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My Boyfriend , I Part 1

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Part I

This is our first year being with each other. I am a junior in highschool and he is a senior. We met at a party in 7th grade and we were playing 7 min in heaven and we had to go in the closet with each other. We barley knew each other.

“Hi, my name is Andrew.”
“Oh.. umm my name is Vivian..”
“Well we are in the closet .. so what do you want to do?”
“I am not quite sure..”
“Hey why don’t we just pretend that we are having sex or something”
“Oh my gosh, that would be hilarious”

He started to make grunts and pretending to wimper. While i just look at him and he looked so sexy and his facial expression was so cute, I actually wanted to fuck him so bad. But throughout the time in the closet he was just staring at my boobs. I have a 32B, I guess that was bigger than most girls in middle school. After 6 min we decided to mess up our hair just to make everyone believe it. Then he said i actually had a eyelash on my cheek and he slowly brushed it off then he looked into my eyes and he slowly started to kiss me. Then the door wide opened and everyone saw us making out. I was so embrassed but i loved it i wanted to keep on kissing him but i got a text from my big brother that my mom was coming home in 5 mins, so i had to leave but i lived like 5 blocks down. When i was heading for the door he asked me for my phone number and i gave it to him.

Iran really fast home before she could see i wasn’t home. My parents are really strict and they don’t let me go out as much because my brother went to a orgy party and my parents walked into the party and they saw that. So, we are not allowed to go to parties because it was all my brothers fault.

When I got home i walked to the bathroom and took a shower afterward şişli escort i got a text from Andrew. He told me to go inside my room and look out the balcony. I was only in my towel and i walked out and i didn’t see anyone and he was in my tree.

“Why are you in my TREE my parents might see you!!”

“Well i wanted to see you and why are you wearing only a towel?”

“I just took a shower then i saw your text”

Then the branch he was standing on cracked and he fell on my balconyl. I tried to help him up but then my towel fell and i was naked in front of him. He had a good look of my body and I looked at his pants and he had a boner already. But he looked hurt and he had a sprain ankle and he couldn’t go downstairs my mom was home and she would be wondering why we was there. I locked the door and let Andrew hop to my bed and i had to get dress. He already saw me naked so i dropped the towel and I wanted him to want me so i teased him. I bend down and took my underwear and bra out of my drawer and i slowly put on my underwear. I could tell he was watching me by his heavy breathing and slowly put on my bra but then i decided for him to put it on.

“Hey can you help me with this”

“Uhhhh wait you want me to help you”

“I just said that ahaha.”

“Sure, you have a really nice body.”

“Thank you, you know what i don’t think i even need a bra”

I just thought of how we kissed and how i wanted to fuck him so badly and so i laid him down slowly on my bed and i started kissing him. He slowly inserted his tounge into my mouth and we were frenching for about 20 min then he cupped my boobs and i slowly took off his shirt and I started grinding on him and I can feel his boner through his jeans. Then i unzipped his pants and took off his boxers and his dick flew out his pants it was about 8 inches pretty big and had a little bit of precum. i licked the head of his penis and he quivered.
“Oh you like that” I put his entire erected dick in my mouth and started doing oral and he was moaning and i went faster and faster and soon he began to say he was going to cum! I ignored him and went faster and he cummed in my mouth and i swallowed it then he put me on my back and started licking my nipples and it became fully erect and he took off my underwear and he started pulling my legs apart and started licking the outer part of my pussy and he spread my lips with his finger and started licking them the he slowly put his finger in my pussy and was still giving me oral. It felt so good i was almost to my orgasm and i began to arch my back until he saw me about to cum and he stopped.

“Nope im not going to let you cum because you were teasing my earlier”

“I am just going to rub myself then”

I moved so he can have a clear view of me. I licked my fingers and slowly started sucking them then I started to move my legs apart and put my finger in my pussy and moving it up and down. He had a boner once again of me rubbing myself then i was going into my climax and just to have fun i was screaming his name and he was starting to rub his cock and i cummed had a actual orgasm. That was the best orgasm of me playing with myself it was probably because i get to entertain someone. I had the best pleasure that night. We fell asleep next to each other naked. The next morning he woke up before i can and he wrote me a note on me a note saying he had fun last night we should do it more often. Then i called him.

“Hello,”said Andrew.

“I just saw the note and yes i think we should”

“How about afterschool on Friday at my house?”

“Okay I will be there”

“See you then”

I took at shower and put on clothes and soon to begin shopping at Victoria Secret. I bought red Lingerie and i think it looked pretty sexy. I couldn’t wait til Friday. I was thinking about last night and it was so great to be in bed with a really really hot guy. We texted back and forth. I went to school and I saw him in the hallways. He walk torwards me and he whispered I can’t wait til friday.

Those four days passed by very slowly but today was the day. I told my mom that i was sleeping over a friends house to do our chemisty project. I wore the lingerie under my skirt and shirt so it will be easy to get out of. Then he texted me his address 1015 Maple Ave it was 10 blocks down. I walked outside and i saw him.

“Hey why are you outside my house?”

“Well I wanted to walk you to my house just to keep you safe”

“Oh how thoughtful”

When we got to his house I explored his house. He had a huge house and a swimming pool and jacuzzi. I had thought and i just thought we could have sex outside. I took off all my clothes and went into the jacuzzi and he was calling for me.

“I am outside”

“Oh you found your way to the jacuzzi i see”

“Why don’t you join me and I stood up”

“Oh yes…” He took off all his clothes and he sat on the side and i started to give him oral and once he was all erected he sat in the water and we were frenching and i sat on his cock and then he heard a noise coming from the kitchen.

“Is anyone home” i whispered

“No there shouldn’t be”he whispered.

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