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My Competitive Twin Sisters Pt. 03

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“Watching anything good, sis?”

I walked into the living room of our house and saw one of the twins on the settee with the remote control in her hand.

“Not now, Keith. I’m watching my show.”

I looked at the screen and saw that the eighteen year old was riveted to the stupid game show Tipping Point.

“What, this? It’s a load of crap.”

I plonked myself down beside her and budged up.

“It is not a load of crap. The questions are really hard.”

“London by the Sea is a nickname for which resort?”

The host of the show asked the question and waited for the three contestants to answer.


“The answer is Brighton.”

My sister gave me a dirty look and huffed.

I looked to my left and peered down down at her perky and perfectly rounded breasts that thrust out the front of her Taylor Swift tee shirt. I couldn’t resist reaching out to give her right tit a quick squeeze.

“Not now, Keith. I’m not in the mood.”

“Where’s your sister?”

“Cindy is out shopping with Suki. We’re not talking.”

“Oh? Now what?”

“She’s been wearing my knickers without asking. So I gave her a slap.”


It had been a few days since the girls and I had shagged together with their young friend Suki. I put my hand back on her tit, loving how warm her skin was under the light top. I could clearly make out the pliant flesh of her boob, and I fancied her nipples were hardening due to my touch. My dick shifted in my pants and I wanted nothing more than to give her one right there and then. My current love life was nonexistent, and both my living sisters had taken pity on me and given up their nubile bodies for my pleasure. Bless! Thank god they were both on the pill.

I pinched and rolled her right nipple between thumb and forefinger and she surprised me by brushing me away.

“Keith! No!”

“Which singer has the name mother monster.”

“Lady Gaga,” I blurted.

“For fuck sake! You’re ruining this for me. I knew that! Fuck off!”



“Suit yourself.”

I gave up and half walked, half limped out of the room, adjusting my boner as I went. I flopped on my bed and contemplated calling my old friend Ray. He always had a little black book of tasty little birds who were up for anything. l must have dropped off when the door opened and my sister stepped in.

“Sis?” I mumbled as she tore her shirt off and dragged her undies down to her feet.

“I am so fucking gagging for a bit of the other, bro. Get me?”

“Oh? I thought you weren’t in the mood?”

“Who, me? Nah!” She said and tossed her knickers at me as she laughed.

I rubbed my eyes and stared at the slim blonde’s bared breasts with the erect nipples like two ripe berries. She leapt onto the bed and drew my jeans down. Both the twins were quite athletic, with nicely toned figures. Her bald cunt came into my lustful gaze and my cock shot straight up. Shaven and smooth, her pinkish inner lips peaked out in invitation. She clamped her slender thighs to mine as she gripped my solid shaft and began to wank me off.

“What about your sister? I thought you did everything together.”

“We’re not talking.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

I looked into her pretty face, still with that air of innocence I always envisaged when I was abroad in the Army for two years. I held onto her thighs and slid my rough hands up her silky smooth skin to her hips.

Once my cock had reached its optimum hardness, she giggled and rolled over onto her back.

“Lick my pussy for me.”

She parted her thighs, and I leaned in close, inhaling that special aroma that came from her juicy muff. I had no qualms in going down on my own sibling. We shared a love that knew no bounds. I just had to taste her. I pushed my tongue past her outer folds and delved inside her honey pot, letting her moisture gather on my lips. She tilted her head back and arched her spine as I teased the entrance to her pussy, lapping at her like a frisky puppy.

She moaned and inhaled deeply when I found her clit and made tantalising circles around it, intended to drive her nuts.

“Keith! You do that so well.”

I mumbled a thank you as I dribbled spit into her quim and stabbed at her hard little button.

She gasped louder, her hips trembling and fidgeting against my ears. What had started as a simple bet between competitive sisters had become so much more.

I snorted through my nostrils as I reared back and fisted my aching dick. I bent the young girl’s legs backwards and up, then I wasted no more time and wedged my bell end in her wet snatch. She squeezed my buttocks as I pushed up with my hips. I paused for just a second, and then drove in to the hilt.

“Puppeeeee!” She screamed as I filled her up and I made a few noises myself as my balls pressed against her upturned bum.

“Fuck me, puppy!”

Her childhood name for me sounded sweet to my ears as I placed her feet to either side of her head and fucked her silly. Her pussy was hot and tight, and her silken Didim Escort tunnel sucked my cock in all the way. Every inward thrust brought forth soft whimpers of pleasure from her ruby lips.

Her hips started to push back against me and we rocked and contorted on the bed in our incestuous rut. Despite, or because of our illicit tryst, we both felt alive and free from any limitations in our minds. The feel of her tight pussy wrapped around my length was fantastic. The way she sucked and squeezed my cock with her cunt belied her lack of years.

“Oh, bollocks!”

My mobile phone rang and I cursed as I pulled out of my pouting sibling. I stared down at her and focused on her heaving tits as she rubbed her thighs together.

“It’s Ray. I should take this.”

She shrugged as I left the bedroom and made my way to the bathroom where the signal was better. After a quick chat I hurried back only to find my sister had gone.


I padded barefoot to the living room without a stitch on to find her back in her tee shirt and knickers watching TV.


“Keith? Why are you naked? Look, I told you I wasn’t in the mood. Put it away and leave me alone.”

“What? But we…”

I sat next to her as she made a face as she tried to concentrate on The Chase. I idly choked my chicken and tried to raise her top from her desirable breasts. I loved the way her pert tits lifted and then kept their firm shape once her shirt was off over her head.

“I’m trying to watch this.”

“Just touch it. Please?”

Without looking, Mindy took my throbbing shaft in her tiny fist and stroked me as the voice of Bradly Walsh boomed out of the box.

“Such a gentle touch.” I sighed.


After a couple of minutes, I saw Mindy look out of the corner of her eye at my upright pole.

“Okay. I’ll just suck it a bit.”

“Sounds good.”

Mindy didn’t need much encouragement as I watched her wetted lips part and slide over the flared head of my cock. My head tipped back as her thick drool bathed my knob. The fact that it was from the mouth of my younger sister made it all the more sublime. She slobbered and hummed on my helmet for a bit and then she drove down hard, taking more of my cock in her mouth. Her fair hair fanned out in my lap as she bobbed up and down faster, letting the tip of my prick hit the back of her throat.

Mindy’s phone rang, the Taylor Swift song You Belong With Me, trilling out as her chosen ring tone.

“Spit! I have to take this.”

With that she bounced out of the room leaving me with my dick belly slapping me in frustration.

I took a quick shower and resigned myself to another session with online porn. When I entered my room I was stunned to see my sister naked on my bed with a vibrator stuffed up her cunt.

“You took your sweet time. I’m gagging for it here.”

My mouth gaped like a goldfish as she dragged me onto the bed. I laid back dutifully with my cock sticking straight up. My willing sister took a steadying breath and then straddled me cowgirl style. She wriggled in my lap so that the head of my pulsating cock aligned with her welcoming slit. A small moan escaped her lips as she sank down onto my entire length.

I held her hips and pulled her forward so that her tits bounced in my face. Her youthful exuberance took over as she rose up and down on me.

“Fuck me, sis. That’s one tight little cunt you’ve got.”

With a sharp tug, I pulled my sister right smack down onto my cock. Her peachy little bottom pressed against my thighs as she squirmed and adjusted to being stuffed.

I pawed at her breasts, fondling them and tweaking the hard tips. We both groaned in unison as she bucked up and down on my stiff log.

We began thrusting against each other and I had to admit that this was sheer bliss. She put her arms on the headboard behind my head and gave me a real good seeing to. My cute sibling closed her eyes and focused on keeping the rhythm of her grinding, and after a few minutes, she went crazy, thrusting hard up and down on my shaft, greasing it with her fluids until her slender body shook violently over and over again. She threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy as her orgasm hit with a rush.

“Fucking hell! That was intense!”

“What’s all the noise about?”

The door to my room burst open and the other twin stood there in shock.

“You bitch! Fucking Keith without me!”

“Cindy?” I asked in confusion, yet noticing the girl had a Taylor Swift top on.

“I’m Mindy, you idiot. This is Cindy.”

“Right. Now I get it.”

Thinking Mindy had been suffering mood swings, I now cottoned on to the fact that both girls had been sharing me. Sweet. Mindy had now stripped off and was on the bed on all fours.

“So come here and fuck me with that big dick, you twit!”

I glanced at Cindy who was on her side with her hand between her legs and then turned to her identical twin. Both had the most petite and compact bums with tight smooth skin all rounded into Didim Escort Bayan two cheeks.

I got on my knees and aimed my cock with my sister’s pussy which peeked out between her thighs. I mounted her doggy style and groaned heavily as her cunt sheathed my rigid dick. I dipped my head to take in the glorious sight of my fat helmet push inside, followed by my pulsing shaft.

I balanced myself accordingly and began to fuck her fairly slowly to start with. Mindy moaned and whimpered as she grabbed the sheets, shunting forwards slightly as my groin bumped the two cushions of her backside. I fanned her back and flanks with my hands and saw that the muscles in her back were highlighted by a soft sheen of sweat. There was only one abiding thought in my smutty head. And that was to bang the shit out of the eighteen year old. I felt no shame, no humiliation, no feelings of degrading the twins whatsoever. I just desired their bodies and pussies. If they had protested I would have stopped in a nanosecond.

Instead, Cindy slid beneath her twin so that her pussy was at Mindy’s face, and her mouth was at the level of my dangling balls.

Her tongue darted out to lick my length as it remerged from her lookalike sister’s quim. She went as far back as my sensitive scrotum and I nearly lost my load as I hammered into Mindy.

“You two will be the death of me.” I said as I withdrew from Mindy completely to let Cindy suckle my cunt coated glans to her heart’s content.

“Mmm, umm! I can taste cunny juice!”

She mumbled under me.

“Me too!” Quipped Mindy as she swiped up her sister’s saturated slit.

The spongy head of my cock pressed against her pursed lips. Then she opened her mouth to let half of me glide down her gullet. Bring upside down meant it was relatively easy to slide on in. I made suitable pelvic thrusts as I pushed in deeper, until I was all the way in.

With a combination of care and lust I started to fuck her mouth.

I smiled to myself as she made a perfect O for me to glide through.

We all three pleasured ourselves utterly without a care in the world.


Cindy played with my balls with slender fingers as I reentered her sister with an aching dick. Mindy’s pussy was truly soaked by now, and it was like fucking a packet of melting butter. Cindy got out from under us and assumed a similar position as Mindy. Glancing over her shoulder at me, she winked at me and grinned as I moved over and gave the dog a bone. I began to alternate with fucking both twins as they rubbed thighs. I was absolutely rock hard, and my balls were tightening with every second.

Holding Mindy by the hips, I pushed and thrust my cock in ever deeper. The heat and wetness of her quim was truly a wonderful delight. With each deep thrust, my cum filled balls slapped wetly against her bottom.

“Ah, shit!”

The pressure at the tip of my cock became impossible to ignore. I pulled out and the twins spun around to face me as I grabbed my gleaming cock and wanked myself off to orgasm. As I erupted with a gasp, I sent three thick streams of cum in a descending arc that splattered their faces and jiggling tits.

Even as I still spurted. they both took hold of my hose and sucked up all that came forth. Cum now coated their flushed faces, tits, and hands as I sank back on my haunches. Amazingly, the twins were licking each others faces, exchanging the white goo with audible yummy sounds.

“Bloody hell!”

The sex crazed girls hugged each other and kissed. I could clearly see my cum on their lips smearing over each other, like they were sharing a unique lip gloss. Turning on their sides, their nubile bodies touched and slid together, especially at chest level and their loins.

They moved their legs between them and their pussies rubbed superbly. They groaned and writhed, smearing their inner thighs with their love juices. Their cries of joy grew louder and louder as they neared orgasm.

“Oh, oh, Oh, Oh, OH, OH, OHHHHH!”

My mind reeled as I watched in awe at their slender bodies rolling over and over.

“Hello! Girls? Keith?”

“It’s Mum and Dad! They must have come home early. Quick. Put something on.”

Two hours later we all sat down to a nice meal of Chicken Alfredo.

“I do hope you weren’t too bored on your own.” Said Mum. “Were the twins beastly to you, Keith?”

I looked at my two siblings who looked back with smug grins on their not so guilty faces.

“On the contrary, they were both very accommodating.”

I grinned back at them and winked. VERY accommodating, I thought.


It had been a week since Mum and Dad had returned from their break. I was still having to rely on the so called job seekers allowance until I could find decent work. I even pondered the idea of reenlisting. Ray had let me down badly. He was engaged now and his fiancée had ripped up his little black book.

The twins had been aloof and standoffish since our parents had come back. No surprise there I suppose. We couldn’t risk being Escort Didim caught shagging in the house for obvious reasons.

I just had to get laid.


One morning I tottered around the house in a sulk when I saw Mum outside in the garden hanging out some laundered sheets to dry in the sunshine. She had given birth to me at a tender age to my dad who was twenty years her senior. At the age of forty-four, she had kept her figure and her looks. I could see where the twins got their looks as Mum had the same blonde hair and baby blue eyes. Dad on the other hand looked his age with a receding hairline, paunch and fading eyesight. Not the same man my Mother had been seduced by ay eighteen years of age. She had not bothered to get dressed at this early in the morning and had only a bathrobe on over her nakedness. The light breeze caused the robe to part at the waist where she had loosely tied it with a thin cotton belt. I was mesmerised at the sight of her, absentmindedly letting her breasts tumble out of the front of the robe now and again as she pegged the sheets to the washing line.

“Bloody hell!”

Her tits were beautifully round, with perfect rosy nipples that jutted out due to the coolness of the breeze. They showed no signs of middle age sag, and there was minimal lines of fat around her midriff. Her legs were long and slender, just like her two identical daughters, and as she turned away from my point of view, I managed to glimpse her rounded nether cheeks that jutted out behind her. In a nutshell, she was a good example of a MILF. MY MILF! I spent the rest of the day locked in my room wanking off to some porn which featured older women with younger men. The image of my Mother in the nude was stuck in my mind all day and I even skipped dinner as I couldn’t face her with that picture in my head.


The tables turned on me the very next day as I took my morning shower. I could have sworn I heard my Mother and the girls sating they were going out shopping. And as my Dad was at work in the office, I presumed I was alone in the house.

So I was not expecting to see Mum pad into the bathroom stark bollock naked with a fresh towel draped over her shoulder. I had made a nice soapy lather and I was stroking my erection in my wet fist as we both looked at each other in surprise. I don’t suppose Mum had seen me starkers in many a year, and I had obviously developed my body in more ways than one. I was fairly well built now with a ruggedly broad chest was broad and nice biceps. My buttocks were tightly shaped and my upper thighs showed the evidence of my years playing football.

“Mum! You’re home!”

She was momentarily speechless as she unashamedly stared at my lathered up boner.

Likewise, my eyes wandered all over her naked form. I inevitably became sexually excited at the sight of her golden bush of pubic hair that just hid her plump looking mons. I had a mixture of embarrassment and titillation. A result of seeing my Mother in the buff, and a feeling of raw lust at seeing that she was a naturally sexy and attractive woman. Mother or not, I had an unreal desire to ravish her right there on the bathroom tiles.

“Sorry, my darling. I thought you were out also. I’ll come back later.”

I stood there transfixed as I ogled her bountiful backside and heavy hip roll as she left me alone.

Yet again I missed dinner, preferring not to face Mum with those indecent thoughts in my head.


Dad had to leave for a weekend seminar in Blackpool for his job which left us to entertain ourselves for a few days. Little did I realise what was to come. It was late on that Saturday night after I had watched Match of the Day on the box. As I went to my room I heard giggling and more emanating from our parent’s bedroom. Must have been Mum and the twins having a laugh. The door was ajar and I peeked inside with the intention of bursting in for a lark. What met my eyes was something I never would of imagined in a hundred years. Mindy or Cindy, who the fuck knew which, was in the raw in the lap of my equally nude Mother, who was on her back and sporting a rather ominous black dildo attached to a strap-on hardness around her waist and thighs. She was lying with her head against the headboard and with her feet facing the door. My incestuous sister was bouncing up and down on the fake cock with glee, waving her arms in the air and giggling loudly.

“Giddyup, Mummy! Hee, hee!” The other naked twin was wriggling on Mum’s face with her bald pussy swiping up her mouth and stuck out tongue.

The twin impaled on the dildo moaned and whimpered as the sex toy thrust up into her obviously causing her muff to throb and pulse with desire.

“Fuck me with your cock, Mummy! I need it so bad!”

Cried Cindy. I think.

“Fuck me with your tongue Mummy! I need it so bad!”

Cried Mindy as she gyrated on our Mother’s persistent tongue lashing.

The flickering tongue wriggled and squirmed inside my sister’s pussy, seemingly seeking out inch of her pink folds.

I opened the door a little more as my dick shot up on my pants. Mum was really laying it on thick, moving her darting tongue from my sibling’s asshole to her clit, My mouth gaped as Mum sucked the tiny nub into her mouth and drooled down her own chin as she hummed on it merrily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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