but Faith parted her lips from Cheyanne’s. “You’re beautiful, sis.”

“You look exactly like me, Cheyanne, but thank you.”

“Your welcome, now come up with me,” Cheyanne invited her sister as they both rose upon their knees.

“Oh, I’m a bad dad because you have great tits and sexy pussy too, Cheyanne,” I muttered, bringing my hands to my crotch. “Crap, you two making me hard now. How is that possible? How are you together like this? You’re both making out, and now Faith, you’re feeling Cheyanne’s boobs? WTF? I don’t know, but this is something completely out of left field, and I like it. You’re identical twins, but you’re together kissing each other like that? Cheyanne’s, you’re feeling Faith’s butt too, so… shit,” I let out, vibrating nonstop.

After three kissing moments, Cheyanne gently pushed Faith’s lips off hers. “You can kiss me all you want, but I still want you between my legs, Faith.”

“Hey, give me a little faith, Cheyanne; I was building up to it. I would think you’d know that we have the same tits, slits, and brains, you know. Can’t you give me credit where’s credit is due?”

“And you don’t always keep the ‘faith’ pun going, that’s good,” Cheyanne admired, lying down.

Right then, even though Faith had a point, they had the same bodies; I appreciated both of them more than life itself then. Even though I had no idea of their odd relationship, I still had to leer at their gorgeous bodies and feel my schlong getting harder, too, as I saw Faith leaning towards her sister’s pussy.

“Oh, sis, yes,” Cheyanne moaned, plopping her hands on Faith’s head. “Yes, get your twin sister’s pussy.”

My mouth opened up like they were flood gates. From one second to the next, I saw my daughters officially breaking the law together. Even as they were, I wasn’t missing the point of seeing them together; they just turned me on like I never felt before in my life.

Neither of them was paying attention to the door, so I got to see all the sexy action. Despite me still being rather confused by my daughters and how I loved seeing them, I had to keep watching them. I surely loved and respected them more than anyone else in the world, but I couldn’t look away.

“Do you like that, Cheyanne?” Faith asked, thrusting her fingers.

“Yes, woman, just like the past two hundred times.”

“Two-hundred, you’ve done it that many times? What the hell have I been missing here? Faith, you’re going to town on your sister, and she loves it. How could I not know about Burdur Escort Bayan this? They’ve been rooming together, but still, this is way the fuck out there. My wood hasn’t been this stiff in years, ladies, and you two made it that way too. I have no idea how I love this or how you two are into this, but crap, this is like Christmas morning, only better. I’m a bad dad, or a great one, I guess,” I moaned, before pulling out my rod. “Oh, this is so wrong, that’s it right.”

Then I actually began masturbating to the sight of Faith eating out Cheyanne as they were both completely naked. I couldn’t see every inch of them then, but I didn’t need to, though. Witnessing the event actually happen and Cheyanne react to it to was just beyond amazing.

I saw Faith’s hands-on Cheyanne’s thighs and moving her tongue so much; I would’ve thought it was getting ready to fall off, but yet, she kept going like mad. Cheyanne kept her hands on her sister’s head, but didn’t block my view.

They both showed love between each other like it was flipping a light switch. I couldn’t imagine how they made their hearts do it, but I sure didn’t understand how the incest thing worked, though. Nevertheless, that didn’t stop me from masturbating to them.

My brain told me such conflicting things so that I couldn’t concentrate the best way, but I still kept enjoying such an odd, but the lovely sight in front of me. I kept my cock away from the crack, but the door still moved, too, with me jacking off.

It made noise as well, but I tried to keep it down as much as I could. Although, it was quite the tall order as they infected me like a sexy virus. The side effects were certain to come out at an alarming rate.

“Yes, look into your sister’s eyes and rub her head as she licks your cherry, Cheyanne. You love your twin sister, but who says you shouldn’t love her like this?”

Again, I didn’t get my answer, but I pushed my luck and cracked the door open a bit more. Those sexy ladies still failed to notice, but then they both closed their eyes and got lost in each other. I breathed as heavily as I could and found my other hand still on the doorknob.

“Oh, you two are stunning, saying the least, shit, I love you both like no one else in the world. Wow, a closer look means an even hotter view. Damn, you’re to die for, ladies. I want to shoot my load all over you both, but I won’t do that to my wonder twin daughters,” I muttered, stroking my dick slowly.

I felt like all my batteries got injected with butter and sugar. I was breathing heavily before, but then I could barely do it at all then. The virus got in me, and that was that. It was still worth it, though, so I kept jerking it even though they could just look at me at any second.

Then they even held hands and connected even more without opening their eyes. I had to praise them even more because it meant they had intense chemistry together, and that display alone was beyond wonderful.

“Yes,” I mumbled, letting out a stream and leaning my head back.

“Dad?” Faith asked.

I turned around and covered my face, and soiled more of their carpet. I wanted to run, but I couldn’t make myself run. I just shot out another stream in the carpet and felt my skin cringe. All of a sudden, I felt the thrills turn into agony, and I didn’t know what to say.

“Dad?” they both sobbed somewhat. “Are you mad at us?”

“No, of course not,” I made clear, turning back around and covering my dick. “You two just caught me off guard here; wow, you two are beautiful,” I complimented them, checking out their tits. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to look at you,” I said, looking away.

I stayed silent for a moment, and they didn’t speak either. I already told them I wasn’t upset, but of course, there was still a big elephant in the room.

After a moment, I felt my hands get pulled down, and I saw Cheyanne crying. “So, you know everything, Dad?”

“Well, not everything; when did you two start hooking up?”

“Our third week in college,” Cheyanne replied, before a gap. “You may look at us, Daddy; it’s alright.”

I couldn’t turn down that chance and gawked at both of them. Neither of them hid their bodies at all as they could tell I liked them. Although, neither of them touched me even with my schlong out there still.

“You’re both intoxicating, even though I didn’t think so an hour ago.”

“Thank you, Daddy,” they both replied, strolling towards me. “Would you like to see us kiss again?”

My eyes widened again, and I nodded. They both smiled at me and turned to each other. They both grabbed each other’s arms and pushed their lips together. Needless to say, I had to grab my rod again and stroke it.

“Holy shit, you’re both so…”

They both looked at me again. “So, you’re not upset at all?” Faith asked.

“No, I’m still confused, but obviously, I see something I like here. I don’t even know why, but I loved seeing you two together. You’re an incestuous couple then?”

“Something like that, but again, that’s okay?” Escort Burdur Faith pondered.

“I guess, yes, you two are my daughters, so I have to love you more than life itself. It’s not like any guy doesn’t like seeing two women together either, even if it is his twin daughters.”

They smiled at each other and then closed the gap between us.

“You have a nice cock, Dad,” Cheyanne complimented me. “Would you like to feel our boobs?”

“You want me to join you two now?”

“Maybe,” they both answered, taking my hands and bringing them to a bosom.

From one second to the next, I crossed the line and felt those moneymakers hanging off both Cheyanne and Faith’s chests.

“You’re jolting. Is it fair to say you like feeling them?”

“Yes, Faith.”

“Would you like to kiss us, Daddy?” Cheyanne pondered, getting closer to me.

“You’re still interested in guys?”

“Yes, and you’re our dad too; we’d do it anyway,” Cheyanne made clear, before kissing me.

Needless to say, it was no father/daughter kiss and was quite the sensation. I had my eyes closed the whole time, and I felt my dick become even harder than when I felt their jugs.

After thirty seconds, Cheyanne parted her lips. “So, you liked that, Dad?”


“Then kiss my sister too.”

I turned to Faith and kissed her as well. Even though literally the only difference between them was their names, it was still a whole different thrill I felt from her as well. I kissed my daughters, unlike my daughters, but it was still amazing.

After a couple of turns with both of them, I felt hands on my cock. I saw them both stroking it slowly, and I certainly couldn’t stop them from saving my life. It felt like they were curing my cancer or giving me eternal life.

Either way, I knew I’d never have the same relationship with my daughters. After a moment, they even had me sit down on the bed they were just having sex on recently. They both sat next to me without letting go of my pecker.

I saw them kiss each other again up close numerous times for a few minutes, but then Faith let go of my johnson and got onto her knees beside me. “Would you like to have sex, Daddy?”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes, you had your johnson out for a reason,” Cheyanne answered, stroking my wood even harder. “Would you like me to suck your dick, Dad?”

“Again, are you serious?”

“As serious as you were when you busted us for coming home at three in the morning six months ago. You masturbated to us, you horndog. We’re not mad about that either, but if you want to have sex with us, just say so. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, Dad; incest can be one grand thing, trust us.”

“Okay, then yes, I’d love to have to suck my cock, Cheyanne.”

“Just don’t shoot in my mouth, Dad, okay?”

“I understand.”

“Good,” Faith added, taking my hands. “This might help you stay up with me,” she said, rising on her knees. “Now feel my breasts again, Dad,” she said, plopping my hand on them. “Now, let me feel your vibrate as Cheyanne sucks your rod.”

Then I indeed felt Cheyanne’s lips go around my schlong.

“Oh, fuck yes, Cheyanne, you’re fantastic,” I moaned, angling my head back. “Yes, suck your dad’s member. I have no idea why I like this so much, but it’s true.”

I loved getting blown, but one second to the next, she gave me a sentiment greater than life itself. I couldn’t help, but relish it like nothing else.

“He’s squeezing my hooters so much; he might take them down to ‘A’ cups, sis, so keep going.”

Cheyanne released my dick. “Don’t deflate her boobs, Dad; I like them just the way they are.”

“Okay, babe, but may I kiss your girlfriend?”

“Sure,” Cheyanne answered, before taking it back into her mouth.

I kissed Faith and loosened my grip on her melons too. Although, after a moment, I felt more love than lust, so I let my hands on her butt cheeks and pulled her closer to me. We made out again, but more passionately that time.

All the while, I felt Cheyanne’s lips going up and down on my pecker and making it feel better than ever. So, I quickly latched onto the incest thing, and we all had some extra excellent quality family time. I felt Faith put a hand on Cheyanne’s head, too, so she was extra supportive.

With passing thrust from Cheyanne’s lips, I had to twitch a bit more. I kissed Faith almost as if their mom suddenly came back to life, and I had to make up for lost time. Faith willingly accepted it and even gave me that passion back too.

I was at a loss for words; I just walked into something grand and had to partake as they were willing to let me do with them. I felt Cheyanne’s lips massaging my schlong, and I couldn’t help but shed a few tears too.

“Are you crying, Daddy?” Faith asked.

“A little, but I’m getting closer to the two women I love most in the world.”

Faith kissed me again and brought her tits to my face. “Get as close as you want, Daddy, just remember: don’t shoot in Cheyanne’s mouth.”

“I won’t, but holy shit, you have soft and squishy breasts. Even if they are a little small, they’re still sexy as hell. May I lick your nipples, Faith?”

Cheyanne released my wood. “Yes, but remember, Dad, she’s mine,” she reminded me, before sucking my schlong back into her mouth.

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