My Boyfriend and his Bud Ch. 05

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Not long after the company Christmas party one early morning as I got home from work I had a surprise waiting for me. Soon as I walked into my dark bedroom I was jumped from behind thrown on my bed face down and handcuffed. My heart was racing and I was panicking a bit. My pants were practically ripped off and I felt the head of a very hard cock pressing at the entrance to my pussy.

The person behind me backed off a bit, I heard them spit, then I felt the cock press back to my lips and slowly but not gently force its way in. I let out a moan as I heard my boyfriend whisper in my ear.

“Do you like that slut?” He said breathily.

I did like it and I moaned enthusiastically.

“Ooooh fuck yessssss!” I gasped in response as my pussy flooded almost instantly.

My boyfriend took that as his cue and started to plowed me from behind. His rock hard cock was pistoning in and out of me over and over with full deep strokes. He was grunting and moaning behind me increasing his pace until I couldn’t take any more.

“Uhhhhnnnngg fuuuck Papi that’s so good,” I moaned out loud, “Your making me cum!”

I was pushing my ass up into him not able to do much else as he pulled on the handcuffs keeping my arms behind my back and forcing my body into him harder. He was fucking me like he was possessed and I was loving it.

“Ugn oh P-p-papi,” I grunted as my pussy spasmed around his hard cock, “Papi you’re gonna make me cum again!”

He didn’t slow down a bit he just continued pounding my pussy until I felt his cock swelling inside me.

“Ooooooh fuck!” he grunted as he shoved his cock as deep into me as he could and held it there.

He bellowed as he filled me with his hot cum and we stayed like that for a long minute savoring the feeling of the rough hot fuck we just had. After we recovered and he uncuffed me. We laid together still panting, I rested my head on his shoulder and stroked his chest. I looked up at him.

“So what had you so worked up?” I asked playfully.

He told me Pete came over that night. Neither of us knew he was coming over. He was suppose to be over the night isve├žbahis before but had to cancel last minute so this was an absolute surprise.

My boyfriend told me Pete came over and soon as he walked in and got the door closed he was undressing, my boyfriend could tell there was an urgency to his movement.

“Fuck Mike, I’ve been wanting to come over so bad,” Pete said as he was practically tearing his clothes off, “Can I see the video of Mariah moaning my name again?”

“Ah ah ah you didn’t say the magic word.” My boyfriend said with a smile.

Pete looked at him funny at first but after a moment or hesitation he said please. My boyfriend could tell Pete was desperate to see more and he was going to use that. He made Pete sit on the sofa while he synced his phone to the TV. Pete moaned as soon as he saw me.

My boyfriend sat down next to him on the sofa and Pete grabbed for my boyfriend’s cock right away my boyfriend stopped him.

“You need to ask permission first.” My boyfriend told him.

Pete again hesitated for a second looking at my boyfriend crazy but complied.

“Can I stroke your cock for you?” Pete asked, “Please?”

“Good boy.” My boyfriend said, and gave him permission.

Pete slowly wrapped his hand around my boyfriend’s throbbing cock, and my boyfriend moaned. Having control over Pete already had him hard as a rock and when Pete grabbed his cock and stroked him slowly it sent shivers of pleasure through his whole body.

“Will you please stroke my cock too Mike?” Pete asked after a few strokes.

“Not yet,” My boyfriend said, “If you want me to jerk your dick you to be a good boy, you need to obey and remember who’s in charge.”

Pete nodded in response and continued to slowly stroke my boyfriend’s shaft.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock,” My boyfriend said to Pete.

Pete didn’t hesitate dropping to his knee and swallowing his cock like he was starving. My boyfriend knew he was getting close and stopped Pete once he had Pete’s obedience.

He told him to sit down and he started the pics playing again. My boyfriend reached over and isve├žbahis giri┼č started stroking Pete’s huge cock.

“How bad do you want to fuck my Girlfriend?” My boyfriend asked as he slowly pumped his shaft up and down.

“So bad,” Pete moaned “I’d do anything for the chance.”

“Good boy,” My boyfriend said, “Now stroke my cock too. “

My boyfriend stroked Pete’s big cock faster as Pete reached over and stroked my boyfriend. They stroked each other to my pics moaning and panting until they were both getting close.

“Do you want me to put on her video?” My boyfriend asked.

“Yes please.” Pete said panting.

After putting the video to play on loop my boyfriend got to his knees and took Pete’s cock in his mouth. Even though he wanted to be in control he’d been wanting to suck Pete’s cock soon as he walked in. Pete moaned loud and my boyfriend started bobbing up and down on his cock faster.

“Miiiike you’re gonna make me cum.” Pete moaned.

My boyfriend reluctantly released Pete’s cock from his lips and stood up. He quickly reached up to stroke Pete’s cock. Pete didn’t last long and blew his load almost soon as my boyfriend started stroking him.

“Mmmm oh fuck that’s good Mike!” Pete moaned as he came all over his stomach.

“It’s my turn.” My boyfriend said to Pete as he stood up and faced him.

Pete quickly obeyed taking my boyfriend’s cock into his mouth while and swallowing his shaft as deep as he was able. Pete sucked my boyfriend as if he was possessed, bobbing up and down his shaft and slurping loudly giving him a sloppy lusty blow job. My boyfriend knew he wasn’t gonna last long.

“Oh fuck Pete you’re gonna make me cum,” My boyfriend warned, “Ungh fuck that feel so oooh fucking good.”

Pete didn’t stop, he just grabbed my boyfriend’s ass and kept sucking his cock hungrily. This surprised my boyfriend and he lost it.

“I’m gonna cum!” My boyfriend bellowed, “Uuuuungh fuck uuungh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck!”

My boyfriend exploded into Pete’s mouth shooting thick ropes of cum aim at the back of his throat. Pete moaned around my boyfriend’s shaft, isve├žbahis yeni giri┼č as he swallowed and much as he could but some still oozed from the side of his mouth.

My boyfriend’s knees got weak and he collapsed back on to the sofa panting. Pete looked at him and blushed.

“I didn’t know I’d like being ordered around so much,” Pete laughed, “I’m usually the one in control, it was nice being told what to do.”

After they recovered they restarted the slide show and began to stroke each other other again.

“Do you want to fuck my girlfriend?” My boyfriend asked Pete.

“You know I do.” Pete gasped.

“I want you to fuck my girlfriend,” My boyfriend moaned, “I want to see you pounding her little cunt. I just needed you to know I’m in charge.

He wanted Pete to know that I’m his and he is letting Pete see my pics, he is going to let Pete fuck me. This is all happening because he’s allowing it to happen. Pete just nodded.

“Can I suck your cock again Mike?” Pete asked.

“Fuck yeah you can,” My boyfriend said without hesitation, “But I want to suck your cock too. Let’s try a 69.”

My boyfriend knew Pete would swallow his cum now but wasn’t sure he could do the same. As they got into it Pete was really sucking him hard my and the more Pete got into it the more the more he did as well. They weren’t even paying attention to the TV anymore just on each other’s cocks. Pete moaned and signaled to my boyfriend that he was going to cum but my boyfriend had convinced himself that he wanted to try it and he gripped Pete’s ass and moved faster bobbing his head faster and even let his fingers tickle Pete’s asshole. That must have set Pete off cause he came what felt like a gallon in his mouth. There was no way he could take it all and some oozed out of his mouth and down his chin.

He wanted to spit it out but Pete was practically fucking his mouth at his point and he couldn’t get away. At the same time he felt Pete’s fingers teasing his asshole and he couldn’t hold back. He swallowed Pete’s cum as he filled Pete’s mouth with his second load.

After that they cleaned up a bit and decided to showered together. They stroked each other in the shower but it was cramped and not as fun as they thought it would be. After they got out Pete left and my boyfriend passed out exhausted from the night’s events.

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