My Brother So Seductive

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A/N: To anyone that really reads this I’m sorry about how it sounds I was anxious and this is my first I’ve ever written so enjoy though!


I was in love with my brother. He was something I always truly wanted, sexually, emotionally and everything in between. He was what my body craved with ever cell and fiber of my being. I guess if I were to think It all started when I was six years old, he had jumped in when a bunch of mean girls had been about to beat me up and he got them all to back off, he had been my knight in shining armor and I swore at that moment I fell in love with him, I told everyone I wanted to marry him someday and they all thought was funny up until I was eleven and said I wanted to marry him and that’s what got me slapped by my mother, she screamed at me that I needed to cut the shit that I could NOT marry my brother and that it was wrong for me to say that so I never said it again. I spent all my time in my room, fantasizing, imagining and lusting after my dear older brother. Well I should go back, just so you’re not confused.

One Year Ago

“Raksha? Can I come in?” My mother asks and I blinked looking up.

“Yeah come in.” I say loudly so she could hear me clearly and I stretched out on my stomach and she walked in looking around slightly like she always did when she was nervous. “Mom, what is it?”

“Your. . . um well your brother’s coming home.”

“Coming. . home?”

“Yes, he said he missed being home and he wanted to switch to the college here so he can be with us and he said he misses you, that he feels that he’s missing out on so much.”


“You wouldn’t mind it if he stayed in here, just until we got his room ready for him?” She asks staring into my eyes and some part of me screamed it was a bad idea.

“Sure I don’t mind that!” I say cheerfully and she smiled at me. She walked over and kissed the top of my head softly then smiled brighter at me and it made me marvel at my mother, my brother looked exactly like her they shared the same long thick black hair and the same dancing blue eyes along with the brilliant smile. I inherited my fathers light wheat blond hair and piercing green eyes.

“Alright honey, well actually when I say he’s coming home well. . .he’s here already, he’s been staying at a motel and he wants to come as soon as possible.”

“Okay well how about tomorrow? I don’t feel like moving things around tonight so I’m not tired out in the morning.”

“Of course baby girl, he’ll come tomorrow morning, odds are when you wake up he’ll be here so you should go to bed now.”

“Okay.” I reply nodding my head softly yet slowly. She nodded back smiling and she went out of my room.

I sat up stretching arms up over my head and flopped backwards onto my back and stared up at the ceiling every cell in me seemed to be carrying a flame of lust or desire and I shut my eyes,trembling softly. otele gelen escort My brother. His name was Mathew but I called him Matt while others called him by his first name. He was like the cover boy for naught thoughts central, I couldn’t keep the thoughts of running my hands down his golden skin. . . to touch and trace his rippling muscles. . . to allow my hands to move lower and lower down to his hips where I could. . . I bit my lip my own hands wandering down to my hips and I slipped one hand down past the brim of my shorts and my breath hitched in my throat. How long had it been since I did this? I felt as though I was going to burst into flames as I circled my fingers around my clit imagining it was his fingers and I had to cover my mouth to muffle the soft whimper that wanted out and I trembled gently again and I moved onto my knees, spread my legs as wide as I could and slid my fingers into my hot, aching cunt and I moaned into the bedsheets pumping my fingers slowly then faster. Matt.

He was imprinted on every cell in my damn body, I couldn’t stop and I panted roughly my free hand clenching the sheets and I cursed under my breath. Why did he do this to me? After I had cummed I flipped my sheets over and passed out feeling more relaxed then I had in years.


The piercing sunlight broke my erotic dream land and I opened my eyes to a brightly lit room. I moaned closing my eyes immediately and rolled over onto my back and felt an uncomfortable sensation of my shirt being stretched to tight over my breasts and sat up, I stretched my bones cracking and popping gently from the stiffness and I stumbled to the bathroom shedding my clothes quickly and stared at myself in the mirror. I guess I was a pretty girl, I grew my blonde hair out so it reached the middle of my back which I liked, my eyes were like emeralds it was a bit scary to some people but I loved them, my breasts though, THEY gave me reason to be self conscious.

I was only a 34 C, it was smaller than most girls my age, some nineteen year olds I know had larger breasts than me and now that I knew my brother was coming-no no that he was HERE I felt like they were even smaller I let out a breath grabbing my razor and stepped into the shower scrubbing my hair with my normal smelling green apples shampoo and followed it with the same smelling conditioner and set to work on shaving my pussy gently yet expertly and once I finished it was utterly hairless and smooth, not one sign of stubble and I smiled lightly a blush crossing my cheeks. Why I was doing this all just for my brother I had no idea but still I wanted too.

I turned the water off shivering at the sudden coldness, but I pulled on my tank top and shorts happy it was summer and ran downstairs. There he was in is 5’11 glory stood Matt. He turned at my arrival and smiled brightly his blue eyes shining with happiness.

“Hey Rocky.” pendik escort He says happily running over and picked me up making me screech with laughter. Yes he calls me Rocky, instead of Raksha its just Rocky spelled exactly R-O-C-K-Y.

“Hi Matt.” I say in a high voice my heart all but racing being this close to him. I inhaled his musky scent and my cells quivered with delight.

“Well look at you, my nineteen year old baby sister. Honestly it feels like just yesterday that you had those braces and a flat board chest.” He says mockingly and I glared up at him. He was such a prick sometimes. Yes he was twenty-four, but it doesn’t mean he needed to act all high and mighty.

“Shut up. I was flat but now I at least have breasts unlike some people!” I snap referring to his girlfriend back at college who was an A cup, I had nothing against girl with A cup breasts, I simply just needed something to retaliate with, but he got a slightly sad look.

“Me and Kathrine aren’t dating anymore.”

“Oh I’m sorry.” I mumble the sincerity evident in my voice and I turned towards the stairs. “Come on, bring your stuff I’ll make room for you in my room.” I say louder going up the stairs and a new blush spread across my cheeks at the thought of me and Matt being alone in my room.

“Alright.” He replies grabbing his bag and followed me upstairs and I kept walking and went down to my room following me then shut the door and it was like I became hyper aware of him being this close to me in a closed room with him.

“Wow your room hasn’t changed much.” He compliments staring around his hands on his hips and I couldn’t help looking and admiring how his jeans seemed to pool around his hips. Damn. I looked over to see a pair of my panties laying on the floor and I sucked in a harsh breath silently that sounded almost like a hiss and I ran over bending over swiping my panties up, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Matt was staring at my ass. He seriously was!

I sucked in another breath and my muscles locked up. Do I move or stay? Do I try to make it sexual or laugh it off? What the hell DO I DO?! I scream at myself internally as I bit my lip, my face burning a horrid crimson color and I felt his gaze on me, dear God help me! I kept breathing slowly and when he cleared his breath I stood up right my hair bouncing with the sudden jerking movement and it seemed to surprised him.

“So um. . . how was, er, how was college?” I asked hiding my panties behind my back as my face burned bright red and he smiled gently.

“College was good. It was a bit stressful though.” He says sitting on my bed like we were little kids again and I sat on the other side of the bed my face on fire.

“You should sit next to me.” He says again startling me and I looked at him nodding and crawled over to him and sat down my hands in my lap and I looked down.

“So rus escort um-”

“I missed you Raksha.” He says startling me again and my eyes widened and he grabbed my chin tilting my head back a bit as his blue eyes warmed me all throughout my body and he began leaning in closer, closer his lips were a bare inch from mine and my heart pounded like it was going to explode. I took a trembling breath.

“Matt.” I say quietly as my eye lids began to lower slightly in what I thought would be a seductive look and his blue eyes darkened considerably and he closed the space his lips smashing down on mine and I couldn’t stop my eyes from suddenly widening out of the seductive look I once held never once did I imagine he’d do this. I shut my eyes kissing him deeply my mouth opening and his tongue slid in battling against mine immediately, he pinned me to the bed not once bother to break the kiss. It was so exciting and invigorating as my heart thudding a hard pounding tune and his lips moved in unison with mine. It was perfect. . . so perfect, like an angel was pinning me down instead of my brother and as we laid there, making out heavily his hand crawled up along my thigh pushing on my shirt up until he slid his hand up my shirt his fingers brushing up under the wire of my bra touching the soft under curve of my breast making me gasp loudly my face burning and just as I began sliding my hand down his chest it felt like everything shattered.

“Mathew! Come downstairs your father wants to see you!!” Our mother yelled up the stairs and we pulled apart quickly, two sets of wide eyes staring at each other, his now clear blue eyes and my shocked green ones and I looked away first my face burning as I pulled my shirt back down. He opened his mouth to speak but Mother cut him off again.

“Mathew!!” She yells louder almost a scream and we bother sighed. I sat up like a toddler, doing the whole criss cross apple sauce thing and pouted until he leaned in pecking my lips softly.

“I intend to finish what I’ve started.” He says huskily against my lips and my eyes widened.

“How long?” I whispered softly my face burning badly.

“Since I turned seventeen and you just started getting breasts, even after I left for college when I was nineteen and you were fourteen I understood how I felt.” He says as I inhaled his fragrance, it was so husky and thick! I couldn’t stop and he kissed me deeply again before pulling back stretching his arms up and smirked seductively at me.

“Better prepare yourself for tonight little sister, I’ll give you everything you’ve been lusting and wishing for.” My eyes widened, he must’ve heard me wishing or moaning aloud when I was younger and masturbating for the first time or he just guessed correctly for his smirk widened considerably and he walked out and I watched him leave my body set ablaze as I repeated his words through my mind.

Tonight. We were doing this tonight!! I grinned and jumped and screamed jumping around excitement bursting through my body as quick as the desire had. I wanted night to come already. It needed to come so much faster, it was unfair how slow time was going but I would wait, and it would be utterly worth it I knew it would be.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bo■altmamř ister misin?
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