My Conversion Therapy

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I was 18 and just graduated high school when my parents caught me masturbating to gay porn. I had my laptop on my bed and had been huffing poppers till I was gooned out pretty good. I moved my right hand slowly in a circular fashion stroking the tip of my cock to massage the precum all around my cockhead. I jerked off faster now and my balls start bouncing off the sheets all the while my left hand is plunging the lifelike 10″ cock dildo in and out of my asshole.

I start to feel a tiny quivering inside my groin area signaling the start of an incredible orgasm. I feel it increasing slowly yet steadily rising, gaining power in exponential intensity. I feel my ball juices start to flow into my cock like a stopped up drain fills with water.

The video I was watching on my laptop was of a mature Hairy Bear fucking a twink like myself. My right hand was stroking up and down while my left hand was pushing the dildo in and out of y clutching anus. The pressure on my prostate was exquisite.

My head falls back against my headboard and my mouth opens up gasping for air. My eyes are opening slowly and then closing again, the world seems to dim and fade, spin and stop. I can’t help it; this feeling is so inundating and alive. My ball juices have filled up my penis like an overflowing swimming pool.

I push my dildo farther up my ass massaging my prostate. I feel minor convulsions emanating from inside running all over my body. My right arm and wrist tighten as I jack my cock up and down utilizing all the excess precum as lubricant. Then I feel the futility of holding back as the urge to cum is thrust upon me.

I feel the entire universe penetrating my soul in an instant as my load shoots straight up and hits the top of my forehead as I rock back and forth in my bed. Then the second squirt of cum splashes on the top of my chest and slowly heads down towards my hard left nipple leaving a trail of cum behind it like a drop of water running down a slide. The third squirt lands above my belly button running down to my ball sack. The fourth and final squirt drenches my hand and fills my belly button hole full of cum.

The orgasm and popper enhanced euphoria I feel now as the universe twirls my soul into oblivion. I consciously notice that the world goes dark and time stops. I passed out with my cock in my hand, an open bottle of poppers on my nightstand, my body covered in cum and the dildo protruding from my distended and gaping asshole. This is how my parents found me when they walked into my room.

My laptop was still playing gay porn and my browser history showed all of the gay stories I had been reading on It was an ugly embarrassing scene with a lot of yelling and crying on my parents’ part. I told them I had never had sex with anyone else yet, but felt pretty certain I was gay. They could not accept this.

Several weeks later, my parents took me to a medical clinic. They told me I was going to go through conversion therapy for my sexual orientation.

A good looking mature male who introduced himself as Nurse Ben did my admissions intake. I said my goodbyes to my parents and Nurse Ben took me to an examination room.

He asked me many questions about my sexual history. I told them there was really none other than masturbation and the purchase of poppers and a dildo at the sex shop. At about this time, a good looking mature man entered and identified himself as the doctor. He read over my sexual history that Nurse Ben had filled out. He asked me if I was a virgin and had ever had sex with anyone. I told him I was and had not had sex with anyone. The Doctor told me to open my mouth, stick out my tongue and say “ah.” He stuck his finger in my mouth as far as it would go and I started to gag. He removed his finger and nodded and told me to stand up and to remove all my clothes. I did as he ordered, but was now really nervous standing before these two hot guys naked.

The Doctor grabbed my head and brought his lips to mine for my first gay kiss. His dominant tongue probed deep into my mouth. He pulled back and Nurse Ben pulled me to him and began kissing me just as hard. The Doctor twisted my hardening nipples as Nurse Ben kissed me.

They both then knelt down and examined my hairless cock and balls. I saw them smile at each other as The doctor said, “Ok. I need to have closer look. Climb up on the exam table on your back.”

I did as I was told. They then secured my feet in the metal table stirrups to keep my legs spread. The table was a little cold, so that helped get my cock under control, a little. The doctor knelt down between my legs for a closer look. I felt The doctor’s gloved fingers as he examined my asshole. The doctor then stood up between my legs and placed his hands on my naked thighs. I felt him stroke my inner thighs slightly. My cock sprang back to attention. Nurse Ben was now standing next to my head.

The doctor then smiled and knelt back between my knees. I felt his warm breath on my asshole, right before I felt his tongue begin to probe deep inside my boy hole. I heard The doctor moan as I relaxed my asshole and kırıkkale escort allowed him complete access to my needy hole. The doctor looked up at me and said, “That’s it. Just relax. Nurse Ben, why don’t you start the oral exam. I may be down here a while.” He then reinserted his tongue back into my asshole.

Nurse Ben then undid his pants and brought out his hard cock as he said, “Open up. I need to do my part in this exam too.”

I eagerly complied and opened my mouth. Nurse Ben then placed his hard cock into my waiting mouth. I began to bob my head back and forth, sucking his nice hard cock. I was thoroughly enjoying the tongue probing my asshole as I sucked the nurse’s cock. I started sucking hard on just the cock head, and running my tongue over his piss slit. Then would work my mouth over the whole shaft and suck his cock completely. I would then take his cock head deep in my throat and swallow, massaging and working his cock head with my throat muscles.

I heard Nurse Ben moan at my attention to detail. He began to moan out, “That’s it. Work the whole cock.” I heard the doctor chuckle from his position between my legs, with his tongue still buried in my asshole.

The doctor then stopped licking my hole and joined Nurse Ben by my head. Nurse Ben then removed The doctor’s cock from his pants and presented it to me. I took the doctor’s cock in my mouth and began working it as I had worked Nurse Ben’s cock. I heard moans and groans as I continued to suck the two cocks. I started to alternate between the two hard cocks, sucking one while I worked the other with my hand. I would then switch to the other cock.

I heard more moaning and looked up to see them locked in a passionate kiss as I continued to suck their cocks. I then took both cocks in my mouth at once and really sucked them both hard The doctor and Nurse Ben continued moaning and kissing as they began to thrust into my mouth. The double stimulation of my mouth working their cocks and their cocks rubbed against each other, began to really make them harder than before. I was amazed at how hard the cocks were now.

The doctor then pulled his cock out of my mouth and said, “I think it’s time I returned to his anal exam.”

He then walked back between my legs and slowly pushed his cock head into my still wet asshole. I moaned around the cock in my mouth as I felt every inch of the doctor’s cock enter my tight asshole. The doctor moaned as he enjoyed the tight warm asshole fully engulf his hard massive cock. He then began to work up a slow but steady rhythm of fucking my asshole.

His pace began to quicken and his thrusts plunge deeper into my asshole. My mouth was being forced deeper onto Nurse Ben’s cock every time The doctor would thrust into my ass.

The doctor began to moan, “That’s it. Take my big cock in your ass. I want to see you suck that cock real good as I fuck your tight asshole.” I was really getting nailed now. Both The doctor and Nurse Ben were fucking into me. I continued to suck the cock in my mouth as the doctor fucked my asshole deep and hard.

The doctor then slowed down, but plunged his cock into my asshole even deeper. He would bring his cock completely out of my asshole, then plunge back in all the way to his balls. My moans were muffled by the cock in my mouth. The doctor and Nurse Ben’s moans were loud and deep.

Nurse Ben then began to moan, “Yeah, fuck his asshole doctor. Go real deep. He’s sucking my cock so good. He loves these cocks inside him.”

I began to clinch my asshole around that nice hard cock plunging in and out of my greedy asshole.

The doctor moaned, “You bet he loves these cocks. He’s making his asshole nice and tight for my big cock. I think we should give him some injections. Just to see if he is gay.”

Nurse Ben loved that idea, saying “Oh yeah. I bet he will need numerous injections, before we can let him leave.”

The doctor then pulled out of my ass and said, “Ok now flip over. Get on your hands and knees.”

I quickly did as ordered. I positioned myself exactly as requested. Nurse Ben then went back to fucking my throat and The doctor plunged his hard cock back into my clutching asshole. The doctor’s cock pulled out with a pop and my gaping hole looked like a fish out of water opening and closing its mouth. They began to both pick up the pace of their thrusts into me. They had worked up a rhythm that one would thrust into me, driving my body back to meet the other’s thrusts. I was really being slammed back and forth by these two massive cocks burying themselves deep in my asshole and throat.

I felt Nurse Ben’s cock begin to twitch. I knew he wouldn’t last long. I then clamped my asshole down on The doctor’s cock and slammed back to meet his thrusts. I wanted them both to cum inside me at the same time. They were moaning loudly and fucking me hard. The doctor then buried his hard cock deep into my bowels. I felt his hard cock erupt with a flood of hot man seed deep inside me. I felt his cum hitting my insides with each spurt.

I moaned around the cock in my mouth, as escort kırıkkale Nurse Ben buried his cock in my throat. I swallowed around the cock head as fast as I could. I felt the cock head grow in size as I felt the first spray of cum shoot down my throat. I continued to suck the hard cock as he spent himself down my throat. They were both moaning loudly as their cock’s released the last drops of cum inside me. I continued clinching my asshole and pushing back and forth on The doctor’s cock as I sucked the entire shaft of Nurse Ben’s cock, milking them of all their cum.

They were both breathing hard at this point. I had sucked all the cum out of Nurse Ben’s cock and milked The doctor’s cock for all I could with my asshole, but I was amazed that they were both still rock hard.

Nurse Ben then said, “I think it’s time for us to continue his examination, don’t’ you doctor?”

The doctor moaned out, “Good idea nurse. Ok boy. I want you to get up off the table.”

I did as instructed, not know what was next. Nurse Ben then climbed up onto the table on his back, grabbed his still hard cock and said, “Ok boy. Climb on up.”

I climbed on top of him and lowered my cum filled ass down onto the hard shaft. I took his cock in easily. The doctor’s cum adding all the lubrication that was needed. I straddled his waist and sat on his thighs as I buried the hard cock all the way inside me. I started to work my asshole up and down the hard shaft, rocking my hips for deeper penetration and more speed. Nurse Ben then pulled me down so our chests were touching. I then felt The doctor’s cock touch my asshole.

I moaned as The doctor’s cock worked it’s way into my tightly packed asshole. Inch by inch the doctor pushed his hard cock into my ass until it was pressed up against Nurse Ben’s cock and buried all the way inside me. I moaned loudly at the great feeling of their two cocks in my asshole. My asshole felt amazingly full. They let me get used to the feeling, then they started to work my asshole.

Nurse Ben began to thrust his hips up, forcing his cock deeper and deeper into my cock filled asshole. The doctor began a slow and steady pounding of my asshole from behind. They both moaned as they felt their hard cocks rubbing against each other inside me. I moaned at the over-stretched feeling of two cocks pounding my asshole, and the feeling of both their cocks thrusting in and out of my asshole. They didn’t fuck my in rhythm with each other. They fucked at their own paces.

The doctor seemed to really like it hard and rough, so he kept up a fast and deep plunging in and out of my asshole. Nurse Ben seemed to want to take his time, so his thrusts were more slow and steady. That two different styles of ass fuck that were currently fucking my asshole had my head spinning. I was moaning loudly as my hole was being pounded and stretched tight. I was stuck between the two of them, so there was no way I could rock back into them. They decided the pace and depth. I was at their mercy. I was in slut heaven.

I began to moan out, “Please fuck me. Fuck me harder. I want to feel both of you cum inside my tight asshole. Fill my boy ass with your cum, please.”

This filthy begging turned them considerably, because they both began fucking me even harder. The added stimulation of their cocks rubbing against each other inside my warm asshole, drove them both towards their goals. I felt Nurse Ben grip my ass cheeks and thrust up even harder. The doctor had a hold of my hair and shoulder and he started slamming his cock so hard and deep into my asshole, that the table began to rock back and forth.

My moans grew louder as I felt my hard cock pressed between myself and Nurse Ben begin be stimulated by the force of our body movements. I was being fucked so hard that my own cock was about to explode. My moans grew louder and faster as my orgasm grew closer and the cocks in my asshole fucked faster and deeper. I finally threw my head back and moaned loudly as my orgasm over took me. I felt my cock explode between Nurse Ben and me. Spurt after spurt of hot boy cum flew from my cock and coated us. The force of my cumming caused my asshole to spasm and tighten around the cocks inside me.

The doctor moaned loudly as he gripped my hair roughly. He slammed his cock all the way inside me as his cock began to shoot his hot man load deep inside my asshole. I moaned at the feeling of his hot man seed being dumped deep inside me. Nurse Ben felt my asshole tighten and then felt The doctor’s cum begin to erupt. All of this sent him over the edge. He thrust his cock up and deep inside me, as he too began to seed my boy hole with his hot man cum. We all stayed like that for a few minutes, riding out our orgasm highs.

The doctor said I was definitely gay and a natural. The next phase would be the actual conversion therapy. The best way to convert is to get so much cock and cum that you are sick of it and then all you will be able to do is think about pussy and titties. The therapy will start tomorrow. I was escorted back to my room to be cleaned up and kırıkkale escort bayan put to bed.

My diet at the clinic was all liquid. I was told this would help with my enema clean outs. After lunch, I was taken to the enema chamber where I was thoroughly cleaned out by two muscular attendants. During the process, one kept sticking his finger in my mouth and had me suck it while the other man kept pinching and pulling my nipples. I was then placed in a bed on my back with my hands and feet restrained at the four corners. My head was on a pillow that tilted my head toward a large movie screen at the foot of the bed. They placed a breathing mask on my face which blew poppers directly into my lungs. The screen showed a continuous video of hypno movies that told me how much I craved cock and cum in all of my holes. The poppers took hold and I was in floating haze of gay sex for what seemed like hours. My cock was stiff as a piece of iron and seeping pre-cum copiously. My colon was cleaned out thoroughly as I was forced to expel water that was jetted into my bowels by a stainless steel nozzle over and over again till what spewed out was clear.

In a hyper aroused state, I was released from the bed and told I was being taken to the Sling Room for further conversion therapy.

As we entered the room, I noticed there were several naked men who all looked me as I entered. The escorts helped me as I climbed into the sling and laid down on my back with my legs in the stirrups and my ass and cock on display.

One guy who looked like a lumberjack began sucking my cock without preamble or foreplay. My ass was also being rimmed by another guy, getting it nice and wet. One cock was placed next to my lips, so I took it in my mouth and began sucking. I made eye contact with a guy old enough to be my father and he smiled. He asked, “You ready for some cock in that cute asshole?” I smiled at him around the cock in my mouth to show him I was. He walked over, moving the rimmer out of the way. He began pressing the tip of his cock up against my hole and slowly pushing it in. Once he was completely inside my ass, he let me get used to it, and then began fucking me slowly. He started out with long deep thrusts. I kept the one cock in my mouth and continued to work it over.

The guy fucking me began to build up speed. I was being pushed by his thrusts in my asshole and the sling was swinging freely.

I began to really concentrate on the guy’s cockhead. I swirled my tongue around it and over his piss slit, all the while sucking hard on the head. The guy was really starting to breathe hard. All of a sudden, a spurt of cum shot into my mouth. I then took it all into my mouth and helped milk his cock as he shot his whole load into my mouth. I swallowed every drop and then worked my mouth over the entire shaft. I saw a cold shiver roll through his body as he withdrew his cock from my mouth. I heard some guys laughing and enjoying the show. I then went back to enjoying getting ass fucked.

The chains holding the sling up began to rattle as he fucked me harder and harder. After a bit, the guy fucking me stops and moves out of the way, with a popping sound he pulls his cock out of my hole. The new guy comes up and rubs his cock on my now loosened up ass hole. He tells me that now that I’m loosened up I can take what he has to give me. He then begins to drive that monster of his into me. I can feel every inch of it slowly entering my hole. He relaxes once inside and I gasp when he’s all the way in. I hear the guys around me as they are surprised that I am able to take all of that cock into me. The guy inside my ass starts off slow, but I can tell he is just getting me ready. He then positions his feet and grabs my hips.

He then starts to go to town on my ass. He fucks me good and hard. I’m not even sure what else is going on in the room now, I am so into the fucking that I’m getting.

The guy sucking me pulls his head off of my cock and begins to jack my dick. The guy fucking me is hitting my prostate with every thrust. My head is thrown back and my mouth is open. I am not sure if I am moaning or just breathing hard. I don’t care at this point. My toes start to curl and my body begins to shake. The dual pleasure of it all finally sends me over the edge. I shoot my load so hard that it hits me in the face and hits the curtains two feet behind me. The guy fucking me, doesn’t let up for a second. I am limp in the sling and he is still hammering my asshole. He is thrusting so hard and deep that I actually wonder if the sling can take it. He then slams all the way in my asshole and holds still. I know he is cumming. His eyes are closed and he moans s loudly. He thrusts a few times more to work his cum out.

He then pulls out with another popping sound. They help me out of the sling and bend me over a chair. A bull of a man walks up and sticks his horse cock into my gaping wet hole. I am completely at his mercy. He doesn’t wait or start slow, but instead slams me even harder than the last guy. This cock isn’t as long, but is definitely thicker. I am moaning loudly. He is saying over and over again, “Take it. Take this cock, bitch. I know you like it.” He is right. I am really enjoying this brutal assault on my rectum. Someone holds a bottle of poppers to my nose which sends me over the edge. My own cock starts spraying cum again in rhythm to the cock in my asshole. This therapy would continue for weeks!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boaltmam ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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