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My Canvas Pt. 04

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Things are going really well. The website is making $6000/month and climbing. The big money is in the private cam shows. The pervs will pay $100 just to watch Nina have a BM.

We also started doing bachelor parties. Nina was doing basic one hour topless shows for $200 plus tips and fully nude shows for $350. She would basically dance around for a while then give a really good hands on lap dance to the guest of honor. After that she would hang out for a while doing private dances. These included just about anything someone wanted to pay for. One party seemed pretty secure, being at a house so the guys all chipped in and Nina gave the groom a blow job right in front of everyone. The groom raved about it being unreal, especially with the split tongue so several other guys also bought blow jobs. The groom, we found out later was only 19 and several of his friends were under age and still in high school. Of course being young they (unknown to us) took pictures. All in all it was a successful show though.

The strip club was just starting to advertise Nina’s next appearance and the auctioning off of the right to tattoo her ass. This got me thinking of what changes we might make. It had been a while since we had been to Pete. We had some easy work for him today, just some lettering on Nina’s fingers. On her right hand starting at her pinky we had D U M B, then on her left hand starting with her index finger we had C U N T tattooed. This way when Nina faced someone and brought her hands up it read DUMB CUNT. Pete said

“Well, now it’s official Nina!” Her mind didn’t like it but her pussy was thrilled. She was running like a faucet.

We went home and I went to do some prep for an client’s upcoming court date and Nina sat down to check email and stuff for her website. Five emails into her task was an email from a guy at the last bachelor party she worked with a few pics of her giving blow jobs. He wanted her to call him. Nina brought this mess to me but I was pretty busy so I told her to deal with it. Nina grabbed her cell and dialed. The guy refused to give his name but layed it all out for Nina. The guy she was blowing was underage, they knew about her felony and she must either follow his directions for seventeen days and be with him the next three Saturdays from 8pm till 2am or the pics and information all go to the police. I told her she was basically stuck and going along with them was her best bet. She texted her agreement and thirty minutes later she got a txt telling her there was a box for her at the door to her apartment. I told her to get it but to keep it at the apartment, don’t bring any of it to my place. I also told her she might as well run the cameras for her site while she’s at it. She grabbed the box and took it in. There was a sheet of instructions, a lighter, several cartons of menthol 100 cigarettes, three butt plugs, some lube and 2 bottles of vodka. The directions said:

Nina, for the next couple weeks starting today you will smoke at least three packs of cigarettes and drink a bottle of vodka each day. I expect you to stay on cam in your apartment doing these things so I know you are complying. You will also wear a butt plug 24/7 other than when needing the rest room and will work your way up to the largest plug by Saturday. Anadolu Yakası Escort I will pick you up in front of your apartment at 8pm, a blue four door will pick you up. You may wear a short sleeved shirt, shorts and sandals. Absolutely nothing else.

Nina smoking and drinking on cam actually increased cash flow on her site. I think it was mainly guys with smoking fetishes but I’m sure the butt plugs and drunk behavior helped too.

Two days later it was Saturday and Nina was really nervous. I told her it can’t be too bad, that seemed to help. Nina finished pack number two and the vodka by 6:30 and felt good enough to take a shower although she was fairly drunk. She got her clothes on and stood outside. At exactly 8pm the car pulled up and she got in. They gave her more to drink and took her to an adult bookstore. They took videos of her taking care of several guys through two glory holes in a video booth they put her in. In total she gave three blowjobs, swallowing all of them, and two handjobs that were shot on her face. They took several pics of her smiling, cum covered face then walked her to the car without letting her clean up. After that, face still coated in cum, they had her go into a gas station and buy some food, drinks and another pack of menthol cigarettes. Then they took her back to her apartment, they told her to strip off her clothes and get on her live cam. She could not clean off the cum until she has three shots of vodka and three cigarettes. On the bright side the first Saturday was over.

Nina wasn’t a smoker and was only an occasional drinker and all the cigarettes and vodka were starting to wear on her. She still looked sexy as hell but just a little tired. She was keeping pace with her bottle a day and three packs of cigarettes. She also kept her site updated and put in plenty of time on the live cam.

Her second Saturday session was several hours away. She got a text telling her a box of stuff was just dropped off. It included several more cartons of cigarettes, four more bottles of vodka and an enema kit. A note said to take the enema, then shower right before they pick her up at 8pm.

Once again Nina was picked up promptly at eight. Just like last time, they kept her drinking but this time they watched how drunk she was and kept her as drunk as they could without her passing out or getting drunk. Once they had her like that, they took her to the bathroom and stripped her. Then they removed her butt plug and inserted a new one. The new one sealed tightly and had a fitting for a hose and a valve. A cap with a blue jewel attached over the fitting. They attached a hose and turned on comfortably warm water. They let it flow and her flat stomach began expanding. Even drunk she was really feeling it as her stomach expanded and she reached under

In an effort to support her belly. Twenty seconds later Nina looked pregnant, twenty seconds after that you could see stretch marks and her belly button sort of bulged out a little. At this point they shut off the water. They took off the hose and threaded the jewel onto the end of the plug. They then helped her into a pair of loose shorts and a maternity top. Next they set her in a chair, she looked like she was full term pregnant. Then they Kartal Escort gave her a pint of vodka and a cigarette. They took several pics of her smoking and drinking vodka. Then they handed her a crack pipe and took several more. There was no crack in it but you couldn’t tell. Next they took off the clothes and sit on the bed naked. They gave her one of those chalkboard picture frames people pose with in pictures. It said “due in three days.” She held that in one hand and smoked a cigarette in the other. They took a few pics and switched from the cigarette to the bottle of vodka, then to the crack pipe. Finally they had her on all fours and got some pics from behind. At this point they unscrewed the cap and then opened the valve, letting her empty herself into the bathtub. They got Nina dressed and dropped her back at her apartment. She made it inside and passed out. The next morning a very hung over Nina got another box. More vodka and cigarettes, a note and a new, bigger butt plug with a fox tail. The note read:

One week to go princess. For your final seven days you will wear the foxtail plug 24/7, you will continue your bottle a day of vodka and you will increase to four packs per day of menthol cigarettes. Looking forward to Saturday.

Nina was too hung over to do much more than shrug it off. After a good nap I decided to take her to lunch. I cut a small hole in a pair of her shorts so she could keep her foxtail on. We walked to a little restaurant because I didn’t want her smoking in my car. The tail drew plenty of attention and food did wonders for her hangover. All week Nina was dreading Saturday.

Saturday morning Nina received another box. It contained another enema kit and a note. The note said:

Congratulations. You have made it to your last day. Please give yourself the enema, shower and reinsert your plug right before we pick you up. Please wear sweats and sandals and nothing else.

Just like the last two Saturdays they picked Nina up promptly at 8pm. There is an adult bookstore sort of between the airport and casinos, in an industrial area. It has the normal stuff plus a theater room with an old medical exam table that is used by swingers and other people. They have internet groups where people post about coming up and being available and things of that nature. The guys posted that their friend Nina was coming at 9:30pm and she wants to take on anybody who shows up. Condoms optional. They took Nina to a house and had her put in contact lenses that obscured her vision, leaving her almost legally blind. They also gave her a local anesthetic injection in her vagina and asshole. Then after she could no longer feel they injected her labia with saline to make them puffy. She looked like she was super aroused. They then had her strip naked, attached a leash to her clit ring and walked out to the car and drove off to the bookstore.

They arrived twenty minutes later, rang the bell to get in, paid the cover and the fee to get into the theater room. There was already several guys waiting. They gave Nina a cigarette and had her get up on the table on all fours, keeping her leashed. Someone said game on and instantly a guy got between her legs with a condom on and started fucking her. A second guy asked “So, don’t Maltepe Escort have to have a rubber right?” He was told that yes, she was good either way. He immediately dropped his pants and put his dick to her lips, she got the hint and started sucking. Guys were still a little tentative when a black man who looked like he just got off work as a mechanic or something said “is this cool, I ain’t cleaned up yet or nothing” they said that it was fine, she likes it down and dirty. He pulled out a good sized cock and jammed it into her wet, swollen pussy. He fucked her hard then tensed up and launched his load into her hot box.

A guy on her mouth pulled out and shot it all over her face. After taking care of one more guy on both ends they stopped and used a big towel to wipe her down really quickly while she had a quick cigarette and a sip of her soft drink that was actually full of vodka. Then back at it. After another round they decided to remove the plug and open her ass for business too. After having the big plug in it for so long it was gaping open, beckoning hard cocks forward. There was a jar of lube out for anyone that wanted it. Some did, others chose just to dip there tools into her pussy for lube. After another cigarette break and wipe down Nina was placed on her back as she was getting tired but they kept going. At this point she had probably been with forty guys, ten had cum in her pussy and even right after a clean up both holes were dripping cum. They had about two hours of video and several hundred pics at this point. They left her leashed to the table and started packing up.

When they came back she was so used up that there were only a few guys left and with no more towels a few were jerking off onto her and the rest just watched, nobody wanted to touch her. The store had a bathroom but no shower so they used toilet paper to wipe her up a little then helped her into her sweats. They dropped her off and said they were done. Nina was exhausted but glad. She went straight to bed and slept twelve hours when she woke up, the pain killers had worn off and her pussy, ass and jaw all ached and throbbed. She was a sticky mess as both holes had continually drained as she slept. She had a cigarette and then ate a few crackers. I let her take it easy for the next few days. That helped a lot. She started preparing for getting on cam on her site and checked her emails. Her fans were talking about all the stuff on one of the big porn sites about her. There was a bunch of pictures and videos from her three weeks including the mock-pregnancy pics with the crack pipe. Humorously, it actually increases membership on her site.

To play off of this I took her to see Pete and got a tattoo on her right shoulder in back that was about a two by three inch rectangle and said my body my choice in script and just under that in plain letters said abortions. Under that word Pete put five tally marks. Of course she had never had an abortion. But so what?

Things slowly started returning to normal. She gets a lot of hate emails from the mock-pregnancy video and pics but the site is bringing in more money than ever and the abortion that has actually gotten her spit on twice which got her pussy much wetter than it did her face. We are about a week away from her next feature show at the strip club and the auction. I’m already thinking about a new sports car for myself! Also thinking about getting engaged soon. Not with Nina, a successful lawyer can’t marry an inked up felon with a porn site, but I’m sure it will be fine. Life is good!

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