My Crazy Cousin Ch. 04

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With supper over and the kitchen cleaned up, I snagged a beer and headed out to the patio. The sun was low on the horizon and it had cooled off nicely. Amy’s toy had lain on top of the toy box all during supper. Her attention had been divided between the food and the toy. Now it lay on the table next to my beer.

Amy had been in the bathroom when I came outside. A few minutes later, the sliding glass door opened and her head appeared. She grinned at me and disappeared. Another few minutes passed and she opened the door again. This time she stepped outside with a coke in her hand.

As she closed the door, she looked around and shivered. Turning toward me she said, “Being naked out here is still a little scary and a lot exciting.”

I picked up her toy, held it up, and smiled at her. “Now that you’ve had a little time to rest…” I told her softly.

She shivered again and walked over to stand in front of me. “My mind has been driving me crazy all during supper over that thing. I’m nearly as wet now as I was after that last orgasm.”

“Then have a seat and see if it lives up to your expectation,” I said as I held the twig shaped toy out in her direction.

She whimpered softly as she sat the coke on the table and took the toy. “I’m going to come as soon as I put it in my pussy.”

“I don’t think you will get that far if you turn on the vibrators,” I said with a grin.

“That thought crossed my mind also,” Amy said as she toyed with the switch on the end of the toy.

I heard it buzz several times as she turned to the lounge chair and sat down with her feet on each side of it. She slid down in the seat and raised her feet to the edge of the chair. Her knees spread wide as she turned the vibrator on and touched it to her left nipple. She gasped loudly and jerked it away.

“That hurt so good,” she whispered. “My nipple is still tingling.”

“Try starting at the base of your breast and working your way slowly up and around your nipple.”

She did as I suggested and then whimpered as it got close to her nipple. Switching breasts, she did the same there with the same reaction. “The tingle gets so intense and then I can almost feel it in my sex like the two are connected in some way.”

Shutting the vibrator off, she whispered, “I think I need to start out with it off.”

“Use it like you did your middle finger earlier,” I suggested.

Amy looked at me quickly and then looked down at her sex as she moved the end of the main shaft to her mound. She bit her lower lip and moved the end down to her clit. She whimpered softly as it bumped her clit and then whimpered again as it slid along her slit easily. It spread her inner lips far more than her finger had earlier.

“It… it feels different. I can only feel one side of the touch.”

As it slid across her wet opening, she flexed her hips. When she did, the end moved lower and tickled her anus. With a jerk she moved it back up and teased her opening. She had it at an angle to her vagina but I could hear a wet squishing sound as she pressed it down harder and rubbed it up and down.

A moment later she groaned and moved the wet slippery end lower to rub the pucker of her asshole. Her hips quivered a moment later. “I am so wet,” she whispered as she turned the switch end of the dildo more toward her feet. She moved the rounded end back up to her tight opening and pressed it forward.

I could see her opening spreading the more she pushed. Slowly the shaft started to enter her sex. With a deep groan from Amy, the twig shaft rubbed her clit. The deeper the tapered main shaft went, the more it stretched her sex and the louder the groan got.

Before it was all the way in to the base of the twig extension her hips were quivering. She stopped pushing and took a deep breath. “Oh my God!” she said and then groaned as she pulled it slowly out until the head was just inside her opening.

Amy worked it in and out with short strokes for a moment and then pulled it out to rub the wet end up and down her slit and across her clit. Her hips rose and quivered again as she did. She quickly moved the head back to her opening and slowly pushed it in. She groaned as it went in and then gave a jerk as the twig rubbed her clit.

The jerking became faster as she slowly fucked herself with three quarters of the toy. Her breathing became faster and her eyes slowly closed. Lust and excitement chased each other across zeytinburnu escort her face as she chewed her lower lip. A minute or so later she groaned softly and pulled the toy out.

“I’m… so… close… but I want to wait,” she whispered.

“Turn it over, slip the twig part inside your pussy and then pull it out. Don’t touch the main part to your clit.”

When she did as I suggested her hips rocked up and back. “That feels more like my finger except for the little bumps on it.”

“Now, leave the twig on the down side and slide the main shaft into your sex,” I said with a grin.

She looked at me funny and then moved the end of the main shaft to her sex. As she pushed it in slowly she shivered and then she jerked as the end of the twig zeroed in on her anus. Between the slipperiness from her pussy, the jerk, and the steady pressure she was applying, the end of the twig pierced her asshole.

Amy gasped as her hips jerked even harder. The toy moved in her sex and in her asshole. She groaned loudly and flexed her hips rapidly. She was fucking herself in both holes as the groan grew louder and louder. Both parts were going deeper and deeper as she held pressure on the end of the toy. A few minutes later, her hips froze except for the movement caused by her stomach muscles jerking as she came long and hard.

Her eyes were wide open, staring off into space and her mouth was open also but no sound came out. As her eyes slowly closed, her fingers moved along the twig to feel where it went into her asshole. I reached over with one hand and pressed on the twig until it was fully inside her ass. Amy groaned as it went in the last inch or so. Then she yelled as I flipped the little switch on end of the toy and the vibrations started.

I kept my fingertip on the end of the toy as her hips jerked, flexed up and down, and bucked wildly as she started to come again. Her eyes and mouth were open very wide as she kept right on coming. I held the toy in place for another minute or so and then released it. It slowly started to slide out of her sex and ass. She took a deep gasping breath and froze as she tried to grab the toy with both holes to keep it inside.

A moment later, her hand found the end of the toy and turned the switch off. The buzzing stopped suddenly but her hips started to flex up and down, fucking her holes on the shafts. She groaned deeply and stopped moving. Her breathing was fast and ragged.


As her breathing slowed to somewhere near normal, Amy sighed deeply and squirmed on the chair. “Holy. Shit!” she whispered a moment later.

I chuckled as I reached over and moved her hand off the toy. It stayed right where it was. Her sex and asshole had a death grip on it. I contemplated pulling it out but decided to let it stay where it was until she wanted it out. “I told you it would knock your socks off,” I said softly.

Amy groaned and nodded her head. “I thought my head was going to explode there for a minute.”

“I’m just glad I don’t have neighbors yet. With the noise you were making, there would be heads looking over every fence.” I told her and then grinned when her eyes flew open and she looked around quickly.

Suddenly she looked at me and whispered, “I can’t take this thing home with me.”

I grinned and nodded knowingly. “Yeah, you’ll scare the hell out of your parents.”

“Not to mention, keeping myself all wound up just thinking about it sitting in its box and me not being able to use it.”

“I would be more worried about you hurting yourself every morning after your parents go to work.”

Amy groaned softly as the toy slipped an inch or so out of her ass and sex before they clamped back down on it. “I’d never get out of bed until just before they came home,” she whispered a few seconds later. “And maybe not then.”

I reached over and got a grip on the end of the vibrator and slowly worked it in and out an inch so several times. Amy whimpered and flexed her hips. As her hips came down, I pulled the toy out. She made a groaning gasping sound and shivered hard. With a grin, I raised the big prong up to my lips and sucked it in.

Amy whimpered and flexed her hips. “I… I want to suck on it.”

The tasty big prong was still in my mouth. My free hand went to my hard dick and moved it until it was pointing at her. She moaned as she sat up and turned in my direction. As she aksaray escort moved toward me and went to her knees, I pulled the head of the vibrator out of my mouth and said, “Put your towel down to kneel on.”

Amy turned quickly and grabbed her towel. She rocked back to sit on her heels while she folded and put the towel down. As she came forward onto her knees she shivered as her eyes went to my dick. She licked her lips and leaned forward. Her tongue flicked against the spongy head and she whimpered again. “You sucking my fingers that first time has never left my mind. I think you were showing me how to do this in a left handed way.”

I chuckled as I remembered it had been her left hand. “Relax and take your time. Explore as you go. Your lips, your tongue, and the roof of your mouth are all good. Just watch going too deep as that can and will gag you.”

She ran her tongue back and forth over her bottom lip as she looked at my dick. “I did some reading up, both medically and erotically. I started to ask mom some questions but decided that might not be a good idea because she’d have some questions of her own.”

“Always make those questions hypothetical. I was thinking and wondered about this or that. I’ve got the general idea but… That’s the way to phrase those questions.”

Amy grinned. “The big number one questions. What do I do when you come in my mouth?”

“There are two options, spit or swallow and whichever you do is up to you,” I replied with a wink. “You probably already knew all that but I can’t tell you what you should or shouldn’t do or what you will or won’t do.”

Amy nodded and leaned forward to put her forearms on the tops of my thighs as her right hand wrapped around the base of my shaft. “Show time,” she whispered as she moved the head of my dick over toward her face. Her tongue came out slowly and she licked the head from the flange to the tip like an ice cream cone.

She pressed the head against her lips and looked up at my face as she relaxed her mouth and let the head slowly slip inside. I was looking into her eyes and we both groaned softly. She sucked on the head as she slowly rocked her head back until it was out of her mouth. She sucked it in again and ran her tongue over and around it. She whimpered softly and rocked her head back.

“You taste so spicy,” she whispered and then she sucked the head in again.

I licked the big shaft of the dildo in my hand and grinned. “You taste very sweet and a little spicy.”

Amy groaned around the head of my dick and sucked more of it in. She held suction on it as she moved her head up and down slowly. More of my dick was disappearing into her mouth each time her head went down. She was still looking into my eyes, her head tilted back. I could feel the head of my dick rubbing against the roof of her mouth.

A few minutes later, I felt the head touch the back of her throat. Her eyes closed as she whimpered and moaned softly. Her head continued to move up and down but now she was raising her head slowly. She paused the upward motion at one point and rubbed the head up and down over the roof of her mouth. Her eyes were still closed but they opened as I made a soft groaning sound.

Holding a tight suction, she lifted her head until my dick came out of her mouth with a slurping sound. She took a deep breath and licked the head several times. Looking up at me, she whispered, “Rubbing the head against the roof of my mouth makes it tingle in an itchy, antsy way. Kind of like you licking my palm but much more intense.”

“It feels very good from my side also.” I replied.

She licked the head several more times and shivered. “When it touched the back of my mouth I found out what you meant about gagging.”

“When you get that far back keep the head off the roof of your mouth. The soft pallet up there is more susceptible to gagging.”

Amy shivered and sucked on the head for a moment. She popped the head out and shivered again. “Having it that deep made my sex tighten up even more for some reason.”

“The newness of the experience could be one reason. The thought of having my dick in your mouth might have been pushed home more. No pun intended,” I said and then grinned.

She grinned back at me. “The thought of swallowing all of you was there, believe me.”

I shook my head. “Look where the top of your hand is.” When she looked, I added, “Did you feel atak├Ây escort your fingers on your lips at any time?”

She shook her head quickly and looked up at me. “There is another three inches or more. It ain’t going to happen is it?”

I shrugged. “I don’t know. It has happened a few times over the years.”

Amy giggled and licked the head. “A goal to shoot for.”

I chuckled and shook my head slowly. “So now I get to be a practice dummy.”

Amy licked her lips and grinned as she sucked my dick back into her warm mouth. I groaned softly as she bathed the head with swirling movements of her tongue. Her head went down farther as her tongue wiggled and squirmed over and around the bottom of my shaft. The head was pressed tightly to the roof of her mouth as it went deeper.

As the head reached the back of her mouth, she pulled forward on my dick and tilted her head down. I could feel her swallowing around the head as it reached the back of her throat. She groaned deeply and raised her head a few inches. A few moments later, she was groaning around the head again. Between her throat rubbing the head and the vibrations, I was groaning right along with her.

She raised her head holding a tight suction until she could rub the head on the roof of her mouth again. I started to warn her that I was close to the edge of coming but she lowered her head suddenly. I could feel her throat rubbing all around the head and then I was coming with long hard squirts.

Amy yelled around my dick and sucked hard, her tongue trying to reach everywhere at once. Her head moved up and down quickly as she did. I could feel her tongue at the flange of the head one moment and the head at her throat the next. She was making a whimpering moaning sound the whole time.

Suddenly she stopped bobbing her head and slowly raised it until I came free of her mouth. She licked her lips and slowly leaned back to sit on her heels. She still had a hand on my dick. Her eyes were hooded as she stared at my dick. “I… uh… came when you did,” she whispered softly.

“That happens sometimes,” I replied.

She shivered and looked up at my face. “I swallowed.”

I chuckled and nodded. “That happens also.”

Amy giggled softly. “I didn’t even think about it. I was too wrapped up in the fact that I was coming and you were coming at the same time.”

“There goes that biggest erogenous zone in the body working overtime,” I said.

Amy giggled again. “Yeah, my brain, the taste of you on my tongue, and something hot and spicy in the back of my mouth and throat.”

We sat there for a few minutes and then Amy wiggled her fingers against my slowly shrinking dick. She grinned as she looked up at my face. “What now?”

I chuckled as I replied, “First, you let go of my dick. Then you go get a hot shower. And lastly you go home and get some rest.”

“Uh… what about the toys?”

“You can take the dildo home but don’t hide it under your mattress or in your lingerie drawer for your mom to find.”

“Mom wouldn’t snoop around my room or at least I don’t think she would.”

“Does she make your bed or put the laundry away?” I asked.

Her eyes got wide as she thought about it. “Uh… yeah, I hadn’t thought about that.”

I chuckled. “It doesn’t matter if she finds it really. She probably has an assortment of her own. What matters are your answers when and if she asks about it.”

Amy nodded. “That’s for sure. But what if she knows about the lingerie shop and asks the lady about me being in there.”

“If she’s bought toys locally, she knows about the shop but I trust the owner to keep her mouth shut. She might comment on what nice manners you have or what a sweet girl you are but that’ll be about all she’ll say.”

Amy giggled. “As long as your name doesn’t come up, things will be fine.”

“Even if it does, I’m just the helpful Uncle that escorted his shy cousin. I was less embarrassing than asking your mother to take you.”

Amy groaned as she thought of her mother going to the shop with her. It would never happen. Not in this lifetime at least. “If it ever comes up, that’ll be my story and I’ll stick to it.”

“Ok, now get your little ass in the shower,” I said with a grin.

“How about scrubbing my back?” Amy whispered as she got to her feet.

“Tempting but…” I replied and winked at her. “You’ve had about all the fun you can stand today. Save something for later.”

She nodded and grinned as she gathered up her clothes. “When will later be?”

“I have things to do so we’ll have to play it by ear.”

“My ears or yours?” She asked as she looked down at my soft dick.

With a chuckle, I said, “Go get a shower.”

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